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Nobody Flashes

If you haven’t seen this, it will give you some hope.

Ever since Eric lost his beloved son to drugs, and left FOX’s “The FIVE” I have missed him. I’m sure both those events led him to react as he did on this interview.

It’s priceless. And LOOOOOOOOG overdue.

Watch this “elite and very rich and privelged” wannabe Michelle Obama, accuse Eric of being a white raciest.

His arguments stick UP for the poor black people in Atlanta, who just lost millions when MLB moved to that mostly white Colorado. She tries to turn it around.

When she refuses to get off her racist high-horse narcissitic self, and apologize to this good man, he just gets up and leaves.


It’s about time all Americans start doing the same.

Thank you Mr. Bolling. You made MY Nobody Week.

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Eric Bolling: Nobody has the words….

Nobody Flashes

It’s one thing to lose your job…but to then lose your 19-year-old son the next day?

That’s what happened to Eric Bolling.

There ARE no words.

When Fox got rid of O’Reilly, there was only a few good people left for conservative to watch: Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanne, and Eric Bolling. Everybody else was hard to take for more than a minute.

When Trump announced he was running for President, FOX changed. I always thought that if CNN was the Clintons’ network, then FOX was the Bushes. I STILL think that.  After all, the darling of the Bush family, Karl Rove and Dana Perino were permanent fixtures every few hours. And I remember how Dana and Eric started clashing on “The Five.” She would do one of her, “Daddy BUSH had a birthday today!” and Eric would…calmly put up with it.

I bet he got tired of her, and she of him. I always pictured X-President Bush picking up the phone and calling the Murdochs and saying, “Okay, this guy has to go. Do it.”

O’Reilly went. He refused to attack Trump. And then Eric came out with some GREAT books: books were he could attack the status “deep state” in Washington D.C. Books that agreed with Trump’s message.

To fire the man on some ‘sex’ scandal was right out of the ‘deep state’ play book.

But to then, lose your son….my god. Most of us would have trouble even surviving that.

So, I am saying a prayer for the Bolling family this day. I hope the world, lets them grieve in peace.

God be with them all.

Hell, God should be with all of us now. It’s a good day for a prayer, don’t you think?


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No Brainer: If Geraldo and Bolling Went into the Ring, Who do you think would win?

Nobody Wins.

You have to ask yourself, why do they keep this man on TV? And why has FOX giving him such a platform? Money. Ratings. Okay…but couldn’t they find someone with a bit more class?Geraldo

He’s wrong of course. Notice how he threatens Eric Bolling to a fist fight. REAL intelligent. And how about how he treats Michelle Maulkin? He tells her employment is up because of illegal immigrants—yes! Sure it’s up—For the illegals.

He’s about as full of crap as Obama.

Illegals are coming here for the welfare, and to take over Americans jobs, and let’s not forget…to HARM us. Al-Quada is in waiting.  Geraldo likes to insist that all these illegals are decent people, but then WHY are there gangs, and drug wars, and all the disease they are bringing suppose to be OUR problem? On Ellis Island, you didn’t get to come IN if you were ill.

Disease is so rampart now in California, they want EVERYBODY vaccinated.

And because FOX seems connected at the hip to the Bush family, Geraldo will keep up his obnoxious behavior until we all just turn him off. Notice that he keeps mentioning Bush. He knows the Bushes want full this invasion from Mexico. He’s trying to keep his job.


I am not watching FOX hardly at all anymore, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Nobody Wins when Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda for the Bushes is just as strong as CNN’s is for Hillary and Obama.

The American people, are left out.

They WANT us to listen to the propaganda? Why should we?

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The Subliminal Between Bolling and Perino

Nobody Wonders

After Glenn Beck left Fox, I started watching the FIVE. Four conservatives against one democrat. And the democrat was not exactly quick on his feet. So, it became part of my day.The Five

Not too long ago, the effort to promote The BUSHES, became almost too obvious on the show.  Dana Perina was constantly bringing up x Presidents George W. Bush, how wonderful the whole Bush Family was: Daddy Bush had a birthday, George W. was riding his bike, they became grandparents…etc, etc, ..and THEN Dana, started promoting the Bush World View, which is, right now, very closely linked to Obama’s world view. I found myself turning the channel whenever she started on her Bush Love fest.Dana and Bush

Not because she doesn’t have the right to talk about the Bushes, but to me, she is still George W. Bush’s press secretary. Now, I know this is the new politics: Leaders of both parties put out their spokesmen on the cable networks,  who put out their propaganda, so that they remain behind the scenes.

She is still doing her job. And Jeb Bush will be President in our lifetime, if they can help it. It’s all about the Bush dynasty.

On the other side, we have the Clinton dynasty, and that’s just warming up again.

I’m sick of them all. It’s why Americans want NEW leaders, and term limits, which never seen to happen.

And then, Ted Cruz came out of nowhere. Like Rand Paul, they really do try to stand up for the American people, but they are not in the “power” structure. And so, it’s was pretty disgusting to see John McCain, trash Ted Cruz.

Yesterday on the FIVE, Eric Boiling gave a very superb and stinking reprimand to the Rhino’s in the Congress, who had been attacking Ted Cruz. I couldn’t find it on Youtube, but it was refreshing to hear someone on the FIVE side with the people.  And I must admit, Dana is having trouble hiding her anger at Boilling.

Basically he said that the new republicans are here to stay, and the old guys days are numbered.Eric Bolling

This is the attitude all Americans should have. Ted Cruz was right. They all work for us. We should be furious.

Bolling said he was audited. And Nobody Wonders, who is going to win on this Bolling VS Perino disagreement.

If Bolling goes…so will the ratings. But we will also knows who really runs FOX news. Something tells me, or….I’m hoping, the money wins out on this one.

Thanks to Eric Bolling for speaking out….that takes true courage.

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