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The Jews Have No Say…Whatsoever

Nobody’s Opinion

It doesn’t seem to be enough for Obama to destroy America, now he’s off to start the countdown to chaos in the Middle East; I knew instantly that the Iranian deal was a bad deal because Obama decided to announce his big miracle on a Saturday night, when no one was watching but Chris Mathews. This is how they will cover their “mistake.” Nobody will actually remember the moment.  From all accounts, it’s just a piece of paper…meaningless as a Jerry Burger empty sock. Obama & Muslims

Come on—when was the last time you could believe anything Obama said?

“You can keep you’re doctors, and your Nukes too!”

Nobody Thinks he planned this move more than eight years ago. Why else did he make his very first speech as President in Cairo?  First term: Destroy America with Universal Health Care:  Second term: Destroy Israel and make a one nation Muslim Brotherhood in the middle East.  Then get amnesty here in the U.S., and as many Muslims as you can possibly stuff in Mexican trucks.  In the meantime, Iran needs just a little more time….

Netanyahu, is not pleased.

“What was accomplished last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement; it’s a historic mistake,” Netanyahu said during his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday. “Today the world has become much more dangerous, because the most dangerous regime in the world took a meaningful step toward acquiring the most dangerous weapon in the world.”

According to John Bolton, this was all about keeping international pressure on Israel not to strike.

What are all those elite stocking in those limos’—-LSD?

Really?  Saudi Arabia has already given Israel air space to strike.

Last Saturday night, John Kerry acted as if he just cured cancer.  Kerry said they do not have the “right to enrichment.” Oh…and we are going to watch them— Just like Obama watches our borders, and all those Boston bombers taking trips overseas to learn how to make bombs— Just like Clinton gave nukes to North Korea, who swore HE wouldn’t develop them either.

Right. That’s not what Iran is saying. They say, they have been given permission to become nuclear. (see video)

An unnamed official in Netanyahu’s office told Army Radio that the agreement does allow Iran to enrich uranium, leaves Iran with all of the centrifuges that would allow it to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons, and does not dismantle Iran’s Arak heavy-water reactor, which could produce plutonium.

On a fun note: Sen. Chuck Schumer, a member of his party’s leadership team, said he was “disappointed” by the deal, which he called disproportional. Leave it to a democrat to use lame words like “disappointed” to describe the most dangerous country in the world getting nukes.Obama and Isreal

Is he going to be “disappointed’ when an atomic bomb is dropped?  Is he ever going to be ‘disappointed’ in Obama?

And what does it tell you about the United Nations elite countries of Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia, and the U.S….when they make a deal with a small country like Iran, and leave out the country that Iran has sworn to eliminate from the earth?

The Jews, had absolute no say at all in its own survival.

And that, in fact, is historical.

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Obama: Forget the Misdemeanor, THIS is High Crime!

Nobody Remembers

Let’s remember–our current clear and present danger: I usually post some fun historical fact on Friday…but I thought THIS video, sent to me by the people at Floyd, was so important that everyone should be aware of it before the weekend, or before Obama launches missiles into Syria. .

Nobody should remember what happens in history when tyrannical megalomaniacs  are not stopped.

I know it’s a bit long, but the implications of Obama, paying the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt without Congress even knowing about it–with the help of his brother in Kenya, and putting the United States in imminent danger by FUNDING the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East—- screams for impeachment. If Obama attacks Syria, without Congressional approval, he should be impeached. He’s making a habit of ignoring the Constitution.

There is no question that Jerome Corsi’s investigative journalism can be deemed top-rated.

Please take a half hour out of your day to hear this, because you are probably not going to hear any of this on TV. And if you do, it will be after the fact.

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Democracy & Muslims Mix like Peanut Butter & Spinach



I believe that God has planted in every heart the desire to live in freedom.
George W. Bush

Nobody Knows if President George W. Bush really believed that if he just freed the Iraqi’ people— if he just freed them from Saddam Hussein, that they would just bounce up and sing “Hallelujah” and overnight become another Japan. While they did all rejoice for a few days, it seemed that within the month, they were back to being …theocratic Muslims.Bush

They really don’t know how to be anything else. It’s been their culture since Muhammad got jealous of Jesus and decided to kill anyone who didn’t accept him as a BETTER God. Sort of…reminds you of a certain current President whom I will not name, simply because I’m tired of saying it.

