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Youtube: Where’s the Video?

Nobody Flashes

I TRIED to find the video of this moment…the moment that the United States Men’s Curling Team won the gold metal for curling for the first time in our history.

Not only did all men SING with gusto our National Anthem…a few of them got tears of joy.

They all seem like just regular guys.

Nope. I could not find this video, all you can find on YouTube: Headlines: The Men’s Curling Team was given the wrong metal…they were given the women’s gold metal for curling. I found at least 20 video’s with that headline.

Mistake? Right.

YouTube made sure the whole world see THAT headline, instead of five patriots proudly singing the American National Anthem.

And I wouldn’t have seen it if the team had not been interviews on NBC.

On purpose?

Doesn’t matter, our President will give them a big welcome at the White House, and we will all see that.

Congratulations to them all…for putting us on the map!

After putting up with the disrespect we had to witness from the NFL all year, it was very uplifting.

Thanks guys! We needed that.



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Let the Games Begin….

Nobody Flashes

I’m watching the opening of the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea and I must say, the South Koreans singing the global citizen mantra Imagine, by John Lennon in English, is almost surreal.

The people dream of peace, and their leader is VERY afraid of Kim Jung Un.

Doves, and candles, will soon turn into missiles pointed at the United States, and YET…its the U.S. that gets blamed for holding South Korea hostage.

How many years have WE been there? How many lives were lost in the North Korean War?

A war we never declared. A country we have protected from the communists for decades.

And what thanks do we get?

All the while, Kim Jung Uno One has played the South Koreans well, seeking partners against the United States. Daring the United States to attack while such good and peaceful reunification is going on.

The hope for ‘global’ citizenship reins high in Asia.

Thank God Trump got money for our military.

In the meantime…it never gets old-looking at all the young and hopeful faces, who care nothing for politics.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Ryan Lochte VS Sam Kendrick

Nobody’s Perfect:

 “I would send him to go shower when he was messing around. He spent more time in the showers than he did in the pool.”

                                                                                                          …Ryan Lochte’s father.

Not much has changed with Ryan has it?

Our “scandal of the week to get Hillary off the front pages” was the scandal of Ryan Lochte’s, the American Olympic gold medal winner— famously pissing off the Brazilians.

The story went…on their last night in Rio, the gold medal American men’s swim team decided to make a Rio night on the town, and what a night it must have been. Sometime EARLY the next morning, they were all drunk and had to go to the bathroom at some gas station.

Then Ryan Lochte made this comment:Ryan two

They are saying that the boys, while drunk, damaged the bathroom and were trying to leave and some cops just HAPPENED to be right there, and brought out their guns and DID point the guns at them, but it was because…they weren’t ABOUT to let some snot-nosed Americans get away with peeing on the floor…something that is very common here in most bars. (I know, I’ve SEEN the men’s restrooms in bars—-No WONDER they prefer the nearest tree.)

Ryan didn’t notice the fact that there were camera’s filming…and the world found out that it didn’t go down like Ryan said. Somehow, the cops got MONEY from the boys…having not have to go through a court system like they do here. (Even though I’m sure this happens in America too.)Ryan four

There is no indication in the videos released to date or in the statements that the other three swimmers did anything beyond urinate behind the building. Pretty boy Lochte was probably looking for the showers.

The reported… “They broke mirrors.” was a lie too. Evidently BOTH cops and swimmers were stretching the truth, being as it’s so easy to do these days…as we see politicians doing it daily..and so, Ryan Lochke apologized and will go into rehab, and come out and win the gold in Tokyo, because his main rival Phelps will NOT BE THERE..and hey, if the country can forgive Phelps, why not him?

At least that’s what Ryan is hoping.

In the NBC interview that aired Saturday, Lochte said, “It’s how you want to make it look like. Whether you call it a robbery, whether you call it extortion or us just paying for the damages. Like, we don’t know. All we know is there was a gun pointed in our direction and we were demanded to give money.’’

Lochte initially claimed that he was robbed of $400 and has yet to say if that was another embellishment.

And so, all those great triumphs of our American athletes got sullied due to a bunch of guys who are old enough to know better than to get shit-faced drunk in another country right after winning.


