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Nobody’s Perfect: London Cabbies VS Texas Drivers

Nobody’s Perfect

When it comes to driving, there were two news items this week that caught this Nobody’s attention to the laws of driving in different nations.

First we have the rulers of London, which includes the Mayor, who have decided to make a special lane for all Olympic traffic, so that the athletes can get there on time. Now, this Nobody thought that all the athletes were staying in some sort of village where they will be having lots of sex, and you would THINK they would put the village within walking distance..but evidently most everyone has to get their by bus.

–All but the London cabs, who could make a nice bundle of cash serving the millions of people that will be coming to the Olympics, and they are really mad about it. They are probably doing this for “security” reasons, and the fact that any event starting late will mess up the cable networks, costing millions, but nevertheless, to keep a working man from working shows you how much the ‘elites really care about…the working man.

London’s 25,000 taxi drivers want access to all sections of the temporary network. Black taxis are currently only allowed in two thirds of the 100 mile route. Several dozen London taxi drivers slowly drove down the Tower Bridge today while honking their horns, part of their protest against their exclusion from Olympics “Game Lanes.” AP “

“But on daring cab driver took the protest out of his car, driving headfirst off of the London’s Tower Bridge. BBC

No one has been hurt, but the pocketbooks of thousands of working Brits have been robbed. 


Second:Here in the states last week, a truck carrying 23 people crashed head first into two trees, down in Texas. I think that is some kind of Olympic record for the most people in a truck at the same time. There is a law against too many people in a truck, so Nobody Wonders…Where were the cops? 

“Fourteen people are dead, including two young girls, and nine injured after a heavily overloaded truck crashed into two trees in Texas on Sunday evening. Many of the people in the truck did not have identification and are suspected of being undocumented immigrants.”

So that’s two more than were killed by James Holmes last week. The driver of the truck was going pretty fast, no doubt someone was sitting on his head, and evidently they were trying out for an Olympic Texas “Run to the Gringo’s” in lane six. 

That’s what you get when Obama changes the law and says he will kick NO one out! The illegal’s can’t wait to get in.

So the London cabbies win for protesting the “elites” who rule the world. The driver of the truck…is not alive to protest.

I know, none of this makes sense to me either.


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  1. 23 suspected ‘illegals’ dead. Tragedy. But in Oz we do better than Texas by an American mile.

    Being ‘girt by sea’ as out National Anthem calls it, our ‘illegals’ come by the boatload instead of the truckload. Most travel by whatever more comfortable means to Indonesia (through three, five, ten other countries en route) where they pay upwards of $20,000 to buy a place on overcrowded fishing boats for the perilous last stage.

    Many drown as the boats sink before a Navy vessel can get to them. Others wait until the Navy is within shouting distance and then set fire to their boat or sink it themselves. Some 850 have died in the past year.

    Now, the latest tactic is to get out of the Indonesian port and fifty miles offshore, and use mobile phones to call Canberra direct (reverse charges) and get the Navy to the spot before having to sail further.

    This is all because of Gloriana Julia’s policies.

    I reckon the London cabbies could take advantage of the pressure on the OzNavy and set up a pontoon-taxi service. Heck they can undercut the boats by a few grand and still make a fortune.


    Comment by Amfortas | July 24, 2012 | Reply

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