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Nobody Cares About Davy Jones

Nobody Cares

Davy Jones of the Monkees died today. Somewhere in my basement I have a few of their albums. Really…I always felt sorry for these guys, because even though the songs they put out were always kinda …bubble gum teenage marshmallow kinds of stuff..they were at least fun and singalongable. Those guys were relentlessly attacked by just about everybody. And they remained pretty nice guys through it all.

I’m only posting this because I wanted to show everyone…see that drum set in the video? That’s a silver- sparkle Ludwig. (I know..JOYANNA…NOBODY CARES!)  That was my first drum set and I still have it, and I got mine long before the Micky.  Here I am in my first band playing in the BLUE BULL LOUNGE in Kansas City. I won’t tell you how long ago this was taken, but let’s just say, if you’re a musician, you can just look at the speakers and guess.

I’ve been offered a lot of money for that set. I bought mine at the very famous Frank’s Drum Shop in Chicago…and I was told that Louie Bellson used to give lessons on it when he worked at Frank’s.

Also notice that Peter Tork, the keyboard player…is not doing what he should be doing in this video..where he plays his solo and it’s just funny! Micky Dolenz is barely hitting the drums. Of course they were lip synching– but it’s just really nutty that they left it in.

I always thought as people, these guys were very polite, and nobody liked hearing the news today that Davy Jones died…Nobody really Cares…but really, at 66— he was much too young.

I might just go sneak a look at my old albums…and put a few on..and yes, I still have my old record players. ARE you kidding?

(FYI..that was a poloroid…another clue)

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Sandra Fluke: On Her Way to Replace The Original Fluke Nancy Pelosi…

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wants You to Remember the name: Sandra Fluke. Sandra is a law student of that great incubator of future politicians in Washington D.C. called Georgetown. It’s where the once unknown poor, poverty-stricken boy from Arkansas, was put on track to one day be a superstar of the Democratic party. Yes, it was at Georgetown that Bill Clinton became a page for very prominent  democratic senators and where he “opened” confidential messages he was delivering on the hill to discover the secrets to report to his masters. He is now a 33rd degree Mason. This Fluke was handpicked, as sure as the last fluke was…to be an upcoming star in the future NEW WORLD of political liars, which is ten times better than the OLD WORLD group of liars thanks to universities like Georgetown.

Listen to that whiney voice. First off…she claims that contraceptives cost a student $3,000 dollars. What a bunch of crock. Even if they cost $100 dollars a month (which they don’t) more like $30 dollars at your local D.C. Planned Parenthood, I think she’d be better off blaming Georgetown University for the high cost of its overpriced faculty for her big sob story. So, go to a cheaper school Sandra. Better yet, get rid of your cellphone Sandra..or how about this: Try asking the guy to use a rubber, or else…no sex. Can’t control yourself? Just HAVE to have sex? If you can’t control your sexual adventures knowing that you might get pregnant, and condemn your liberal mind to years of heartache and torture, then no amount of Georgetown high education is going to make you any brighter. But what it can do, as we are witnessing, is make you an expert at lying.

In the video below, (Notice they did let her give her sob story to Congress) poor MS Sandra CARES about all her fellow women sufferers. Why…(let’s not forget that Mom and Dad can now put poor little Sandra on their health insurance till she’s 26) she claims all college students have no insurance. (Wait…didn’t Obama promise health care for everyone? )

One woman, who cannot ‘afford’ the pills will have countless seizures, says MS Fluke.  Think about how absurd this is. All she needs to do is get bio-identical hormones from a doctor….and trust me–they will cost a lot more than birth control pills. But any doctor would prescribe her hormonal pills for her seizures or better yet…give her pills to CONTROL her seizure. Wonders never cease—they do not teach modern medical advances at Georgetown University.

This is right up the Pelosi driveway: I’m a woman and I deserve to have free everything.

And to make the video even more laughable, she claims that the “pill” has freed women to have careers. If not for the “pill” no woman could even enter the work force. Rockefeller would have to hire more men, at a higher price.

Gee…my mother never had the “pill” and she ran her own printing company with 30 employees for over 40 years. She didn’t die. She didn’t suffer. Should we tell Sandra that she is being misleading about this?


Sandra’s main concern, as is the talking point of the whole democratic party, is that: Oh my…women’s HEALTH is at issue? They say it like all women are going to die of  cancer. And that’s why you can no longer get screening for breast cancer. Liberals have decided that getting pregnant is now much more fatal to a woman’s health.

