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Nobody Remembers

Did you ever wonder why President George W.H. Bush did NOT go into Iraq and take out Saddam Hussein during the first Iraq war? Notice, there was not much talk about Daddy Bush’s great Desert Storm victory at his funeral. They hardly even mentioned it. I’ve heard more about his young daughter dying than that war, which was the only ‘victory’ I can think of from his Presidency.

That always bugged me. While the American people were kept in the dark about WHY Desert Storm was so vital, it was claimed that Hussein was a tyrant. Still, Daddy Bush did not go after the enemy. He stopped on his doorstep. It wasn’t until later that we learned about the “oil” factor.

So, why?

Dick Cheney, said this:

I would guess if we had gone in there, we would still have forces in Baghdad today. We’d be running the country. We would not have been able to get everybody out and bring everybody home.
And the final point that I think needs to be made is this question of casualties. I don’t think you could have done all of that without significant additional US casualties, and while everybody was tremendously impressed with the low cost of the (1991) conflict, for the 146 Americans who were killed in action and for their families, it wasn’t a cheap war.

That seemed to be a big mistake, for years later, and trillions of dollars more spent, America is STILL there. In 2015 it was reported that 6,845 Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and over 900,000 Americans were wounded.

What is it today I wonder?

There was another time in history that many Americans wondered WHY our leaders made the same decision.

At the end of WWII, when the Russians, Brits, and the United States were all heading towards Berlin to take out Hitler, the United States stepped back, and let the Russians do it.

Eisenhower made that decision…and he made it as he saw it, in the best interests of the American people.

What many people don’t know, is that Eisenhower, throughout the war, had to butt heads daily with Churchill and his big dog general, Montgomery.

Montgomery wanted the glory of having the British take Berlin. He really had a big ego. But Eisenhower knew that the Russians were already in mass and surrounding the city, and for the Americans to run into the Russians on any kind of borderline he feared would lead to WWIII. Like Cheney, he didn’t want to risk any more American lives lost for a city he did not consider a military target. There were other more important German cities to get to first, like the nuclear development sites.

Once again, Eisenhower made the right decision as history has shown.

Besides, by the time the Germans were surrendering, and Eisenhower KNEW that the few men that he had left, had to be sent over to the Pacific to fight the war with Japan.

Eisenhower had to choose. Save Europe for England. Or save America.

History shows that Churchill was also right, but England didn’t have the manpower either to defend all of Europe

Russia took over a lot of territory— including Germany and the formation of the Berlin Wall.

It took years, and President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher to issue the “Tear Down this Wall.” command.

And speaking of walls, this has nothing to do with the wall that President Trump wants to build on our border.

Unlike the Berlin Wall, nobody will be ‘shot’ if they want to leave America.

So, While President Trump is being criticized for leaving the Muslim Wars, while also trying to stay friends with Russia, he is thinking very much like General Eisenhower. Eisenhower knew that post Europe, was not our problem. Trump thinks the same way. Sure, there will be repercussions when America leaves the Middle East, but what’s more important is keeping America strong. Europe must learn to solve its own problems.

Also, Eisenhower bent over backwards not to offend, in any way, the Russians.

After all, without the Russians helping, Germany would NEVER have been defeated, and that’s a fact.

Eisenhower made the choice: Europe or America? He chose America.

And that’s why, he made such a great President himself.

President Trump has more in common with President Eisenhower than he knows. He would have made a great general.

And in this historical moment in our history, where the biggest enemies are in our own government, it’s good to know we have such a man at the top, who really knows what he’s doing.

And that’s my Nobody’s Opinion.

And by the way, that wasn’t the only time Eisenhower saved us. He went to the White House during the Cuban missile Crisis and told Jack Kennedy how to deal with the Russians.

(Read, the National Bestseller: Eisenhower at War 1943-1945 by David Eisenhower.)

Great book.


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Nobody Asks: Who EXACTLY–Benefits from Wars in the Middle East?

Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows just why Obama and the Rino’s are crying out for war with Syria. Everybody that I read is pretty much guessing that it’s all to save Obama from his own big mouth. But Nobody Thinks we should ask the very old but very sensible question: Who benefits? It’s blatantly obvious that the United States citizens, would be hurt. We don’t have the money or the will to fight another senseless war in the Middle East—-but how about our elites?

