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How to Control those Pesky Conservatives: Wire THEM to Google!

Nobody Wins

Instead of trying to solve the problems of the world, the three megalomaniacs of the great tech companies that rules the planet aren’t happy that they can’t control us all…

The answer? We all need our brains attached to their systems. SO much easier to just download their demands of the New World Order.

Trying to tame all these humans will take just too long.

From CNBC:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this year announced he and his wife Priscilla Chan would donate $68 million to support the mapping of all the cells in the human body. Facebook also recently acquired a company called CTRL Labs that lets you control computers with your mind. And Neuralink, a start-up once backed by Elon Musk, announced its brain-computer will start trials on humans next year.

Of course, Google is at the top of this who makes it sound so….sweet by saying “biology” is the next frontier in computing. Eric Schmidt…is ready to tell us all how we are going to want this new trend.

Somehow the fact that computers crash on everyone just about every 7 months from viruses is not something they are worried about. What are they going to do? Just cut out the part of your brain that got infected? Make us all plug in to our computers with wires coming out of the front of our head? Finally get those pesky conservatives to eat veggie burgers?

And how about those people who look like the brain is empty already?

Isn’t it funny? The men who think they are the most intelligent beings to ever walk the plant actually think this is a GOOD thing?

Well, I say, let them plug themselves up! What fun! And we can all get online and send twitter messages to their brains in 140 different languages, and they can then prove to us all that their virus protection that we will have to download at the price of $20,000 a year is worth the money they will want us all to pay.

This is our future?  Seriously?

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Stray From the Path of…Road Kill

Nobody Wins

Here’s a group that SO bad, that I just had to post a comment on YouTube:

You don’t need to preach hatred and lies, your music ability alone is basically road kill at it’s best. (Actually, the drummer is the best musician in the group, the rest of you guys are basement fodder.) In other words, do you think inciting violence is going to get you a ticket to the Grammy’s? And by the way….any hooded guy thinking he will go into some Trump supporters house and kill him, might want to think twice. Many of the Trump supporters have guns. The left has tried for YEARS to disarm us, and so far, they have failed. And by the way, none of us are Nazi’s. Hitler’s words were read in Paris at the Anti-Trump rallies. You might want to read a book…wait. I’m betting you can’t read. Add that to the list of things you can’t do.

Like think.

Can you imagine somebody making this video about Obama supporters?

Let’s see, we’ve seen Trump being beheaded, stabbed to death, threatened, called just about every name in the book— his supporters have actually been beaten up in many towns, and now this comes along.

Nobody Wins when communists are trying to incite ‘revolutions’ in young drugged-up idiots.

Someday, they are going to poke that bear just a little too hard.

Like I said. Stray from the Path?

What path are these guys on besides an early death from drug overdose?

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Is This REALLY the Right Time to Feminize the American Male?

Nobody Wonders

I had the most interesting talk with my friend Mona this afternoon, and she said something that even I, didn’t think of. (And that’s why I love talking to her.) Mona suggests that all this “gay” stuff, is being pushed upon us every single time that a white cop gets killed by a black man, or blacks do something like destroy whole city blocks, or…the job numbers are not promising. (That last one is added on by me) In other words, the powerful Obama and his elite media are keeping us all focused on the emotional subject of “gays” and their rights, so that we ignore the horrors happening all around us. I think she has a strong point.

But its more than’s the constant feminization of the male—at the lead of our own President,  for who knows WHATEVER reason. While the Middle East is bursting with billions of testosterone-filled men ready to kill the West, our leaders are striving to make our men all little Passion Flowers, and our women incredible Hulks.Star Wars

And they are using our favorite movie characters to do it.

James Bond, is going to get a gay sidekick—the author of the newest books says:

“With women, he has this sort of patronizing carnal attitude with them which is absolutely accurate to the Bond of the books. But then by creating very strong women he is given quite a run for his money and his attitudes are challenged. I also gave him a very outspoken gay friend, who chides him and says ‘come on Bond, you’re living in the 20th century now not the Middle Ages.’”