The Middle East has never known what the word ‘democracy’ actually means.  Just because a Mullah’s wife in Dubai can buy Victoria Secret, doesn’t exactly means she is …free. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. And you’d better not be under it if you are a Christian in Cairo right now.

But when advertising the rewards of democracy, President George W. Bush,  always like to point to Japan and Germany when he made his big speeches, in order to rationalize his actions for bombing and sending our boys to Iraq. But…you really can’t compare it.

Not at all.

Take Japan. The United States came in, after their complete destruction, and told them exactly HOW they were going to run their governments.  They had to do it our way. But, he didn’t fight the Iraq war that way. He went in, and then send over soldiers to .. help them learn ‘democracy.’ George was much more…compassionate.

The jihadists  of 9/11  had come from mostly Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, but who were WE to argue with a President?

So…George let them all taste freedom and what did they do? They voted in Hezbollah. Radical Muslims started winning elections all over the Middle East.democracy Iranin

Great plan there, Mr. President.

And if we thought George was a bit…hard to understand, the politicians we have now, make George look like the brightest bulb in the sinking boat.

Notice in the video how Lindsey Graham wants the people fighting in Egypt all to get along? Somehow, our politicians, think we should just talk sweetly and say, “Well, you should all do as we do in America.”  and we really want you too.. stop fighting and be nice to each other.

Bush and Obama’s dream of Democracy…did not exactly pan out.  Democracy in the Middle East has been a godsend for the radicals who hate America. Democracy is mob rule, as France found out with their revolution. The Muslims haven’t thought of the guillotine yet…but give them time.Gullotine

Democracies are a nightmare, and frankly, I wish our Presidents would shut up about spreading democracy all over the world.  Egypt is on its second or third revolution, and I’m started to lose count.   It’s the Muslims who wouldn’t molest you if you wanted to come see their Pyramids, against the Muslims who would cut your head off at the base of the sphinx, after dragging you off your camel that you paid $100 dollars to ride.

The side we should be supporting…once again, we are not. Just like Iran…Obama chooses sides, and it’s not the one you and I would choose. Nope.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whom Obama has backed all over the Middle East, actually ARE the bad guys…and Obama…LIKES them.Muslm riots

Here’s their creed:

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

(If dying is their highest hope I say let the die! Give them what they want. )

Obama helped take out  Mubarak, who at least didn’t kill the Christians. Obama took out Gaddafi  who forbid the Muslim Brotherhood from coming into his country. The Egyptian people now would like to BAN the Muslims Brotherhood—-and instead of saying that’s a GOOD thing:  Obama is really upset about it.

He is siding against a general put in by us, supported with billions of dollar by us,  who went to our military schools and wrote about democracy, and Obama is mad that this general acted more like a real American than Obama does.

Abdel al Sisi

Abdel al Sisi

Hey—– Maybe he can come over here and help clean the Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House!

(Let’s take donations. )

Dinesh D’ Souza thinks that Obama has a plan:  He wants the moderates in the Middles East to lose. He WANTS…an Islamic Nation. Which is why Saudi Arabia is sending more money than WE are to the military  in Egypt:

If Saudi Arabia falls, this would be a devastating blow to America’s economy and foreign policy, and if the Islamist gained Mecca and Medina it would be the greatest victory of radical Islam since the Khomeini revolution in Iran. Obama will work with Islamist Saudi Arabia and in neighboring counties to support a rebellion against the Saudi royal family. When it occurs he will say it is time for the Saudi royals to move aside in favor of democracy. If the Saudi royals refuse to abdicate, Obama will cut off American aid. Absent American assistance, the House of Saud could fall just as Mubarak did. Elections would come and the Brotherhood would come in.

Once Saudi Arabia falls the radical Muslims have a chance to achieve what they have long dreamed about: a complete unification of the Middle East under a single Muslim caliphate. The Unites States of Islam. —-Obama’s America

In the meantime, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton have helped Al Jazeera cable network come into all our homes.democracy muslims

In short: our top leaders are on the WRONG side.