What are they getting out of this?Beohner

Nobody Knows and wonders—-what and IF some of our entranced Senators and Presidents get some personal money out of this from…big corporations, or even worse…other countries?

Nobody Knows…how influential big corporations and Saudi money are in calling the shots in Washington D.C.  It seems, every politician in Washington is controlled and by big wads of money.  P.J. O’Rourke was right when he said we have a Parliament of Whores.  Nobody Wonders if we can also add a recent gaggle of Presidential Whores to that great title.Saudi King and Obama

Let’s go back to the first gulf war. Daddy Bush told us we were going over there to protect a defenseless country named Kuwait, and Saddam was a bad guy. Remember, we backed that ‘bad’ guy with chemical weapons, military hardware, and millions of dollars to help those poor tribal lords in Iraq fight Iran.  We did the very same thing with bin Laden, in Afghanistan, to help him fight Russia

How did that turn out for us?

Daddy Bush gave our military support to those adorable Sunni sheiks in Saudi Arabia in order to protect them, and their family, and their oil with the FIRST Gulf war.  Bush the elder put on a real patriotic display for…making himself look good and protecting the Sheiks.  The propaganda was so good…we didn’t mind much, because we still had money.Saudi King and Cheny

Then we had Clinton protecting  the Muslims in Kosovo in THAT civil war. Remember, there was another ‘bad’ guy…Milosevic.  Nobody Knows how necessary that was. Clinton kept away from bin Laden, refused the man nine times, because bin Laden had relatives in the Saudi family. He literally ignored the bombing of the Cole, (We will FIND the criminals who did this!) and the first bombing of the World Trade Center, which was done by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Clinton airlifted Bosnian refugees over here because he felt sorry for them. He dropped 80,000 into St. Louis.

Expect more refugees from Syria to come over here because  the democrats are already demanding it.Clinton Kosovo

After 9.11, Bush Jr. protected the Saudi’s kids and sent out planes to pick up their families here, while everybody else was grounded. Even though almost ALL of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Bush blamed one lone man. bin Laden, and he kept inviting those old Sheiks down to his Texas ranch, where he could give them big kisses. Saudi and Bush

Obama just has the thugs into the White House.

Who here believes that George W. Bush didn’t know where bin Laden was for ten years…raise your hands.

(Okay. You there. Go back to your granola.)

Obama continued the Saudi King worship with low bows.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Jeb Bush is about to give Hillary Clinton, the butcher enabler of Benghazi, a metal of honor. Hillary has a Muslim Brotherhood woman as her assistant and she is now the right hand man of Obama.

Tell me, when will  the American people get some attention from their Presidents?

All these years, our Presidents have been protecting the Saudi’s family…and we are still doing it. Iran is their biggest enemy. How nice it would be for them if we took out Syria, and then Iran?

You could say that our Presidents are doing this to keep us in oil, but we can easily get oil from other places, including our own country, and yet, we NEVER do.  Our Congress AND President make damn sure we stay forever dependent on the Saudi oil.

Why? I want to know….what’s in it for them? Iraq War one

Nobody knows, if the reason that rich people want the Presidency so badly is that the top politicians have their own very secret, and very lucrative contracts with Saudi Arabia? After all, the Saudi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood are both Wahhabi. It would explain why we have a Muslim sympathize in the White House. The Saudi’s could have told the Rhino’s at the top, that they wanted  a Muslim someday, in the Presidency.  John McCain could have been in on that deal. After all, he ran to lose, it was almost too obvious.

Are our Presidents and some of our Senators on the payrolls of Saudi Kings?

Because Nobody Knows how John McCain, a decorated war veteran, could say this:

The bloodcurdling cry of “Allahu akbar” is a war cry, and is meant to “strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers.” You can’t tell me John McCain doesn’t know that.

Nobody Knows if the Boston  Mayor Menino who said when a reporter asked him what he’d do with Detroit  “I’d blow up the place and start all over.” if John McCain would think it was okay if the Mayor said “Thank GOD!” after he did it? (And wasn’t THAT a racist statement?)