And Disney is getting on board, by splashing one of the main characters in the newest Star Wars movie as…”gay”.

I can’t wait to see Harrison Ford kiss a gay man, can you?

He’s overdue. Maybe he was thinking about that moment when he crashed his plane.

Mom and dad might want to stay away from it, but the toys are already out in all the stores, so the KIDS will drag them to the movie, and then—all want to grow up to be “gay” like their favorite heroes.


Can you turn a chicken INTO an egg?

Nobody Knows —but they are really trying hard to fool, mother nature.

Good luck with that. And by all the “Death to America!” talk going on in Iran right now..

This might NOT be the perfect time to castrate our male hero’s.

I’m just saying.



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Go Ahead…Scarifice the Ronald Reagan….

Nobody Gets Email:

Here’s something I was alerted to in an email that is not being reported about much. It seems, when Japan’s Fukushima exploded, our Navy went to the rescue, even though, we must assume with the technology of today, both countries knew the men and women on board the USS Ronald Reagan would be sacrificing their lives:Japan Crisis Begins To Stabilise After Quake Disaster

From the Washington Post;

At least 70 have been stricken with some form of radiation sickness, and of those, “at least half . . . are suffering from some form of cancer,” their lawyer, Paul Garner, told The Post Saturday.

“We’re seeing leukemia, testicular cancer and unremitting gynecological bleeding requiring transfusions and other intervention,” said Garner, who is representing 51 crew members suing the Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the Fukushima Daiichi energy plant.

Even as the Reagan was steaming toward the disaster, power-company officials knew the cloud of steam they were releasing — in order to relieve pressure in the crippled plant — was toxic, the lawsuit argues, a claim that has also been made by the Japanese government.

“And then we couldn’t go anywhere. Japan didn’t want us in port, Korea didn’t want us, Guam turned us away. We floated in the water for two and a half months,” until Thailand took them in, she said.

“I was standing on the flight deck, and we felt this warm gust of air, and, suddenly, it was snowing,” Cooper recalled of the day in March 2011 when she and scores of crewmates watched a sudden storm blow toward them from the tsunami-torn coast of Fukushima, Japan.

 So…was this Japan’s way of getting back at us for Hiroshima? Or— was this Obama’s suggestion of a cruel payback to conservatives and the military he so blatantly dislikes?

Imagine if the name of that boat had been the USS Barack Obama?commander in chief

And yet today, we are talking about a mall shooting. The mall shooting might be used in Obama’s speech next week, but I can guarantee you, this incident will NEVER be mentioned by the White House.

Our men and women of the military deserve better.

(Thanks to Anthony)

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Nobody Remembers the Land Mines in Japan

Nobody Remembers

When America dropped the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the argument for whether that was a humane thing to do, is still being debated. Many people said that we should have continue the war and sooner or later we could have overtaken Japan as we did Germany, rather than killing all those innocent lives.Hiroshima three

But..what many people don’t know, is that the Japanese had developed a nonmetallic land mine that could not be detected by any known means. They planted these mines in random patterns across the beaches of Japan and along all possible invasion routes. Estimates of deaths from those land mines alone ran into the hundreds of thousands. They tried in vain to find a way to destroy them. Dropping bombs from airplanes in Europe failed.

According to Richard Anderson, a renown staticist who was working on the problem with the Defense Department at the time—

One of the reasons why the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan was that all their experiments and calculations showed that it was impossible to destroy these mines by any other means.

So…if history repeats itself…we may all wonder about Iran: Will we ever see another nuclear weapon used in our lifetime?

And is the reason why our Congress approves such an unconstitutional measure of using drones on our home soil—is because they know something we don’t?  Are there terrorists in the United States already with nuclear material? Some experts say it’s entirely possible.Jihad in US

Ahmadinejad has threatened to hit the ‘heart’ of America with some kind of devastation weapon.  North Korea…is threatening New York. Obama says nothing.

