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Nobody’s Perfect: Antares VS SpaceShip Two

 Nobody’s Perfect Obama flys

Last week, America had not one, but TWO space crashes. Ever since Obama decided to end our space exploration and announce we were going to Mars, American’s lead in space was basically put into the never-never-land Obama bunker. We couldn’t figure out how he was going to go to Mars without NASA, but then, Obama NEVER fills in the details to any of his plans.

Hearing the news that NASA was closing down, it took Richard Branson no longer than a few plane trips to Dubai to get the backing to build his vision of sending rich people into space on his SpaceShipTwo, by next year, which is now going to be delayed.

Yep. We had two big black-eyed, oh THAT’s not good, disasters last week. Two…”Not so perfect” launches by America: Virgin Galactic VS NASA.

Which one was the bigger mistake?

Let’s start with NASA first. When you fire thousands of engineers and put astronauts out to pasture, it’s not always going to go well, and last week the whole world saw that America, couldn’t even get a bunch of crab cakes off the ground.

The Orbital Antares rocket that exploded during a launce at the NASA facility in Virginia costs more than $200 million itself. NASA has also reported significant ground damage at its facility. (Not to mention, what the repairs will cost.)

The accident at Orbital Sciences Corp.’s launch complex at Wallops Island was sure to draw criticism over the space agency’s growing reliance on private U.S. companies in this post-shuttle era. NASA is paying billions of dollars to Orbital Sciences and the SpaceX company to make station deliveries, and it’s counting on SpaceX and Boeing to start flying U.S. astronauts to the orbiting lab as early as 2017. This was the fourth flight by Orbital Sciences to the orbiting lab.

The poor astronauts waiting for their crab cakes, would just have to suffer.

THEN Richard Branson’s test flight of his Virgin Galactic Disney-like ride into space….crashed horribly, leaving the pilot dead, his wife widowed, his little children fatherless,—-well, you can imagine what YOU would be thinking if you were one of the 800 who had already forked out big bucks to go on that very same rocket. (I’m betting Justin Beiber is having second thoughts.)

What went wrong?

Since April 2009, Virgin Galactic had used a hybrid rocket motor built by Sierra Nevada Corp., a Sparks, Nev., company that has contracts with the U.S. military, NASA and commercial space firms. The engine, fueled by nitrous oxide and a rubber compound, had been fired in flight and on the ground about 50 times. SpaceShipTwo had three successful test flights powered by the Sierra Nevada-built engine.

However, in May, Virgin Galactic announced it was switching to an alternate plastic-based rocket fuel. It is not clear when testing began, but Scaled Composites said on its website that there have been 10 test fires since May.Virgin Galactic

Can we blame Al Gore for plastic fuel? Well, I can.

Richard Branson’s loss was about $150 million he says, but is it his loss?

So, Branson’s gotten investors and taxpayers to pony up just short of $600 million to make his dream of flying into space a reality. Since the Virgin Group is so opaque on its finances, precisely how much Branson and his company have put in is difficult to say. However, thanks to statements by Virgin Galactic officials, we do a bit more about the cost side. We know that, as of October, that roughly $270 million has been spent on the program. And the most recent estimate on cost, as of about 10 months ago, was roughly $400 million. Now, let’s see how this stacks up against known investments not funded by taxpayers…. Aabar Investments: $290 million + $110 million = $390 million WOW! That’s like really close. The Abu Dhabi royal family’s investment covers virtually the entire estimated development cost. And for that, they own only 37.8 percent of the company.

Not to mention, the tickets are already sold at $250,000 a piece, for a trip that will only last two hours, and actual time in space will be about five minutes. Each trip will to have a six tourists and the pilot and co-pilot, but you can BET that the waitresses at the port station before the trip are going to serve you wonderful drinks in their sexy out-of-this-world costumes before your flight. Who wouldn’t want to go?

(Me) Myself, I’d just go see the movie Gravity again.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Was it NASA? While they didn’t KILL anyone, you would think after sending men to the moon, a simple rocket to the space station would have been already old hat. AND…they have NO idea they say, what went wrong. In the old days, they said right away.

