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John McCain….Always Taking the Low Road

Nobody’s Opinion

So, how does the average Trump supporter like me feel about John McCain dying?
Not much. Come ON…let’s be honest. He was getting to be a real pain in the…

Even though the channels are all fawning and playing his PR prepared speech to make himself remembered as such a great man, a warrior, a KIND and gentle spirit. I didn’t see that.

What I saw was a man who was born into privilege and power, and who used that power until the very end.

Even though, through no fault of his own, he was shot down over Vietnam and tortured violently…clearly it left a lasting mean scar on his soul. Whenever John McCain tried to be a ‘nice’ guy, it was really hard to buy the act.

John was damaged by that experience as anybody would be. He came back and abandoned his wife who had stood by him, for another. He admitted that he “broke” under his torture and I have written before about how John McCain breaking under torture affected hundreds of Americans lives. He gave up…a lot of intelligence and info..but hey, he was a patriot!

Hero’s are the patriots who do NOT give away information. That…takes courage. And history is full of those men, who never got recognition for it.

But then again, they weren’t sons of famous admirals.

Of course, the brave John McCain forgave himself for that. And because he admitted his failure at what in his mind was a forgivable ‘weakness’ everyone else was supposed to love his honesty.

Politicians. What can you do?

All today everybody kept saying that John was “willing to work with the other side.” The other side being liberals.


What did THAT do for Americans?

Joining with Nancy Pelosi on “Campaign Finance Reform” he made sure that corporations could control all political processes, have unlimited power to influence campaigns, and individual voices would be silenced. EVEN though they sold it as taking money out of politics.

It did the opposite.

John McCain made sure that the ‘dossier’ got into FBI hands so that President Trump could be brought down.

John McCain….hanging out with ISIS…in Syria.

And most of all, keeping Obama’s Obamacare alive and punishing the rest of the nation because he wanted to be remembered for the last “fuck you” to President Trump for saying he wasn’t a war hero.

Talk about narcissistic. He LOVED the power of being named, “The Maverick.”

In the end, his vicious attacks on the President was all about HIM. Making sure he had a big legacy. Making sure he was remembered and worshipped as a former President, even though he ran a pretty lame campaign against Obama.

Who, by the way, where WAS that “rebel” side when he ran against Obama? Without Sarah Palin, he would have lost with even a bigger margin.

In the end, his brain damage was right out there for everyone to see.

It wasn’t his fault that he was born the son of an admiral, but the damage he did to our country, in the end, was a LOT more than what he ever did for us.

Now, they will use John McCain as just another way to attack President Trump.

Bush and Obama will use his funeral to make a big hero out of a man who represents the globalists world view, which is what President Trump and the American people do NOT want.

Yes, funerals make great platforms for politicians to try to effect the next election.

So, to answer the question…hearts always go out to families that love their fathers, but as for the rest of us…John McCain dying?

Let’s hope it’s the beginning of the end of the establishment that we all hate.

I for one, am NOT going to miss him.

John McCain doesn’t want President Trump at his funeral. If he TRULY cared about America, he would have “taken the high road” right?

So, if he won’t take it, why should we?

I plan to ignore the whole thing.


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Eric Bolling: Nobody has the words….

Nobody Flashes

It’s one thing to lose your job…but to then lose your 19-year-old son the next day?

That’s what happened to Eric Bolling.

There ARE no words.

When Fox got rid of O’Reilly, there was only a few good people left for conservative to watch: Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanne, and Eric Bolling. Everybody else was hard to take for more than a minute.

When Trump announced he was running for President, FOX changed. I always thought that if CNN was the Clintons’ network, then FOX was the Bushes. I STILL think that.  After all, the darling of the Bush family, Karl Rove and Dana Perino were permanent fixtures every few hours. And I remember how Dana and Eric started clashing on “The Five.” She would do one of her, “Daddy BUSH had a birthday today!” and Eric would…calmly put up with it.

I bet he got tired of her, and she of him. I always pictured X-President Bush picking up the phone and calling the Murdochs and saying, “Okay, this guy has to go. Do it.”

O’Reilly went. He refused to attack Trump. And then Eric came out with some GREAT books: books were he could attack the status “deep state” in Washington D.C. Books that agreed with Trump’s message.

