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Nuclear History…Who’s Keeping Score?

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Sure, it’s fourteen minutes long, but if you watch this, you can’t help but wonder: Who in the world would want to live in the American West?. Since most of us have only seen scant video’s of nuclear bombs going off, we don’t really think about it much.

Isao Hashimoto made this to remind us all about it. It’s stops at 1998.

As I was listening to Mitt Romney today, talking about how important it was to  not allow Iran to become nuclear, I was reading this paragraph,  just a few minutes before, in the book “Shadow World” by Robert Chandler.

“Saddam Hussein also was well down the path toward building his own nuclear weapons. After the Gulf War and extent of the nuclear program fully exposed, Western scientists estimated that Iraq was twelve to eighteen months away from having nuclear weapons. Saddam had pumped $10-12 billion in building three uranium enrichment programs and the large foreign procurement program operating through deceptive practices. All told fifty-six nuclear production sites were identified by the UN Special Commission of Iraq. These sites included uranium mining, production, and processing sites. Saddam Hussein’s program is believed to have produced nuclear triggers, two of which are unaccounted for. Hans Blix, director on the UN International Atomic Energy Administration said that he was “shocked” by the enormity of Iraq’s nuclear program.”

Nobody Thinks that the nuclear situation is more dangerous today than it ever was…and IF President George W. Bush had made the case to the American people that Saddam had 56 nuclear production sites, instead of the WMD’s that he kept talking about, many of us would have been more in favor of going into Iraq.

It seems the whole Middle East is about to explode.

Mitt Romney gave a speech in front of our Veterans today, outlining his plans to build back the military, and bring us back into “Superpower” status. It seems the whole Iran thing is about to come to fruition in the next couple of years…no matter who is President. And when that happens, that LAST man you want in the White House is Barack  Obama.


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  1. Of course, you could try very loud ‘Rock’ music.



    Comment by Amfortas | July 25, 2012 | Reply

  2. PS. I am a realist as well as an idealist. I like America. But I find it very difficult to trust the American Government with as much as a toy ball-on-a-stick, lest it tries to whack someone with it.


    Comment by Amfortas | July 24, 2012 | Reply

  3. As the video shows, America has exploded more nuclear bombs than all other nations combined. It was the first; it remains the only nation to use one (in fact two) in anger against another nation. One can argue as to whether it was a deserved strike.

    It is a bit like ‘Dad’ not wanting Jnr to drive the car or even have one. Or not wanting the next-door neighbour to have a car. Cars, remember, have killed hundreds of times more folk than Nuclear bombs have.

    This may sound a specious point, but it is valid. I cannot see America simply accepting some other country threatening to ‘strike’ it simply because it has developed the technology and the intent.

    In a ‘free’ world where nations can determine their own path, we have to accept that some may want cars when we don’t want them to travel at all. Bombs too.

    I can see the ‘fear’ of mad buggers having cars, guns, or nuclear bombs. But if one country is to be a ‘Super-power’ and ‘Policeman’ it is best to choose carefully which that one is to be. America’s track record in the past few decades is no recommendation.

    I have met quite a few Iranians. I have liked them all. They have been educated, urbane, intelligent and humurous people. The ‘news’ we are shown shows many Iranians objecting strenuously to aspects of Iranian Government edict and action. That is how it should be in nations and one must accept that, with no evidence to the contrary, Iranians are a mixed bunch, good and bad, like Americans or any other Nationality.

    The ‘sabre-rattling’ by America against Iran is a nonsense. It is dangerous and un-called-for. I can see the worry, but can also see another ‘Cuba’ in the making, where American intransigent policy is taken far and away too far to the detriment of ordinary, nice, Iranian people.

    If any country in that part of the world needs reins put on it is Pakistan, yet America is buddy-buddy with it. Why not become buddy-buddy with Iran??

    And, as an after-thought, repair the ridiculous situation with the Cubans.