Today we find out that when Obama was told about the attack happening in Benghazi, he told Leon Panetta to do whatever they felt necessary, and then Obama took off at 5 o’clock and nobody spoke to him again, even though the attack went on for hours… which means:.Leon penetta two

1) He’s the most incompetent President ever in the history of the United States and just went off to have his big dinner and watch basketball…or

2) He ordered the stand-down in Benghazi and sacrificed those men because he didn’t want it to get out that the ambassador was helping supply Al-Qaeda with arms and weapons before his elections, and everything that happened following that was a cover-up.

3) Both of the above.

Nobody finds it less than funny that after all these years, our government couldn’t have come out and just admitted that the Japanese had land mines that so well protected their island, we couldn’t defeat them from the ground. It would have made a lot more sense.  Was not revealing this fact a way to make us look big, and invincible?

“What we pretend to be defending as the “truth” is really our own self-esteem.”  Thomas Merton “No Man Is An Island:

So..what is the truth? Obama lies. Panetta lies. Hillary lies. Who do we believe? Dick Cheney, the most hated man in America for years, said that his worst nightmare was to wake up to a nuclear attack on an American City. Ahmadinejad thinking

Nobody Thinks….Hell, I’m not sure what I think, but I do know one thing…I’d rather be drinking Rum & Coke on the beach in Hawaii than thinking about any of this…care to join me?

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You Want to PET the Cheetah?

Nobody Gets Email

Some people would call this woman “brave.” Some people would call this woman, “out-of-her-figgn- mind.” Nobody calls her an abnormality of nature. I like to see her do this with a pack of wild dogs. Or some drug cartels, or even some elephants: or my in laws on a Saturday night. These are the kind of people who think that all animals love them, and they are “special” and no animal will ever hurt them. Like the guy who loved bears, and took his girlfriend out to watch them, and they were both “eaten.” Remember what happen to Steve Irwin? That giant stingray just WANTED to be petted by him.


Watch this…and wonder like I did…WTF?


(Thanks to Pattie)

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Sandra Fluke: On Her Way to Replace The Original Fluke Nancy Pelosi…

Nobody Wonders

Nobody Wants You to Remember the name: Sandra Fluke. Sandra is a law student of that great incubator of future politicians in Washington D.C. called Georgetown. It’s where the once unknown poor, poverty-stricken boy from Arkansas, was put on track to one day be a superstar of the Democratic party. Yes, it was at Georgetown that Bill Clinton became a page for very prominent  democratic senators and where he “opened” confidential messages he was delivering on the hill to discover the secrets to report to his masters. He is now a 33rd degree Mason. This Fluke was handpicked, as sure as the last fluke was…to be an upcoming star in the future NEW WORLD of political liars, which is ten times better than the OLD WORLD group of liars thanks to universities like Georgetown.

Listen to that whiney voice. First off…she claims that contraceptives cost a student $3,000 dollars. What a bunch of crock. Even if they cost $100 dollars a month (which they don’t) more like $30 dollars at your local D.C. Planned Parenthood, I think she’d be better off blaming Georgetown University for the high cost of its overpriced faculty for her big sob story. So, go to a cheaper school Sandra. Better yet, get rid of your cellphone Sandra..or how about this: Try asking the guy to use a rubber, or else…no sex. Can’t control yourself? Just HAVE to have sex? If you can’t control your sexual adventures knowing that you might get pregnant, and condemn your liberal mind to years of heartache and torture, then no amount of Georgetown high education is going to make you any brighter. But what it can do, as we are witnessing, is make you an expert at lying.

In the video below, (Notice they did let her give her sob story to Congress) poor MS Sandra CARES about all her fellow women sufferers. Why…(let’s not forget that Mom and Dad can now put poor little Sandra on their health insurance till she’s 26) she claims all college students have no insurance. (Wait…didn’t Obama promise health care for everyone? )

One woman, who cannot ‘afford’ the pills will have countless seizures, says MS Fluke.  Think about how absurd this is. All she needs to do is get bio-identical hormones from a doctor….and trust me–they will cost a lot more than birth control pills. But any doctor would prescribe her hormonal pills for her seizures or better yet…give her pills to CONTROL her seizure. Wonders never cease—they do not teach modern medical advances at Georgetown University.