To fire the man on some ‘sex’ scandal was right out of the ‘deep state’ play book.

But to then, lose your son….my god. Most of us would have trouble even surviving that.

So, I am saying a prayer for the Bolling family this day. I hope the world, lets them grieve in peace.

God be with them all.

Hell, God should be with all of us now. It’s a good day for a prayer, don’t you think?


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Nobody’s Perfect: Robin Willimas VS Hamas

Nobody’s Perfect

Last week, we all lost a genius of comedy. Okay…so he was fueled by cocaine, drugs and alcohol all his life, he did it for us, right? But, I would like to make an observation about depression, and why this gentle man did what he did.Robin Williams

Men not only are better at carrying 90 pound backpacks through the desert, (among many other things) they are also much better at killing themselves: And this week, we have two perfect examples:

From a comment on a Web Medical page:

Men are more serious about taking their own life than a woman is. Women have things like her children to consider when she decides to kill herself and men are more serious in a relationship and can burn their bridges with a woman. Men are tougher than women emotionally and they can bring themselves to a matter of fact state that suicide is a relief. In the U.S. a male or female takes their life every 18 minutes and with the attempted suicides combined the actual completion of men is four times higher than women. The leading choice of suicides by men is a firearm, whereas women are more likely to not want a messy suicide and are more prone to over dosing on pills. Older males can choose suicide from living in a meaningless relationship; divorce; a cheating spouse; social isolation or living alone; using drugs or alcohol to suppress their emotions— unemployment; financial burdens; loss of a loved one or the suicidal male may have had a trauma of a spouse dying (including a girlfriend) or has a painful disease or given a death sentence when they have been diagnosed with a disease. Some elderly men may try suicide because illness; losing a spouse or feelings of loneliness or hopelessness.

On the other hand, Robin Williams obviously had a very high IQ, so he would have known logically, that the act of killing himself would have left a horrible burden and pain upon his children.

But, he was…a man. He had the advantage of being able to success at that.

Women, should be glad they are at a disadvantage in this, and they should be glad they were not at this funeral:

A Hamas terrorist was killed & being held above a large moving crowd apparently paraded as a hero. What these clowns forgot to do before they paraded their terrorist “hero” was to remove his suicide vest.  During the parade the vest detonates, leaving large & small bits & pieces of many dead Hamas on the parade route,

(slightly gory).


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Hamas, of course! Idiots. I would have loved to hear what kind of joke Robin Williams would have made of a bunch of terrorists not removing the corpse’s suicide vest at the funeral.

Sadly, we won’t.

Sometime people who suffer from depression, are the most kindest people on the planet. If only we could help them all. People who have never suffered from depression have NO idea just how horrible it is, and how sometimes the only way you escape from ‘killing yourself’ is sheer dumb luck.

So, while Robin had the most imperfect moment of his life, he gave us all, an infinity of perfection.

God, we will miss him.






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Nobody Knows the Truth About Mercury

Nobody Knows

Do YOU know how many hours are in a day on Mercury? I didn’t…58.  I saw this and thought it was so funny I wanted to share it.

The truth is: It’s almost midnight, my husband’s mother died today, I forgot to thaw out the ravioli sauce for dinner, so ended up cooking French Toast—(And was craving salad)  broke my video camera, and did not get into even THINKING about a blog today due to all the stress .. so all the “serious” stuff I WAS going to write about…can wait.

There’s been a death in the family. Even if she didn’t like me…(And that’s putting it mildly) she did something very right…she gave birth to my loving husband.

So, I needed a good laugh tonight.

That’s the truth.

Enjoy! And tell me if you don’t go to bed tonight trying to figure out the three spins in one year stuff.

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Nobody Knows the Hard Dicisions of War…

Nobody Knows—

Politicians. They get in power— whatever country they lead, and none of us have any idea the pressures they face, and the decisions they have to make in times of war.

We don’t know—so much is kept from us.

I have made a new friend from Germany, who gave me a book on Dresden, and really, it gave me nightmares.

The night I laid the book down, I dreamt about going into an apartment, and right in the foyer, I saw a bulldog, panting–looking up at me helplessly, while he was holding up his front leg, which was missing the bottom half—-no paw, no foreleg…and blood from the bitten- off leg was dripping on the floor profusely. At his feet, was the head of another dog, which had been torn completely off. No body anywhere. The other dog had attacked him.