Is it? Or is it men’s? Condoms can be bought at any drugstore.  Yeah, those feminists sure bought women into the 21st century. Now you have a RIGHT to fornicate four times a day while you’re at college, and a RIGHT to do it without bothering to ask any man to be responsible because…why should he? It’s YOUR body!

Obama wants complete control over everyone’s bodies. What’s next? Every student needs a car? Every student needs to be supplied food? Every student needs to have money for beer? Every woman needs money for tampons? Can I get a Vowel here? And did you know that there is a movement to get rid of ALL contraceptives?

Since I didn’t go to Georgetown, I’m thinking that it MUST be a fluke. Nobody Wonders how many more Flukes are coming out of Georgetown. Maybe we should make contraceptive mandatory for that school alone. We have enough flukey lawyers already,  don’t you think?

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It’s All in the Fingers….

Nobody Reports

Lately I’ve noticed…some of my readers are concerned about me. Joyanna… can’t do anything about the world. You’re going to blow a gasket. You silly nobody…it’s not all that bad. Go outside and dig in your garden.

I’m not sure how to take this. I will take it in a good way. The last thing we need in the world is another crazy blogger going into the debts of …seriousness.

Granted, they have a point. My mother had a massive stroke after Bill Clinton said one of his famous “I did not lie” on the TV. I am my mother’s daughter. It’s in my blood, and of course Nobody blames my mother..who could blame it on HER father, and HIS grandmother…all the way back to the instigators of ancestors who decided to throw perfectly good tea into the Boston Harbor.  I just can’t help myself…SO. I have my work cut out for me. I have brown eyes…I need blue. (actually my eyes are…gray.) I could use violet ones, but Elizabeth has yet to will them to me.

Tonight to prove that I’m not all that serious— I did check the clouds, to notice that according to our weatherman…tornadoes are coming. Do I give in to my natural proclivity to go into “Oh boy…what if a tornado hits my house, will some kid in Kansas find my Altas Shurgs book? Will he mail it back to me, damage and all?” With such powerful screwed up  genetics this nobody can imagine any worse case scenario that you can dream of. I’ve often wanted to dial-up Steven Spielberg and say, “Hey Steve”—you want to make a REAL 3D movie? Take my dreams….nobody will believe it.” (Yes, I dream WAY too much.) I like the dreams where I redesign really cool houses with swimming pools going through the bedrooms…but I haven’t had those in some time. I had to STOP that.

For example: Today is February the 29th…all over the United States there are teenagers born on this day that have to wait to tomorrow to pass their drivers test. Do they feel lost? Special? Robbed? I don’t know, but I’d like to know. It’s means nothing at all to anything, but I’d still like to know.

And on this leap day, Mitt Romney was upset about Rick Santorum calling Democrats to go and vote for him in Michigan. Wuss. Russ Limbaugh in the last presidential primaries told everyone to vote for Hillary. We all know how well that turned out. If you have read me, then you know that I think that MITT was picked by the “rich” guys to be the nominee…and then we’ll see. Frankly…the thought of another 4 years of Obama has me almost to the point of wanting to start up a band of 90- year- olds, with a bass player that can tell dirty jokes. It would be the only way I could keep my sanity. I would name the band, “The Ageless Bunkerfucks” And I would play the drums, and sing old Donna Summer songs.: ‘I WIll SURVIVE(Rahm’s Missing finger)  

Here’s what I’m going to think is important tonight: Fingers. Look for politicians with all their fingers. Rahm Emanuel for example…is missing a finger. Henry Paulson, looks like HIS finger was mangled beyond recognition. I checked, Both Rich and Mitt still have their fingers.

I suggest, we watch those hands. Whomever goes missing a finger in the next year, is to be suspected of being ruled by the Mob, and they will be elected.

There…is that not serious  enough? Okay. You’re welcomed. Don’t worry about me. I do enough worrying for the planet. YOU my readers should just sit back and go…

My god…thank goodness she worries, better she blow her gasket than me!

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Nobody’s Perfect: Putin VS Jackson

Nobody’s Perfect:

It seems we have two men that desire to catch the virgins: The first guy, was arrested at a warehouse because he didn’t have any clothes on.