This is right up the Pelosi driveway: I’m a woman and I deserve to have free everything.

And to make the video even more laughable, she claims that the “pill” has freed women to have careers. If not for the “pill” no woman could even enter the work force. Rockefeller would have to hire more men, at a higher price.

Gee…my mother never had the “pill” and she ran her own printing company with 30 employees for over 40 years. She didn’t die. She didn’t suffer. Should we tell Sandra that she is being misleading about this?


Sandra’s main concern, as is the talking point of the whole democratic party, is that: Oh my…women’s HEALTH is at issue? They say it like all women are going to die of  cancer. And that’s why you can no longer get screening for breast cancer. Liberals have decided that getting pregnant is now much more fatal to a woman’s health.

Is it? Or is it men’s? Condoms can be bought at any drugstore.  Yeah, those feminists sure bought women into the 21st century. Now you have a RIGHT to fornicate four times a day while you’re at college, and a RIGHT to do it without bothering to ask any man to be responsible because…why should he? It’s YOUR body!

Obama wants complete control over everyone’s bodies. What’s next? Every student needs a car? Every student needs to be supplied food? Every student needs to have money for beer? Every woman needs money for tampons? Can I get a Vowel here? And did you know that there is a movement to get rid of ALL contraceptives?

Since I didn’t go to Georgetown, I’m thinking that it MUST be a fluke. Nobody Wonders how many more Flukes are coming out of Georgetown. Maybe we should make contraceptive mandatory for that school alone. We have enough flukey lawyers already,  don’t you think?

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Nobody’s New Year’s …..Rant!

Nobody’s Random Thought On New Year’s Eve

Okay…it’s 8pm here, the last day of 2011, and I’m watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s party, and I’m drinking my friend Pattie’s excellent home-made wine, and I’m missing playing the drums as I did for so many years in bands…making the people jump with the big downbeats, and the flam’s, and the driving rhythms…there’s nothing like dancing and music and feeling the joy of life on New Years’ Ever is there?

And there’s nothing like being the force that drives them to dance. Drums can do that. I really miss it. Give me a good bass player and I’m in heaven. This year, I’m going to play my drums more. They are sitting there like an old lover. Maybe when I’m 80, I’ll form my own group, again.

I love to watch the dancing on New Year’s Eve. America could use a New Years Eve once a month.

We’ve had a rough year. Hell…so has the rest of the world. Somewhere when we were all busy just trying to live our lives, a mass black hole of criminals with good intentions made the biggest dent of depression in a once robust future, it’s hard to fathom the damage they caused. The EU elite in Brussels…and our own elites in Washington have forged a deal with immorality.

A pact with the Devil.

I listened to Jack Abramoff today talk about how very legal it is in Washington D. C. to accept bribes from lobbyists. They all do it. Jack has lots to tell us, and this next year, we should be listening.

Term limits. Congress must abide by the same laws as the people. No one can lobby after leaving office. He had good suggestions, and we should not understate that the corruption is vast and almost unbelievable.

And yet, people are resilient. Everywhere…they want more of life, more out of their leaders and something tells me, the young of the world will NOT put up with it. And neither will the old. The people of the United States have been free for too damn long. They will not go down without a fight. And we need to fight hard this next year. No matter who gets picked to be President, it’s time we told them—

Enough. Enough. You will not take our freedoms away. Enough..

 Nobody has been writing all year, about the horrors of our freedoms being taken away. Obamacare is pretty much the Nazi holocaust in disguise. It MUST be repealed.

I called an old friend of my mother’s tonight. She is 89 and grew up in London. Her name is Doreen, a lovier woman I have never met, and she grew up in the horrors of the bombing of England. Her brother picked shrapnel out of his face all his life, due to the bombing of Hitler. She remembers. And she was horrified at the changes taking place in our country.

“They want to tell us what to do!” she cried.

