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As you compare both these video’s remember that England is one of the few countries in the world that sent men over to support America in her attack on Iraq.  Amfortas, my British reader in Australia, was the first to show this to me…I should have posted it then. Now, I have NO excuse because it’s going around the world. Those men are coming home, to those ladies delight, and Iraq is going back into civil war…and we all are left wondering: What in the hell was our sacrifice for?  The money, the lives spent, so…Where’s the democracy? This video will move you…sometimes to tears. God bless them all.

They got democracy, alright. Something that our founders warned us all about. True democracy leads to tyranny. The Muslim Brotherhood is being voted in all over the Middle East, Time Magazine celebrates along with our “President.” Christians are running for their lives.

NOW…compare THIS video to this next one, which I am ashamed to show you. Obama gives a Christmas Greeting and a Ramadan Greeting. He says he ended the war…because of his love and respect for the Muslim religion and listen to how reverently he talks about the Islamic religion.Also note, he makes no mention of Christ. It’s a “child’s” holiday, and a day of giving. Nothing more .

Not only was this man not born an American, if you watch this video, with any sense of clarity, there is no doubt that he is a Muslim. There is no comparison between Christ and Muhammad. Christ wins hands down every single time…just as a man. Obama is a fool to love this religion. Everything about it, is backward, absurd, violent, and dangerous. It’s slavery for half its people. It’s insane. When a black man to endorse Islam, he is endorsing slavery. He is more racist than the whites he so loves to condemn.

And he…is our President.

When he mentions Christianity, it is to use the religion as an excuse to manipulated us into ‘service’: service to preferably to further his  desire to HELP the Muslims, as he has done thought the Muslim world. With the help of Obama, and the CIA, the Muslim nations are now all coming under Sharia law. Time Magazine Cover of “Man of the Year” was about Obama’s great revolution for Islam.

The man, is an American Traitor. He should be impeached immediately.  If elected again, he will bring more Muslims into our nation. Unfortunately, we are ruled by a plutocracy, and divided into class/race warfare, and they have us under control.

Nobody has any more doubts. Barack Hussein Obama, is more dangerous than we know.

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