Which brings me to THIS young man:

You could say that Nobody’s Perfect, but compare Ryan Lochte with Sam Kendricks, who won a bronze medal for pole vaulting in Rio:

He was getting ready to jump and he heard our National Anthem.

Sam Kendricks is a U.S. Army Reserve 2nd lieutenant.

“They say back home, and jokingly in track circles, that if you win a medal, it will change your life. I think your life is changed on the way to that medal, honestly. With all the journeys and sacrifices that you make, all the training that you do, and the people you leave at home to watch. That is what is really the value of the medal. I’m glad I have something tangible to bring home and show for it. I know that everybody in Oxford will love to see it. But the journey, like my coach says, is the goal. Not necessarily the medals. And it’s very fun to come and compete, but not necessarily the end of all things.”

Yes, compare the two men.

Sam Kendricks will be remembered as a true American champion, and he is already eons ahead of Ryan in common sense.

Ryan Lochke will be remembered as just another spoiled brat American ‘boy” (He’s all of 32 and should be a man by now.)  who died his hair white, and was lucky enough to swim with the great Michael Phelps. Something tells me the word “champion” will not be spoken about him for quite some time.

(Poor dad.) Ryan three


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Nobody Wins When America Loses it’s Drive to Be the BEST: And HILLARY is NOT a Winner.

Nobody Wins

First, an update:

Sadly, it’s been reported that Paul Ryan won his election in Wisconsin. Evidently, all sensible people have moved out of the state.  Wisconsin mostly votes for democrats. Mr. Obama won by 53% to 46% over Mitt Romney. Barack Obama won by 56% to 42% over John McCain.

It’s no wonder they like Paul Ryan. Sad for bored

But, enough of that. I was talking to a girlfriend today who lives in North Carolina. She went to get her annual checkup today, and she reported how upset everyone she came in contact with was, about Hillary Clinton. They hated her. Everyone she talked to…hated her. They want Trump to win.

It’s much the same here. Nobody likes her, and I ask everybody.

Yesterday Hillary had the father of the young man who killed all those poor people sitting behind her at a lecture, promoting Hillary and saying, if there were no guns, his son could not have killed all those people.

There is NO doubt that man was planted in that audience to advance Hillary’s gun control. It’s pretty despicable when you think about it. She, of course, denied that she knew he was there. To use THIS man to help promote her agenda, was shameless. I wonder how the poor people who lost their loved ones in that horrendous massacre felt about this…really, she could care less.

Gun control is a top priority.

And by her past crimes, no doubt Hillary paid this man to appear.

But that wasn’t the topic today…no…Trump was giving a speech, and was warning about Hillary destroying the second amendment and did another one of his quotes, which in context meant nothing special, but taken OUT of context, and adding the usual twist of meaning that they always make up, the liberals say TRUMP wants the NRA to assassinate Hillary.

Of course, he didn’t say that. But putting words into people mouths is what they do best.

It never ends does it? There really are a LOT of stupid people walking around, even going to college, who do not think at all, and believe everything they hear.  Sad, but true.

So, as I was watching Michael Phelps win his 20 gold metal tonight, I LOVED how he boldly held his hands up as the winner, I was thinking…

YES! That’s competition! Winning is ALL that matters. What happened to America? We can cheer our athletes to be the VERY best in the world at the Olympics, but we want to put in office ONE lousy loser after another?MP

WE ARE SICK OF LOSING! Sick of it. I’m sick of it. We lose now everywhere. (Except at the Olympics)

Clearly…the one thing our nation seemed to win the gold medal in is we have a butt-load of corrupt politicians. And they are entrenched.

As Trump says, we never WIN anymore. If you don’t win…you lose.

That is a fact of life.

America needs to wake up. Michael Phelps tonight, seems to be the last American cowboy standing.MP two

MACHO. Proud to be the best.  Hard working, defiant, and never giving up…until the last breath. That’s the America I knew, and it’s been beaten to death by liberal nannies.

I don’t want that America to go away do you? Are there any more of us out there?

And by the way, the gold metal American woman’s gymnastics came out great too. They gave great performances.

Trained by a Russian, who came to America.

Came to America to train…winners.

That’s what Trump will do. And Hillary will not.

With Hillary, every American will lose.