Here is a woman who has seen the dreaded bombing of the Nazi’s. She left England, and moved to Naples, Florida. Her husband made a great living in real estate in Florida. And she can’t believe what is happening here.

This makes me angry. It makes me furious. Our forefather…my family ancestors, John Adams, Sam Adams and Henry— did not go through the trial of the American Revolution to just see the greatest country on earth be destroyed by greed. And niether did YOUR ancesors. Every American forefathers have built this nation: in blood, in sweat, in tears.

So, I am going to keep on pointing out what I see. What I think. Injustice. I may not be a happy camper to read, but I will try to humor it some times. We must all see absurdities for what they are: unbelievable. And …unexceptable.
They say that technology will be our chain, but Nobody says, it will be our freedom. They will want to censure the internet, but they won’t succeed. 
But, there is one thing I learned from George Noory, the very great George Noory. He is the radio host of Coast to Coast am  Events are influenced by your thinking, he said. If you think you are doomed. Then you seal your fate.

The people that are trying to take over the world…make themselves and their families elites at the top and slaves at the bottom in endless service jobs, want us to believe that we cannot win against the tide of plans that they have for us.

BUT…if we think we can…stop the tide of tyranny, we will. How often have we heard the best of our mentors say: practice positive thinking. Positive thinking. It works. We can defeat them We can demand our rights. If we convince ourselves…no way. No way will you dictate our lives. If George Washington can lead an army without shoes in the middle of winter then so help me god we can fight this pond of greedy elites. Nancy Pelosi..Harry Reid, Barack Obama…

It will take time. It will take good men and women speaking out. It will take courage.

But, as Gandhi once said. “The truth will prevail.”

Okay, enough wine for me.

Everyone have a great time tonight! Dance. Sing. Get drunk with abandoned, it’s been a tough year, it’s okay.  Love your lover. Kiss your child. Dream of a better day…tomorrow.

You know, I’m just a nobody. But I thank God for every reader I have. God Bless you all.

 Nobody’s Perfect, and I have to laugh while I’m typing this because I’ve made so many spelling mistakes, all I can do is have another glass of wine.(LOL!)

Tonight— I love everyone. THIS YEAR…we WILL win. You can bet your New Year’s Hat on it.

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The REAL Story of the Muslim Veil

Nobody Reports

Ever wonder why the women in Muslim nations have to cover their bodies up? Well, here’s the reason:

Long ago, AFTER Jesus had quite a good following, there was a guy named Muhammad who claimed that some pesky angel just kept bothering him. He was a merchant in Mecca and wanted the Jewish tribes in the city to respect him. So, he told them of his “prophetic” visions. He pretty much said this:

“I keep getting this visit by some angel. I have NO idea if he’s good or bad, but he keeps smacking me around and he keeps wanting me to be the apostle of God. This is REALLY depressing me, what should I do?”

Evidently they didn’t give him much advise so he asked his wife, “Khadija… What’s wrong with me?”

Like the brave warrior jihadist that he was, he ran and hid under a blanket. No wife wants to see her husband spending his days under a blanket, so Khadija went to see a man named Waraqa. And somehow Waraga just knew that this was the angel Gabriel.

Khadija, decided to make a test, a sure-fire way to know if this “vision” was good or bad.

So…she made Muhammad sit on her left thigh.

“Can you see him.?” 


Then she made him sit on her right thigh.

“Can you see him.?”


Then she made him sit on her lap, and she cast off her veil while he was sitting on her lap.

“Can you see him?”


Happy about her little test she said, “O son of my uncle,(nothing like incest) rejoice and be of good heart, by God he is an angel and not Satan!”

Muslim’s to this day insist upon the veiling of women because of this underlying assumption that the sight of an unveiled women is so distressing that’s why the biggest selling items in all the Saudi Arabia, (next to Lamborghini’s’) is the selling of lingerie at Frederick’s of Hollywood in all the malls.  

The sight of an unveiled woman is so disturbing, so sinful, that it cases angels to flee. Therefore, the Muslim men do not want any angels spoiling their visits with their wives..especailly Gabriel who we all know, was pretty good-looking and hard for any woman to resist.