Nobody Knows why the democrats, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore helped get the network Al-Jazeera broadcasted into American homes, while in Egypt, the Muslims’ Brotherhood network has been banned. Al Gore made millions, but what did Hillary get?

Nobody knows why now, Ft. Hood was treated as a work place accident. Nobody Knows why American Tea Party is higher on the FBI list as terrorist than al-Qaeda.

Are our Presidents getting paid in secret by the Saudi’s to keep us at war? After all, a few top men making billions from secret payouts from foreign countries would be very hard to prove, and very easy to hide. Look how long they hid everything else? (NSA( We still don’t know who killed JFK, and never will. Did FDR make a deal that American Presidents would forever more protect the Saudi Family as long as a few key people at the top of our government got big payouts? Could the Saudi Kings have insisted that payout as long as America was kept dependent on their oil?Iraq War

Nobody knows, but it would sure explain the absolute absurdity of the last four President and their actions. And when you look all around you, it’s the ONLY answer that explains it all.

If you think I’m nuts about this theory, ask yourself:  “What have they done for YOU lately?”

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Do Returning Soldiers Have Second Amendment Rights? Nobody Wants to Know

Nobody Knows–

Just when does the returning U.S. soldier gets his American rights back? Our great ‘rulers’ and their minions are saying that our emails and Facebook pages, telephone calls, etc…are just being nicely stored away. It’s very hard for anyone to even get permission to look at them. They are being collected, but not looked at…like books in a library.

Right. Who would EVER want to read a book in a library?

And even when they are, we would never know, so, what we don’t know won’t stress us out.

That’s what they say: But that’s not what Jerome Corsi from WND is reporting. Obama is monitoring our bravest Americans— our soldiers…very closely:

The FBI and the Secret Service are showing up to request an interview to question specific Internet posts the veteran hSoldiersas placed on websites such as Facebook,” explained attorney John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute.

Whitehead said the agencies are looking for “anti-Obama views that can be interpreted to reflect psychological problems of sufficient seriousness to disqualify the veteran from ever owning a firearm.”

Right. So far the “psychological’ problems of the returning soldier has been…to kill himself or herself. And that’s mostly because, many of them say, the drugs they put them on, make them worse.

I don’t get it. Somebody tell me. When a soldier leaves the military, what? He can’t speak his mind ever again? and women who are willing to give their lives for their country, have to sacrifice their civil liberties too, when they come home? They are no longer an American citizen?

What’s up with that? And they can’t even READ what they want in the military anymore.

Brandon Raub, 27, was arrested by FBI and Secret Service agents for comments he made on Facebook expressing dissatisfaction with the present direction of the U.S. government.

Arrested. Really? For what? Do they think that reading Bill O’Reilly is going to make some other soldier attack Joe Biden? Or is it because Obama demands complete submission to his Lordship. Even during WWII, the men would talk against McAurther all the time. Were any of them arrested?

Whitehead explained the problem is intensifying as an increasing percentage of the U.S. military serving in Afghanistan have become disillusioned with Obama administration policy toward the war.

“I’ve had veterans returning from Afghanistan tell me that they passed by the opium fields and it shocked me that the U.S. government was helping the Afghans plant that stuff,” Whitehead said.

“There’s a lot of corruption in the Afghanistan government, passing around bags of cash to top officials, and our troops are beginning to ask, ‘Why am I here?’

The talk has been about the NSA, but somebody suggested to me today that as far as anybody knows, Edward Snowden was a plant to make us all pay attention to one subject, the NSA spying on us, and getting everyone to talk about it…because they didn’t want us to notice what else they were doing that was going to REALLY screw us all up. In case you haven’t noticed, they do this all the time. I believe in their terms it’s called misdirection. George Orwell 4


You tell me. Tonight only 15 Senators voted against it.

Nobody Knows, but all us Nobodies better start trying to find out. Why are they turning our America into Stalin’s Second Resurrection?