When questioned, Jackson said he was at the warehouse catching up on work and was naked because he was hot. When officers took Jackson back to his workstation, presumably to get his clothes, they saw child pornography pulled up on his computer. Jackson apparently learned little from the July arrest since he was taken into custody three months later for standing in his garage, naked as children rode by on their bicycles.

Jackson (Kenny Clyde) has been sentenced to eighteen years where finding very young virgins to expose his naked body to is going to be a bit…hard.

The second guy, is a very famous man. Vladimir Putin is having a hard time convincing the Russian people that he needs to become their fearless leader. The wise and older people of the country have had about enough of him, so thousands have gathered in protest, in a ten-mile circle around the Kremlin.

So..what does Putin do? He goes after the “virgins.” Here’s his ad…sucking up to the young things. (see video above)

The girl (how old is she??) tells the fortune-teller that it will be her “first time.” “I see it will be for love,” responds the psychic, revealing a tarot card with Vladimir Putin’s image on it. The tag line: “Putin. The first time — only for love.

Gee…I’m not sure how to compare these two. Putin ego is a bit on the “over sexed” side….he’s always taking off his shirt, and trying to be supermasculine. I can’t imagine what he would do if he was in Jackson’s warehouse. But hey, to a liberal in America..this ad would be cool.

Jackson deserves to be in jail…and Putin should be right there with him…in the same cell.  Some men are just sick, and no glimpse of perfect is ever going to come out of them.

Nevertheless..Putin has the power. Jackson power is all in his mind. Putin wins this weeks contest. Stay tuned for more examples of how imperfect man can really be. The possibilities are…limitless!

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Globalization…Has Finally Taken Over the Oscars

Nobody Flashes

The day has arrived: globalization has hit the Hollywood elite. I don’t know if you watched the Oscars last night, but there was a horrible lack of “male” presence on the red carpet…every actress was dragging along their mother or their “best” friend. Even Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz made sure they were just two little girls from…Little old Hollywood. Let’s not even compare then to Russel and Monroe.

My day is short enough already.

While Billy Crystal looked like his face had been duck-taped on by out- of- work construction guys from Mississippi, I tried to say, “Okay, maybe he’s sick.” BUT– when George Clooney kissed him, we pretty much all grossed out…and the pity left. Okay…the gays got their PR.

The good news is: Except for Meryl Streep, most of the awards went to foreigners. The French, the Iranians, the Pakistanis…and Oprah.  The only thing missing was a message from Hillary.

While Angelina Jolie was the sex bomb of the night…I could not stop looking at her right arm…which is about the size of the top of a nine iron. Lopez had an exposed nipple moment that nobody talked about, (Half a nipple doesn’t count I suppose) and War Horse was snubbed badly along with Harry Potter….but that to me was a good sign.

After the beginning, the long hours of boredom are always hard to bear…but one thing was very noticeable. When a new black actress won for Best Supporting Actress the whole placed jumped up and went crazy with applause. And yet, after the acrobats of Cirque de Soleil did such impossible tumbling that one wonders if their mothers had them turning flips out of the womb…and how many hours of hard work it took to do those stunts…our glamourous and very weathy movie stars…did not want to give the ovation it deserved. Maybe they have seen it too many times, but still. The applause was…very polite. After about two minutes they finally stood and applauded because some producer went–“Oh my god…no one is standing! ” and called the sign guy out to go an hold up the sign to tell them to “STAND UP!” They looked as if they were being told to dig a grave for Obama.

So, they deserved to be victims of their own liberal hearts. I agree. Don’t give any of them anymore awards. What makes them think they are so much more speical than the rest of the world? What? Did they think that they were going to be protected against globalization forever? Yes, welcome the world of “You cant’ have everything anymore you overstuffed rich moviestars…it’s the NEW WORLD ORDER where you NOW have to compete with the rest of the world!”  You have to now share the stage.

It was a clear mandate down from the top. Someone must have pissed off Obama. What? You don’t think our government has anything to say about the Oscars? Remember, the generals took over Walt Disney’s studio during the war. The government has never left.

Which is why you have to wonder…is that why Sandra Bullock is speaking German when she was asked to speak chinese? Enquiring minds want to know.

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Rockefeller Chu: King of Pond Scum

Nobody’s Opinion

What would you prefer? Would you like to get up in the morning, hook your car up to a few minutes of compressed air, at a few pennies of cost, or would you like to go miles out of your way to fill up your car with the new government mandated bio-fuel: Algae? It will only cost you about $38 dollars a gallon…(that’s before tax) That’s not so bad now, is it? If Obama is re-elected, not only will some 13 panel control freaks in Washington decide if they will allow you to live if you get cancer after 50, you might have to pay outlandish prices for Obama’s new mandated energy biofuel just to get to the hospital.