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Nobody Flashes The News: Not Many Brazilians Can Dance: Who Knew?

Nobody Flashes

Donald Trump did a Hillary last night.  He announced his support for Paul Ryan and John McCain right during the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics…knowing that many of his die-hard supporters would be a bit upset about that. He was HOPING nobody was paying attention.  He’s learning the political tricks quickly.

But, it was over and done, and all the world and the Trump fans switched their attention to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The global ‘elites’, who no doubt choreographed and paid for most of this big show, (along with the poor people of Rio) once again, used their Hollywood piazza and imagination to give everyone a show and promote global warming, and ‘diversity’ and mention slavery. Yes, RIO will soon become an underground city of water according to the elites.

(So why spend $14 billion dollars on constructing big arena’s Nobody asks?)

I was surprised to see just how MANY Brazilians can’t dance. Really. The professionals at the end did a fine job, but really. All that Zumba music and you can’t dance? Or maybe they didn’t feed you.

The funniest part of the show was when the politicians of Brazil  were dividing the rich against the poor, and the world is full of “conflicts”–how do we solve it?

WE PARTY! I thought that was funny.

The caldron at the end was pretty cool. You’ll see it tomorrow.

But the best part of the Olympics (besides the fireworks) is watching the athletics so full of joy….walking into their dream. Hopefully, none of them drink the water.

I wanted to post some of the video from the games, but they weren’t up yet. So…I found these two.

The first video is historical. The last one was made in 2104, and shows how much money had to go into building the whole complex. And how you now realized that they are going to lose a lot of money on people not showing up due to ZIKA.

Meanwhile, around the corner, millions live in poverty.

But, I’m sure tonight, even the poor are dancing….although very badly. (NO offense Rio volunteers….maybe you were just tired out.)








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Lindsey Graham Wants Us to Pull out of the Olympics?

Nobody Knows–

How telling our American Olympics Athletics that by NOT going to the Olympics they will punish Putin for not giving back Snowdom to the United States. Like, Putin is really going to care. If the United States pulls out of the Olympics it only makes us look weaker than we already do.

Putin will laugh and say we were too scared to compete. And yes…Putin is the macho guy on the world stage now and the sad truth is we don’t have a Ronald Reagan to stand up to him. And Reagan would have stood up to him by INCREASING our nuclear arsenal. Lindsey Graham complains about Syria, and Iran, and WHY is that happening?

Because we have Barack Obama for President. It’s why Putin didn’t return Snowdon. He is all about power. Masculine power. And he wants to show off. And yes, he will show off at the Olympics.

CNN) — Russia is in the midst of its biggest war games since Soviet times, with 160,000 troops, 130 planes, 70 ships and thousands of tanks and armored vehicles participating in the country’s Far East, according to media reports.

So, Lindsey is afraid that Putin will show off his ‘strength’ at the Olympic games? What did we see in China?Putin war games

“If you could go back in time, would you have allowed Adolf Hitler to host the Olympics in Germany? To have the propaganda coup of inviting the world into Nazi Germany and putting on a false front?” Graham told NBC.

He said he’s “not saying that Russia is Nazi Germany.”

“But I am saying that the Russian government is empowering some of the most evil, hateful people in the world,” he said.

The Olympics are more about the government elites showing off how much money they can spend to impress everyone else on the planet, rather than the athletics getting together and just competing themselves. It would be better if they just picked two countries, charged a cheap fee, and have it at the same spot every year, because they spent billions of taxpayers money putting on these big shows. Look what happened to Greece. Look what is happening in Brazil, people are protesting the politicians spending so much money:

For the most part, research on mega-events believes they make a negligible (or unidentifiable) impact on long-term economic growth. “If a city is using an expectation of a financial windfall as justification for hosting the Olympics, past experience suggests that the host will be in for a rude awakening,” writes Victor Matheson, an economics professor at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, in the New York Times.

Likewise, the notion that mega-events lead to wild tourist influxes is largely a fallacy. The number of foreign tourists who visited the United Kingdom last August – the month in which the majority of the Games were held – actually fell by 150,000 people compared with same month the year prior. In Beijing, “the Olympic Games were a toxic event that crushed normal demand, both business and leisure,” said a 2010 report from the European Tour Operators Association.

