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MAYBE…It Was the Number, 13. …Or not.

Nobody’s Opinion

When midnight comes on December 31, this year, many of us will be pondering the year that was, and inside my mind, after the obligatory midnight kiss will be the question…..WHY? Why God– why? Where were you?  Why was 2013 so $&% up? Was it just Obama’s fault? Why did we have giant Wieners running for New York city mayors (to replace old giant wieners) and Dennis Rodman’s hugging our worst enemy? Was this the best Obama could come up with to handle Kim Jong Mini Me? A transvestite basketball player? Is the country being run by some half-wit idiot whose vast knowledge consists of all his favorite players of the NBA?Obama dictatorship

And how about Canadian Toronto mayors doing crack and talking about killing people? And Miley Cyrus, discovering that she can make a lot of money if she just sluts her twurk into every man she sees..and then we start seeing twerting parties on the streets of New York, as if it’s the same as jogging?

And then there were the black teenagers stealing and rioting, and enjoying knockout games knowing their black President approves, and everyone in the liberal media ignored it, because whites deserve it you know.

If you had to choose between a twerk and a knock-out I suppose you would be grateful for a twerk, but really—-If one didn’t know better (and I don’t claim to, but I will) it seems that the progressives are promoting sex simply because abortions make plan parenthood sooooo much money. The more sex, the worst the economy, the more abortions, the more money the taxpayers have to fork out: the more government jobs are created.  It’s a win/win for Obama.

More single moms to be ruled by the state. The men, especially that manly man—have to be controlled.  Our soldiers come back from a fruitless war, so maimed, and for what? For most of Obama’s service more of the military committed suicide than were killed in battle. after they realized what had just happened to them. They come back to a country they can’t even get a job in? gay flag

And lately it’s been the gays. The new norm being gay. NOBODY has been bothering the gays for years, but the progressives HAVE to create a gay crisis, so Boy Scouts now support open gayness…and nobody even explains how five year old boys even KNOW if they are gay?

And for the first time in our history, A Russian President is a better leader.

(And thanks to Obama, we pay the RUSSIANS to get into space.)

I think I know the answer I have a very good explanation, something so obvious that no one has even mentioned it, for fear…it was that number…13.

There IS a reason that they build skyscrapers without a 13th floor. Thirteen, has been known to be a bad mojo. scandal cartoon

Nobody Thinks that in the future we just skip all years with the number 13 in them….the next one coming up, 3013. OMG…skip it. Go to 3014.

What was so bad about 2013 Joyanna you might say?

ONE WORD: Obama. (No doubt there is a 13 in his name)

No conservative in the U.S. understood how this man got reelected. And this Nobody suspects everything: You bet I do. Massive fraud took place, and somehow, the numbers were fixed…in Chicago. (With the help of Soros) I based this on pure speculation of Obama crying big Obama tears of thanks in his Chicago War room after the election, and from watching the Clinton’s operations for years, I imagine he knew he really lost, but his young techies pulled it off.

And don’t kid yourself: Obama has all those techies in his pocket. That’s why they sent the Obamacare website to Canada.

Deny everything.

Nothing the Democrats do are legit. They know nothing, they delay, they deny, they lie, they hide evidence, they destroy evidence, and they spin, spin, spin.

Let’s not forget the attacks.

And the liberal media is there to collect their checks. America is in a whole new level of Soviet style propaganda: Only America is better at it.

Okay, we thought. So we have to put up with him…what more can he do?Obama, Stalin, Hilter

Plenty. He left the poor man who helped him catch bin Laden in a jail in Pakistan to rot. He let four men in Benghazi to die. (By all reports the stand down order came from the top.) And then, we had open gays, and women on the front lines, and too much rape. Our military was in such tatters, the Navy Seals that brought down bin Laden, were put in an old Vietnam copter, flown into no man’s land, and all those on board, killed.

Obama had their bodies cremated on the spot, which points to a cover up.

Obama has been covering up for years: His birth certificate, his gay lovers, his ties to communists, to the Muslim Brotherhood, and don’t forget his old pal…Buddy Love.


Then there was everyone finding out about the IRS targeting and hurting the good people wanting to join the last of the Americans: The IRS did it, and thumbed their noses at Congress….and these people will run your health care.


Yes, speaking of health care, Obama lied, and lied and lied again….and then said…”Oh, you didn’t understand what I meant.” We not only will have the highest taxes in the world, we will now have the worst health care system. kid scare

Congress didn’t read it, and that was on purpose. You knew that, didn’t you?

Well maybe not. It was 2013. Obviously many people’s brains went into coma’s.

Obamacare was built to finally destroy America, and make us Mexico, all the better to merge my dear. In the meantime, they make SURE you see the lifestyles of the rich and famous on your cable TV to pump up that good old fashion jealousy, so that Obama can play the old tried and true communist rich against the poor, black against white, and pass the ketchup please.

But…hold on: there was some good news: Obama TRIED to take our guns away after Sandy Hook. Millions went out and armed themselves. Obama TRIED to start a war in Syria. Millions of American said: Hell no…we won’t go! Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, we’ve seen enough good men die…and you won’t even protect our men?

Yep, we won that one.

For now.

On a personal note, the only bad thing that happened to me was I had a tooth pulled. But my son, and my brother, both lost jobs, and are facing dire hardships. And medical problems. And I can’t help them.

Obama is destroying the middle class. And then he has the nerve to say he cares about it.kris 56

You see, they work in the private sector. And they can’t get welfare. And they don’t WANT welfare.

And the one thing that proves that its 2013 is the biggest enemy of the year is one lone kid, who told the world, that our every move was being watched.

And HE..not Obama, is being attacked by both parties of our government.

Which means, yes—the sad truth is the whole lot of them ( with a few exceptions)  are just as corrupt as any government on the planet. Except, we’re AMERICA! We’ll have the best dictatorship police state, and tyranny that any NSA can build!

We always do it better!

They say, the people let this happen.

Don’t you believe it.

So, by midnight, we will be thinking, it will be easy to remember 2013, Obama was President, and he broke the country.

What will he do in 2014? Raise the debt limit again? Start WWIII? Give amnesty to all illegal’s? Take full control of everything?

The questions seems to me to be…supernatural

How superstitious are you?

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While EVERYONE is Talking About Duck Dynasty……

Nobody Gets Email

Listen to this woman talk about how she will stay on welfare as long as she can, while contemplating the cost to the rest of us and our children in the graphs below.


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