The bulldog looked up at me in complete shock, sadness and confusion. Ah —the pity. To much of the world, America IS a bulldog.


And that’s war. One side gets attacked, the other side fights back, and wins, but at a tremendous cost.

And so, our leaders have to take into account so many variables. How exactly do you fight a war or even stop it?  While Germany was burning, Hitler sent out small boys and old men to fight, rather than give up. Japan, we see, did the same. Iran, would be no different.

The leaders of England just before bombing Dresden, had a meeting.  Churchill and his generals, gave this rationalization on the price they had from the first World War, and their final decision in the bombing of innocent civilians:

The most deadly fact was not the numbers slaughtered but that all these millions were in the main young men in the prime of life who had not yet had time to marry and have families What had been destroyed was the future as well as the present. The ghastly logic withal this selective carnage of the trenches was the very worst injury which nations could inflict upon themselves and upon each other. Aerial bombardment of cities even into its most indiscriminate for, would be far less damaging. It would kill or maim a nearly equal proportion of each element of the populations the women equally with the men, the young equally with the old, the weak equally with the strong, the sick equally with the fit. From such a bloodletting there might be a recovery whereas to kill for the second time in a century the best of the young men in their prime but without issue would doom Western civilization. There would be no hope. All the combatant nations must decline.

So, while the feminists have tried to erase the men as being, not so important…, to lose your men, means that Western Civilization would disappear.

And who has the most men in the world? China. The Muslims are not far behind.  

It does make you think.

(Thanks to amfortas for the video)

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The Lastest Way to Honor Him: The Obama Urn

Nobody Knows

‘President’ Obama has gone to many lengths to put his mark on the minds of his followers and history… and now, all of his many fans can do the ultimate honor to him…and they don’t even have to ask him!

For a mere $2,600 YOU TOO, can have an Obama urn! You have to die first, but that’s just a minor detail. After all…many of his fans WOULD die for him!

The concept of a personalized cremation urn is probably not new to us, but an urn modeled from a mere photo definitely a novelty. Apparently, a company called Personal Cremation has created the concept of Urns for Ashes, a personalized cremation urn made to resemble the favorite hero or celebrity admired by the deceased.

If you are not a fan of Obama, you could pick any hero you like, like…Joe Biden. OR…you just give them a picture of yourself, and they will make a memorable urn that your family can stare at forever on their mantle. If they are mad because you didn’t leave them any money, they will have a durable image of you to shout obscenities at…or throw old gum wrappers at, at half-time.

Nobody Thinks that when Obamacare kicks in, LOTS of folks will be dying….so these Obama urns will be in EVERYONE’s home come 2015.

BUT, Don’t Wait! Get yours NOW…while you can still afford it.

We’ve come a loooooooooong way from the old Egyptian urn…in fact you could say, we’ve come full circle. The Pharaoh himself, has just updated the old ancestral tradition.   

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Nobody’s Perfect: China VS United States–Or Dead Babies VS Sick People

Nobody’s Perfect:

When it comes to making money, nobody is better at it than “governments.” This time, we have China VS the United States: Which one is better at making a profit off the suffering of it’s people? Let’s see.

First: In China, they have a “You can only have one baby.” policy…Yes, the government restricts you to just having one baby, leaving out all the fun of sibling rivalry…and so, LOTS of babies are aborted and put into the trash. But the clever Chinese have found a way to recycle those dead babies:  

Thousands of pills filled with powdered human flesh have been discovered by customs officials in South Korea, it was revealed today. The capsules are in demand because they are viewed as being a medicinal ‘cure-all.’

But that’s not all that they can use dead babies for! They are helping the American company PEPSI get just the right taste in their soda’s by using the dead babies from China.

(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes “ordinary business operations.” Pepsi had many other options at its disposal to produce flavor chemicals, which is what its competitors do, but had instead chosen to continue using aborted fetal cells —

(Now I know why I never like the taste of Pepsi.)

Second: So, how does the United States make money off of the suffering of its people? Last week Drudge reported that 42% of the American population were obese. How did this happen? Are we really a bunch fat and lazy spoiled brats?