(No doubt, Louis Lerner’s old computer was used due to an IRS donation.)

Or was it Richard Branson, who while risking millions of dollars from taxpayers and Saudi Kings, should have gotten engineers that weren’t drinking champagne with Al Gore at global warming conventions?

I’m having trouble with this one. To my mind, the space shuttle design seemed to work fine. If they had wanted to give tourist rides to billionaires they would have gotten a MUCH safer trip to a well designed space hotel and charged a lot more. But then again, when America owns the space shuttles, rich men can’t own stocks, can they?Shuttle

Who wins? Obama. Next load— he’ll probably just send food stamps by balloon.

Let’s send him BACK to Mars, and get our Space Program back up and running, if not, those billionaires will be paying 20 times the price to go into space–to Russia. And who wants to see that happen?

(Don’t answer that.)

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Nobody’s Email: Overly Attached Uncle Sam

Nobody Gets Email

Not awake yet? Then don’t miss this…One-of-a-kind, rather incredibe version of the Star Spangled Banner….then applaud! (LOL)

(Thanks to Conservative)

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Nobody Talks about “Sleeping with the Devil.”

Nobody Remembers

Everyone was talking about the hypocrisy of Al Gore selling his debunked cable network to Al-Jazeera today. How could someone who is the biggest propaganda minister in the world against that nasty crude oil, sell his station to a bunch of Muslims in Qatar?  (The biggest hotbed of terrorists in the Middle East.) Gore made $100 million dollars, and filed it last year so as not to pay those heavy taxes.Al Gore with Saudi

And this after Glenn Beck offered him a higher price.

The Blaze was reportedly told by the network that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,” according to sources familiar with the situation.

Hillary loves Al-Jazeera, and has said so. She prefers it to American television.

America: WAKE UP! These people are owned by their greed for cash.

It’s time we looked at reality:  When it comes to our top politicians, they never met a oil Sheik they didn’t like. Here’s a few facts I’m learning at the moment from, “Sleeping With the Devil.” by X-CIA agent Robert Baer.

America built Saudi Arabia’s oil business and for that they work out a nice deal with the sheiks.

“Saudi Arabia was America’s anchor in the Arab Middle East.  It banked our oil under its sand. Losing it would be like losing the Federal Reserve. The Saudis own half the world’s surplus production capacity. Take the Saudi Surplus out of play and the market loses it stability and liquidity. “

But…isn’t it odd? We are beholding to the very people that want to kill us, and did you ever wonder why we don’t mine our own oil, of which we have plenty? How come decade after frustrating decade, our leaders never, ever, EVER seem to muster the votes to develop our own oil? Why would they rather put billions in Wind farms, and algae and other such nonsense, when we have oil right under our feet?

It seems ALL our  past Presidents …cannot resist…getting filty rich from deals with the Saudi’s. There is a deal. You let the Saudi’s keep the monopoly…and you all will get very rich.Hillary with Saudi

Let’s follow the bouncing Saudi Ball:

It started with FDR. He worked out the deal with King Ibn Sa’ud. We would get the oil out of the ground: and they would be the only supplier.

“There’s hardly a living former assistant secretary of state for the Near East: CIA director: White House staffer : or member of Congress who hadn’t ended up on the Saudi payroll in one way or another. ” says Baer.

Let’s look at the men we have voted in, that seem to have always put fortune before country:

President Richard Nixon: The CIA story goes that a sheik named Khashoggi went to see President Nixon at his home in San Clemente. When he got up to leave, he “forgot” his briefcase, which happened to be stuffed with $ 1 million in hundreds. It was never returned. ( Is it any wonder that these guys are allowed in the White House day after day?) Nixon put King Fahd up at Blair House, strictly reserved for heads of state. The White House would put out it’s hand to fund pet projects that Congress wouldn’t fund or couldn’t.Jimmy Carter with Saudi

President Jimmy Carter: Prince Bandar gave a New York City benefit for Jimmy Carter’s president repository in on Atlanta, at $50.000. And Jimmy has been getting paid by the Saudi’s ever since in his various money-making groups. Jimmy is a regular PR man for anything Muslim. You can bet peanut farming was never so lucrative as being a Jewish attack dog for the Muslim Brotherhood.