On the bright side, some would argue that mega-events force governments to tackle much-needed infrastructure projects, like improvements to mass transit – something that Brazil’s protesters clearly want. Construction projects costing billions are tied to Brazil’s World Cup and Olympic vision, but as we’ve seen before, the country has a checkered history in making good on its promises.


All the mothers and fathers who sacrificed dental work, eyeglasses, new cars, new houses, and then spent years of their lives trying to help their kids grow up be champions, I’m sure, will be really pissed off when the U.S. pulls. out.

As I remember, Jesse Owens was a smash hit at Hitler’s games.

If John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pissed off at Putin, don’t take it out on our Olympic Athletics. take it out on the man who Putin thinks is a pushover: Obama.

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Nobody’s Opinion About 2012

Nobody’s Opinion

Anybody want to hear what I have to say about 2012? No?Sandy two

Nobody Thinks this year was mutilated, as sure as a Kentucky Fried Chicken….but the main thing we are going to remember is… the rush of all of us stocking up on guns at the end of the year because, for the first time in history, SOMEHOW, a man who has single-handily changed America’s greatness to fast becoming a third world country, got reelected.

Yes, the election was a fraud….the race might have been close, but we’ll never know, because for the first time in America’s history, we have Hugo Chavez as President. He just has a much more expensive bombardier jacket, better teeth, and a bigger plane.

The year WAS– nothing but politics. Right down to the last day in November we were unmercifully bombarded with the fact that Mitt Romney kills dogs and people, and hides his money in the Cayman Islands.  Mitt Romney somehow could not muster up the courage to call Obama what he really is: A crack head taking us all to communism on a fast bus to El Salvador.

And you know what? I CAN call the President a crack head. Since Obama became ‘President’ my neighborhood is full of them.  If he can play golf with pimps, I can call him a crack head, knowing perhaps all too well that I’d better say it now…because it won’t be long before I can’t say such things.

The Republicans ran such a weak campaign, it was as if they hadn’t noticed that condoms are being handed out along with joints in our high schools, and the President lets his secret service have prostitutes at their beck and call. Mitt failed to mention that Obama, not only unfairly took the credit for killing bin Laden, but let 4 men die in Benghazi—and….not to mention, how he loves to sell guns to our enemies. And it’s not just south of the border that got Obama Guns…He’s arming half the Middle East.

When push came to shove, the Republicans were lost. They whisked Paul Ryan out..and then stupidly hid him.

They didn’t stand a chance.  So now we’re stuck with a Putin understudy.

In the annals of history, Obama will look even more incredibly malevolent. What President could pull off making you and I pay for everyone else’s abortion? What President could celebrate closing our space station? Or our Military? What President could tell you that you won’t get that heart surgery after a certain age?

Obama can…YES HE CAN. And he can triple the deficit, destory our top credit rating,  close down Gibson Guitars, and Hostess, and NASA , and Lucas, and even Solyndra, and thousands of strip malls all across the country, all the while offering amnesty, and drones, and setting the whole Middle East on the path to fanatical Muslim Brotherhood fairyland.

This fMitt and McCainrom a man who hung out in the gay bars of Chicago.

But we had other news: It wasn’t only our country where the leaders seemed insane.  Europe is starting to look like a travelogue for anarchy.  Kum Jong Un thinks he is Dr. Strangelove, and the British Royals love to go naked. Prince Harry was naked in Las Vegas and Kate the new pregnant bride was naked everywhere else. I don’t know about you, but this Nobody Thinks she married the wrong Prince.

And yet, The Royals managed to have the biggest year yet, celebrating the Queen’s 60th, and naming Big Ben, Big Queen, and throwing the biggest most expensive Olympic ever seen in the Isles of Wright. Where socialized medicine will be the New British export. It was a great “green” display and a downright almost Benny Hill advertisement for the glories of socialism, the biggest propaganda display on that subject that we’ve ever seen, complete with Paul McCartney’s cracking voice at the end singing…”Live and Let Dieeeeeeeeeeeee”

And the elites get to choose, who lives and who dies in the future. But…what else is new?