Are you starting to get the feeling that they REALLY don’t like us?

Benjamin Franklin once told a woman what they had done when he was coming out of a Constitutional signing…and he said, “We have given you a Republic, madam,  if you can keep it.”

Nobody Knows just HOW  our “Republic” got so lost it can’t be found, but Nobody Thinks they will try to replace our republic once and for all with a good old fashion democracy. (Can you say Napoleon?)

And everyone will think it’s grand.democracy...poster



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Nobody Knows Some Answers, and Nobody Ever Will

Nobody Knows

Just about everybody was upset that Romney last night, did not even bring up Benghazi…so, why didn’t he bring it up? Why didn’t he at least mention some of the horrendous details surrounding the incompetency of the whole Obama administration? After all, Benghazi makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.

Nobody Thinks there’s more to it then Mitt just wanting to appear to be a nice guy. It seems to be almost a carry-over of the Bushes…who always refused to attack any democratic President when the very worst of the crimes are committed.  After all of Clinton’s vast crimes, the only person who ever said anything against Bill Clinton was Old Lady Bush….who made a few jokes about his sexual proclivities.

The Democrats have no such problem with it, they attack Republican Presidents without care or mercy. But you will never catch a Republican President even mentioning the vast crimes committed by a Democratic President. To this day, the selling of our nuclear secrets to China with the help of Bill Clinton has never been mentioned. This “habit” of the established Republican party drive many of us bonkers.

Therefore, Nobody Knows just how deep the corruption goes in both parties. Do they do it to protect themselves? We might never know.

Rand Paul brings up questions that most of us, don’t even think about. For one, why in the WORLD did George W. Bush build a $700 million dollar embassy in Iraq? Was it to show-off, or did he mean to build such a fortress it would be hard to overtake?

The 104-acre compound, bigger than the Vatican and about the size of 80 football fields, boasts 21 buildings, a commissary, cinema, retail and shopping areas, restaurants, schools, a fire station, power and water treatment plants, as well as telecommunications and wastewater treatment facilities. The compound is six times larger than the United Nations compound in New York, and two-thirds the size of the National Mall in Washington. It has space for 1,000 employees with six apartment blocks and is 10 times larger than any other U.S. embassy. Instead, the U.S. has built a fortress capable of sustaining a massive, long-term presence in the face of continued violence.”

So, the difference between a Democratic President and a Republican President is: Your Democratic President really could care less about your life…but a Republican President will build you a fortress worthy of a King, to keep you comfortable and forever safe.

But—Why did the State Department seemingly disarm this poor man…and almost throw him out to the dogs?

Nobody Knows. But the fact that hundreds of the Muslim Brotherhood have visited the White House, just might give you the answer.

I never thought I would look back on Watergate, and long for the good old days, but right now,  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy on a road to perdition.

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Nuclear History…Who’s Keeping Score?

Nobody Reports

Sure, it’s fourteen minutes long, but if you watch this, you can’t help but wonder: Who in the world would want to live in the American West?. Since most of us have only seen scant video’s of nuclear bombs going off, we don’t really think about it much.

Isao Hashimoto made this to remind us all about it. It’s stops at 1998.

As I was listening to Mitt Romney today, talking about how important it was to  not allow Iran to become nuclear, I was reading this paragraph,  just a few minutes before, in the book “Shadow World” by Robert Chandler.

“Saddam Hussein also was well down the path toward building his own nuclear weapons. After the Gulf War and extent of the nuclear program fully exposed, Western scientists estimated that Iraq was twelve to eighteen months away from having nuclear weapons. Saddam had pumped $10-12 billion in building three uranium enrichment programs and the large foreign procurement program operating through deceptive practices. All told fifty-six nuclear production sites were identified by the UN Special Commission of Iraq. These sites included uranium mining, production, and processing sites. Saddam Hussein’s program is believed to have produced nuclear triggers, two of which are unaccounted for. Hans Blix, director on the UN International Atomic Energy Administration said that he was “shocked” by the enormity of Iraq’s nuclear program.”

Nobody Thinks that the nuclear situation is more dangerous today than it ever was…and IF President George W. Bush had made the case to the American people that Saddam had 56 nuclear production sites, instead of the WMD’s that he kept talking about, many of us would have been more in favor of going into Iraq.

