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Supreme Court Justice Judge Jeanie? Sounds Good to Me


Nobody’s Perfect

The transformation has been slow…FOX News built it’s reputation on being the conservative answer to the many left-wing stations it is in competition against: CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, NBC, CBS, and the 5 major conglomerates that run our news.

So, therefore FOX has always won the most viewership. While it claims to have diversity, which is true, there is always some annoying democrat saying stupid things like Waun Williams,, but they stacked the deck against him with Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Eric Boiling and Glenn Beck.

And therefor, FOX ratings were the tops.

Eric Broiling was on a major conservative star roll, until his son overdosed. THE FIVE is now more of an entertainment program for laughs and giggles.

Beck, got kicked off thanks to a well-organized plat by Hillary’s and Soros’ Media Matters. Bill was kicked off by some kind of sex scandal, and Hannity barely hung on. Tucker has replaced him somewhat due to the hour, but his whole family is being attacked daily by the left.

Shepard Smith, once just a lovable and pleasant order of the news, has now become the most vicious never-Trumper on FOX. They put him on right after school of course.

Chris Wallace, is the same. Every question is LOADED with attacks and innuendo’s of just how bad President Trump is.

Nevertheless, Judge Jeanie has been a light of sanity on Sunday,. They also added Mark Levine, who while never a big fan of Trump during the campaign, has come around, mostly due to the obvious destruction of liberty.

So, last week, FOX is getting rid of Judge Jeanie’s program. Evidently she pissed some Muslim off by saying something very factual about how a House Muslims was attacking Jews.

FOX took her off the air.

That’s because MUSLIMS…(Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody) own almost half of the stock of Fox.

Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal is the largest shareholder in NewsCorp, the parent company of Fox News.

This morning it was reported that Donna Brazile was hired by FOX, the woman who gave Hillary questions during the Presidential debates.

What does that say about FOX? They want to bring back the old One-party two-step politics. Jeb even mentioned it yesterday in that video that I posted.

They want the good old days back, where ‘centrist democrats” and “centrist republicans” worked together to make the public feel like their government works again.

You know, like how the Bushes and the Clintons are such good buds?

Good luck with that.

So, congratulations FOX! You win the Nobody’s Perfect prize for the week, for not knowing that with every move you make, we’ll not be watching you!

We now have OAN. And if you get rid of the Judge, I suggest Trump replace old Ginsberg with her.

After all…she IS a woman. A conservative woman on the Supreme Court?

Nobody would be better.

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Is Martha MacCallum the New Megyn Kelly?

Nobody Wonders

I didn’t realize it before last night, but Fox News has its replacement for Megyn Kelly: She looks like her, gets the same nasty ‚ÄúI GOT ya‚ÄĚ questions on her smirking lips, and she is definitely, not a Trump fan. Her name is Martha MacCallum. Up to this point in time, Martha seemed very nice…but not last night. Martha was just as nasty as the old Megyn Kelly would have been in her questioning of Judge Kavanaugh. So much so, he ended up with tears in his eyes.

You have to wonder about the nastiness of some of these— ‚ÄúI‚Äôve been sexually harassed” women. I bet you my last winnings at the Lotto (Okay, I‚Äôve never won, but if I DID I would bet them) that Martha has that big ‚ÄúI know all men are creeps‚ÄĚ attitude.

And deep down, Nobody Wonders if she an anti-Trump supporter…after the questioning she did last night with the judge, I think so.

She once said this:

“You can feel the anger that is still out there. You can feel the venom and the concern by some that it‚Äôs not legitimate. He says he wants to be president of all the people of this country‚ÄĒwe‚Äôre going to be seeing how he reaches out to people.”

WHAT? Said like a true liberal.

She says she is going to be ‚Äėfair and balanced‚Äô but she is almost like a clone of Megyn Kelly‚Ķalmost too much to NOT suspect that whoever runs that network is insisting on the biting, nasty, attacks to go on for the President. Preferably by a woman.

While Fox still has it‚Äôs very big conservative stars like Judge Pirro, Tucker Carlson, and others, Martha has stepped up to be the attack dog‚Ķand she comes on at a time when most viewers will be watching. ‚Äė

All the Trump FOX news pundits are put on Sunday, or late night slots.