Michael Phelps will no doubt lose all his gold metals someday to Lance Armstrong. Hockey…might never come back.  And baseball…may give way to soccer by 2022, the year the earth might finally come to an end, because although the elites think that they might all just exist the planet, that doesn’t there’ll be any astronauts left to take them.

As far as disasters go, we had the worst drought in two -thirds of the United States. And more fires. My grass got green for one whole week…and then we had…Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, and Jersey Christie, stuck his finger into the union wind, and ran to the President’s side.  FEMA was collecting discarded 16oz soda cups and forgetting to drop off food to the weary.  By that time we were all so disgusted with politics, in our fatique we ignored how FAST they tallied the Presidential voting results, and crowned him King.

Which he is. Obama can now arrest any one of us, hold us without trial, and not even TELL anybody where we are or why

And as if the devil himself was working for Obama–some kid went nuts and killed innocents babes at a school. Oh…and his mother was a Teapartier.

“She was from gun culture. Live free or die. That was truly her upbringing,”

You couldn’t WRITE a better power script for Obama…so next year we WILL have gun control..and once again the Supreme Court will demolish the Constitution.

They’re getting pretty good at it.

We lost some good people in 2012: Neil Armstrong, and Ray Bradbury…who befittingly died with our space program. Dick Clark— although I’m surprised they don’t stuff his body and just let it ride down the ball at midnight, in fact, I think Dick would be honored. Hell, his hair would be honored!

Whitney Houston will no longer have to give up cocaine: Opie can now claim Andy Griffith was a secret tea partier and gay: Donna Summer drag queens will get paid double on Sunday: I can finally name my next dog Fang, Phyllis Diller won’t care: and Helen Gurly Brown can get together somewhere with Nora Ephran (The lady who put the orgasim in When Harry Met Sally) and educate Joe Paterno on the finer points of child molestation. Neil Armstrong

And God Bless Mike Wallace, who had the wisdom to tell everybody that he suffered from depressions, making the rest of us feel better.

And then there was the saddest news of all. We had more soldiers commit suicide…than we lost in the war.

Mike Wallace didn’t see that one coming.

That’s another first. They served to help build a country, where they are hated, and they come home to a country, where they WILL be disarmed, and ignored, and if you think Obama has nothing to do with our finest men and women committing suicide, think again.

Yes, we are Kentucky Fried…unless…we arm ourselves with the truth.

And that’s why I’m posting this link. Please…take a look. (Movie…worth it…check it out…go ahead..good stuff…)

It’s all you need to know about how this all happened.

It’s long…I know….almost an hour. But…Honey Boo Boo…believe me, can wait.

2013 will be the time the last remaining Americans stand up and say..

THIS…is our finest hour.

At that, I am almost sure…..


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The IRS Wins the Gold for Greed!

Nobody Wins

We Americans  are SO proud of our Olympic Athletics…and we should be. The cost of training for the Olympics is not cheap. After all, we’re not China. Our kids have to pay their way entirely on their own.

And most of them are not rich:  2012 Olympic athlete Cyrus Hostetler (javelin thrower) states on his personal website, “Sometimes the competition that I face is not the competition on the track but rather the competition of finances, and every year it’s a losing battle. When you total up all the cost of coaching, trainers, medical, equipment, and travel expenses my monthly paycheck just doesn’t add up.” He made a total of $2,273 for throwing a javelin in 2011.

This stinks. Here in America, we find out that we can overpay big, fat, government workers who have never lifted anything heavier than a Starbucks latte, to give themselves million dollar bonuses and expensive vacations on OUR dime, and that’s after they’ve ruined the country: and yet, we tax the success of the kids who work hard all their lives just to get the chance to represent America in the Olympics one day. 


Nobody Knew that our Olympic Athletics had to pay taxes on the gold metals they get. Tell me…did Obama have to pay taxes on his Nobel Peace Prize money? Oh…He donated that million dollars to some charity?

Must be nice to be President and have all your expenses paid by the taxpayers, so that you can give money to charities.

The Athletes at the Olympics represent us as surely as any ambassador or President, so why in the world are we punishing their success with a heavy TAX?

Fire some of the GSA idiots and give our Olympic kids government jobs to train to become future Olympians, or teach Olympians .I don’t’ think there would be ONE taxpayer that would complain.