Good God.

First off—Why was Khadija covered in a veil BEFORE the “All women must now wear veils.” was put into law?

Second—How did the angel even see her face uncovered with Mohammad sitting in the middle of her lap?

Or was he a pipsqueak?

And if you were a man, would you like telling that story to your children? “Yes, the great warrior had to sit on his wife’s lap..she made him do it.”

Is it any wonder why the Muslims hate the Jews and Christians? Moses didn’t get Gabriel, he got God himself talking to him through a burning bush. Jesus wrestled with Satan himself and won. Muhammad was of no holy birth, why didn’t Gabriel come down and seed HIS mother?

Muhammad had to sit on his wife’s lap after he crawled out from underneath a blanket!

What a wuss.

Okay, I’ve done it now. Making fun of three religions in just one day might be a record…but the story is true, according to The Truth about Muhammad by Robert Spencer.

If I was a Muslim woman, I would think it was a pretty lame excuse for a law that keeps you smothered in clothes when it’s 120 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and I might argue to my husband that I’d like to do that little test with him to see if it really is true.

Make him sit on your lap.

You could cover yourself up until the angel appears himself…and if that angel appears (hopefully it’s Gabriel, but any one would do) then you could promise to obey and suffer your husband’s wishes forever, but if that angel doesn’t appear? Then I’d insist that since it’s okay to wear sexy outfits at night, then it should be no problem during the day.

Proof is in the Arabian Lap so to speak, and I’m SO glad I’m not a Muslim woman.

I’m just saying.

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Nobody’s Perfect: McNuggets VS Beer

Nobody’s Perfect:

People are going nuts, have you noticed? No longer do the homeless just ask for money, if you don’t give them enough, they might kill you. Nobody has a feeling, when the economy gets worse (and it will) we are going to be seeing more of this stuff…like….this young girl who couldn’t get her McNuggets because it was too late in the morning and they were serving breakfast. As you can see…she is pretty mad about it.

Actually, there were many times I felt like destroying the window after I ordered a burger with no cheese, and I get a burger WITH cheese.

But..what good would it do?

Maybe McDonalds is putting addicting chemicals in their food, something I believe I have read in many a fine book as a good thing. I always crave McDonalds whenever I am sick, and I wonder if anybody else has this…strange condition, which is why I’m SURE hospitals now are putting McDonalds with their McNuggets right on the hospital’s ground floor. They know something we don’t. 
Speaking from experience, this girl probably just got dumped by her boyfriend and was ready to explode anyway.

On the other hand—

In Titusville, Florida, a truck driver named Lance ran over his partner, who was stealing beer:

According to police, the woman was attempting to enter the truck after stealing beer from the convenience store when the driver began to drive away. The woman fell from the vehicle and was run over by the truck, police say.

So why did Lance run over her? Was he in on the robbery? Or was he too drunk to know if he hit anything? Did he figure if he killed her, he could take the beer and not get arrested for robbery? 

Could he possibly look more stoned?

Who wins “biggest moron?” in the Nobody’s Perfect Contest of the week?

In my Nobody’s Opinion: Nancy Pelosi, and that’s a whole other blog.

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Exploding Turbans…What?

 Nobody Knows

—Wow…what a FUBAR of Muslim fanatical news we have coming at us this week.

That liberal rock star and Harvard dressing Ahmadinejad is coming to the United Nations,  but not after ‘President’ Obama made his big speech about how right he was to “liberate” Libya first. Now that Congress has given him the unconstitutional right to go bomb anywhere he wants, he figures he can gloat at the United Nations about what a wonderful thing he has done, using the office of the Presidency to bomb Gaddafi, and then put our troops on the ground—when he said he wouldn’t.

It’s awfully nice to be a dictator.

Obama also met today with that Dracula looking, Afghanistan poop King-in-a-cape, Karzai, at the White House. Poor Karzai  has lost his opium Kingpin brother and an ex-President all within the month: Both killed by the Taliban, or should I say…by the turban.