As we all know: Product placement can be the MOST important means of selling a product. The products in the supermarket that are on the middle shelves didn’t get there by accident: that spot costs MONEY.  And selling the fact that President Trump is not as good as anyone thinks he is…well, let’s just say, Nobody Wonders if the FOX boys think America can still be manipulated into questioning our President. If the women of America will side with the pretty Martha and not vote for him or his agenda.

And THAT’s why, I turn Fox off when Martha is on and turn on ONE AMERICA NEWS.

If you don’t have it…get it.

Hannity keeps Fox in the top of the charts‚Ķbut this NOBODY Wonders‚Ķjust how long it will be before they get rid of him. He‚Äôs making them too much money right now‚Ķbut if they think they can‚Äôt get rid of President Trump by getting the women to vote him out….

They just might have to make it happen.


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Eric Bolling: Nobody has the words….

Nobody Flashes

It’s one thing to lose your job…but to then lose your 19-year-old son the next day?

That’s what happened to Eric Bolling.

There ARE no words.

When Fox got rid of O’Reilly, there was only a few good people left for conservative to watch: Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanne, and Eric Bolling. Everybody else was hard to take for more than a minute.

When Trump announced he was running for President, FOX changed. I always thought that if CNN was the Clintons’ network, then FOX was the Bushes. I STILL think that. ¬†After all, the darling of the Bush family, Karl Rove and Dana Perino were permanent fixtures every few hours. And I remember how Dana and Eric started clashing on “The Five.” She would do¬†one of her, “Daddy BUSH had a birthday today!” and Eric would…calmly put up with it.

I bet he got tired of her, and she of him. I always pictured X-President Bush picking up the phone and calling the Murdochs and saying, “Okay, this guy has to go. Do it.”

O’Reilly went. He refused to attack Trump. And then Eric came out with some GREAT books: books were he could attack the status “deep state” in Washington D.C. Books that agreed with Trump’s message.

To fire the man on some ‘sex’ scandal was right out of the ‘deep state’ play book.

But to then, lose your son….my god. Most of us would have trouble even surviving that.

So, I am saying a prayer for the Bolling family this day. I hope the world, lets them grieve in peace.

God be with them all.

Hell, God should be with all of us now. It’s a good day for a prayer, don’t you think?


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Nobody Wonders Why NOBODY Remembers When Reagan Walked Away….

Nobody WondersDonald Trump tweet

I was listening to C-Span this morning, and the callers who were mad at Trump kept repeating that if Trump was afraid to stand up to Megyn Kelly, then just imagine what Putin would do.

And of course, I wondered why NOBODY mentioned that Ronald Reagan’s most famous moment in history, besides when he said, “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL,” was when he stood up from the table, during nuclear negotiations, and walked away from Gorbachev..which helped defeat the Soviet Union without a shot.Reagan walks away

If you do not win at the table, it’s smart to get up and walk away. Reagan had no problem whatsoever walking away from something, when it served no purpose, and Fox News¬†has done nothing¬†but try to make Trump look bad. To pretend they have not is almost to the point of absurdity.

I didn’t see Megyn Kelly with Michael Moore last night, but really? That was her answer to the snub from Donald Trump?

Communist Michael Moore? She couldn’t find anybody else to help her trash him?

Nobody Wonders if Donald is going to show up to the next debate at the last-minute, they all think that his ego is too big to resist appearing. I think they might be in for a big surprise.

Of all the debates I’ve watched, the warm-up debates with Santorum and Huckabee were MUCH more informative than the main event. When the big guys came on, the Fox News Reporters (And the CNN reporters) ¬†kept treating it like it was a boxing match. All you learned was who said what to put down whom. FIGHTS! That’s all they wanted…FIGHTS!… to stir up the ratings.

FOX NEWS is just plain stupid. CNN will be glad to have Trump on…are you kidding? Megyn Kelly and Moore

Another wonder is Ted Cruz challenging Trump to a debate MANO E MANO, where the questions would be all about some cases of legal law so Cruz can show off his knowledge.

Not going to happen, and Ted Knows it. And besides, almost everybody knows when a man challenges another man to a Mano e Mano duel, the one doing it is usually the one who is the lesser man of the two. That’s schoolboy psychology. It made Ted look incompetent.

Nobody also Wonders  about how surprising it was to see Ted Cruz bring out his father, whom, I think at this point, has a bit more street sense than his son, this early in the game.  He must be desperate.

And then there’s the democrats: Nobody Wonders when Hillary is going to use her “health” problems to drop out of the race. She’s just so tired all the time you know, due to her thyroid. And if that’s true, then you really don’t want her as President on that issue alone. IF your thyroid is not working properly it can affect your brain.