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Nobody Remembers Extortion 17

Nobody Remembers

Seal Team Six, remember them? Oh how Obama praised them, Oh— how he bragged about how he ordered the killing of bin Laden. And how brave he was to go into Pakistan to get bin Laden.

And yet, there is a scandal as big as Benghazi, that will make your stomach turn. Obama Muslim

We all heard every so briefly, that most of the members of Seal Team Six, the team that had killed bin Laden, were killed in a helicopter crash. And then…we heard no more. Media blackout. God forbid Obama’s Hollywood picture be interrupted.

Until today. It’s been shown that the Seals were probably…sacrificed. Did Obama hand those brave men over to be murdered? The ‘accident” came over two months after the raid.

Watch this video, (at the bottom of the link above) and judge for yourself.  Listen to the parents. Listen to the proof. Is Obama capable of it?

Well–at their funeral, an Imam was allowed to damn them all to hell.

What do you think? It’s my opinion: Yes. Obama sacrificed Seal Team Six. It’s the way he works.

The servicemen were put in a slow helicopter that is never used for combat operations….they were sitting ducks.

President gave out their names…they had targets on their backs. And then, the setup.

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed the name of the Navy SEAL team that carried out the raid on Osama bin Laden at a June 24, 2011 ceremony. He also named the unit’s ground commander. The information was classified, yet the ceremony was attended by “Zero Dark Thirty” filmmaker Mark Boal. The ceremony took place a little over a month prior to the team’s helicopter was shot down by a Taliban-fired rocket-propelled grenade.

The attack on the SEALs helicopter was the largest single loss of U.S. life since the beginning of the 2001 Afghan War, and is the largest single loss ever suffered by the SEALs.

And that’s not all:

Afghan National Army, the Afghan National Police, and the Afghan Security Ministry have been and still are involved in the planning of every single stage of every single Special Operation that takes place in that country.  And yes, these plans include flight routes and landing zones,” says Karen Vaughn.

Wow…let your enemy plan you flight route. Smart.

Klayman says, “The funeral that was held in Kabul where you couldn’t even mention the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, but yet a Muslim cleric gets up and damns these fallen heroes to hell as infidels.”

This makes me sick. Baby Angry

We need to bring this to EVERYONE’s attention.

EVERYONE’s. Call your Congressmen. Call Paul Ryan. Cruz, Beck. Get everyone talking about this.

Please…watch the video…..Our foreign President is a Muslim.  We must start calling our Congressmen, and get this scandal out with all the rest of them.

THIS is the scandal. The contemptuous Iman is at 20.00.

As an American…I am furious.

And you can put that in your next Star Trek Movie and smoke it NSA.

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Nobody’s Beef

Nobody Wins

I have a beef. A big beef…about “voting.” Okay–so I didn’t start voting until after I watched the first Iraq War. The great Daddy Bush’s victory protecting Kuwait from the diabolical Saddam Hussein. Being that I remember Vietnam, it was nice that we “won” a war, but really. Iraq? And if this Saddam Hussein was such a bad guy (which he was), why didn’t we just go in and get him?

I grew up in the sixties with Nixon, and Vietnam. I was …suspicious. Reagan took down the Soviet Union without a shot. Why did Bush have to “protect” some little country?

They didn’t really tell us why. We now were the world’s police….again.  My attitude back then was that politicians were so crooked that everything was rigged, and you really had no say.

And then, I voted…for the first time for Ross Perot. Here was a guy who was a businessman, who was telling us we were in for a very rough ride. NAFTA would doom us he said. Bill Clinton, and the Bushes were on this global ride and Mr. Perot was right…it got even worse than he predicted. With the help of the “globalists” America fell apart.

Just this morning I found out that my local police, are one of just 24 U.S. law enforcement agencies that are going to be training the Iraq police. My local police are getting funding for this and they are bringing the Iraq’s HERE to train. This is being done by the IACP the world’s oldest and largest association of law enforcement executives. The IACP has more than 20,000 members. My neighborhood will be filled with Muslims. I doubt very seriously if these “trainees” go back to Iraq.

They say they are training the Iraq’s in the RULE OF LAW. Who’s ‘rules of law’ are they following?

