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Nobody Knows the Truth About Mercury

Nobody Knows

Do YOU know how many hours are in a day on Mercury? I didn’t…58.  I saw this and thought it was so funny I wanted to share it.

The truth is: It’s almost midnight, my husband’s mother died today, I forgot to thaw out the ravioli sauce for dinner, so ended up cooking French Toast—(And was craving salad)  broke my video camera, and did not get into even THINKING about a blog today due to all the stress .. so all the “serious” stuff I WAS going to write about…can wait.

There’s been a death in the family. Even if she didn’t like me…(And that’s putting it mildly) she did something very right…she gave birth to my loving husband.

So, I needed a good laugh tonight.

That’s the truth.

Enjoy! And tell me if you don’t go to bed tonight trying to figure out the three spins in one year stuff.

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