It seems the whole Middle East is about to explode.

Mitt Romney gave a speech in front of our Veterans today, outlining his plans to build back the military, and bring us back into “Superpower” status. It seems the whole Iran thing is about to come to fruition in the next couple of years…no matter who is President. And when that happens, that LAST man you want in the White House is Barack  Obama.


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War Games…with Obama?

Nobody Reports

While Obama bows to a Mexican President, and is lectured by a Russian Monarch at the G-20 summit in Mexico City, here in America, we should be more worried about the upcoming war-games being held in Syria, and ask ourselves again: WHY did we not drill in Alaska again, Mr. Clinton?

The Iranian, Russian, Chinese and Syrian armies are due to stage joint amphibious exercises along the Syrian costs [sic] in coming weeks, informed sources revealed on Monday. According to informed sources, 90,000 forces from the four countries will take part in the land and sea war games due to be held in Syria. Russian atomic submarines and warships, aircraft carriers and mine-clearing destroyers as well as Iranian battleships and submarines will also arrive in Syria at around the same date. Syria plans to test its coast-to-sea and air defense missiles in the war games.

A sum of 400 warplanes and 1,000 tanks will also be used in the exercises.

Nobody Thinks that the very tough talk of John McCain and Hillary Clinton has done exactly what many secret conspiracy believers think those in charge wanted them to do: Ruffled more than a few feathers.

It’s nice that Americans are concerned about people being killed in other countries, but is it really OUR problem? Is this about the “children” or something else? If you said “something else” you get a brownie point.

It’s clear that Obama doesn’t have the brains to be dealing with China and Russia. Taking the credit for killing bin Laden is one thing: going to war against China, Russia, and Iran over Syria is way out of his league: so I’m hoping he stays on the golf course and lets someone else a bit more wiser, take over.

How about Ted Nugent? (LOL) Hey…I’m all ears.  

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John Kerry: The New Jimmy Carter

Nobody Wins

As most of us understand that it’s a “global” world now, and the United States has always tried to use its influence in building ‘democratic’ institutions abroad, the one thing that many of us really don’t like, is seeing our politicians using taxpayers money to buy the political leaders that they want to “rule” that country. While Bill Clinton was President, Jimmy Carter couldn’t keep himself out of any election in the world it seems, and I don’t know about you, but when Jimmy Carter praised the election of Hugo Chevez in Venezuela giving it his hands up and personal stamp of approval…you really had to wonder what the word “democracy’ meant for Democrats.

John Kerry is the New Jimmy Carter. I guess Jimmy just got tired.  

Senator John Kerry, head of the Senate foreign relations committee, arrived in Cairo Tuesday evening, as part of his tour of the region, to hold talks with Egyptian officials about the “democratic transformation” of Egypt.

According to Al Ahram, Senator Kerry and US Ambassador to Cairo Ann Patterson will meet with Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate and head of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Mursi, at the FJP headquarters on Wednesday. Kerry’s last visit to Cairo was in early December. In their meeting then with the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Brotherhood officials vowed to respect civil rights and international treaties, attempting to allay fears that the Islamist organization would revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

Oh sure. “respect civil rights?” The Muslim brotherhood will respect civil rights…..

Can I buy a vowel?

Right now there are riots in the streets and the military still holds power which to many of us means the U.S. still holds power because we pretty much gave them that military. We have given Egypt 2 billion dollars a year in aid since 1979, and 1.3 billion yearly for defense. In return, they were to leave Israel alone.

According to the State Department, that equipment has included  fighter jets, tanks, armored personnel carriers, Apache helicopters, anti-aircraft missile batteries and aerial surveillance aircraft.

The Muslim brotherhood want the Whites House blessings…and our continued billions, and since Obama just gave Kenya a big bundle of money, you can bet…that the Muslim Brotherhood will get his full support.

Obama talks a good game of being tough..but watch what he does. And Nobody Wonders what John Kerry will say after the Muslim Brotherhood are handed Egypt?

“Democracy has come to the Muslim world.”

Where’s Jimmy Carter when you need him?


