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Nobody’s Perfect: Megyn Kelly

Nobody’s Perfect:

She’s a ‘news’ reporter, Catholic, says Santa Claus and Jesus are white, and thinks President Trump is Voldermort…and this morning, the X-FOX fire breathing Game of Thrones Dragon of feminist hatred for all men, made a big splash on her failing NBC morning show, by inviting the three women who were STILL hurt by President Trump paying attention to them before he was president.

Megyn Kelly did this to hurt Roy Moore, the President’s pick for Alabama, and no doubt, to get revenge for the fact that President Trump went on to win the Presidency even though she gave it her best shot on TV to stop him.

It’s been a rough year for Megyn. Ever since she attacked Trump with her first question at the Republican debates, her career has gone downhill. Her show on FOX did not do well after that every Trump voter hated her, and so, she left FOX News, and went to NBC, where the going has been rough.

But early this morning, she got her chance for a comeback…with the help of Brave New Films and George Soros, she dug up the three women who had attacked President Trump before the election.

The three accusers — Rachel Crooks, Samantha Holvey, and Jessica Leeds did not make any new accusations against Trump, but appeared heartened that the country was now taking harassment of women seriously.

I turned in when the creepy looking woman with black glasses, told Kelly what Trump had called her.

“Does it start with a c?” asked Kelly as her eyes widened to mock shock.


“Does it end with a t?” said the brilliant MS Kelly, letting the audience gasp in horror.

“Yes” (Forgetting to say WHY Trump called her that, and there IS much history to it.)

So, according to MS four eyes, Trump called her a cunt. Right now, I’m listening to my husband play video games, and cunt is just one of the many words he is shouting at the TV.

I had to laugh. If that’s the worst, she can muster…

Then another woman said that Trump just up and kissed her once.

“I was shocked,” Crooks told Kelly after describing Trump kissing her at Trump Tower. “Devastated. It happened so fast. … I wish I would’ve been courageous enough to say, ‘What’s going on and you need to stop this.’”

Wow. I remember when I first met my husband. He was sitting at the bar and I had just finished my gig at the local hotel which I was doing a one woman show at. I went up to the bar next to him to grab a coke, and he turned around and smiled at me…we started talking and then, out of nowhere, he just gave me a kiss. It wasn’t an Al Franken gross kiss, it was just a sweet kiss.

LOL! I said to myself, “Okay, the guy is drunk, and he’s MUCH too young for you…be careful…he’s pretty good-looking…”

But I ended up marrying that guy. What does that make me?”

Was I insulted? Hell no. A simple kiss doesn’t kill any woman. If it did, half the world would not have been born.

If Donald Trump had done that to me, would I have been insulted? Hell no.

If he had asked for my phone number, would I have been insulted? Hell no.

If a woman has a boyfriend or she’s not interested she says, “Hey, I’ve got a husband.” but really, what is WRONG with these wimpy women?

At any rate, Kelly can’t make it as a good reporter, she is there to sensationalize and get ratings…and so, she is on the set of trying to conquer the world as she sees it.

It’s just that, most of the world doesn’t see it the same way as Kelly.

And I tell myself that every time I look at that botched up nose job.

So, Congratulations Megyn Kelly! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for acting for never being on the right side of history.

Nobody Wonders how many frogs YOU had to kiss to get to the position you are in?

Maybe you should have them on your show.

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Nobody Wonders a LOT Today…

Nobody Wonders

How can a President reward himself with a medal? That’s what Obama did today…he gave a long fluffy speech on how proud he was to serve as the leader of the greatest military on earth, and then, had his favorite sycophantic general give him a metal for “Distinguished Public Servant.” (gag)obama-gets-metal

Not many military guys showed up to watch this speech, but that didn’t keep FOX from making the rest of us suffer through it. (I couldn’t change the channel…long story.)

He talked about how he was going to miss Air Force One, and Marine One. Nobody Wonders how many military men feels sorry about that.

He also made the claim that women were as least as strong as men.

He should know. (What a putz)

Nobody Wonderspence-and-ryan-two

After watching the Republicans today give their “We’re going to fix Obamacare” speech, I was thinking more about the body language on stage. Clearly, Paul Ryan wants to be the top dog, but Vice President Pence took that away from him, just by his supreme gravitas. I’ve been thinking that Ryan was going to take over the House and block Trump at every turn, but something tells me, Pence is going to have a good go at keeping him in line.

We’ll see.

Nobody Wonders

How the democrats can even say “Make America sick again.” Which is their new attack line for the republicans who are trying to repeal Obamacare.

You bet we are sick…sick that these thugs and loser Marxists who call themselves liberals won’t get off the stage and leave America to the American people. Just today, Macy’s is closing another 100 stores. Sears won’t be able to hold on much longer.  And how dare they get up there and threaten old people AGAIN, saying that the older people will lose their Medicare.

Obama threatened that same line hundreds of times.

Pelosi even threatened that “grandma” was going to have to come back and live at your house!

Oh…horrible. In the black families the grandmothers are raising the kids. Grandmothers should complain.

Obamacare is a disaster. Everybody knows it.

And Nobody Wonders if the democrats didn’t design the damn thing so that the republicans would have a very hard time getting rid of it. (Of COURSE they did.)

Can a ten-year-old think up a better password than John Podesta? (It’s PASSWORD)

Nobody Wonderspence-and-ryan white-beaten

And speaking of complaining, some black thugs kidnapped a white guy, beat him up, and put him on Facebook, and made him say “Fck Trump” and “Fck White People.”

Facebook said it didn’t violate community standards.

Well then, since Zuckerface doesn’t care about community standards than I suggest all the people on Facebook post: “F*ck Zuckerberg”

When are we going to hear from reporters that there is a REAL war on white Christians and Jew?


