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It’s a Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood

Nobody Flashes

Wasn’t it nice to see some REAL humor back on SNL? I would probably watch it again if Eddie Murphy came back to SNL.

Did everyone have a great Christmas time this year? I know my neighborhood did. For the first time since I’ve lived here, my little block ALL had massive Christmas displays. Just my little block. I like to think I had something to do with it. We put on a big display and my neighbors came out and said, “What? Are you trying to outdo everybody?” Actually, no. We just love lights.

In fact, we keep a trellis up of lights all year long in our FRONT yard.  I know. Pretty crazy. But, with a bit of warm weather, the whole street went nuts. Thanks to President Trump’s economy, everyone spread the joy.

And it’s not just my block, I’ve noticed even FOX has put up a bunch of Christmas trees, and if you are watching Hallmark, you know why. Every scene is FILLED with beautiful displays.

YES! Christmas is coming back, and it’s about time. All those gloomy years of Obama, its so nice to see.

And even though I like to take credit for my little block, we ALL know the real reason for more lights in our neighborhood;

The reason is our incredible President.

So…Thank you, Mr. President! 🙂  In spite of all the liars, cheats, and treasonous swam of swamrats attacking you every single day, you still have managed to inspire millions of Americans. Thank you, for making our lives better every day.

Now, let’s go eat up those cookies.


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Merry Christmas From Your Favorite NOBODY! (I know, it’s the Trump effect.)

Nobody Flashes

Hey! I’m taking two days off…and I’ll see everyone on Thursday!

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas…But if your uncle starts to complain about the President…you have my permission to tell him Santa will NOT be coming to his house.

Just kidding.

Just smile and say, “Ten more years.” 🙂

God Bless Us…Everyone.


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Nobody Flashes Christmas Joy

Nobody Flashes

–a man named Tom Bet George who put this all together.

THIS nobody watches this and wonders…WHY do we NOT have a national holiday to celebrate Thomas Edison?

Without Tom inventing how to put sound on a recording, and the light bulb, THIS Tom couldn’t do this.

Anyway, Typical isn’t it? Edison was an individual! Oh my. The globalists want you to think that it takes a village or a multinational company who have inventors work for THEM and their profits, to make the world go round.

Individuals…aren’t celebrated unless their politicians. Bah. Hupp. Edison has all but been erased from American History to be replaced by tech giants.

That’s too bad. Without this ONE man, most of all that we enjoy might not have ever been invented.

Sorry. It’s almost Christmas and I’m bah humbugging. I’ll stop.


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Nobody Wishes Everybody a Merry Christmas!

Nobody Flashes

It’s still my Nobody’s Opinion that in terms of words, music, recording and sheer spiritual strength, this IS my favorite Christmas song.

I’ll be back after Christmas…

Here’s wishing love and joy to everyone this Christmas! (And cookies. Lots of cookies.)

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Nobody Flashes

Sooner or later, they ALL do a Christmas album.

And yes, I’m just as busy as everyone else, but LAST night, for the first time in my neighborhood, there was a crowd of about 100 young men and women walking around the block singing Christmas carols.

In THIS neighborhood, it was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Everyone put up lights this year, and THAT has never happened either.

President Trump…made the difference. Nuff said.

Anyway…Wow. Enjoy.

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Nobody Flashes a Holy Night

Nobody Flashes

Somehow, these two just go together.


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Nobody Flashes Another Christmas Classic

Nobody Flashes

I was searching for a better rendition of this song, so many other artists have done it…

But, then I realized that without the ‘story’ behind it, the real meaning of the song is lost. And that’s why I kept coming back to this.

Most people who have seen this scene from the movie “Meet Me In St. Louis”— remember that it was the time of the World’s Fair in 1904. The father is thinking of dragging everyone out of St. Louis to New York, and in this scene Judy is trying to console her little sister about the move, because they will be leaving their friends, and in Judy’s case, the boy she had fallen in love with.

It’s a beautiful song. And I was thinking about all the people who have lost their houses to floods and fires this year in our own country, and how rough this Christmas will be for all of them.

Sad. Like this song. And yet, what matters the most: family…comes through every word.

Many people have sung this over the years, but Judy’s is still the most meaningful.

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Nobody Flashes

It’s Sunday. I’ll probably be posting Christmas songs every Sunday until Christmas.

I can’t help myself. I just LOVE Christmas carols.

And nobody does them better or with more creativity than Pentatonix.