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Obama Signs Your Rights Away…AGAIN to the ICC

Nobody Knows

President Obama has signed an executive order giving an international ‘police’ the right to come into our country and arrest citizens? Who knew?

Well, that’s just peachy. Nobody is talking about that on the local news now are they?

You have to say one thing about the Paul’s…they are decent, honest, and American loving people, and it’s no wonder the globalists want to control the internet because they don’t want you the global citizens to think about this.

Nobody suggests that we should stop sending billions over to all the Muslim countries in the middle East. It’s all bribe money. It’s the same thing that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had to deal with, except, they refused to send the money to the Muslims.

Not OUR current Presidents..noooooo. It’s all about globalization.

Just today, the American installed Karzai, said he wants the billions to continue to come into his hands, even after we leave.

“Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he wants the United States to provide $2 billion a year to fund Afghan security forces once international combat troops leave the country in 2014. President Karzai said Tuesday a U.S.-Afghan strategic partnership agreement that is being negotiated should include a written guarantee that Washington will provide at least $2 billion annually for Afghan security personnel. U.S. officials say they could pay up to about $4 billion a year to fund Afghan forces, but they also say the strategic pact is not meant to be a detailed aid package but a broader framework of how the two nations will work together in the future.”

So, we get out of Afghanistan, but we keep sending billions to Karzai for what? So he can line his pockets like Gaddafi?

Globalization: It’s a bitch.


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Nobody Flashes Gene Simmon’s Views on Obama

Nobody Flashes

How about this?: Gene Simmons telling Obama that he is dead wrong on Israel. This video is an older one, but it left me with a good feeling. Also, today, the fact that Obama is holding the meeting of the G-8 at Camp David, which historically has been used for war planning…leaves me wondering…when will the war with Iran start?

Enjoy…MR. KISS himself…I did.

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Ladies of Honor, President of Shame

Nobody Flashes

As you compare both these video’s remember that England is one of the few countries in the world that sent men over to support America in her attack on Iraq.  Amfortas, my British reader in Australia, was the first to show this to me…I should have posted it then. Now, I have NO excuse because it’s going around the world. Those men are coming home, to those ladies delight, and Iraq is going back into civil war…and we all are left wondering: What in the hell was our sacrifice for?  The money, the lives spent, so…Where’s the democracy? This video will move you…sometimes to tears. God bless them all.

They got democracy, alright. Something that our founders warned us all about. True democracy leads to tyranny. The Muslim Brotherhood is being voted in all over the Middle East, Time Magazine celebrates along with our “President.” Christians are running for their lives.

NOW…compare THIS video to this next one, which I am ashamed to show you. Obama gives a Christmas Greeting and a Ramadan Greeting. He says he ended the war…because of his love and respect for the Muslim religion and listen to how reverently he talks about the Islamic religion.Also note, he makes no mention of Christ. It’s a “child’s” holiday, and a day of giving. Nothing more .

Not only was this man not born an American, if you watch this video, with any sense of clarity, there is no doubt that he is a Muslim. There is no comparison between Christ and Muhammad. Christ wins hands down every single time…just as a man. Obama is a fool to love this religion. Everything about it, is backward, absurd, violent, and dangerous. It’s slavery for half its people. It’s insane. When a black man to endorse Islam, he is endorsing slavery. He is more racist than the whites he so loves to condemn.

And he…is our President.

When he mentions Christianity, it is to use the religion as an excuse to manipulated us into ‘service’: service to preferably to further his  desire to HELP the Muslims, as he has done thought the Muslim world. With the help of Obama, and the CIA, the Muslim nations are now all coming under Sharia law. Time Magazine Cover of “Man of the Year” was about Obama’s great revolution for Islam.

The man, is an American Traitor. He should be impeached immediately.  If elected again, he will bring more Muslims into our nation. Unfortunately, we are ruled by a plutocracy, and divided into class/race warfare, and they have us under control.

Nobody has any more doubts. Barack Hussein Obama, is more dangerous than we know.

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Nobody Remembers Christopher Hitchens

 Nobody Remembers—

“My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, anyplace, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line and kiss my ass. “-Christopher Hitchens

The first time I read Christopher Hitchens it was in Vanity Fair. I thought he was so magnificent, so blunt, so witty, so…slap you in the face brilliant, that I got a subscription to the magazine.   Not since I’d read Dostoyevsky’s ” Crime and Punishment” had I found an author that I could really get excited about.  And it’s no wonder—-I found out tonight that Christopher himself decided to become a writer after reading that very same book.

