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Can We STOP Talking About Gold for just a few Minutes?

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I really loved reading Wayne Allyn Root’s book, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide” but I’m beginning to see a pattern everywhere— wherever I turn: It doesn’t matter who I am reading or watching on TV, the guru’s of everyone say the same thing….BUY GOLD! Buy gold, and if you can’t buy gold, buy silver.

Simply because the world market is a big global Ponzi scheme about to collapse.  They ALL say it. It’s getting to be that you can’t turn on anything without hearing it: BUY GOLD!

Hey, I want to buy gold, but I can’t afford it, so I bought myself some Christmas lights to cheer myself three

In one of the chapters in Wayne’s book, a master of international finance, Mr. Kip Heritage, suggests that you buy cheap real estate, undervalued stocks and failing businesses,—after you buy a lot of gold. I could afford a dollar lot in Detroit right now…I’ll think about it, Kip.

Glenn Beck, is always talking about his gold. And how everyone should be buying gold. In fact, put your gold out of the country so our government can’t get it.

Better yet, move to Singapore and drop your citizenship if you must. Oh…and buy oil too.


Has anybody bothered to tell any of these guru’s that the majority of Americans make on average, $50,000 a year, and they can’t even afford health care, let alone an ounce of gold? Nobody Knows who in the world these guys are talking to, because it’s sure not the average person.  And yet, they keep talking about it as if it’s as affordable as buying a pair of new shoes.

Sure, maybe we could afford a few coins,….but really? In my neighborhood? Some of the gangs have more gold on their guns and would just shoot me for it. Gold one

The rich already know this stuff, and they already are doing this, stocking up on gold, so tell me—are they that stupid that they don’t realized that most people’s only asset is their house, and they would have to sell their only asset to invest in the amount of gold these guys are talking about? Do they really want to keep torturing us with the fact that THEY can buy gold, and we can only buy…milk?

What? Where’s the compassion here?

Nobody Knows why they keep preaching to all the people who couldn’t afford to buy gold if they wanted to, but Nobody Thinks the reason they are doing it, is because they themselves are making a LOT of gold just talking about it.

You KNOW I’m right.

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Astounding Discovery! Men and Women…are Different!

Nobody Reports

It’s in. Finally, after billions have been spent on trying to prove that women are just the same as men, somebody figured it out. (Although, wisely, these scientist will not reveal their names because of the fear of the feminist backlash.)

Hey, our brains are different. Who knew?

According to this article in The Independent

Researchers found that many of the connections in a typical male brain run between the front and the back of the same side of the brain, whereas in women the connections are more likely to run from side to side between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

This also explain why men can skate backwards while watching a hockey puck.

Along with that extreme advance in medical science, they gave us a few pictures, where we look deeply into the different brains: The scientists decided to look into this study simply because they couldn’t understand why their wives did not understand why their husbands would rather watch football or play video games than take them shopping. It also explains why the cell phone was invented. Women need to communicate while they’re shopping. monkey

But….there is one finding that this nobody found puzzling:

“Men tend to outperform women involving spatial tasks and motor skills – such as map reading – while women tend to better in memory tests, such as remembering words and faces, and social cognition tests, which try to measure empathy and “emotional intelligence”.

Every man I have ever known could not read a map. Worse…they refuse to read maps, ask directions, or even READ directions.  It’s been a problem since Attila the Hun got lost in the Swiss Alps. If only he had listened to his wife, China today, would have found their way to the moon by now, and we would all be speaking Chinese.

Anyway, I don’t know why we are all so excited by this news, because, according to other scientists we have the brains of pigs and monkeys. Nobody Thinks they will soon find out that pigs brains are wired front to back, and chimps brains are wired side to side, because everybody knows, chimps are much better communicators than pigs. And pigs like to eat. Lots.

And that’s why they deserve to be citizens and given Obamaphones.

brain two

Male: Female Brain

Male: Female Brain

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