And speaking of brains…

Nobody Wonders what political advisor told the Bush family to put Barbara Bush in a football gear, to issue a warning to Donald Trump, because you see, the boys in the family WANT to make the threat, but they dare not. So they got mom to do it. Typical of the Bushes style.barbara Bush

What is the threat?

Donald Trump should “be careful.”

Hopefully, Donald has his own mechanics.

That’s like Putin sending out his girlfriend to tell some one¬†criticizing¬†him to…”Be careful.”

Mob warning from Mom. Sweet!¬† ūüôā

Nobody Wonders: Was this a very serious threat disguised as a joke?

Or something else?

Nobody Knows…but something tells me Hillary isn’t the only old matriarch¬†with skeletons in the proverbial¬†closet. Talk about keeping secrets…

Think about it. What DO any of us know about Barbara Bush?



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Second Debate: Fox’s Disgusting Game of Thrones

Nobody Flashes

What we witnessed tonight in the GOP debates, was one of the most unconscionable ¬†displays of democracy and journalism ever witnessed. It was supposed to be a “Fair and Balanced” questions from journalists…to ask the candidates their positions on the issues.Fox News debate

But the FOX reporters went beyond that. They were out to destroy the front-runner, Donald Trump, and they did it right from the start: They went for his jugular. They punched him on the very first question, and him alone. It was clever, a frontal attack, and a brutal one.

The first question, was not a question, it was a demand of allegiance to the GOP Party:

‚ÄúGentlemen, we know how much you love hand raising questions so we promise this is the only one tonight,‚ÄĚ Fox News‚Äô Bret Baier opened the debate by asking. ‚ÄúThe only one. Is there anyone on stage‚ÄĒcan I see hands‚ÄĒwho is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? Again, we‚Äôre looking for you to raise your hand now, raise your hand now if you won‚Äôt make that pledge tonight.‚ÄĚ

It was a strategy they hoped would paint Donald as a traitor. But you could tell, by the look in all their eyes, that right after they did it, the whole country must have exploded on social media. Their eyes told it all.

I’ll find out if I am wrong tomorrow. They took the front-runner and symbolically tried to cut his throat.angry cat

The attack is that basically, Trump would divide the republican party and Hillary would be President….and so, don’t even listen to him tonight.

I have NEVER been so disgusted at FOX News in my life. It was bad enough when they had the utterly incompetent Jeb Bush standing next to Trump for so long so that everyone would see Jeb was taller….it was pathetic that they had to stoop so low, trying to give Jeb every opportunity to win some points. But they can’t.

What FOX news did tonight was repeatedly, try to destroy Donald Trump.

Afterwards, they did their audience survey to vilify the man for saying he would run for a third-party. It was staged. Trump to his credit, was honest, but that first blow I do believe even threw him off.

Fox tried to twist it afterwards into the audience hated Trump, but that’s not true, the audience reacted with boos to the QUESTION, to the demand that was made. Everybody heard it, but afterwards they spinned it to make everyone think it was Trump that they were booing….not them.


The questions were always loaded with attacks, and not just on Trump, although he received the worst of it. ¬†The Democrats don’t do this to themselves, why in the world is FOX doing it? They get around Obama and they are sooooooooooooo nice.

They will say, “Well we have to ask tough questions! ” Do they? You can ask a tough question without getting nasty, and vicious. Megyn Kelly was especially vicious.

Or unfairly, as tonight.

Or unfairly, as tonight.

As far as the rest of the candidates: Ted Cruz always does a great job, Huckabee was good off the cuff, Rand Paul is still angry but right. And thank god for Ben Carson who was the smartest one of the whole bunch. Ben has held life and death in his hand, and you knew, that he sort of floats above the fry.

But then, none of them are getting attack like Donald. The way they treated Ben Carson tonight— was like he was just the “token” by the GOP and the network.

They all had a few good lines….but the first debate went much smoother. I was expecting attacks, but NOT from the three FOX amigos.

Trump came back, as best he could. But this first debate showed one thing:

Fox news is “NOT” fair and balanced. It’s pure Rino/corporation propaganda. And instead of Jeb having to destroy Trump, they are going to let their reporters do it.

It was…disgusting. And Nobody Wonders if the America people were smart enough to see through FOX trying to tear Trump to pieces.