Christopher was raised in the belly of the liberal Marxist/communist beast of Oxford during the sixties and he was THE radical protester. Vietnam, the Catholic church— he had an opinion on just about everything. He even protested the Queen. Being the son of a Scot-maybe it came a bit too easy. In fact, he wanted to do away with the monarchy.

During and after college, Christopher hung out with communists. He loved Trotsky,  Stalin, and Che. While the rest of us moved along, which is easy to do when you get out of college and go into the REAL world, Chris stayed in that “liberal” cushion of fantasy, because it’s the card you have to play with if you want to play with the Gods of the “elite “university, and Chris wanted in that world and his mother saw to it that he got in.

It’s no wonder that Christopher grew up a liberal atheist—most colleges promote the dark Russian tormented soul, as if it some kind of sacrosanct  mantle of superiority. College kids found it so cool back in the sixties to sit around and discuss Nietzsche: question God, Jesus ,and the Catholic Church, Hey, I did it. When you’re parents are working and you have nothing to do all day but go to class, you are eager to explore worlds your parents never talked about. I gave it a whirl..but got out of it pretty fast.

Not Christopher Hitchens. He took to liberalism like a beam of light to a worm hole.

And then he got a real job, and started to travel. You could say the education of Christopher Hitchens had begun, but it was many years before he started to notice that you can’t be intelligent and keep feeding that Marxist beast.  He started disagreeing with his fellow “Marxists.” (This was after he was well into a nice fortune, of course.)
He hated both the Clintons. He believed that human life begins at conception. He became a big fan of Thomas Paine, George Orwell, and Thomas Jefferson.  He fought his mentor Gore Vidal over the 9/11 conspiracies and he supported President George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. Not quietly, mind you, but with great audacity.

He had no patience for Henry Kissinger, Michael Moore, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Sarah Palin (?) and Prince Charles.

“He fell for the fake anthropologist Laurens van der Post. He was bowled over by the charms of homeopathic medicine. He has been believably reported as saying that plants do better if you talk to them in a soothing and encouraging way. But this latest departure promotes him from an advocate of harmless nonsense to positively sinister nonsense.”

Nobody Thinks the same.

He was so inspired by Jefferson that he wrote a book about him and became an American citizen on the steps of the Jefferson memorial.

Still…it bugged conservatives that Chris did not think God was real, and he stuck with that until he died. Add your mother committing suicide onto your liberal Oxford education, mixed that with a depression covered over by daily consumptions of alcohol, I’d say that convincing yourself otherwise would seem a waste of time, not to mention too great a task.

Better to drink away any doubts you might have…and that’s what he did. By all accounts Christopher was an alcoholic, and it caught up to him. He was only 62 when he died today. If he had stopped drinking and smoking he might have lived longer. To explain his drinking he said :

“‘because it makes other people less boring. I have a great terror of being bored. Many great writers did some of their finest work when blotto, smashed, polluted, shitfaced, squiffy, whiffled, and three sheets to the wind.”

He’s right about that.

He must have been drunk when he wrote one of my favorite pieces of his called: “Why Women Aren’t Funny.”   

Evidently, Erma Bombeck was not on the Oxford reading list. 

Christopher Hitchens lived life witnessing and ranting against, what to him was a godless universe. No wonder he drank.

But– this Nobody Wonders if he got his wish. His wish was to know that GOD doesn’t exist, because if he didn’t then– Chris was right. And Chris would have liked that.

Being right. He made a habit out of it, when he finally got the hang of it.

Nobody Thinks that if God has an ego, it’s a lot bigger than Chris’s who by all accounts, was a rare breed of talent. I don’t think he will ever be bored again, if his soul survived.  I also don’t think God is going to stand in line to kiss Chris’s ass, when he tells him he was wrong about God not existing.    

I just thank God for putting him here in the first place…I have the rest of my life to catch up to his genius.