Algae is the new Obama dream. Right now, it will cost about $800 a barrel, but give a few hundred years or so..and you’ll see. It price will come down…or so portends Steven Chu.

Obama, and his Energy Secretary Steven Chu, have decided that America can’t drill for oil, even though Obama has given the go ahead to Mexico and China to drill off our coasts. They both dished the recent Keystone oil pipeline from Canada, because they both believe that we are killing the planet with our emissions. Chu admits we can’t do anything about China’s pollution.(Chu calls them the gorilla in theroom) —but they are making themselves feel better, they are determined to make Americans stop using gas.

WHY? Because they, and all their liberal friends are going to make trillions off it. Steven Chu has plans to be the new Rockefeller of bio-algae. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  Steve after all, belongs to the Design the Future think-tank with all the other global alarmists who have decided to make a lot of money selling us solar panels, windmills, and now…algae.

Newt and Sarah Palin should be talking about this new insanity. Well, Newt did— but can we trust Newt?  Forget corn…they can grow algae and make much more money off of it. Why? Well, for one thing, to save all those solar energy companies they have invested it. You see– algae grows best with …wait for it…wait for it……………….SOLAR PANELS!!

(Who decided that I wonder?)

Let’s talk about algae: first and foremost : know you enemy. Steven Chu, the man who gave the billions to Solyendra, has spent his life in academia. You know, those places that give out Nobel Peace Prizes to Presidents that bomb countries, and men who can cool atoms?

I’ve always wanted my atoms cooled, how about you?

As you can see by the video above, it took one engineer to develop a car that runs on compressed air. FREE compressed air. NO polluting emission.  Just imagine what would happen if the inventors of the world put their heads together, and further expanded on this idea.

Minority Report? Jetsons? Come on…haven’t we been dreaming about air cars forever?

In a free market system, that’s what would be happening. But…the elites have been working night and day to get rid of that free market systems…where the lone inventor can invent something that changes the world. NO…globalization is where governments pick and choose who gets to manufacture what, and where they can manufacture it, and for whom. Unless your inventing something for the internet. Then…they let you get rich, because eventually, they plan to take it over.

 The inventor of the air car, and his immediate investors would make the money…NOT the big liberal gurus like Al Gore and Chu who would not get a penny. Not to mention, they couldn’t take trillions of taxpayers’ dollars and give it to all the universities to keep the big academia of corruption going– could they now?

U.S. universities which are working on producing oil for algae include: The University of Arizona, University of Illinois, University of California, University of Texas, University of Maine, University of Kansas, The College of William and Mary, Northern Illinois University, University, University of Texas at San Antonio, Old Dominion University, Utah State University, New Mexico State University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology. The University of Georgia…and…uh….just how many Universities does it take to put one algae on the head of a pin?

They are already throwing billions of taxpayers’ dollars at this..and why? This is Steven Chu idea. In the future he says, special varieties of high glucose plants would be grown in the tropics. processed, and then the chemical would be shipped around like oil is today to other countries. The St. Petersburg Times has stated that Chu’s concept “shows vision on the scale needed to deal with global warming.”

Chu wants to be the new Green Global BP rich man of the world.  And don’t you want to see who’s going to get on the ground floor of this?  Notice that in this video below that Obama makes it sound like we can just do this in our country. Chu wants to develop in the tropics. (Who’s going to win?)

But not so fast space cadets… there is lots of problems:

The difficulties in efficient biodiesel production from algae lie in finding an algal strain, with a combination of high lipid content and fast growth rate, that isn’t too difficult to harvest; and a cost-effective cultivation system (i.e., type of photo bioreactor) that is best suited to that strain. There is also a need to provide concentrated CO2 to increase the rate of production. Open-pond systems for the most part have been given up for the cultivation of algae with high-oil content.

Oh…so Obama is just teasing us about this stuff can be taken from anywhere? Yep.

Most companies pursuing algae as a source of biofuels are pumping nutrient-laden water through plastic or borosilicate glass tubes that are exposed to sunlight and so called photo bioreactors or PBR. Running a PBR is more difficult than an open pond and more costly but more effective.