The former president of Afghanistan – Burhanuddin Rabbani, a major figure who was leading peace talks aimed at ending the war – was killed in his home Tuesday by a suicide attacker wearing an exploding turban.(I bet THAT was messy.)

Karzai didn’t look too pleased with Obama…so…is Obama giving back Afghanistan to his Muslim brotherhood? After all, we are getting out:

“Recent visits to Kabul by senior officials reflect growing eagerness to reduce its involvement in the country for both military and political reasons. But the …Russians are unlikely to leave until the military situation stabilize. There is no sign of that. The guerrillas, increasingly armed with American and other Western weapons, limit Soviet forces to the major cities and roads, The countryside belongs to them.”

That was an actual report from January, 1987. Substitute Americans for the Russians and it becomes quite clear. Russia and America: 0. Afghanistan: 10, minus half their population. But what the heck; Ever since Alexander the Great and his army marched through the Khyber Pass I think they are used to this whole “invasion” thing.

Losers get to go home now with missing arms, legs and genitals because they’ve already packed up the Hummers.  Oh…but Obama did give a Congressional Metal to a guy who kept trying to save his buddies In Afghanistan because the MAIN command would not help them. They were busy watching porn probably…They all died of course, but just in time for Obama to score points with the military, by giving the metal to the guy that did try.

He needs their votes, just like the Jews. Maybe that’s why the plan is to make the army completely gay. The liberals will have another vote blog locked up— What?

So now, Obama has his own, Mogadishu. But no fear, nobody will criticized him for it. (but me)

Funny, when Bush was President, everything that happened on the field was his fault. Not Obama. He is wearing a golden bulletproof turban when it comes to being the Commander- in-Chief.  Obama had this to say to Karzai:

“We both believe that despite this incident that we will not be deterred from creating a path whereby Afghans can live in freedom, safety, security and prosperity.”

(Nobody Says..make everyone turn in their turbans and burkas.)

Turbans are becoming fashionable!

Muslim FUBAR does not stop there: The biggest news is the Palestinians (who we have given over 4 billion dollars) have petitioned the United Nations for Nation status.

The Saudi’s this week gave the Palestinians $200 million dollars to “calm down” their insistence of statehood at the United Nations. The Saudi’s also gave $20 million dollars to the rebel Contras forces in Nicaragua.(in 1987) Evidently somebody here asked them too.

A few million here…a few million there. Gee.

The Saudi’s were put in power by the British, and our Presidents bow and kiss them. What’s up with that? Nobody Knows just WHY every single President, will NOT drill in America for our own oil. We are their puppets.

What ancient treaty did the United States make with the Saudi Kings that WE don’t know about? OR…who is among us that holds every single one of our Presidents hostage?

Everyone knows that the “alternatives” energies will take decades to develop. But every single one of our Presidents go with the ‘green’  crap.  Bush had ethanol. Clinton is out spouting “green” energy, Obama can’t shut up about it.  Mitt will be worse.

Nobody Thinks it’s all about the Saudi’s. BUT…one thing is sure: When your enemy comes to kill you, and hugs you…better look under the Saudi/Muslim/Taliban/ Hamas/ hood.

Burhanuddin Rabbani died when he hugged his assassin, who triggered the bomb, officials said.

Somebody needs to make the movieExploding Turbans! — Coming to YOUR Neighborhood soon!

Is Omar Sharif still alive? Can we get Barbara Streisand to play his Taliban wife?

Can we make it in 3-D?




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Nobody’s Perfect: Police Chief of D.C.

Nobody’s Perfect

Once upon a time, kids would just try to see how many bodies they could fit in a phone booth. But now, with the new power of tweets, texting, and Google…( coming to your Motorola soon) it’s just a matter of seeing how many you can get to show up to go into a store and grab as much free stuff as you can.

And when you have a Police Chief who pretty much thinks it’s no big deal..after all, all they took was candy and soda, this new fade is going to stay for years to come.