Athletes who win a gold medal also earn a $25,000 honorarium — and with it a $8,986 tax bill to the IRS, according to Americans for Tax Reform, which crunched the numbers. That covers both the honorarium and the tax on the value of the gold in the medal itself.

The silver medal tax comes to $5,385, and the bronze medal tax is $3,502 — including $2 for the value of the bronze medal itself, and the $10,000 honorarium. All told, U.S. athletes have 57 medals — 28 golds, 18 silvers and 19 bronzes — which comes to a tax bill of nearly $350,000

ATR, the group that crunched the numbers, said it’s unlikely any of America’s competition will face the same taxes because the U.S. “is virtually the only developed nation that taxes ‘worldwide’ income earned overseas by its taxpayers.”

Unless of course you are GE..or have a Cayman Island account.

 So…the more you achieve, the more you are punished.
Yep, that sounds like Obama’s America.

Marco Rubio is trying to get this nonsense stopped. Let’s hope he succeeds.

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Affirmative Olympic Action

Nobody Flashes

Last night I turned on the Olympics late, finding out that I had missed the women’s gymnastics. I just caught a young woman in tears.

“Okay…what happened?” I thought. The most I could make out is only two girls could go to the finals, so the girls on the American team were fighting each OTHER for the right to go on to compete for the big enchilada, the big Kahuna, the big endorsements…etc.

Being the conspiracy (Where’s there’s smoke there’s somebody’s raging fire) Nobody that I am, I instantly thought…Okay they had to get rid of our best American gymnast in order to let the Chinese win.

Why do I think this way? Because I’ve seen Affirmative Globalization in action. I get my cynicism from going to too many inventors’ conventions, where I saw one fabulous American invention after another be totally ignored in contests where our American University snobs gave big prizes to Chinese students whose inventions weren’t even shown.

But my curiosity overwhelmed me, so I stayed up till 3 am just to see what had happened, and found out there was an entirely different reason behind it.

Now, I’m not one to know the points of every mistake, BUT…the lovely and lively black girl, Gabby Douglas, on her floor exercise, made one of the biggest bloopers I’ve ever seen. She overshot a tumbling run, and stepped widely out of the lines, took more than a few steps, and the judges…gave her a pretty good score.

Up comes the strongest gymnast, Jordyln Wieber, and she does her floor routine, and steps her heel out after a tumbling run…just a smidgen of an inch. For that, the judges killed her.

So, Gabby, who we heard time and time again from the commentators, could destroy a team when she was having a bad night got to go…and nobody dared question the unfair and ridiculous high score given to a black young and upcoming superstar gymnast who will certainly inspired millions of little black girls in the states. Affirmative action  of the “elites” is alive and well in the Olympics.

Now…watch China win.

Here’s the official report.

Even though the Americans had three of the top four qualifiers, only the top two gymnasts from each team advance. Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas will compete in the individual all-around final on Thursday. Wieber’s consolation is that she qualified for the floor exercise final. Her personal coach, John Geddert, said in a statement, “She has trained her entire life for this day, and to have it turn out anything less than she deserves is going to be devastating.

Douglas, who remains a favorite in the all-around, said the team would rally around Wieber while seeking the gold medal. But she said it would be “definitely kind of a little awkward.”

She took a moment to think about what she would say to Wieber, knitting her eyebrows as if deep in thought, but even the chatty Douglas could not come up with anything.

“Um, I’m still working on that,” she said.

Bela Karolyi, Martha Karolyi’s husband and the coach of the last United States team to win an Olympic gold medal, said Wieber was cheated out of a spot in the all-around, calling it “a lineup mistake” by the personal coaches.

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The Olympics and London’s Big Baby

Nobody’s Opinion

I was going to say something last week about the London Olympic opening ceremony, but really…it left me speechless. It looked like Prince Charles threw up his nightly nightmares onto a big stage and we were all pushed inside his head. The man who put all those little global warming “messages” in his big production, sure didn’t think twice about exposing the thousands in the audience to giant smokestacks belching out sulfuric gas, did he now?

But it was Danny Boyle, not the Prince,  who produced and created everything he thought about England into one big overwhelming polemical statement.