You can’t use waste water because it cannot feed algae directly and must first be processed by bacteria, or it could contaminate the algae. You have to clean and sterilize. Ocean water is not good either. Metals and other stuff can corrupt the algae.

Whereas technical problems, such as harvesting, are being addressed successfully by the industry, the high up-front investment of algae-to-biofuels facilities is seen by many as a major obstacle to the success of this technology. Only few studies on the economic viability are publicly available, and must often rely on the little data (often only engineering estimates) available in the public domain. The group found that capital cost, labor cost and operational costs (fertilizer, electricity, etc.) by themselves are too high for algae biofuels to be cost-competitive with conventional fuels.

Do you see another Solyndra here? Everyone told them NOT to invest, but Obama kept on going. Do you see WHY now? Pond scum visions of world domination…it’s enough to make you wince. Like global warming…there are hundreds of scientists who will argue that algae has great potential, but they are almost all of them making a nice living off of government grants.

Nobody Thinks that one man, with determinations, can do more for the world than a handful of corrupt pond scum elites who see a way to buy their own fortune.

This time the redistribution is going to the top. Would you rather breathe the creativity of clean cool air, or follow the money to the top of the pond scum, and smell the stench of infinite greed?

Chu wants to be Rockefeller…Nobody Hopes he stays in the pond with Kermit.


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Nobody Flashes…Old School Talent

Nobody Flashes

It’s Sunday! I’m taking the day off…but check this out. It’s Little Richard when he was a kid in some old movie…and I had no idea that he was playing so young. Boogie-Woogie bass lines are not easy to do even for an adult. Anyway, Enjoy!

(Thanks to JR)


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Nobody’s Email: Democracy

Nobody Gets Email

This was another one that took my eye. After you read these gems, you realize that the closest a liberal gets to history is remembering who they were sleeping with the night before.

Enjoy! (Thanks to Pattie)


 In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinborough, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:

“A democracy is always temporary in nature: it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up unitl the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From Bondage to Spiritual faith:

From spiritual faith to great courage:

From courage to liberty:
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to complacency:
From complacency to apathy:
From apathy to dependence:
From dependence back into bondage.”

The Obituary follows: Born 1776, Died 2012.

It doesn’t hurt to read this several times.


Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

Number of States won by Obama: 19: McCain: 29

Square miles of land won by Obama: 580,000: McCain: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by Obama: 127 million: McCain: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by :Obama: 13.2: McCain: 2.1


Professor Olson adds:

“In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country. Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”


Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reach the “governmental dependency” phase.


If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal’s and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.


If you in favor of this, then by all means, delete this message. If you are not, than pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom. This is truly scary! Of course we are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. Someone should point this out to Obama. Of course we know he and too many others pay little attention to The Constitution. There couldn’t be more at stake in 2012.


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Nobody’s Email: The Lastest Muslim Fashion…

Nobody’s Email
I got this one just minutes ago from my very liberal friend. It seems very relevant as we watch the idiots in Kabul go crazy and about some Qur’an’s being “accidentally” thrown out in the trash.
Last report I heard, over 12 have been killed. So, Obama went and apologized to them… for what? For the American soldiers who gave their LIVES trying to help these people? And some books were burned so they go nuts? How’s Bush’s statement that “All people in their hearts want freedom” doing?
Anyway, here’s the rest of the email. It infuriated my very liberal friend, and to me…that’s a very good sign. At least their are some liberals out there who are not all together bonkers.  
We’re constantly clubbed on the head with the claim that the Muslim world condemns 9/11, abhors 9/11, etc.  – Yet every day Shirts like this are mass-produced, marketed, and sold by street venders thru out the Middle East and it’s simply OK.   Now a few of our guys, after months of sleeping on the cold ground, eating MREs, not having a good hot shower, and away from their love ones, get caught piss’n on a couple of dead rag head Al Qada types and they are condemned by the world.
  I do not apologize

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It’s 2012…Do You Know Where YOUR Bunkerfunk Is?

Nobody Wins

Okay…can we get over this already? Can we see some future where Mad Max isn’t taking over the Golden Gate Bridge? Too many people are obsessed with the end of the earth. Really. Half of the programs on TV are about the end of all time. Want to find out how to survive after the Holocaust? We’ll show you! There’s “The Walking Dead” and “Terra Nova” and “Falling Skies” all filled with grand lessons in how to live with simple things like huts, no plumbing, smelly sweaty people, and social utopia. And then there’s my personal favorite “Supernatural.”

