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Nobody Remembers: Andrew Breitbart

Nobody Remembers

Too bad. Another death. This one is much more poignant to the country. Nobody admits that even though I had been reading his essays for years, I didn’t really see the man till he spoke at the last CPAC. (see video) Nobody is going to the obvious speculations that the rest of us are thinking…so this Nobody will!

Let’s see…he had, according to this video..a lot of really disturbing stuff that he was going to release on Obama before the elections. . AND…he went and had dinner with Obama’s mentors, the Dorns. The food was sooooo delicious, and wow.. not too many months later…he’s walking and he falls down dead.

Come on campers–doesn’t the government have really cool drugs that can push someone over the edge, especially if he already has a bad heart? Glenn Beck was hinting that the man drank. Hinting. In fact, no one who knew him is suggesting that anything but his own lifestyle is to be suspect. We have to believe them.

Still…history is full of political enemies being murdered by poison, or in ways that no one can prove. All we can do is wait– to see if these videos appear. If they DON’T…then Nobody is going to rule out insidious forces to be suspected. And you know what? Andrew would be the last man to call me a conspiracy nut for even questioning circumstantial events.

Thanks Andrew…you put down some great seeds.

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  1. THANKS for expressing the unexpressed by real thinkers everywhere…!
    LUV your blog, honesty and please keep your finger on the pulse and post!…


    Comment by Bobbe Brooks-Fischle | March 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. Eyes wide open! Waiting.


    Comment by Dandapani (@Dandapani) | March 4, 2012 | Reply

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