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Nobody Flashes Another Christmas Classic

Nobody Flashes

I was searching for a better rendition of this song, so many other artists have done it…

But, then I realized that without the ‘story’ behind it, the real meaning of the song is lost. And that’s why I kept coming back to this.

Most people who have seen this scene from the movie “Meet Me In St. Louis”— remember that it was the time of the World’s Fair in 1904. The father is thinking of dragging everyone out of St. Louis to New York, and in this scene Judy is trying to console her little sister about the move, because they will be leaving their friends, and in Judy’s case, the boy she had fallen in love with.

It’s a beautiful song. And I was thinking about all the people who have lost their houses to floods and fires this year in our own country, and how rough this Christmas will be for all of them.

Sad. Like this song. And yet, what matters the most: family…comes through every word.

Many people have sung this over the years, but Judy’s is still the most meaningful.

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