Nobody Flashes: One of the subjects Chris was passionately knowledgeable about was the Muslim world.  Listen to him talk in the video from 2009, about the dangers of Iran, and then think again Ron Paul’s foreign policy: In fact, Nobody Wonders why NONE of our leaders speck with such knowledge.

Life is too short, and the untimely death of Christopher Hitchens is just another reminder. I could have gone another decade reading his rants.

He was …one of a kind.  


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The World Agenda for Democracy…Will..Necessarily…Hurt.

Nobody Knows—

 How in the world the liberal progressive wackos can keep this peace-like image of themselves?  You know…that they are against war, and don’t like it? In Jonah Goldberg’s meticulously researched book, Liberal Fascism, he reminds us of the fact that the liberals love war for the reason given:

The chief appeal of war to social planners isn’t conquest or death but mobilization. Free societies are disorganized. People do their own thing, more or less, and that can be downright inconvenient if you’re trying to plan the entire economy from a boardroom somewhere. War brings conformity and unity of purpose. The ordinary rules of behavior are mothballed. You can get things done: build roads, hospitals, houses. Domestic population and institutions were required to “do their part.”

What have we been hearing lately from Obama? He wants to build roads, hospitals, schools, and then get a civilian army right here at home?

Obama is probably thinking at this moment…&$*%…Where’s my war? I need to get this thing started.

As we think back, WWI, was Wilson’s (D): FDR had WWII (D) Kennedy and LBJ(D) had Vietnam, Truman (D) had Korea. George W. Bush (R) and his daddy had Iraq. Bill Clinton (D)  had Kosovo. All these men were progressives, regardless of party.


Obama has escalated the war in Iraq and raised it in aces. He follows the exact same Bush agenda..freeing the Middle East to democracy.  The next war will be..Iran.


If  you believe Jonah’s research, then the research points to the opinion that Obama will want us to go to war with Iran. We all know the economy for the masses is not going to improve before the elections no matter how much spin or blame he tries to put on Bush or mother nature. A war, would give him the power to stay.

Unlimited power. It was written into law by George W. himself. If you believe the conspiracy people, that our Presidents are handpicked and have been for some time, then Obama is doing a bang-up job for ‘them.’ They might want to keep him.

Right now, I’m watching Condoleezza Rice being interviewed by Sean Hannity. She is claiming that the Arab spring was all due to George W. Bush polices in the Middle East.  (She is plugging her book.)

It was Bush’s “freedom agenda” that will someday turn Sharia law into a democracy.  She really believes it..or so she says.

 (Oh my god…the first question for Condi is a Muslim women who wants to know how to get into government—Somebody slap me. The lady who preaches democracy made sure she bought her own questionnaires.)  

 Condi claimed that the Sharia law now instituted in Libya is better because there is an “absent of authoritarianism.” And she said it with a lov..e…ley smile on her face.  

Nobody Says…WHAT? Sharia law? Sharia law is not authoritarian? Did I just hear her say that?

I did..I did hear her say that.

Give these people a chance, and also those immigrants from Mexico..she says. It’s the same old song and dance. Mexico…COME ON IN! Yes, come on in because our leaders are going to need healthey young Mexicans soldiers to help implement this ‘freedom agenda” that will continue with whoever is the next President. 

BECAUSE….when you have democracy, you can order products!

“We haven’t really tried as hard as we can to compete, educate and sell our products around the world, and I think we can do better.”   Jeff Immelt

And as if I couldn’t be insulted any further, Condi kept going. Condi said that it takes time for people to grow into democracy…look at America!

Uh…I hate to tell you Condi, but there WERE no Muslims under Sharia law in America before the revolution. The Muslims have had over 5,000 years to get into this democracy business, LOTS of other countires tried it..and I can bet you George Washington’s sword that they never will. The only way Muslims will accept “democray” is when they all turned into Jews or Christians. 

“Revolutions aren’t pretty…but they are necessary on the road to democracy.” Condi Rice

Spoken like a true Marxist. After all, her international teacher  in college was Josef Korbel, Madeline Albrights father.  Trained by…a Soviet. And both these women somehow made it to the top, as advisors to a democrat and a republican President.

 Oh…that fact really smacks of democracy…don’t you think?

