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Communism, Capitalism, and the Sweet Ism Sound of Sucking…

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Well, bust my plastic buttons: The Pope is complaining about capitalism.Pope Francis

Democracy Now:

Pope Francis has used his first major written work to attack capitalism as a “new tyranny,” while urging global leaders to fight poverty and inequality. In a document published Tuesday, Pope Francis denounced the ‘idolatry of money’ and “trickle-down” economic policies, as well as consumerism and a financial system which he says rules rather than serves. The Pope urged politicians to guarantee all citizens “dignified work, education and healthcare.”

This coming from a guy who gets money from the poor and lives in a house which has the biggest collection of art in the world, and probably has his own foot massager.  I love a good hypocrite. Gee…another con job. And I thought this guy was going to be the real deal. (sigh)

I side with Mr. Adams who found the Catholic Church full of that very same ‘tyranny.”  The Catholic people are poor, but the Vatican is not suffering. Maybe the Pope should practice what he preaches and sell off those Bernini’s so that Peru can have free health care.

I was thinking about the rich today, because I was reading about that very big capitalist, Ross Perot, in Forbes magazine.

True Confession: I voted for Ross Perot…twice. It was said that Ross was the reason Daddy Bush lost to Bill Clinton, and so, the Clinton’s will make sure that some third-party libertarian will run against whomever runs against Hillary, to assure her election, because that worked so well with Bill. It’s all getting rather boring and predictable, isn’t it? Having our Presidents picked years in advance?Ross Perot

The reason I like Perot so much, is that he kept trying to warn everyone about NAFTA, and CAFTA. What he called the sucking sound of America losing its jobs to other countries.

I really don’t think Perot is suffering after his defeat, and neither is Mitt Romney, because they are both what the Pope is talking about: capitalists— In fact, there is one thing both Ross and Mitt have in common: They know how to get the government to fund their big money-making projects and they use that free money from the taxpayers to further their empires.

From “Love That Giant Sucking Sound”, Christopher Helman, Forbes Magazine, Sept., 2013:

The Federal Aviation Administration came to the Perots (in Texas) says Perot Jr., “and asked us to donate land for an airport,” an industrial airport to be built with public funds.

Perot like the idea–and saw a greater opportunity. He convinced Fort Worth Mayor Bob Bolen and the city council of his grand plan. Perot would put up the land for the airport but only if Fort Worth agreed to pay for utilities and infrastructure, allow Perot to operate the airport and promise future tax abatements so he could lure in companies and develop yet more of his land.

Why settle for just an airport?

And this is how it works all over the United States: The billionaires get the ‘people’ to pay for the football stadiums, and malls, and on and on and their property taxes go up, and while jobs ARE created, the bulk of the money goes to….the billionaires.cartoon

Why do you think there are more than 500 big B’s on the Forbes lists? And when the Supreme Court gave big companies “personhood”, you have the mom and pop small business up against the Wal-marts. (I understand where the Pope is coming from, but he just doesn’t get it does he?)

The Perot airport has become the main industrial hub for the lower United States. Sharon Boyd, who tried to stop Perot getting public financing had this to say:

“He’s the ultimate welfare baby. He doesn’t do anything without subsides or tax rebates. He has a mentality that views the public sector as a fat pig that’s going to be slaughter anyway, so it might as well be by us.”

So…here’s where maybe somebody should get the Pope aside and ask him: You, dear sir, can fly all over the world BECAUSE men like Ross Perot build airports for your plane to land upon. Maybe you should think about that next time you take a tour.

Is it any wonder the Pope is complaining? Mom and Pop just don’t have the money any more to fork over to the church. Instead of blaming governments for giving handouts and sweet deals to billionaires friends, he is campaigning for communism. Think about that….Communism and the Church.

Talk about a great sucking sound…put those two together and the wall of China might get sucked up into the Vatican overnight.Capaitalism

I can’t wait. Where’s my straw?

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A Christmas Song You Will Not Want to Miss…

Nobody Flashes

The Little Drummer Boy has never been one of my favorite Christmas songs…due to the fact that besides the words, the melody is very boring.

BUT…look at what great hearts and imagination can do to this: They beautifully transformed it into the wonders of the human soul. (not to mention, great special audio effects)


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It’s Sunday! Time for the Messiah!

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“Thank God, and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!”–Jamie FoxObama as Messaih 2

THIS…is an audio version from a Common Core book being used in our schools. You would have to laugh about how Obama’s alcoholic, Muslim, Marxist, woman beating deserter of a father is updated to be a strong man of courage from Harvard that Obama wants to be like. You could laugh at little Barry worrying that the world was filled with poor people and it broke his heart. You could laugh when his mother told him to grow up to be honest, be kind, and be fair.

You COULD laugh, if you had not been paying attention to Obama every single day.  Yes, George Washington cut down the Cherry Tree, and Obama played basketball with a gift from his father.

Oh…and grew up to become—the world’s messiah.

Another strong message in this is that little boys want their dads to stick around, and be in their lives, but HEY! You got mom!  Seventy percent of black kids live with single parent moms and grandmothers. Obama…was just like you!

(They leave out that mom left him to when he was ten.)

This stuff is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start.  Somehow the fact that little Barry was a crack addict and a cross-dresser, didn’t even get a Obama messian 3paragraph.

When I think of this propaganda called Common Core, I can’t help but think of my friend Ruth. As some of you know, Ruth (who is my neighbor) grew up in Hitler’s Germany.  And when she was telling me the history of Germany she had to say, “Well, the Jews WERE taking all the money!” Even though she lived through the bombing of Dresden,…even though she escaped a Russian prison camp by digging her way out with her bloody hands, and even though she was made to pick up all the dead Jews, write down the numbers on their wrists, and bury them—even after all that…. she still blames..

You guessed it: The Jews. That’s how brainwashing takes place: You have to get them when they are young.  Ruth was taught about Hitler every single day in school.

Now—-don’t get me wrong— Ruth is a dear person. I truly believe that Hitler’s ‘Common Core’ had brainwashed her completely,—so well, that she to this day, didn’t think Germany was at fault. She knew the horrors that Hitler committed but I have never really heard her say a bad word about him. It’s just not in her. She was taught that Hitler was the Messiah, and it’s just too entrenched in her mind—

Ruth married an American soldier, mostly because her father wanted her too, and she has been in America most of her adult life. She knows the horrors of socialism, she is a very strong conservative, and she knows that the Nazi’s and the socialists were wrong…but…she still doesn’t blame the man most responsible. Living in Freedom, she saw the problems with the system of socialism, but still…she just can’t bring herself to blame Hitler. Obama as Messah one

So, no matter how badly Obama destroys the country, the kids in school will NEVER blame the man who grew up to save the poor people of the world, against those evil people with money who want to starve everyone. As we see time and time again….Obama is NEVER to blame for anything.

Like Hitler, Obama wants to be a God.

Obama is STILL the President.  None of the kids should be made to read this trash in school— but it’s Sunday.

And you might want to ask the question…

“Do YOU know where your Messiah is today?”

(Thanks to Freedom Outpost. Read article here.)

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