At least in Supernatural you can still get a hamburger while you’re fighting off Armageddon.

And all the Discovery programs…Life After Humans will be grand! How many of those did they make? Forty? And if you get tired of watching buildings grow vines, turn the channel and some scientist is filling you with doomsday horror: Any minute we could be hit by a: comet, sunburst, asteroid, falling space junk, magnetic pole shift, weather changes, Yellowstone exploding…or all of the above at once. But don’t worry…plantlife will flourish! And Michael Moore will repopulate the earth.

If the scientists don’t get you, the politicians will.

Our leaders are always coming out and putting the fear of god into all of us with “A nuclear bomb could go off at any time in any city.” Shut up already. What? Are they worried they won’t make it to their very expensive bunker where they will have to play simulated golf? What the heck are all of us out in powerless land suppose to do about it? Stock up on water and Nikes?

When did this stuff start? It’s 2012, and this is our last year on planet earth according to too many people, and if you go by the video, I should be really excited. Finally, some decent weather for my gardenia plants! Maybe if the Muslims got out of the desert they might evolved into some kind of  better understanding of life. (Fat chance. Okay.)

We have been told that the Mayans started this doomsday scenario: but, the Bible didn’t help much–at least the Bible was a lot more specific. Somewhere in a field in the middle East…Russia, and the United States, are going to kill each other off, and then Jesus will come down, and save all the “believers.” and then  Muhammad will appear out of some well on a flying horse, and say “Thank you Jesus for giving me the infidel” And Jesus who is really working for Muhammad (according to the Muslims) will give all the good souls to Allah.  They both agree that the people they don’t like are going to Satan.

Rick Santorum is going to be overwhelmed.

Then came the nuclear arms race. Everybody got the big bombs. Russia or Castro was going to detonate and we were all going to die.  Now, we have Iran, and dirty bombs, and bird flu, and weapons of mass destruction, and too many young Chinese boys without something to do, and EMP’s, and Al Gore…and horrible schools that damn you to flipping hamburgers the rest of you life.

Al Gore– got so mad upon losing the election, he had to take it out on us. He claims that we all need to be punished with carbon taxes before it’s too late. Prince Charles already thinks it too late.

This will of course be  as the Bible predicted: earthquakes, disease, tornadoes, tsunami, and more wars. And it’s not bad enough that we have to hear about it constantly, we have to now watch our destruction daily on 52-inch HD screen TV’s. I don’t know about you, but by the time I got to the end of the movie 2012, I wanted to sink all the rich snobs that made it to the boats.  If the peons didn’t get to live, then why should they?

Spielberg had to make War of the World, and hit us forever more with his sitcom…”Falling Skies” in which it’s aliens that will suck out our brains. I’m beginning to think he has one in his basement.

And frankly, nobody notices that most of the brains have been sucked dry already, and instead of planning a decent, and sensible future for the planet,  promoting movies that have great and optimistic endings, they’d much rather make a lot of money scaring us to death.–which is really is just some very clever minds sucking up what’s left of everyone’s money.

Maybe I should blame Rod Sterling. Or JFK. Or Nostradamus. Or Billy Graham. Or the people who have donated $75 millions dollars to reelect Obama. I mean really? Where did all THAT money come from? To me that says that some big money guy somewhere is buying our destruction.

Okay…so they’ve talked about it for so long, it’s now coming true. In Mark Steyn’s new book “After America” he says this:

“For American, the best-case scenario is that Washington’s ruling kleptocracy sleepwalks its subjects into smaller homes, smaller cars, smaller lives, and soft despotism so beguiling they don’t notice it’s over until late in the day. A more likely prospect is a catastrophically convulsed America that descends into Balkanized ruin and social collapse on a planet with no global order in which the formerly hyperpower still makes the most inviting target. “

You can thank Mark for not sugar-coating it. I sure he found the riots in Orlando today over Nikes will more than help his book sales.

You know, in the last depression at least THEY had Disney and Shirley Temple to escape all the gloom. What have we got? Brittany Spears? Whitney Houston? Dead drug addicts and American Idol Contests?

Today, a friend was dining in a popular chain Mexican restaurant here in St. Louis, called Casa Gallardo. Some men came in, and told everyone to get out. All the stores in St. Louis had closed. I watched all the major businesses close here: Ford, Busch, Pontiac, Chrysler, McDonald Douglass..then many of the big malls. Now..major restaruants chain. Who are we kidding? This summer. The post office. Obama is gutting the military. The economy is not going to come back.