So let me get this straight: Britain went from tending goats, to slaves working in the steel mills, to taking care of sick kids, to party, party, party.  

Huh? That’s not what we think about when Americans  think of England. We think of Shakespeare, NOT Mary Poppins. The Magna Carta, NOT Alice in Wonderland. Henry the VIII, WWI, WWII, Oxford, and Education, and…Kings, and Kings, and more Queens, and Lords.

Forget all that…it was all about those dirty, working, unhappy, slave of a people, who only have sick kids, who grow up and do nothing but text their cell phones while they wander around the city lost.

During  the celebration of the great Health Care System,  you learned those were the REAL nurses and doctors out there dancing. Nobody was wondering who was manning the great British health care system while they were all dancing around? If some poor ‘bloke’ cracked his head practicing that night on the balance bar, he would have to wait for the performance to be over to get a doctor to stitch him up.

Good think Mr. Bean was there to save my mind from exploding.

Come on…How come nobody has made the remark that Prince Charles is about as orgasmic about a tree as any fool on the planet? Nobody Thinks he has a bit to play in this somehow. The BIG tree in the middle was right out of his head. You can’t tell me Mr. Boyle didn’t get a few marching suggestions from the Prince.

And so, the Hobbit land of perfect people, started polluting the earth, and women and men were slaves to the industrial revolution, so England lets China do all the dirty work now…and evolved into its most glorious gift to the world…Universal Healthcare ..and pop  music.

And all of England has sick kids, who have nightmares, while their nurses go out and dance, while their teenagers run all over the city trying to pick each other up with cell phones.

Makes me just want to hop a plane and go to— I’m sorry…Hawaii.

When a giant baby appeared at the end of the ‘hospital” scene..the commentator over here said, ” Well, that’s just creepy.”

It looked like a giant Chucky in cobwebs. What? Are the babies too big in England?

The Queen’s part was fun…her dogs were adorable. And she really was lovely. But they made fun of her anyway. Her subjects were mad because she dared to pick at her nails. Really. She jumped out of a plane, give her a break.  

I tend to notice the little things. Okay, I read too much into the little things. Like the shots of Michelle Obama were SO fast, if you blinked you would have missed it. She had some young black man standing next to her.. and oops…who was he?

Mitt Romney, on the other hand and his wife, had a nice long camera shot…as if to say, “Look, here is your next President.” Which makes me wonder…is it already locked in?   

And then, we had Paul. Nobody criticizes Paul McCartney, but really…I couldn’t believe he went into that old show biz thing where you get the boys to sing and then the girls. I know he did it because he was losing his voice,..but he should have done Live and let Die, ..and then rocked out…instead of “Hey Jude” He had a packed house of young people, from a “entertainers” point of view “Hey Jude” was NOT the song toend the night with.

But then again…maybe he had orders not to wake the big baby.

The “flame” really was quite creative and worth the wait.  Nobody could figure out what the heck all those kids were carrying. Beckham was a bit much.  Nobody Wonders what all those volunteers REALLY got for volunteering? You can bet they got something. Probably free food. They were probably all out of work.


I still can’t make neither head nor tales of the whole thing, so I decided you should read an observation from a real Brit who…says she knows:  

But we, in Britain, knew what it added up to, despite its baffling moments: it was Boyle’s impassioned poem of praise to the country he would most like to believe in. One that is tolerant, multicultural, fair and gay friendly and holds the principles of the welfare state stoutly at its heart. One that is simultaneously silly and earnest, mainstream and subversive, “high” and “low” in its culture.

Right…high, and low—I wonder…will they dare take down that tree? And where is that big baby going to sleep tonight? Is there room in the Tower?


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Should Mitt Just Bow to the Queen?

Nobody Cares

I woke up this morning to an argument being held on the local radio station:

“No WAY should the US lower the flag to the Queen!” yelled some old guy.

“Well, Mitt insulted the Brits, it’s the least we can do.” said some lady.

This conversation came after yesterday’s big news: Mitt Romney wasn’t sure if the British were prepared for the Olympics, and he said so.

And the Prime Minister’s ego couldn’t take it:

We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”

So…Cameron evidently thinks that Salt Lake City has only a few scorpions and a few red- neck rodeo ranchers on the map, sipping whiskey.