Here in America, you can just get a bunch of your friends and go robbing on any night of the week…nothing will happen to you! Have Fun! Nice pick up on asile one!  BUT..don’t you dare try to save a small bird from being eaten by a cat, espeically if you are a child.  For that horrible crime, you will be threatened with $535 dollars or some serious jail time.

But candy? Alchohol? Food? Go ahead, take all you want!

Funny…that Police Chief in D.C. was going to be my “Nobody’s Perfect” winner of the week, but I didn’t catch his name…did you?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Geithner VS Lallona

 Nobody’s Perfect

This week, nobody can compete or even compare imperfections with our own Wizard of Hogwarts Economics, Timothy Geithnor. Mr. Geithner holds the fine title of being the first Secretary of the United States Treasury to cause the fine AAA credit that we have managed to keep since 1917, to downgrade.

Of course, he did not do this remarkable feat all by himself— but he has made himself the laughing stock not only of all Chinese children, but everyone else in the world, and also, no doubt, most of Hogwarts.

Why? Because in April of this year he insisted that in no way was there any “risk” that the United States would be downgraded by anyone. (see video)

On the other side of the coin (hopefully yours is gold) we have a young man from Fullerton, California, who decided one day to put his semen in some lovely co-workers’s water bottle. I’m not sure what he was trying to do: make her gag, or maybe see if his DNA was strong enough to grow his child inside her stomach: With the sexual education being taught these days in our schools, one can never be too sure. Something tells me, she wouldn’t go out with him.

And who could blame her? He looks like he would drown little puppies in his morning milk. This was reported:

Superior Court Judge Walter Schwarm, who earlier sentenced Michael Kevin Lallana, 32, to 180 days in jail for two misdemeanor battery convictions, said Lallana needs to reimburse his victim for therapy and loss of wages after she left her employment following the incidents. And now he has to pay $27,410.80 in restitution.

If Mr. Kevin lived here in St. Louis, just last week he could have gone down to his local courthouse and for just $100 dollars he could have had all his misdemeanors forgiven. He should live here if he wants to keep being a pervert, but then..Nobody’s Perfect.

(And by the way….how did they come up with the 80 cents? Was that the price of the ruined bottles? )

Yes, Kevin went to jail for just the action of putting his semen into a ladies bottle, but Timothy Geithner so far, has seen no jail time whatsoever for robbing billions of people around the earth of their retirment funds. I wish he would have just gotten out a water bottle, squirted, and saved us all a lot of heartache.


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Nobody Mourns Navy Seals

Nobody Mourns

Today, we lost 31 brave American Seals…killed by the Taliban.
BUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter during fighting in eastern Afghanistan, killing 31 Americans, most of them belonging to the same elite Navy SEALs unit that killed Osama bin Laden, as well as seven Afghan commandos, U.S. Officials said Saturday. It was the deadliest single loss for American forces in the decades-old war.
It’s certainly not a day for email.
God be with their families, and may their deeds in combat be just as celebrated as the other members of the team who killed bin Laden.
They are making a movie celebrating the brave deeds of the Seals on the bin Laden mission. If they do not mention the men that lost their lives today, men fighting in the aftermath who were on the same team, then I will remember the omission, as will many others.


From Maureen Dowd:

 The Sony film by the Oscar-winning pair who made “The Hurt Locker” will no doubt reflect the president’s cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds. Just as Obamaland was hoping, the movie is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, 2012 — perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher. He has told people what a thrill it was to meet SEAL Team 6 — and the dog Cairo — which pulled off the hit, noting that the men looked less young and fearsome than he expected, and more like guys working at Home Depot.

Gee Obama, if the Seals look like Home Depot guys, what do you think YOU look like to the Navy Seals?

***…..They think we have a short memory.

The movie is already in the works, to be released next October in order to make Obama look good just before the elections. As far as this Nobody is concerned, they should have drawn all the boys out three years ago. Obama has put more men in danger than we can ever know.
This waste and mismanagement of good men has now become another reason to get our men out of there. It’s become another Vietnam.
The enemy, is in the White House. And that just about puts me on the big list: Nobody wants “hope and change.”
Anyone is better than this man.

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