This really makes me angry. I know that’s not exactly a polite or journalistic way to put it, but for OUR money, to go to training Iraq police…HERE IN THE UNITED STATES…it’s just appalling to me. It’s more than that, it’s not safe.  With all that we have sacrificed for Iraq— let them train their own people. But I fear it’s just a legal way for Obama to bring more Muslims into our country…through the back door so to speak.

Do you know why we should train other country’s police forces here with taxpayer’s dollars when hundreds of our own police men are being laid off?

Neither do I.

The  local police chief is all for it. He has been involved in this organization for a long time. Who knew? It wasn’t exactly on his resume when he got elected.

— Which brings me to the problem: I wonder how many people,  when they go to vote in their local elections, know ANYTHING at all about the local politicians?

I’m betting you are just like me. You search the libraries, the internet for any information you can find, and you can’t.  All you really have to go on are the is really nasty campaign ads telling you how this one is crooked or that one hangs out with prostitutes, or whatever they can think of.

Here in Missouri, Sarah Palin had a nice ad out about Sarah Steelman for Missouri Senator, but the ad that stuck in your mind was a very ugly picture of Sarah Steelman (a republican) next to a picture of Claire McCaskill (Obama loving democrat) and a message to not send either one of them toWashington, they were both corrupt, and you had no idea who put up that ad.

But it worked. Steelman lost.

EVERY time I go to vote in the local elections, I have no clue what or who is going to be on the ballot. I blame myself, and everyone else blames you for not caring. BUT…the sad fact is, they don’t WANT you to know about any of these people are. Hell, we are just now finding out who Obama really is.

Nobody Thinks, no…Nobody Knows this is on purpose.  It would be so easy to send out information about the people running for office, a simple folder sent out to the voters would suffice. But no.

And that’s why the people at the TOP, can make sure the people of the local districts are people they want at the local level. That’s why America has become dictatorial in so many ways. That’ why a Mayor of New York can outlaw salt, baby formula, and obesity…because all the local districts are men and woman who would never dare challenge him.

You can’t tell me all the people in New York want to be controlled like that.

Another little trick they use (both parties) to get who they want elected is called the “primaries.” In the primaries, (in many states) a DEMOCRAT can ask for a Republican ballot and vote for the person, especially the one they think would lose against their democratic favorite. So…hundreds of democrats, who by the way, are mostly government workers, teachers and unions members, are told to ask for a Republican ticket and vote for the man they think is most likely to lose to their candidate.

So, I find myself back to the beginning. Does my vote even count?

If the local elections are rigged that a Democrat can vote on the Republican ticket, what chance do we really have? It’s a dirty play, and most conservatives would never think of doing that. But liberals do.

Oh…and this Tuesday elections stuff…it’s the worst day of the week to vote. The really hard workers, who are the ones supporting this overgrown elephant called our government, sometimes can’t even make it to the polls.

The top politicians stack the decks.  It’s called trickle down power….top to bottom. Some states are actually fighting back…so there’s hope.

But in too many states…Nobody Wins….and Nobody Thinks it’s ever going to change.

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The Pentagon is Pissed? Really? Well, So Are We.

Nobody Remembers:

Hillary Clinton and Leon Penetta were all over themselves apologizing for a video that was posted of four Marines urinating on three dead Taliban bodies. The Pentagon is mad.

KABUL, Afghanistan — A video showing four United States Marines urinating on three dead Taliban fighters provoked anger and condemnation on Thursday in Afghanistan and around the world, raising fears in Washington that the images could incite anti-American sentiment at a particularly delicate moment in the decade-old Afghan war.

(You’re kidding me right? Like there IS no anti-American sentiment now?)

Mr. Karzai said that he was deeply disturbed and that he had asked the Americans to punish the perpetrators severely.
“This act by American soldiers is simply inhuman and condemnable in the strongest possible terms,” he said. The actions of the Marines in the video could amount to a violation of the Geneva Conventions.”
I won’t say much about this, but let me get this straight: It’s not the fact that these men are DEAD that is the problem, it’s the fact that these Marines, whom as far as we know, might have lost buddies to these Taliban dead guys: decided to show their dissatisfaction to their corpses.
 While most people find this going a bit too far, on the other hand, if our government prosecutes them as war criminals, THEY should be put on trial, because THEY sent them over there, in a war, to KILL the Taliban in the first place. In fact: we trained the Taliban in the first place. And now, they are bringing our soldiers home in defeat, in what is certainly not any kind of victory. I’m sure, they are the Taliban’s biggest laughing-stock.