Oh my. Oh dear. An American insulted the Kingdom of the Queen. Even though, Mitt probably read about the problems they were having, (which were many)  in the daily London papers for a whole MONTH–you do not, critized the country who considers you at best…an ugly red-headed, pig infested, step-child. The Brits have made handbags with “The BIG FAT AMERICANS” on them, long before Mitt made that honest assessment, but really…now Americans are hated again.

And now…someone suggested we lower our flag to the Queen.

WHY? You start this ‘habit’ and down the path we go to having to lower our flags to every single nation on the planet. Imagine, lowering the flag to honor Ahmadinejad? And if the Olympics are held in Israel some day, can you see an Arab nation lowering their flag to honor the Jews? It’s a political firestorm just waiting for a match.

Really. Let the Brits honor the Queen…leave the rest of the world to compete in good faith. No flag should be lowered to any monarch or ruler in any country.

The big fuss that the Brits made about Mitt Romney just being honest about what they were ALL talking about, really shows how very fragile the big ego’s of the elites like Cameron, and the Mayor of London are.

They are acting…like fussy old women.


Here is a comment from some ninny:

Most teams briefly lower colors as they pass host nation’s leaders at opening ceremony. But despite what some see as blatant nationalism, the U.S. does not, and the century-old saga is a curious one.

Russia doesn’t either. At the games in China, almost no one did. But that doesn’t mean we can’t attack America, ONE MORE TIME.

England —Nobody Thinks you protest too much. Now…BRING OUT YOUR SHEEP, your lovely Queen, and try to uphold that stiff upper lip.

Politicians, must remember…Some men have actually worked for a living, and being a politician, with all the endless lying and sycophantic smiling that comes with it, is a hard lesson to learn.

Give the man some time.

If our Olympic flag bearer lowers that flag to the Queen…I pity him when he gets home….because if and when the Brits come back here…we will make SURE they lower their flag to us.

Men. They are acting like women. It’s getting silly.

(Take it away, amfortas!)

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Nobody’s Perfect: London Cabbies VS Texas Drivers

Nobody’s Perfect

When it comes to driving, there were two news items this week that caught this Nobody’s attention to the laws of driving in different nations.

First we have the rulers of London, which includes the Mayor, who have decided to make a special lane for all Olympic traffic, so that the athletes can get there on time. Now, this Nobody thought that all the athletes were staying in some sort of village where they will be having lots of sex, and you would THINK they would put the village within walking distance..but evidently most everyone has to get their by bus.

–All but the London cabs, who could make a nice bundle of cash serving the millions of people that will be coming to the Olympics, and they are really mad about it. They are probably doing this for “security” reasons, and the fact that any event starting late will mess up the cable networks, costing millions, but nevertheless, to keep a working man from working shows you how much the ‘elites really care about…the working man.

London’s 25,000 taxi drivers want access to all sections of the temporary network. Black taxis are currently only allowed in two thirds of the 100 mile route. Several dozen London taxi drivers slowly drove down the Tower Bridge today while honking their horns, part of their protest against their exclusion from Olympics “Game Lanes.” AP “

“But on daring cab driver took the protest out of his car, driving headfirst off of the London’s Tower Bridge. BBC

No one has been hurt, but the pocketbooks of thousands of working Brits have been robbed. 


Second:Here in the states last week, a truck carrying 23 people crashed head first into two trees, down in Texas. I think that is some kind of Olympic record for the most people in a truck at the same time. There is a law against too many people in a truck, so Nobody Wonders…Where were the cops? 

“Fourteen people are dead, including two young girls, and nine injured after a heavily overloaded truck crashed into two trees in Texas on Sunday evening. Many of the people in the truck did not have identification and are suspected of being undocumented immigrants.”

So that’s two more than were killed by James Holmes last week. The driver of the truck was going pretty fast, no doubt someone was sitting on his head, and evidently they were trying out for an Olympic Texas “Run to the Gringo’s” in lane six. 

That’s what you get when Obama changes the law and says he will kick NO one out! The illegal’s can’t wait to get in.

So the London cabbies win for protesting the “elites” who rule the world. The driver of the truck…is not alive to protest.

I know, none of this makes sense to me either.


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