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Nobody Remembers Nelson Mandela

Nobody Remembersmandala RIP

With Nelson Mandela dying today, how about taking a look back on the British, who, although they abolished slavery with the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, they continued to act like “lords” in Africa, and have ‘slaves’ even though they didn’t call them that. I was curious about the British colonial rule, so I looked up some of the laws on Wikipedia tonight.

Here’s a list of Laws that helped kick it off.

  • 1797: All Hottntots (slaves) moving about the country had to carry passes.
  • 1806:, Cape Articles of Capitulations: the British colonial rulers were required to rule under Roman Dutch law, which gave them separation from British Common Law outside the British Empire.

1828: Hottentot Proclamation : Only blacks had to have passes for seeking work.

1835, Ordinance 1: Changed the nature of slaves to indentured laborers.

1848, Ordinance 3: Introduced an indentured system for Xhosa that was little different from slavery.

1892, The Franchise and Ballot Act: instituted limits based on financial means and education to the black franchise.

1894: Natal Legislative Assembly Bill: deprived Indians of the right to vote.

1905: General Pass Regulations Bill: denied blacks the vote, limited them to fixed areas.

1906: Asiatic Registration Act: all Indians must carry passes.

19th c: Various South African colonies passed legislation throughout the rest of the nineteenth century to limit the freedom of unskilled workers, increase restrictions on indentured workers, and to regulate the relations between the races.

1910, The South African Act: Enfranchised whites, giving them complete political control over all other racial groups while removing the right of blacks to sit in parliament.

1913: The Native Land Act: prevented all blacks, except those in Cape from buying land outside ‘reserves.”

1918: The Natives in Urban Areas Bill: forced blacks into ‘locations’

1923: Urban Areas Act: introduced residential segregation and provided cheap labor for industry let by white people.

1926: The Colour Bar Act: preventing anyone black from practicing skilled trades.

1927: The Native Administration Act: made the British Crown rather than the paramount chiefs, the supreme heads of all African affairs.

And so it went—on and on and basically everything was determined by RACE. And so one day in the future, the separations of the white and blacks came to a bloody war…Mandala and Obma

Apartheid was a bloody mess. Mandela, was by all accounts, was imprisoned for his fight to let the black people have their own country back.  And after 27 years in prison, he won, and was elected President. Then…like George Washington, he left.

UNLIKE Obama, Mandela  made friends with his enemies. Obama came out today, and made some lame speech.  He was probably not too happy as his agenda for the next few days (fast food workers need more money, etc.) is going to be put on hold by Mandela’s death.

Nobody will be talking about Obama, and Obama didn’t need everyone comparing Obama to Mandela in their minds now, because he just can’t compete in that department.

On the other side of the coin, the British empire brought civilization and wealth to many areas of the world, who would still be in the dark ages if not for their influence.

Every rich person I’ve ever known, LOVES South Africa. I’ve never been, and probably will never go. But, if the white man hadn’t lived there all these years, would it have developed at all?

You have to wonder.

In the meantime, here in America, the black President is redistributing as much of the white man’s money as he can, to the poor blacks, and the rest of the world. That’s what he hopes will be his Mandela’ legacy. But Obama leads the blacks back down the road to slavery…

Then just don’t know it yet.

Nevertheless…Obama will try to hitch himself to that star, as every single American President has done. And here’s one of my favorite pictures of that idea!

Nobody Admits, I really don’t know much but what I read about Mandela. It could all be a fairly tale as far as I know. But…I do wish the man would have taught this current President a few lessons in humble. He could have helped the world…so…much…more.

Obama in jail

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Nobody’s Fool: Wild Bill—Again.


Nobody’s Fool

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Wild Bill so mad. The American People have always given generously of their time and money, and they send it to all corners of the earth.

Hear Bill tell you why the liberals are keeping Christmas gifts from reaching poor kids. It’s pathetic.

Bill wins my Nobody’s Fool award for the week…again.

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