If anyone should be mad, it should be the American citizen for just how badly the whole war was conducted—Not to mention how much it cost us– not the lame joke of a few soldiers.

Has Hillary forgotten all those people who were KILLED on 9/11? You can’t even find their corpses. At least those Marines left the Taliban bodies to bury. We just dump our bits and pieces of blown up soldiers in some empty landfill in Virginia.

WAR is hell, and unfortunately, our liberal elites have NO idea what’s it’s like to spend day after day getting shot at, and then finding out, all your fighting has been for nothing because the enemy is being forgiven and helped back into the country with the blessings of the Commander-In-Chief, who goes by the common name of our enemy: Barack Hussain Obama.

Many people feel that the U.S. exit from the battlefield is no different from when the Russians left Afghanistan after ten years.  There was no American victory there. The Taliban considers that they have beaten the Americans. That HAS to be hard on our brave soldiers.

Some men in war…just snap. At least they didn’t do what the Taliban do to their enemies: cut off their heads, and desecrate their privates. Right. The Taliban honors the Geneva Convention.

What a joke.

I’m stopping here because this is so uncalled for: Hillary should have said today: “War is hell, for everyone.” And walked off.

Hillary would be stupid to make a big thing about this: the American people will stand behind their Marines. It won’t play well in an election.

My friend Mona, after seeing the video…expressed it well: 

Sorry, but when our troops see the filth and horrendous pain that those people inflict on their own, and our people and country what those soldiers did was mild to what I am sure most would cheer them on to do. How can our men feel anything but that they are actually not even worth wasting their piss on, and I feel for those men. Who could blame them for how they felt and the one who took and posted this should be pissed on and hung as far as I am concerned as who ever put those men in harm’s way: what fools do, and I do not mean those Marines either!

Reply to: Reply

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The Perfunctory Dismissal of Depleted Uranium

Nobody Reports:

There is so much that is not being reported on your mainstream news, I thought I’d flash this. Last night, on Coast to Coast, Dr. Doug Rokke, was telling George Noory the host, that over half of our American soldiers from the first Gulf War, and Iraq Freedom, were suffering from the effects of being exposed to radiation from Depleted Uranium (DU)

He was the doctor/expert in charge during the Gulf war of cleaning this stuff up, and almost all of his colleagus that worked with him, died painful cancer deaths. He’s still alive, but suffering badly. He said that over 40,000 vets had Leukemia. He also was very upset that they are not being treated but ignored. In other words: a big cover-up.

Now, when watching the above training film and the editing that was done over it, I’m not sure if it was a political ploy to damn conservatives, I’m also suspect placing  “blame” since it’s very easy to blame ONE guy. The editor blames Ronald Reagan for using DU’s in the first place.

Nevertheless, let’s say Ronald Reagan did know about them, and granted permission to use them, and if this information is true, since statistics for the average citizen are hard to find, none of the Presidents since then, have stopped it. I don’t think DU’s are used in he Navy because of the fact that the stuff would be on board the ships, so they DO know the side effects.

Maybe the Presidents were not informed of the dangers to our soldiers, but that’s another blog.

Only the people who have come back from the wars and their families can speak out about this, but I post it as just another example of our government not giving a damn about its citizens.

Nobody Wonders if that’s why George W. Bush gets all teary eyed every time he visits the soldiers. 

 I am posting the full summary from the Coast to Coast email here.


On Tuesday’s show, registered nurse and talk show host, Joyce Riley, discussed the epidemic of violent & murderous episodes involving Gulf War vets, who have typically not found adequate support from the government. Dr. Doug Rokke, a retired Major of the U.S. Army also joined the conversation. Rokke created a U.S. Army Depleted Uranium (DU) Training film, but the DoD failed to ever show his video because of the severity of consequences from DU. A multitude of weapons contribute to DU, including bunker buster bombs, cruise missiles, cluster bombs, and tank & aircraft rounds, he stated. Symptoms from exposure include skin rashes, chronic fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, immune dysfunction, abdominal pain, and blurred vision, he detailed, adding that war zones have become thoroughly contaminated.