Nobody Thinks this is a planned destruction. Too many people made too much money. Too many leaders were in bed with too many bankers. Too much was said about “globalization” being the wonder of the world. I don’t know…nobody is just tired of being bombarded daily with the end of the world.

I’m ready for the “Good Ship Lollipop.”  That next Star Trek movie is going to make billions. I don’t know about you…but I’m Bunkerfunked.

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Obama’s New Theme Song…

Nobody Flashes

We need something to cheer us up, right? I can sincerely tell you that after I heard  Obama suggest today that he wants us to promote algae as a new fuel source…and he was SERIOUS…I needed to have a cocktail. This video always makes me laugh. I am at this moment…drinking a glass of wine. I plan to save all the algae I see–collect it in a big box, and send it to Washington.

Here’s a Nobody’s Suggestion for Obama’s theme song. (I’m not so innocent)

If you haven’t seen Craig Ferguson, then your life is sad, and I strongly suggest you hang it up. Whatever you want to hang up. It won’t matter.


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Nobody Notes–Last Debate and Ann Coulter

Nobody’s Notes–

On the final Republican Debate in Arizona.

It wasn’t the debate tonight that surprised me..nothing new was exposed under the sun. Ron Paul was as he said he is: consistently constitutional. Rick Santorum fell from grace by trying to act like all the previous bad votes he did in Congress were not his fault—and he has a point…It’s just the way Washington forces you to work. He really got some big boos when he said he was a team player.

Most people know the “system” is corrupt.  

Newt Gingrich had no great moments, but if he ran on getting our own energy here at home and telling the rest of the world to go fly a kite like he said—He’d probably win.

Mitt Romney did well, said all the right things—no doubt it will be announced that he won. But, at the very end of the debate we saw his dark side.  John King asked him a question, and Mitt was pontificating his usual politician BS style, and King called him to answer the question, and Mitt snapped back  with that “How dare you question me.” attitude. Newt can pull it off. Mitt looked arrogant.

We have the supreme arrogant in the White House now, we don’t want another.

At the end of the debate there really was no clear winner..everyone had a few good points, but it was after the debate that I was surprised at Ann Coulter’s piece on why all us ‘morons” don’t get it. Mitt Romney is the best candidate according to her. She really has no clue.

I’d like to help her out to WHY Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and many others are scared of Mitt.

Here’s a few of her comments, and my…”help.”  

Ann Says: Romney became deeply pro -life as governor of the aforementioned liberal state and vetoed an embryonic stem cell bill. (Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich lobbied President George W. Bush to allow embryonic  stem cell research)

Nobody Says: We have all seen the video Ann, of Mitt being FOR pro-choice…he was a pretty big boy when he took that stance, and now he has changed. (flip-flop) Also– So what if he was elected in a liberal state? That means that  a lot of liberals thought he was pretty moderate. And George Bush’s embryonic stem cell research was on only the embryo’s that had already been frozen. Bush was adamant that no more be harvested.  At the time, Nancy Reagan was pushing really hard for it. Remember Ann?

Ann Says:  The chestnut about Mitt Romney being pushed on unsuspecting conservatives by “the Establishment” is the exact opposite of the truth. The Establishment, by any sensible definition, is virulently opposed to Romney.

Nobody Says: Ann Coulter thinks the “establishment” is Rush Limbaugh and FOX news. To the American people “the establishment” is the old Rockefeller Republican big government part of the party that we are tired of. That big Rockefeller government was endorsed and lead by the Bush family, who endorses Mitt. It’s as simple as that., Ann. George W. Bush turned into a big government Rockefeller Republican and his family support Mitt Romney. THEY are the establishment, not the conservative TV and Radio hosts.

Ann  Says: But instead of popping Champagne corks over our final triumph over Rockefeller Republicanism, some conservatives are still fighting old wars, rather like an old cold warrior prattling about the Soviet Union after the rest of us have moved onto the war on terrorism.

Nobody Says:  When was the final triumph over Ann? Was it over when Daddy Bush said, “There WILL be a New World Order? Was it over when his son signed the North American Treaty? Or when he expanded government spending? When he came out and said, “Well the bankers got a little too greedy” and started the bailouts of the bank, with just a “Okay, no big deal here.” and changed the whole world?

