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Nobody’s Perfect: Megyn Kelly

Nobody’s Perfect:

She’s a ‘news’ reporter, Catholic, says Santa Claus and Jesus are white, and thinks President Trump is Voldermort…and this morning, the X-FOX fire breathing Game of Thrones Dragon of feminist hatred for all men, made a big splash on her failing NBC morning show, by inviting the three women who were STILL hurt by President Trump paying attention to them before he was president.

Megyn Kelly did this to hurt Roy Moore, the President’s pick for Alabama, and no doubt, to get revenge for the fact that President Trump went on to win the Presidency even though she gave it her best shot on TV to stop him.

It’s been a rough year for Megyn. Ever since she attacked Trump with her first question at the Republican debates, her career has gone downhill. Her show on FOX did not do well after that every Trump voter hated her, and so, she left FOX News, and went to NBC, where the going has been rough.

But early this morning, she got her chance for a comeback…with the help of Brave New Films and George Soros, she dug up the three women who had attacked President Trump before the election.

The three accusers — Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey, and Jessica Leeds did not make any new accusations against Trump, but appeared heartened that the country was now taking harassment of women seriously.

I turned in when the creepy looking woman with black glasses, told Kelly what Trump had called her.

“Does it start with a c?” asked Kelly as her eyes widened to mock shock.


“Does it end with a t?” said the brilliant MS Kelly, letting the audience gasp in horror.

“Yes” (Forgetting to say WHY Trump called her that, and there IS much history to it.)

So, according to MS four eyes, Trump called her a cunt. Right now, I’m listening to my husband play video games, and cunt is just one of the many words he is shouting at the TV.

I had to laugh. If that’s the worst, she can muster…

Then another woman said that Trump just up and kissed her once.

“I was shocked,” Crooks told Kelly after describing Trump kissing her at Trump Tower. “Devastated. It happened so fast. … I wish I would’ve been courageous enough to say, ‘What’s going on and you need to stop this.’”

Wow. I remember when I first met my husband. He was sitting at the bar and I had just finished my gig at the local hotel which I was doing a one woman show at. I went up to the bar next to him to grab a coke, and he turned around and smiled at me…we started talking and then, out of nowhere, he just gave me a kiss. It wasn’t an Al Franken gross kiss, it was just a sweet kiss.

LOL! I said to myself, “Okay, the guy is drunk, and he’s MUCH too young for you…be careful…he’s pretty good-looking…”

But I ended up marrying that guy. What does that make me?”

Was I insulted? Hell no. A simple kiss doesn’t kill any woman. If it did, half the world would not have been born.

If Donald Trump had done that to me, would I have been insulted? Hell no.

If he had asked for my phone number, would I have been insulted? Hell no.

If a woman has a boyfriend or she’s not interested she says, “Hey, I’ve got a husband.” but really, what is WRONG with these wimpy women?

At any rate, Kelly can’t make it as a good reporter, she is there to sensationalize and get ratings…and so, she is on the set of trying to conquer the world as she sees it.

It’s just that, most of the world doesn’t see it the same way as Kelly.

And I tell myself that every time I look at that botched up nose job.

So, Congratulations Megyn Kelly! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for acting for never being on the right side of history.

Nobody Wonders how many frogs YOU had to kiss to get to the position you are in?

Maybe you should have them on your show.

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