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Newt Debates Obama’s ‘Green’ Energy in a Blood-Sucking Contest

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He may not be Irish, but Newt Gingrich looks like one. Here’s Newt taking apart, word for word, Obama’s speech on energy.

Pull up a green chair, pour yourself a green beer, make yourself a corn beef sandwich, and watch the debate that most likely, you are not going to get to see for real.

Obama used the analogy today that the people who think all his new green energy programs are lame are like the people of old who thought the TV, telephone, and automobile would never work. They think the world is flat.

Nobody Thinks that green energy is more like the leeches theory of old. Remember that theory? The one in which all the doctors thought that by putting the latest medical technology…sucking leeches…on a patient..that the leeches would suck out the “bad” things in the blood that was killing their patients

Taking America off of oil and putting us all on algae, would be much like putting leeches on all our cars. It would kill us…as sure as George Washington died from all those blood sucking doctors who actually thought, they were helping their patient.

Obama’s green energy politics are …not only flat, they are blood sucking, and Newt, in his usual bravado form…makes him look silly.


Nobody Notes:  Notice that his wife does not move more than five inches through the whole thing.


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George Clooney: Finds Out Money Can’t Buy a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card

Nobody’s Notes

How many people get to sit and eat dinner next to the President of the United States one day, and then end up getting arrested the next? Not many.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Actor George Clooney and his father have been arrested at a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington.

Do you think George will vote for Obama again after this?

Nobody guesses that George’s “sexist man of the year” good looks last night at the state (come donate to me (Obama) while I serve you the finest food taxpayer’s money can buy) dinner– didn’t make a dent in Michelle’s desire to help the unfortunate starving children in the long lost world of Southern Sudan, so he decided to go to top for advise, and Obama told him— You must do what a any good community organizer would do George…protest! Get them to notice you! I can’t do anything right now, I’ve got to run for reelection….or something like that.

He should have taken Obama to a basketball game.  George actually expected something for whatever he donated last night to Obama’s reelection campaign. Instead— he got arrested.  Evidently, whatever he “donated” to Obama’s reelection campaign wasn’t enough.

If you are like me, you are wondering just how much these movie stars are getting paid to lobby heads of governments for their “causes.” George belongs to so many humanitarian  lobbying organizations, I’m sure he needs a slew of secretaries just to keep track of them all.

Angelina Jolie has made her lobbying a second career. While FOX news is crying, “People are being slaughtered in Syria! The President does nothing! The UN does nothing!” ––The liberals are ignoring Syria…and bringing up the fact that Darfur has been slaughtering more people for a much longer time…and they’re right.  

But the “cause’ of George Clooney is not to “help” free South Sudan from the murderous Muslim thugs of the North. It’s just to tell those uncaring Muslims to let the world “help” the poor southern Sudanese by letting in humanitarian help, while they are being beheaded.

YES— Let the bleeding heart liberals in!

The Civil war of Sudan has been going on for quite some time and why may we ask? Religious differences? According to The CIA World Factbook, 97 percent of the population adheres to Islam.

Due to the secession of South Sudan, which contained over 80 percent of Sudan’s oilfields, the economic forecast for Sudan in 2011 and beyond is uncertain. While historically agriculture remains the main source of income and employment hiring of over 80 percent of Sudanese, and makes up a third of the economic sector, oil production drove most of Sudan’s post-2000 growth. Currently, the International Monetary Fund IMF is working hand in hand with Khartoum government to strengthened macroeconomic theory. The program has been in place since early 90s, and also work-out exchange rate and reserve of foreign exchange.  Since 1997, Sudan has been implementing the macroeconomic reforms recommended by the International Monetary Fund. China is Sudan’s largest economic partner, with a 40 percent share in its oil.

What else does Sudan have? Asbestos, chromites, cobalt, copper, gold, granite, gypsum, iron, kaolin, lead, manganese, mica, natural gas, nickel, silver, tin, uranium, and zinc.

And yet, the Sudanese people have no idea how to get it out of the ground and sell it, they’re much too busy killing each other.

When you hear George speak, he sounds so sincere in his compassion of saving those poor people of Darfur,  it makes you want to save them all. But Nobody Remembers that George once made fun of Charlton Heston’s Alzheimers. When someone asked him if he had “gone too far” he said,

“I don’t care. Charlton Heston is the head of the NRA: he deserves whatever anyone says about him.”  

Heston himself commented,

 “It just goes to show that sometimes class does skip a generation,” referring to Clooney’s aunt, Rosemary Clooney. “I don’t know the man – never met him, never even spoken to him, but I feel sorry for George Clooney – one day he may get Alzheimer’s disease. I served my country in World War II. I survived that – I guess I can  survive some bad words from this fellow.”

 Clooney later said, “It was a joke…”

That was a classy way to respond to such a classless comment. Nevertheless, I prefer to remember the way Obama responds to a person he doesn’t like:

Whenever I see George Clooney, I make myself remember the words of ‘President’ Obama,  who said this once about  Sarah Palin.

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Nobody Says: You can put a classy tux on a liberal, but he’s still a classless liberal.

If George Clooney wants to help the Sudanese people, he could start by selling his mansion in Italy and just dropping food from an airplane over Southern Sudan.

That should keep them fed until China gets there.  


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