    Comment by Amfortas | July 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Well…I have seen many, MANY videos where Ahmadinejad and many of the Iman’s have declared, boldly AND loudly, that they WILL destroy the great Satan and the little Satan, and I for one, believe them. Youtube it…they are all over the place. They do not want the bomb for electricity. And while you can logically argue that “Well…it’s only FAIR…” It’s only fair if they are not meaning to mass murder infidels, which they have boldy proclaimed to do. In that case, your plan is to survive. Being of the military, you should understand that. While the Iranian people are just like all the rest of us…good no doubt…and we are told, more educated than most of the other Muslims, NEVERTHELESS…they are being ruled with a strick hand, as we have seen with Mao, Stalin, Hitler…the people are not the ones in control. I am reading about the bombing of Dresden now, amfortas, while Churchhill did NOT have a bomb, he literally demolised Dresden as sure as Nagaski was destroyed. There was nothing left. He bombed the hell out of it…and it was to keep it from the hands of the Russains, as well as to “end the war”. There were not a whole lot of soldiers in that city. No, there was no radiation left…but …pick you poison. Killing whole cities can be done with whatever bomb you like, it’s still mass murder. We WERE attacked by Japan. England was attacked by Germany. You only have so many men to spare. Sometime you have to put an end to it all. As an American, I hate all the sable rattling, but I am convinced that BECAUSE Obama did not help the people of Iran when they rose up against Ahmadinejad,history will report Obama being the fool…just as history reported Chamberlin being the fool with Hitler. Pakistan is not our buddy. What in the world have you been reading over in Australia?

      The last thing we want in to send more of our boys overseas. But the Americans don’t control THEIR govenments.

      I hear the Australians don’t have much sayin their government either.

      And as Monty Python once bravely said, “Bring out your dead!”

      We are all buggered!

      Joyanna Adams



      Comment by joyannaadams | July 24, 2012 | Reply

      • I am with you in not expecting any sense from my own Government, wassers that they are. But unfortunately we do not have even one N bomb let alone hundreds or thousands of the buggers. But then neither does Iran, and unlike Pakistan.

        It isn’t about ‘fair’, Joy, it is about whether anyone ‘should’ have it and whether any one nation can forbid another from having it. I don’t hear America threatening China or France or Britain and while they have little or no intent to use theirs any day soon, I would not trust any of their Governments to think and consider with any depth.

        Pakistan, on the other hand, has a history of shouting nasty things at India. They are the worry, frankly. (Have you seen the videos of what goes on at the border check points? The soldiers openly mock and goad one another in a provokative ceremonial twice a friggin’ day)

        The mad mullahs in Iran are all mouth and trousers, Joy. They shout about destroying the great satan but have no capacity to do that and even with the bomb would not.

        Now….Churchill, Dresden and the the carpet-bombing. It is only THIS year that a monument was made in London for the men of Bomber Command. The architect of the bombing effort was Air Marshal Harris. “Bomber Harris”. Not Churchill. Harris was held in such regard that few, even Churchill, crossed him. Personally I saw him, and still do, as a warrior. A modern one. But many do not and did not. There was and is still a lot of controversy about bombing Dresden. And remember, I come from Coventry.

        War is a nasty business. America shouting at Iran because Iran shouts at America is like a rottweiler barking furiously at a mouse becuase it squeaks.

        Iran’s mad bugger mullahs are well aware that any nuclear attack by whatever means (very little chance) on America would be met with annihilation. I am thinking more of the people there who want no truck with all this madness, and it needs a few like-minded calmness in American citizens.

        Were Iran to be daft enough to aim one of their ineffective missiles at Israel, they also know that Israel would obliterate them.

        Meanwhile the Iranians continue to build what they like, safe in the knowledge that America cannot invade it without the entire world going nuts, and Israel has no interest or capacity to invade it. Indeed, its facilities are so located (everyone can point to them on Google-Earth) that no-one can ‘strike them without inexcuseable ‘collateral damage’, and even then without guarantee of success.

        I really do think we should all just calm down and ‘contain’ the situation. Unfortunately America lacks anyone with sense in its Government , and the rest of the world, including me, is just waiting to see what the next cock-up will be..


        Comment by Amfortas | July 25, 2012

      • Good points…but, that is on the assumption that Iran’s leaders are sane…and are willing to sacrificethe consequences…Russia is getting in bed with Iran, so we are told, and there are many dirty bombs lose and we are told by our generals and such, good chance, here in America. Iran doesn’thave to attack from it’s shores. Russia sent some missiles over our shores on the 4th of July weekend just to wake us up….to not attack Syria. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I do believe that we have many sleeper cells here in America. We are not as ‘tolerant’ of Sharia law here in America as perhaps the Brits are. Obama might be, but we are not. I have heard the arguments you present, many times. And they make sense. BUT…economies are falling, and if ever there was a time to attack…it’s now. I can’t see them passing up what they see as an opportunity. Everybody know to attack would set off WWIII, but…we’ve seen the chaos before. I can’t pretend to know what will happen, but we WERE attacked on our own soil big time, and the vast army at the Olympics show that the Western elites are in a state of “fear.” They have already won half the battle since we are putting drones in every country. The war betweent the East and West…has already started.

        Joyanna Adams



        Comment by joyannaadams | July 25, 2012

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