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Nobody’s Favorite Video of the Week

Nobody Flashes

If you haven’t seen this, it will give you some hope.

Ever since Eric lost his beloved son to drugs, and left FOX’s “The FIVE” I have missed him. I’m sure both those events led him to react as he did on this interview.

It’s priceless. And LOOOOOOOOG overdue.

Watch this “elite and very rich and privelged” wannabe Michelle Obama, accuse Eric of being a white raciest.

His arguments stick UP for the poor black people in Atlanta, who just lost millions when MLB moved to that mostly white Colorado. She tries to turn it around.

When she refuses to get off her racist high-horse narcissitic self, and apologize to this good man, he just gets up and leaves.


It’s about time all Americans start doing the same.

Thank you Mr. Bolling. You made MY Nobody Week.

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