Part of the reason is the crap in our food and soda, but much more secretly, is what the government has been secretly doing to our thyroids since 1960’s…the “Healthy for your teeth!” poison that they been putting in our water: Fluoride is slowly making us all fat, sick…and poorer because we have to buy pills to treat our fat and poor sick selves.

(Have you noticed that all the ‘diet’ pills are really expensive?)

In the 1930’s, German and Austrian scientist found out that overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) could be treated by bathing patients in water containing minute amounts of fluoride. And 70% of America has been forced to drink floriated water.

Why? Because it’s good for business! The fertilizers companies and pharmaceuticals worked out a deal with our government. We get sick, they get rich.

Here’s a few facts on fluoride poisoning: (read more here)

Symptoms of thyroid damage and fluoride poisoning include weight gain, edema, kidney disease, kidney failure, hair loss, depression, aggression, aches, pains, skin problems, bone deformities (likely including “arthritis” and spontaneous fractures), sexual/erectile dysfunction, memory loss, weakness, fatigue, heart disease, irritability, cancer, digestive disorders including severe GERD as a result of swallowing fluoride, nausea, vomiting, visual problems, gum disease, “high cholesterol,” connective tissue damage, brittle teeth, wrinkles, premature aging, dehydration, and long, long after the whole body has been damaged, “cosmetic fluorosis” might finally show up in a tooth or two. Fluoride, bound to the calcium, confuses the normal functioning and cellular communication within the body, and causes arrhythmias.

The fluoride that is purchased by municipal waterworks and added into public drinking water is not even a “pharmaceutical grade” fluoride. It is primarily discarded waste,  a slurry of toxins not wanted by the phosphate fertilizer mining corporations that sell it to waterworks. From there, it is then disposed of (sometimes by unskilled workers) into our drinking water. For those who have swallowed the propaganda that fluoride is “completely safe,” and is some kind of a “nutrient” that is good for us, there is news footage available of a recent fluoride spill that took place in Illinois. A Hazmat team in protective gear was called in to clean up the mess, but not before the fluoride began eating through the concrete driveway it had spilled upon.  Fluoride can eat its way through a titanium container. Fluoride is converted in the stomach into hydrofluoric acid, an acid so strong that it cannot be stored in a glass container because it will eat the glass.

So the bull that they have been feeding us for decades about fluoride being good for our teeth, is just that: bull. Kentucky is the most floriated state, and it’s also rates NO 1 in cancer and worst rate of cavities in children and the most toothless adults. The fractures in race horses could be due to the water. And it’s getting into wine, grapes, and other portions of our food.

Try to prove it that our government cares about this, and you can’t. Our government doesn’t do any studies…don’t even bother to go there, because you will fall down a big black hole of nothing.

 Hospitals don’t test for fluoride poisoning, and the doctors don’t even think about it…because the pharmaceutical companies are making billions off of the slow growing population of diseased people, and there’s a whole industry in America of treating sick people.   

So, whose better at making money off the misery of people? Does China put fluoride in their water? Will Joe Biden suggest a “one child” policy for America any time soon?

Nobody Knows,  but everybody should care.  

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Nobody Remembers: Andrew Breitbart

Nobody Remembers

Too bad. Another death. This one is much more poignant to the country. Nobody admits that even though I had been reading his essays for years, I didn’t really see the man till he spoke at the last CPAC. (see video) Nobody is going to the obvious speculations that the rest of us are thinking…so this Nobody will!

Let’s see…he had, according to this video..a lot of really disturbing stuff that he was going to release on Obama before the elections. . AND…he went and had dinner with Obama’s mentors, the Dorns. The food was sooooo delicious, and wow.. not too many months later…he’s walking and he falls down dead.

Come on campers–doesn’t the government have really cool drugs that can push someone over the edge, especially if he already has a bad heart? Glenn Beck was hinting that the man drank. Hinting. In fact, no one who knew him is suggesting that anything but his own lifestyle is to be suspect. We have to believe them.

Still…history is full of political enemies being murdered by poison, or in ways that no one can prove. All we can do is wait– to see if these videos appear. If they DON’T…then Nobody is going to rule out insidious forces to be suspected. And you know what? Andrew would be the last man to call me a conspiracy nut for even questioning circumstantial events.

Thanks Andrew…you put down some great seeds.

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