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Exploding Turbans…What?

 Nobody Knows

—Wow…what a FUBAR of Muslim fanatical news we have coming at us this week.

That liberal rock star and Harvard dressing Ahmadinejad is coming to the United Nations,  but not after ‘President’ Obama made his big speech about how right he was to “liberate” Libya first. Now that Congress has given him the unconstitutional right to go bomb anywhere he wants, he figures he can gloat at the United Nations about what a wonderful thing he has done, using the office of the Presidency to bomb Gaddafi, and then put our troops on the ground—when he said he wouldn’t.

It’s awfully nice to be a dictator.

Obama also met today with that Dracula looking, Afghanistan poop King-in-a-cape, Karzai, at the White House. Poor Karzai  has lost his opium Kingpin brother and an ex-President all within the month: Both killed by the Taliban, or should I say…by the turban.

The former president of Afghanistan – Burhanuddin Rabbani, a major figure who was leading peace talks aimed at ending the war – was killed in his home Tuesday by a suicide attacker wearing an exploding turban.(I bet THAT was messy.)

Karzai didn’t look too pleased with Obama…so…is Obama giving back Afghanistan to his Muslim brotherhood? After all, we are getting out:

“Recent visits to Kabul by senior officials reflect growing eagerness to reduce its involvement in the country for both military and political reasons. But the …Russians are unlikely to leave until the military situation stabilize. There is no sign of that. The guerrillas, increasingly armed with American and other Western weapons, limit Soviet forces to the major cities and roads, The countryside belongs to them.”

That was an actual report from January, 1987. Substitute Americans for the Russians and it becomes quite clear. Russia and America: 0. Afghanistan: 10, minus half their population. But what the heck; Ever since Alexander the Great and his army marched through the Khyber Pass I think they are used to this whole “invasion” thing.

Losers get to go home now with missing arms, legs and genitals because they’ve already packed up the Hummers.  Oh…but Obama did give a Congressional Metal to a guy who kept trying to save his buddies In Afghanistan because the MAIN command would not help them. They were busy watching porn probably…They all died of course, but just in time for Obama to score points with the military, by giving the metal to the guy that did try.

He needs their votes, just like the Jews. Maybe that’s why the plan is to make the army completely gay. The liberals will have another vote blog locked up— What?

So now, Obama has his own, Mogadishu. But no fear, nobody will criticized him for it. (but me)

Funny, when Bush was President, everything that happened on the field was his fault. Not Obama. He is wearing a golden bulletproof turban when it comes to being the Commander- in-Chief.  Obama had this to say to Karzai:

“We both believe that despite this incident that we will not be deterred from creating a path whereby Afghans can live in freedom, safety, security and prosperity.”

(Nobody Says..make everyone turn in their turbans and burkas.)

Turbans are becoming fashionable!

Muslim FUBAR does not stop there: The biggest news is the Palestinians (who we have given over 4 billion dollars) have petitioned the United Nations for Nation status.

The Saudi’s this week gave the Palestinians $200 million dollars to “calm down” their insistence of statehood at the United Nations. The Saudi’s also gave $20 million dollars to the rebel Contras forces in Nicaragua.(in 1987) Evidently somebody here asked them too.

A few million here…a few million there. Gee.

The Saudi’s were put in power by the British, and our Presidents bow and kiss them. What’s up with that? Nobody Knows just WHY every single President, will NOT drill in America for our own oil. We are their puppets.

What ancient treaty did the United States make with the Saudi Kings that WE don’t know about? OR…who is among us that holds every single one of our Presidents hostage?

Everyone knows that the “alternatives” energies will take decades to develop. But every single one of our Presidents go with the ‘green’  crap.  Bush had ethanol. Clinton is out spouting “green” energy, Obama can’t shut up about it.  Mitt will be worse.

Nobody Thinks it’s all about the Saudi’s. BUT…one thing is sure: When your enemy comes to kill you, and hugs you…better look under the Saudi/Muslim/Taliban/ Hamas/ hood.

Burhanuddin Rabbani died when he hugged his assassin, who triggered the bomb, officials said.

Somebody needs to make the movieExploding Turbans! — Coming to YOUR Neighborhood soon!

Is Omar Sharif still alive? Can we get Barbara Streisand to play his Taliban wife?

Can we make it in 3-D?




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  1. Oh…I didn’t know that…Poor guy. I didn’t realized there WAS any Muslims killed here after 9/11…it so, the news kept it pretty quiet.

    And thanks dandapani!


    Comment by joyannaadams | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  2. Anyway, I wanted to bring up the Sikhs. In the anti-Muslim backlash after 9/11, a Sikh man was mistakenly killed as being a Muslim.

    No harm, no foul between us. I enjoy your writings. Aum.


    Comment by dandapani | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  3. Bertram Pincus: Dr. Prashar – you’re from a… scary country, right?
    Dr. Prashar: I’m from India…
    Bertram Pincus: But, you’re not… Christian, like us?
    Dr. Prashar: I’m a Hindu…
    Bertram Pincus: Yeah. So, um, how would you extract information from a hostile?
    Dr. Prashar: Well… as a… Hindu person… I would just… ask him… politely…


    Comment by dandapani | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  4. Okay, I have to admit, I was only looking at the “smily” face because it had a Turban on and I was making fun of turbans and HOW easy it would be to put a bomb in it! (and there IS a bomb in that Indian come?) Of course I like the Indian people, I always pick an Indian doctor when given the choice! Unless of course, I call Microsoft. Then, I get a little…impatient.

    What’s funny, is I tried not to “offend”: the crazy Muslims by picking that one picture that half of them went ga-ga over, I saw a smily face (cartoon) and thought “well there’s a cartoon” not knowing much about INDIANS turbans…there you go, now I’ve insulted the other side of the world.

    Keep a close watch on me dandapani…I could be dangerous. Starting Indian riots. You never know. I do not even make polish jokes anymore…

    Next time, I’ll take a picture of myself in a turban although I warn you…it’s not a pretty sight.


    Comment by joyannaadams | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  5. You first picture of turban wearing gentlemen are not of MUSLIM, but of Indian Sikhs. They are no way related to Islamic terrorists and should not be shown in the same column as same.

    Note the iron bracelets.


    Comment by dandapani | September 21, 2011 | Reply

  6. No turbans EVER!!!
    Kentucky Derby hats YES…:-) 🙂 🙂


    Comment by Pattie | September 21, 2011 | Reply

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