In addition to DU, battle fatigue, exposure to experimental vaccines, and toxic environments all contribute to an alarming level of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and physical/psychological illnesses suffered by vets, Riley reported. The VA fields an astonishing 450 suicides calls a day, and out of 600,000 troops who served in Desert Storm, over 300,000 have serious medical problems, she cited. Regarding such cases, “these are people who had something happen to their brains, their bodies; they come back and then they are kicked to the side of the curb, and told,’gee, we don’t see anything wrong with you, and then they’re out of the military,’ she lamented. In addition to high suicide rates, vets with PTSD have killed family members, and afterward report that they were in a fog, and have no memory of committing murders. The VA often gives PTSD sufferer antipsychotic or SSRI drugs, which she believes ends up accelerating their levels of aggression and problematic behaviors.


The radio show is on late at night, and even though some of the guests and subjects are completely bonkers and just meant to be fun: like the existence of Vampires for instance, Noory has been in the front lines for what you don’t ever hear in the mainstream media. My guess is they don’t find him a threat because his show starts at midnight. Most everyone is asleep.

Having said that…if you do an image search for what DU’s do to the babies of Iraq, you will wonder why in the world did George W. Bush take so much precaution to bomb so carefully the city of Baghdad, when the future generations of many Iraq babies would be exposed to radiation.

DU really is a WMD. God…I HATE finding this stuff out, but as Americans, they should be telling us all this stuff.

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Ladies of Honor, President of Shame

Nobody Flashes

As you compare both these video’s remember that England is one of the few countries in the world that sent men over to support America in her attack on Iraq.  Amfortas, my British reader in Australia, was the first to show this to me…I should have posted it then. Now, I have NO excuse because it’s going around the world. Those men are coming home, to those ladies delight, and Iraq is going back into civil war…and we all are left wondering: What in the hell was our sacrifice for?  The money, the lives spent, so…Where’s the democracy? This video will move you…sometimes to tears. God bless them all.

They got democracy, alright. Something that our founders warned us all about. True democracy leads to tyranny. The Muslim Brotherhood is being voted in all over the Middle East, Time Magazine celebrates along with our “President.” Christians are running for their lives.

NOW…compare THIS video to this next one, which I am ashamed to show you. Obama gives a Christmas Greeting and a Ramadan Greeting. He says he ended the war…because of his love and respect for the Muslim religion and listen to how reverently he talks about the Islamic religion.Also note, he makes no mention of Christ. It’s a “child’s” holiday, and a day of giving. Nothing more .

Not only was this man not born an American, if you watch this video, with any sense of clarity, there is no doubt that he is a Muslim. There is no comparison between Christ and Muhammad. Christ wins hands down every single time…just as a man. Obama is a fool to love this religion. Everything about it, is backward, absurd, violent, and dangerous. It’s slavery for half its people. It’s insane. When a black man to endorse Islam, he is endorsing slavery. He is more racist than the whites he so loves to condemn.

And he…is our President.

When he mentions Christianity, it is to use the religion as an excuse to manipulated us into ‘service’: service to preferably to further his  desire to HELP the Muslims, as he has done thought the Muslim world. With the help of Obama, and the CIA, the Muslim nations are now all coming under Sharia law. Time Magazine Cover of “Man of the Year” was about Obama’s great revolution for Islam.

The man, is an American Traitor. He should be impeached immediately.  If elected again, he will bring more Muslims into our nation. Unfortunately, we are ruled by a plutocracy, and divided into class/race warfare, and they have us under control.

Nobody has any more doubts. Barack Hussein Obama, is more dangerous than we know.

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Exploding Turbans…What?

 Nobody Knows

—Wow…what a FUBAR of Muslim fanatical news we have coming at us this week.

