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Nobody’s Perfect: Robin Willimas VS Hamas

Nobody’s Perfect

Last week, we all lost a genius of comedy. Okay…so he was fueled by cocaine, drugs and alcohol all his life, he did it for us, right? But, I would like to make an observation about depression, and why this gentle man did what he did.Robin Williams

Men not only are better at carrying 90 pound backpacks through the desert, (among many other things) they are also much better at killing themselves: And this week, we have two perfect examples:

From a comment on a Web Medical page:

Men are more serious about taking their own life than a woman is. Women have things like her children to consider when she decides to kill herself and men are more serious in a relationship and can burn their bridges with a woman. Men are tougher than women emotionally and they can bring themselves to a matter of fact state that suicide is a relief. In the U.S. a male or female takes their life every 18 minutes and with the attempted suicides combined the actual completion of men is four times higher than women. The leading choice of suicides by men is a firearm, whereas women are more likely to not want a messy suicide and are more prone to over dosing on pills. Older males can choose suicide from living in a meaningless relationship; divorce; a cheating spouse; social isolation or living alone; using drugs or alcohol to suppress their emotions— unemployment; financial burdens; loss of a loved one or the suicidal male may have had a trauma of a spouse dying (including a girlfriend) or has a painful disease or given a death sentence when they have been diagnosed with a disease. Some elderly men may try suicide because illness; losing a spouse or feelings of loneliness or hopelessness.

On the other hand, Robin Williams obviously had a very high IQ, so he would have known logically, that the act of killing himself would have left a horrible burden and pain upon his children.

But, he was…a man. He had the advantage of being able to success at that.

Women, should be glad they are at a disadvantage in this, and they should be glad they were not at this funeral:

A Hamas terrorist was killed & being held above a large moving crowd apparently paraded as a hero. What these clowns forgot to do before they paraded their terrorist “hero” was to remove his suicide vest.  During the parade the vest detonates, leaving large & small bits & pieces of many dead Hamas on the parade route,

(slightly gory).


So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Hamas, of course! Idiots. I would have loved to hear what kind of joke Robin Williams would have made of a bunch of terrorists not removing the corpse’s suicide vest at the funeral.

Sadly, we won’t.

Sometime people who suffer from depression, are the most kindest people on the planet. If only we could help them all. People who have never suffered from depression have NO idea just how horrible it is, and how sometimes the only way you escape from ‘killing yourself’ is sheer dumb luck.

So, while Robin had the most imperfect moment of his life, he gave us all, an infinity of perfection.

God, we will miss him.






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