They must fear him above all others.

Really…fear him.

And guess what? On the Drudge Report, the people say Trump won the first debate. Thank God we still have Drudge. I didn’t see a clear winner simply because the FOX moderators were so atrocious.

All they really did, was piss a lot of people off.

If the American people are smart, then what they did to Trump is not only going to backfire on the GOP, but FOX News is going to lose millions of viewers. He IS in first place.

But then again, this was predictable. I just thought they’d dig up a scandal, not put their reporters reputations on the line for an election.

It was FOX that lost tonight.

That’s money. No matter what you think of Trump, that was unconscionable.

The propaganda is strong on the radio…”Trump is going to divide the party! OH NO!”

Let him. The republican party is dead, and sooner or later the American people are going to wake up to the brainwashing that has been going on for years.






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Nobody’s Fool: Brit Hume

Nobody’s Fool

There is a reason FOX NEWS is beating CNN to a pulp…and here’s one of the reasons…Brit Hume. He comes to the conclusion that Obama believes the individual is not special, he is only special in the eyes of his government, and cannot exist without “the government.
Bill O’Reilly, another great Fox pundit, said tonight said that Obama was not a communist, because he is not confiscating property. He’s not a socialist because then he would be taken over Fox News. O’Reilly called him…an anti-capitalist.

Nobody Thinks that Obama is a Marxist, and proves so by his comments, and actions. That doesn’t mean America is communistic…YET. But that is the direction that Obama wants to take us. In fact..he goes beyond it all to simple…dictator, much like Mao. Nevetheless…Brit Hume has always been right on most of his calls. Until Obama takes that final step of total control, and let’s be frank, he has signed enough executive orders to GIVE himself total control if the chance arises…he is just an anti-capitalist.

But when he does take that control…Brit Hume will be one of the first to call him…what he will be. A dictator.

Mr. Hume¬†really isNobody’s Fool.


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Megyn Kelly Goes Greece

Nobody Wins

¬†Megyn ¬†Kelly was beside herself on FOX this morning. Her eyebrows were practically touching the back of her head as she questioned the “expert” (they have experts for everything) on how in the world were we as a country, not going to go off the “cliff” of economic no-return?

How? How? Why…the only way to solve it, said Megyn, is for Social Security to be cut…and people to retire later…otherwise, America is doomed. By the end of the interview, both Megyn and her expert agreed…nothing was ever going to change because no politician would do the unthinkable: reform Social Security.

Well Paul Ryan did, but I guess she didn’t think of him.

But they are right. There are more than 90 million retiring baby boomers in the country who worked hard all their lives, and they feel that since that money was taken OUT of their paychecks, (With no say in it from them.) they deserve it back. ¬†It’s not fair that their S.S. is going to illegals and thier babies. Obama knows this, and he plays to those exact sentiments. Nobody is sure some older people think he is going to save it for them.

Ha. Ha…ha.

The power thieves in Washington have stolen it from them, and now fiscal Armageddon is being created in all our cable networks once again…to convince the “people” that they need to sacrifice some more for the common good.

It’s communism 101, with a big O in the middle,¬†sold¬†with the American flag waving. ¬†

Hey…We didn’t run up that deficit…YOU did, we say! ¬†But…Washington takes our hard earned money and sends it to the great Baal in the sky…and god knows where else. ¬†They are never accountable for any of it. ¬†I remember Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a few years ago announcing that many billions were missing in the defense budget one afternoon.

“We just don’t know where it went.” he said.

And we all sigh, drink our coffee, and work another day. Yet, you try losing a few thousand dollars from the IRS. You will go to jail.

We…put up with it. Tell me…why?

For those of us in the private sector, it’s like being punished twice, for somebody else’s crime. The banks gambled,…and our politicians took OUR money to bail them out, just so that the people who make their money from “dividends” could keep the money rolling in.

—Or so it looks to the poor guy. There are three classes now: Those who live off dividends: those who have to get up and go to work for a paycheck: and those who live off the ones who go to work for a paycheck. ¬†

America, OUR politicians–have ¬†spent way too much money on wars in countries where the normal guy on the street really didn’t see any threat.

Vietnam? Really…what a waste. Iraq? A waste. Afghanistan? ¬†Well, there’s gold in them thar hills, but it’s China that’s getting it.