That liberal rock star and Harvard dressing Ahmadinejad is coming to the United Nations,  but not after ‘President’ Obama made his big speech about how right he was to “liberate” Libya first. Now that Congress has given him the unconstitutional right to go bomb anywhere he wants, he figures he can gloat at the United Nations about what a wonderful thing he has done, using the office of the Presidency to bomb Gaddafi, and then put our troops on the ground—when he said he wouldn’t.

It’s awfully nice to be a dictator.

Obama also met today with that Dracula looking, Afghanistan poop King-in-a-cape, Karzai, at the White House. Poor Karzai  has lost his opium Kingpin brother and an ex-President all within the month: Both killed by the Taliban, or should I say…by the turban.

The former president of Afghanistan – Burhanuddin Rabbani, a major figure who was leading peace talks aimed at ending the war – was killed in his home Tuesday by a suicide attacker wearing an exploding turban.(I bet THAT was messy.)

Karzai didn’t look too pleased with Obama…so…is Obama giving back Afghanistan to his Muslim brotherhood? After all, we are getting out:

“Recent visits to Kabul by senior officials reflect growing eagerness to reduce its involvement in the country for both military and political reasons. But the …Russians are unlikely to leave until the military situation stabilize. There is no sign of that. The guerrillas, increasingly armed with American and other Western weapons, limit Soviet forces to the major cities and roads, The countryside belongs to them.”

That was an actual report from January, 1987. Substitute Americans for the Russians and it becomes quite clear. Russia and America: 0. Afghanistan: 10, minus half their population. But what the heck; Ever since Alexander the Great and his army marched through the Khyber Pass I think they are used to this whole “invasion” thing.

Losers get to go home now with missing arms, legs and genitals because they’ve already packed up the Hummers.  Oh…but Obama did give a Congressional Metal to a guy who kept trying to save his buddies In Afghanistan because the MAIN command would not help them. They were busy watching porn probably…They all died of course, but just in time for Obama to score points with the military, by giving the metal to the guy that did try.

He needs their votes, just like the Jews. Maybe that’s why the plan is to make the army completely gay. The liberals will have another vote blog locked up— What?

So now, Obama has his own, Mogadishu. But no fear, nobody will criticized him for it. (but me)

Funny, when Bush was President, everything that happened on the field was his fault. Not Obama. He is wearing a golden bulletproof turban when it comes to being the Commander- in-Chief.  Obama had this to say to Karzai:

“We both believe that despite this incident that we will not be deterred from creating a path whereby Afghans can live in freedom, safety, security and prosperity.”

(Nobody Says..make everyone turn in their turbans and burkas.)

Turbans are becoming fashionable!

Muslim FUBAR does not stop there: The biggest news is the Palestinians (who we have given over 4 billion dollars) have petitioned the United Nations for Nation status.

The Saudi’s this week gave the Palestinians $200 million dollars to “calm down” their insistence of statehood at the United Nations. The Saudi’s also gave $20 million dollars to the rebel Contras forces in Nicaragua.(in 1987) Evidently somebody here asked them too.

A few million here…a few million there. Gee.

The Saudi’s were put in power by the British, and our Presidents bow and kiss them. What’s up with that? Nobody Knows just WHY every single President, will NOT drill in America for our own oil. We are their puppets.

What ancient treaty did the United States make with the Saudi Kings that WE don’t know about? OR…who is among us that holds every single one of our Presidents hostage?

Everyone knows that the “alternatives” energies will take decades to develop. But every single one of our Presidents go with the ‘green’  crap.  Bush had ethanol. Clinton is out spouting “green” energy, Obama can’t shut up about it.  Mitt will be worse.

Nobody Thinks it’s all about the Saudi’s. BUT…one thing is sure: When your enemy comes to kill you, and hugs you…better look under the Saudi/Muslim/Taliban/ Hamas/ hood.

Burhanuddin Rabbani died when he hugged his assassin, who triggered the bomb, officials said.

Somebody needs to make the movieExploding Turbans! — Coming to YOUR Neighborhood soon!

Is Omar Sharif still alive? Can we get Barbara Streisand to play his Taliban wife?

Can we make it in 3-D?




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