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If You Don’t FEEL True Spirit of Christmas in this Video: I Feel Sorry for You

Nobody Flashes

The spirit of the divine…I think I might have posted this video once before year ago,

But, emotionally, the punch in the soul is still the same.

I’d rather listen to these simple people sing Christmas songs, than any Mariah Carey renditions.



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Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve

You don’t even have to be a Christian to feel the holy spirit of Christ in this song. So please…turn out the lights, close your eyes, look at your tree, and enjoy.

I’ll be back on Monday.

In the meantime…

Merry Christmas to all my readers….I hope everyone has a great day of family filled with laughter, love, and hope.

God Bless us all.


(PS: Thanks to ‘g’ man for the video.)

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God Rest Ye Merry Pentatonix!

Nobody Flashes

—The fabulous vocals of Pentatonix!

Singing one of my favorite Christmas songs…

I would love to know, who does their arrangements, wouldn’t you?


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Nobody Flashes Top Ten Places to See Christmas Displays in the World

Nobody Flashes’

If I won the lottery, I would visit one of these places every year. That would put at least 10 more years on my life.


(Thank you Mr. Edison.)

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Great Hope, Makes Great People

Nobody Flashesxmas-st-charles-5

It’s in the air: Christmas. Can you feel it too? My husband and I went out Friday night to the nearby old town of St. Charles, Missouri, where every tree is circled in white flickering bulbs, and hundreds of little quaint novelty stores were all decorated in thousands of lights, Christmas trees, and Christmas decorations. Santa’s of every shape and size on every shelf.

Actors were brandishing chestnuts in English dress and accents: singing groups were Caroling like Dickens characters: Santa’s of every size in every language were “Merry Christmasing” down the cobblestone streets. Lighted up Cinderella Carriages were pulled by beautiful white horses, their hooves clip-clopping down the streets, giving rides to lovers and families. Children were running, little girls dancing, local pubs busting with business, and the restaurants all had fires outside to warm the people eating outside, just to enjoy the festivals.

St. Charles, is probably just like many historical towns in our country. I imagine Williamsburg, Boston, and other tiny town squares, putting lewis-and-clarkon festivals with lights. Its old buildings sit on the Missouri river. It’s where Lewis and Clark started their trek to the Pacific Ocean. There’s a big statue of them with their dog…not far from where they started.

But…dummy me. I had never gone to such a thing. And it felt like Disneyland. (Which I hear is wonderful at Christmas too.)

We ate Chicago Style Pizza at one of the restaurants,, then started on our stroll back in time. By the time we were finished wandering into all the shops, we had consumed down: chocolate covered cherries, hot chocolate, Apple Caramel Cider, and our first Butterbeer soda.

Trust me. We NEVER do that. But the night was so beautiful, and to see the people all so happy was frankly, a gift from heaven after this last year.

And what about love? Yes. I will remember this night as a night that my husband choose the perfect gift for me. I had tears in my eyes, when my husband brought me this picture for Christmas:geroge-washtington-at-valley-forge

Now…my husband doesn’t read a single word I write, but he doesn’t have to. He knows me that well.

As we were walking past some very pretty Christmas trees, I told him, that I had just written a blog a few days before the election called: “This is our Valley Forge: Let’s Not Blow it.”

George Washington was by far, the best President our country ever had. He was the quintessence of a leader. If America needed anything at this time in our lives, it was a man who truly, with all his heart, believed in America. We needed a LEADER…and with the help of God, we got one.xmas-st-charles-2

Clint Eastwood summed it up very well with this tweet.

“Thank you America, I don’t have long left to live but now I know the last few years will be great, I can’t thank you enough #PresidentTrump,”

His twitter account was cancelled right after he posted it, but it has been said that his daughter said he didn’t tweet it.

No matter: It’s pretty much how millions of Americans feel. The America that our leaders have forgotten, can come back.

And I can feel it, can’t you?

There’s a new joy in life again. As Thomas Fuller once said:

“Great Hopes make great people.”

There’s no better time to turn off the TV and get out to enjoy some great people, than at Christmastime.

Find one of these festivals in your town, and do yourself a favor.

Don’t wait as long as I did to discover it.




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Nobody Flashes the BEST Christmas Light Shows

Nobody Flashes…


I was out at the shopping mall today, enjoying the crowds and the Christmas decorations…which got me in the mood for more.

If you like Christmas lights along with good music, then you will not want to miss this!

In fact, if you have a big screen and can put it up there…do it.



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