And…I don’t know if you have noticed, but the war drums are beating again: Children are dying in Syria. All the networks, are showing the devastation…as if we are being programmed to accept the next war, because it’s for the “children.”¬†¬†This video shows the heavy cost of war, but the end is misleading. Health care¬†is going to cost just as much if not more, than our “wars.” in the long run. Social Security was going to cost just a few million in the beginning. Looked what it morphed into.

The Baby Boomers say: Hey…Before you cut our measly Social Security benefits, cut the stuff you don’t need: Tillions are wasted in fraud. Government workers are getting paid too much, and their pensions are way out of line with the public sector. Even that playing field. Get rid of half of the government agencies that you don’t need. Reform welfare, food stamps, Medicare, get rid of pork. Cut the pay of politicians.

When Steve Jobs went back to Apple, he fired half the employees, and Apple became number one.

Cut the fat. Kick out the U.N., they are a bunch of money-sucking thieves. Get our military out of every country. Let the Europeans fend for themselves.

We need to rebuild.

Unite the people. Cut out this “global-we are one world citizens” stuff.¬† Put America and its people first.¬† You can’t help your neighbor if you are starving.

These are simple rules any fool would do…¬†And yet—

History repeats itself. Dictators get into power…and then their people starve. Every President since Ronald Regan has grabbed more power and ended up being more arrogant than the one before.

Power really does corrupt, and we can really see it in Obama eyes with our big screen TV’s.

I once asked a very rich man that I was dating if he ever worried about money.

“Sure…just like you. Have you any idea what it cost to send your children to Harvard?¬†We worry…we just have bigger bills. “

Nobody Thinks that it could be the same old problem. Money is relative. ¬†The rich don’t want to lose their billions either: so they con the politicians to get the masses pay for everything.

Yes, Megyn had that “deer in the headlight” look on her face. Nobody hopes…she was¬†just trying¬†to scare up the ratings.¬†Nobody Says, “Don’t you worry Megyn…you will be…just fine.” It’s the rest of us that have to worry.  

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Nobody’s Perfect: The Damnation of Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes Mocks Santorum For Bringing Dead Son Home.

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobody used to watch the T.V. show, “Hannity and Colmes” for many years. I never really knew just what to think of Colmes. His arguments were always pretty weak. I always thought, in this age of good-looking newscasters, (Especially on FOX) ¬†he was unfortunate to have been born— one homely guy.

I imagined, that Alan was picked to argue against Sean Hannity precisely because he was homely, and not so quick on putting together coherent thoughts. It slated the odds to the good-looking, likeable, and intelligent conservative,Sean.  Fox News was the conservative alternative to the otherwise liberal media universe.  So in that respect: Alan was perfect.

Nevertheless, Nobody admits, I was glad when they got rid of him. He was like an old shoe. Worn out…smelly. Useless.

Today, Alan Colmes just made one of the biggest mistakes of his career. (See video). It’s one thing to criticize a candidate on his views about how to run a country, but Alan goes too far in this interview and the Fox New Reporter did EXACTLY what anyone with any common decency would have done: Called him on it.

Not many Americans, including me, knew that Rick Santorum took his dying child home to met his children. For Alan Colmes to say that Rick took his dead child home so that the other children could “play” with that ¬†dying child, is not only ridiculous even to imagine, on his part, it was despicable.

Alan, obviously has never lost a child. According to Wikipedia, he has no children. Nobody is glad about that.  

This is an most precious¬†picture of¬†a beloved angel…my nephew…Justin. He was destined to die the minute he was born. Despite the odds, he lived for a whole year, and bought hours of joy to my brother and his wife. (Look at that cute little guy! He was cooing when they took this picture.) When he died, my brother and his wife spent over 4 hours holding him to deal with the pain, and the loss. My brother said it was the best thing that they could have done for them…let them hold their baby one more time.

So, here’s my little news to FOX News: The next time I see Alan Colmes on FOX, I’m turning the channel. He’s not a reporter. He’s not even very bright. Nobody hopes everyone who has any common sense will do the same.

I’m doing it for every single parent who ever lost a child. Not many things in life are worst than that.

Fox should get rid of him permanently. Let him go back to being a comedian.There are dozens of liberals out there to pick from, let them find someone else.

You know, none of us is perfect: but some of us, are just downright mean.

Alan Colmes is not only stupid, he is one of the ugliest men on the planet. I’m sorry. That old liberal shoe has lost its soul, and Nobody is really sure if Alan¬†has ever had one to begin with.¬†¬†

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