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Nobody Thinks Gays Should NOT be Time Lords

Nobody Remembers

I was a BIG Doctor Who fan. My favorite doctor was Tom Baker of course…and just to meet the man, I donated my P.A. system for a convention, where I made up taped cassettes of Space Movies. If you donated something to the Dr. Who Convention (here in St. Louis) you got to go to the private party and met Tom Baker himself.

So, picture me. In a small hotel room, listening to a bunch of whiny space cadets, and in walks my big crush…with that big English smile of his, and immediately about 15 girls surrounded him and I knew that I couldn’t get even near him.

Therefore, I drank at the bar. And I drank some more. And then, I pushed my way to the front of the crowd and Tom Baker went into what I’m sure was the most brilliant conversation ever said to any human, and he talked about 30 minutes right to my face.

And I had NO idea what he said. It was beyond, not only my intellect, but my inebriated comprehension. As soon as he was done, I sat down on the nearest step and didn’t get up. He must have known I was drunk because before he left the room, he grabbed my face in-between those big hands of his and said “Goodbye My little drummer girl!”

And so, from that moment on, my 10-year-old son got to stay up late on Sunday Nights, past midnight, untill he was well into high school, just to watch Dr. Who with his mom. I figured he could learn a bigger vocabulary from watching Dr. Who, than anything taught at his public school. And I was right.

Which brings me to THIS: We now have a gay Dr. Who running the Universe. If not for Craig’s marvelous rendition of Dr. Who…I would say something. Wait…I am going to say something: Gays can be many things…but they should NOT be TimeLords. That’s just my Nobody Opinion.


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Obama’s Goliaths VS America’s Vinnie Davids

Nobody Cares

Vinnie was furious

“I’m going over there…come on guys, let’s all go over there.”

The “guys” Vinnie was talking to, were the other members of my band. We were all standing in the parking lot after a job at the bar called the “Fifth House” where we had been the opening act for a local blues guitarist. Across the lot at the other end was a crowd of people watching a huge man hit a much smaller man relentlessly. The bearded man was about 6’6″ and more than 375 pounds. Vinnie was all of about 110 pounds and I towered over him at 5’6″. As the leader of the band, the guys were waiting for me to give them the okay to go and stop it, because at the time, we were packing up our equipment. 

(The leader is usually the guy with the P.A system, and that was me.)

As we watched and discussed the scene, none of us could figure out why no one in that crowd of about 30, was helping that man, who was crying out in a very weak voice, “Help me!” Many things were going through my mind. Vinnie, I had not doubt, could get hurt. The other guys in the band were not exactly army material, and I could tell some of them didn’t want to get involved. Suddenly a woman jumped on the big man’s back and started hitting his head. The man was oblivious to her blows. I grabbed Vinnie who was just about to take off to the guy’s rescue. If Vinnie was hurt, we’d have no band, he was our only keyboard player, and a good one. No band meant no money, and I had a child to support. I couldn’t risk the chance. Breaking in another keyboard player would take months and I wasn’t about to live off my parents.  

As the big man left and went into the bar, I was relieved. The man he had attacked was lying on the ground. As we walked closer to help him, we saw blood. Blood everywhere. It was then that I realized that the big man had had a knife. It was the first time I had seen just how much blood one human could bleed.  The next day, we found out that big maniac had not only killed the man in the parking lot, he killed three more people inside. He was the son of a local police chief.

Believe it or not, he got off.

I’m not sure if I am ashamed of what I did that day or not. Surely, Vinnie would have been stabbed. The guy was high on something. It was a decision of survival I tell myself, but if everyone in that crowd would have helped, a life would have been saved.

Why do good people do nothing?

Recently, In a park in Gosport, Hampshire, England—

On an overcast lunchtime last March when no fewer than 25 members of the emergency services, including a press officer, descended on a 3½ft-deep model boating lake minutes after Simon Burgess, 41, fell into the water when he suffered a seizure. But as an inquest heard last week, he lay floating face-down for more than a half an hour while firemen, police and paramedics watched and did nothing. Our reconstruction shows that Mr. Burgess could have been reached by firemen…who took five minutes to reach the scene–within seven minutes of Mrs. Huges’s 999 call, rather than the 37 minutes that it eventually took.

The man could have been saved, but they all stood by.

The reason? Even though they could all swim, the first fire crew to arrive hadn’t been ‘trained’ to enter water higher than ankle-deep. Instead they waited for ‘specialists’ to arrive to retrieve his body. They had decided Mr. Burgess must surely be dead because he had been in the water for ten minutes. When a policeman decided to go in anyway, he was ordered not to. A paramedic was also told not to enter the water because he didn’t have the right ‘protective’ clothing and might be in breach of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.

In other words, not one man would risk losing his job to save another man’s life.

Now we have a country that is being slaughtered by a President and the communists behind him. We are all just standing by: Some of us, because we are trying to survive it ourselves, some of us because we are brainwashed into thinking that America can never change, and some of us just feel powerless and have decided to wait till somebody else takes care of it.

But that’s not going to’s got to be us that takes care of it. Washington will protect their own. It’s why the richest neighborhoods in the United States are in D.C. They have no plans to change the status quo, and even if a Ron Paul was elected, he would be blocked at every turn.

Many year later,  I wish I would have done things different that night.  First we would have gotten closer…and then I would have said to the guys, “Okay, but first, let’s make a plan of attack. That guy is really big.”

That’s what a “man” would have said– but I wasn’t man enough at the time.  I was selfish, and choose to stay out of it.

But, we can’t do that anymore can we?

Can America “man up?” Can the women of America “man up?”

If each of use just tries to “protect” our own little small lives, we will lose it all.

I always wondered what happened to Vinnie. Not only was he a great keyboard player, but he was a hell of a man, willing to sacrifice his life for what was right, like our boys in the military. I think he would agree that we all must get involved to save America.

Obama is not going to stop until the American patriot is bleeding and dead on the ground. And the threat is big…it’s going to take a lot of big men to bring it down, and we not only need a plan…we need a “manly” leader.

History will give us one, it always does. Vinnie is still out there…I just know it…what we need is a little army of Vinnie Davids. The story of David and Goliath has given inspiration to the Jewish people….and we should use it now as an inspiration to America.

 Goliath was taken down once before, and we can do it again. All we have to do is decide.  

(That’s Vinnie on the right, behind me.)

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