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Obama FEELS Your Gas Pain:…. NOT

Nobody Remembers

Here’s a guy who made a pretty good video about the almost criminal hypocrisy of Obama when it comes to gas prices. There are clips from the Democrats when they were running for office, claiming that the whole world was falling apart due to Bush and his high gas prices…but now that they are in office…OH…how they have changed their tune.

High gas prices are good, because…fewer people drive and fewer people will die due to car accidents. They are SO optimistic. (Rreally, they used that word.)

Fewer people will fly too…so who’s life is that going to save? Fewer people will be able to afford food. Whose life is that going to save?

I think they are hoping gas is so high by-election day, fewer people will drive to the polls. That’s part of their plan.

I usually don’t post email during the week, but this one is too good to pass up.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

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Hillary–Still Looking for That Lost Plane…That Lost Presidency…That Lost Husband…

Nobody Cares

What’s wrong with me? Here we are in the middle of the worst economic depression since the LAST one, the only difference being we now have credit cards to pile up our debt— gas prices are going up, food prices are going up, people have even stopped looking for work, we have a radical Marxist in the White House with dreams of a communist utopia, N. Korea wants to attack us, China wants to buy us, Russia wants to destroy us, and the whole middle East wants us taken down to Allah’s basement…and what is Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State concerned about?

Finding out where Amelia’s Earhart’s plane crashed.

Why, that is of the utmost importance…far beyond any kind of national security. On Hillary Clinton’s mind, her childhood hero needs to be found. Hillary is running out of hero’s. Obama reincarnated his own image with Lincoln, FDR, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Mohammed, Mao,  and Jesus just to name a few. But poor Hillary…not many liberal women there to pick from.

Hillary couldn’t muster herself to honor Margaret Thatcher or Mother Teresa,  so she HAS to bring back Amelia Earhart….that lesbian looking woman who manage to crash her own plane.

And once again…why should I care? Is this all about getting women to CARE again about the Democratic party? Or is this just Hillary, the woman who, unlike most of the rest of us, never got over the sixties and fighting for women’s rights, and the fact that her own party choose Obama over her.

Hillary is still mad she didn’t get to be President as promised. Sure, we all like Amelia, but really, must you make a big deal out of finding a dead someone, —by trying to find her makeup mirror?

Did Amelia even WEAR makeup?

Like I said…do we care? Don’t we have more important things to worry about?

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The Grass is Green—What’s that Mean? GOLF!

Nobody Knows

—That I am a golf brat. It was my father’s daily pastime and my mother’s favorite game to hate. I was bought up on the fact that golf will ruin a man…My father played 18 holes a day, and 74 on weekends, even when it snowed.  My parents fought like cats and dogs for over 40 years, untill one day, after she retired from working…my mother got hooked on it to0.

Why my father didn’t get her hook on it sooner, I’ll never know. It would have saved me hours of listening to my mom complain about…”GO GET YOUR FATHER! HE”S STILL ON THE GOLF COURSE!”

Okay mom. —Yeah, the course was a few blocks away. I got pretty good at dodging golf balls.

So, I’ve seen a lot of golf shots in my day..but nothing like this.

Somebody blew on this ball…or it had some kind of magnet in it. Come on. This cannot be real….and who has a name like FUZZY? Did Fuzzy forget to take the trick golf ball out of his bag?


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