At the end of the program Hannity asked the audience if any of them had stopped voting for Obama due to him. Not one student raise their hands.They were university students, and each questions was planted. It was so obvious…it made you want to cry at the controlled messages they give us all so easily and without complaints.   

So Condi, lover of Superman George W. Bush wants democracy in the Middle East?

How about we practice democracy here at home first Condi, or does your Russian soul cringe at the very thought?

And one more thing…pick on McCain one more time, (telling him not to play the race card) and you might just make him President.

Where were YOU when Obama played it, again and again..hmmmm? Playing piano?

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Arab Spring…Coming to Your Men’s Fashion Store Soon

Nobody Cares
Nobody owns as many silly hats as I do, nevertherless…as I look around the world at other people’s hats, I must admit I’m a bit amazed.
Listening to Obama deliver his main theme of the wonderful world of the Arab democracy spring today in London, I couldn’t help wonder if the new fashion statement that they will be trying to get the young men to wear all over the world, so as to honor the new ARAB spring…is going just a bit too far.
Not the Fergie’s daughter didn’t at the Royal Wedding.
If I had to choose, I’d take J. Egar Hoover’s hat over the lot of them. There’s nothing I’d like better than to be a 33 master mason.
Until then, I remain…as you can see…cross-eyed.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Executioner Obama VS Hillary the Hun

Nobody’s Perfect: It was hard not to comment on the fabulous failure of Charlie Sheen’s road show this week. It was also hard not to celebrate the retirement of Katie Couric from the CBS nightly news, but, I found these two flaming pilgrims mere twits on a baby’s dimpled butt-cheek compared to the real life mistakes of our big and bold socialist leaders.
Obama makes the list again this week, (I cannot seem to keep him off) but he has good company in our favorite gal about the world, Hillary Clinton. Most of us have noticed that for the FIRST time in Obama’s administration, Hillary Clinton has been on the front lines running the United States in foreign affairs in the East because, if there is a mistake made, Obama can blame her.
Hillary, the maniacal man-hater, has found one man she wants to stick up for: Assad of Syria. Assad has killed 40,000 of his own people in Lebanon (according to WIKIPEDIA) …which puts him right up there with Saddam, but Hillary said that Assad is a “reformer.” In other words, when his people rose up against him recently, she stuck up for him.
Now, does this have ANYTHING to do with the Golan Heights that Israel won far and square after being attacked by Syria in the Yom Kipper War? Is this against the Jews— because this is land that Obama would like Israel to give back? Or is it because satellite images project plutonian in Syria? This from Charles Krauthammer:

Clinton’s statement is morally obtuse. Here are people demonstrating against a dictatorship that repeatedly uses live fire on its own people, a regime that in 1982 killed 20,000 in Hama and then paved the dead over. Here are insanely courageous people demanding reform—the the U.S. secretary of state tells the world that the thug ordering and shooting of innocents already is a reformer, thus effectively endorsing the Baath party line—“We are all reformers,” Assad told parliament—and undermine the demonstrators” cause.

Hillary is no pimp of piety. Obviously she was told to stick up for Assad by her boss. And speaking of her boss, Hillary’s racking mistake is nothing compared to her boss’s decision, made today, that…well ..I’ll just keep Gitmo opened and those terrorist that I said I would put on trial in New York, are going to be tried by military court. He announced this absurd reversal on the same day he said he was running for reelection, which of course reminded everyone how he had promised to close Gitmo on his first day in office, and how he had also lobbied hard to give a “fair trial” to the terrorists of 9/11 in New York, causing more years of extreme heartache to all those that suffered on that day.
Obama’s political instincts are sharp and so, he passed the buck of blame on this to Eric Holder. Bob Holder said this in a press conference: “Do I know better than them? Yes. I respect their ability to disagree but they should respect that this is an executive branch function, a unique executive branch function,”
Obama has a lot of “executive branch functions” doesn’t he? In other words, a dictator can branch out as many functions as he seems fit.
No wonder he likes Assad.
Obama’s Youtube reelection video, which was released today, was so lame, that you would actually think MR. Perfect wants to lose.
Or,—is he just waiting for some  big moment to recapture his popularity?
Nobody thinks, with these two running the show, Obama might never have to run for reelection ever again.

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