Nobody Wonders.

Megyn Kelly went to NBC? GREAT! While we kept reading about how everyone LOVED Megyn Kelly, I don’t think they dare tell you how bad their ratings went down after her attacks on Trump.megyn

Now, Nobody Wonders if FOX will ever get rid of the other dead weight that’s on every program so much, most people are sick to death of them: Karl Rove, Geraldo, and Juan Williams. This nobody is getting pretty tired of Gutbucket too. He’s like a very rude five-year-old who thinks he’s cute.

His best lines are his short essays. But…

But no, I doubt it, unless there are others out there who feel the same.

And one more thing:

Nobody Wonders WHY the people (or is it the government?) is pushing legalization of weed.weed-meme

  1. It damages your lungs as sure as cigarettes.
  2. It makes you pretty stupid. Lots of geniuses have been creative when drunk, but I can’t think of any major invention done while stoned.
  3. In all the states where recreational weed has been legalized, traffic accidents have risen by about 40 percent.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT: If you are smoking and you get pregnant, your baby can have birth defects. Such as Down’s syndrome. There will be a lot more gays born to weed-totting mama’s. It damages the hormones, and the genes.

But then again, if you have stage-four cancer, and can’t afford your medication because of Obamacare, then by all means: Get stoned.

You really have to wonder why anybody would smoke anything.

But then again, that’s another blog.




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Megyn Kelly Goes Greece

Nobody Wins

 Megyn  Kelly was beside herself on FOX this morning. Her eyebrows were practically touching the back of her head as she questioned the “expert” (they have experts for everything) on how in the world were we as a country, not going to go off the “cliff” of economic no-return?

How? How? Why…the only way to solve it, said Megyn, is for Social Security to be cut…and people to retire later…otherwise, America is doomed. By the end of the interview, both Megyn and her expert agreed…nothing was ever going to change because no politician would do the unthinkable: reform Social Security.

Well Paul Ryan did, but I guess she didn’t think of him.

But they are right. There are more than 90 million retiring baby boomers in the country who worked hard all their lives, and they feel that since that money was taken OUT of their paychecks, (With no say in it from them.) they deserve it back.  It’s not fair that their S.S. is going to illegals and thier babies. Obama knows this, and he plays to those exact sentiments. Nobody is sure some older people think he is going to save it for them.

Ha. Ha…ha.

The power thieves in Washington have stolen it from them, and now fiscal Armageddon is being created in all our cable networks once again…to convince the “people” that they need to sacrifice some more for the common good.

It’s communism 101, with a big O in the middle, sold with the American flag waving.  

Hey…We didn’t run up that deficit…YOU did, we say!  But…Washington takes our hard earned money and sends it to the great Baal in the sky…and god knows where else.  They are never accountable for any of it.  I remember Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a few years ago announcing that many billions were missing in the defense budget one afternoon.

“We just don’t know where it went.” he said.

And we all sigh, drink our coffee, and work another day. Yet, you try losing a few thousand dollars from the IRS. You will go to jail.

We…put up with it. Tell me…why?

For those of us in the private sector, it’s like being punished twice, for somebody else’s crime. The banks gambled,…and our politicians took OUR money to bail them out, just so that the people who make their money from “dividends” could keep the money rolling in.

—Or so it looks to the poor guy. There are three classes now: Those who live off dividends: those who have to get up and go to work for a paycheck: and those who live off the ones who go to work for a paycheck.  

America, OUR politicians–have  spent way too much money on wars in countries where the normal guy on the street really didn’t see any threat.

Vietnam? Really…what a waste. Iraq? A waste. Afghanistan?  Well, there’s gold in them thar hills, but it’s China that’s getting it.

And…I don’t know if you have noticed, but the war drums are beating again: Children are dying in Syria. All the networks, are showing the devastation…as if we are being programmed to accept the next war, because it’s for the “children.”  This video shows the heavy cost of war, but the end is misleading. Health care is going to cost just as much if not more, than our “wars.” in the long run. Social Security was going to cost just a few million in the beginning. Looked what it morphed into.

The Baby Boomers say: Hey…Before you cut our measly Social Security benefits, cut the stuff you don’t need: Tillions are wasted in fraud. Government workers are getting paid too much, and their pensions are way out of line with the public sector. Even that playing field. Get rid of half of the government agencies that you don’t need. Reform welfare, food stamps, Medicare, get rid of pork. Cut the pay of politicians.

When Steve Jobs went back to Apple, he fired half the employees, and Apple became number one.

Cut the fat. Kick out the U.N., they are a bunch of money-sucking thieves. Get our military out of every country. Let the Europeans fend for themselves.

We need to rebuild.

Unite the people. Cut out this “global-we are one world citizens” stuff.  Put America and its people firstYou can’t help your neighbor if you are starving.

These are simple rules any fool would do… And yet—

History repeats itself. Dictators get into power…and then their people starve. Every President since Ronald Regan has grabbed more power and ended up being more arrogant than the one before.

Power really does corrupt, and we can really see it in Obama eyes with our big screen TV’s.

I once asked a very rich man that I was dating if he ever worried about money.

“Sure…just like you. Have you any idea what it cost to send your children to Harvard? We worry…we just have bigger bills. “

Nobody Thinks that it could be the same old problem. Money is relative.  The rich don’t want to lose their billions either: so they con the politicians to get the masses pay for everything.

Yes, Megyn had that “deer in the headlight” look on her face. Nobody hopes…she was just trying to scare up the ratings. Nobody Says, “Don’t you worry Megyn…you will be…just fine.” It’s the rest of us that have to worry.  

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