Tell me Ann, when did that big government Rockefeller part of the party stop?  Hasn’t the whole Bush family been trying to get Jeb as President?

Ann Says: The obsession with sticking it to the Establishment (which includes Christine O’Donnell, but excludes Bill Kristol) by voting for a loose cannon demagogue or a crusading Catholic who can’t seem to move the conversation past contraception is as pie-in-the-sky delusional as anything dished by Democrats carrying on about “green jobs.”

Nobody Says: Ron Paul is not a loose cannon. If he is a loose cannon then so is our Constitution. You are a Constitutional lawyer, are you not?  And whether you liked his answer tonight on attacking Iran, (Ron is against it)he is right on one thing. Another war would sink us economically like Russia. We have 45 bases around the area..war should be avoided at all cost.

Still, most conservatives think Iran is another Hitler waiting to happen.

And Ann…Rick Santorum did not start all the contraception talk, it was Obama who set that whole thing up. That conversation is being fueled by liberals, not Santorum. (Wow…Ann Coulter, the women who wrote the bible on liberal dirty tactics ignores her own books. Amazing.)

Ann  Says: Meanwhile, Romney cheerfully campaigns on, the biggest outsider and most conservative candidate we’ve run for president since Reagan, while being denounced by the Establishment as “too Establishment.”

Nobody Says: He may not be from Washington, but he is the son of a Senator. Many believe that the big corporations and money have taken over most of our politicians. (Wow, that’s pretty much a fact.) Obama will paint Mitt as the big rich Wall Street guy and he will lose. Mitt will get mad in a debate, like he did tonight. It would be a VERY close race….and they would give it to Obama to prevent race riots.

I can’t say tonight as I walked around the block and looked at the stars that I felt inspired at all by any of it. In a debate, Newt would be the best debater against Obama. That’s just my Nobody’s Opinion. I think Sarah Palin and Thomas Sowell agree.

The main trouble is: Americans are really tired of their politicians…It’s about time they start attacking Obama with every breathe they take, at this point..that’s all we want to hear.  

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The Chicago Obamacrats…

Nobody Wonders’

Michelle Obama and the Obamamites were just taking their 16th vacation in Aspen,  (wonder how many people had to get OFF the hill) tired from all the sun in fun in Hawaii…but somehow made it home to hear their Daddy sing: “Sweet Home Chicago” which obviously is where Obama is going back. But not before he throws himself a few more big parties.

Nobody Thinks since Paul McCartney was such a big hit at the Grammy’s they had to give Mick Jagger some prime time of his own.

Although Obama didn’t hit those notes quite right…he sures knows how to make himself flash…notice how he left the stage like a true rock star,..just like James Brown. That was rehearsed. Trust me on that.

Tonight is another Republican debate, so Obama has come out and claimed the economic issue today by giving “corporations” a tax break. Of course, it’s not if you read the fine print.

BUT…on CNN all day was the talking point..

“All the republicans want to do is focus on religion and contraception, when we should be paying attention to the economy!”

Really?  THEY introduced the subject in the first place with George Stephanopoulos bringing up the absurd notion that Republicans wanted to get rid of contraceptives while he was interviewing Mitt Romney. They must think the American people have attention spans of gerbils.

One thing for sure, we should all be singing the blues witnessing the devastation being done to our country by our Chicago thug in Chief: Barack Capone.

Having said that…Nobody Thinks Williams Shatner, at 81, looks better than both Paul and Mick.


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Allen West VS Barack Obama—Black History

Nobody Knows

—About the very opposite opinions from two black men about black history and how to celebrate it.

Sometimes, synchronicity just jumps out in my daily life…like today for instance. I got both these video’s about the same time from two of my readers.  I can’t think of a better way to express the difference between the Democrats meaning of black history month (Obama’s–vote for me, I’m black, keep me in power because I look like you) And Republican Allen West’s great speech on the floor of Congress…which was LONG overdue.

Booker T. Washington would be proud.

Allen gives thanks to the real heros of the civil rights movement…and it was never the Democratic Party…something all blacks should know. The difference between the two men is astounding.

Obama says he wants to give everyone a fair shot. (which means, he wants more affirmative action.) And everybody should play by the same rules. He excludes himself of course.

I know our lives are very busy, but try to find time to watch Allen’s great speech…it will make you proud, and warm your heart. Allen is going to be a great force in America’s future…if Obama leaves us any.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe & amfortas)

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