President George H. W.  Bush: as adviser to the famous investment firm, the Carlyle Group, George used the Presidency to open the doors to Saudi Arabia. (Not to mention, he sent our troops over to protect Kuwait) Daddy Bush was compensated for his time, reputation, and Rolodex with shares in the investments he helps to generate. The Bin Laden family had money invested in the Carlyle Group. Bandar, who by the way, owns the best piece of property in Washington on the Potomac, was so close to George H. W. Bush that he called him “Bandar Bush” and Bandar gave him $1 million towards his Presidential Library. Prince al Walid kicked in $500,000 to help launch the Geog Herbert Walker Bush Scholarship Fund at Phillips Academy, Andover . And since Saudi Arabia wanted Saddam gone, who’s NOT to say that war was for the Saudi’s? All the gang with Saudi

Dick Cheney: as head of Halliburton he landed millions in engineering contracts and other lucrative deals. More like…billions.

President Bill Clinton: While Clinton was President The Qatari foreign minister wandered in and out of the White House as if he worked there. The CIA decided that the door to the Oval Office was always open to Saudi ambassador Bandar bin Sultan and not to them. While Clinton was President, Bandar built a mansion in Aspen worth $55 million, where he had lots of parties for the democratic wives of the top politicians.  Clinton was good friends with Prince Turki. former head of the Saudi intelligence service, and went to school with him.  Bill Clinton got $ 3 million dollars for his library, and King Fahd donated $23 million to the University of Arkansas’s new Center for Middle Eastern Studies…a “gesture of respect” for the newly elected Clinton.

And while Clinton was President, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, joined as directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and open doors to the Saudis and the Kuwait’s. They all got money from that.  Kissinger got $876,000 for six months of work: Shultz took home $1.08 million. Rumsfeld $1.09 million and Powell $1.49 million.Bill Clinton and Saudi

Colin Power was Bandar’s racquetball buddy. Powell started harassing Aril Sharon in Tel Aviv. And even though Queen Haifa had made contributions to the hijackers of 9/11, Powell defended them on national TV.

And that brings us to

‘President’ Barack Hussein Obama: Before he was elected to office, a Saudi Prince told a reporter that very soon there would be a Muslim in the White House. Barack’s college education was funded by Saudi’s, it has been reported. And he has helped out American backed dictators throughout the Middle East and they have been replaced with Muslim brotherhood dictators. It is reported that the Muslim brotherhood have full access to the Oval office and drop in any time they like. No President has done more to promote the Muslims our history, going so far as to claim that the Muslims helped build America. NASA now is helping the Muslims..(see video) Benghazi proved that Obama and Hillary want to make it a crime for us to speak against Muslims which by the way, control the UN.

Our Congress remains silent.Obama bowing to Saudi

So…While our country is being gutted…it’s also being filled up with Muslims, Mosques, and million-dollar Presidential libraries that we certainly don’t need.  No matter how bad things are for the little guy, our politicians continue to reap riches…

I now have half a block of Muslim neighbors, and they hate all Americans…and even though we blocked George W. Bush from giving DUBAI our ports (How much was he going to make off of that deal, Nobody Wonders?) we won’t stop Obama from flooding our country with Islamic culture.

The deal was: Keep your mouth shut and the Saudi’s take care of you. They have as much as a trillion dollars in US banks as insurance.

I don’t know about you…but this is just the stuff that we know about. But maybe that’s the reason John Boehner keeps crying …he did it again today…he knows too much.

So Nobody Asks—- Who really Cares?G W Bush and Saudi

I do. The more I know about Washington, the more ashamed I am that I voted for any of them.


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Nobody’s Opinion About 2012

Nobody’s Opinion

Anybody want to hear what I have to say about 2012? No?Sandy two

Nobody Thinks this year was mutilated, as sure as a Kentucky Fried Chicken….but the main thing we are going to remember is… the rush of all of us stocking up on guns at the end of the year because, for the first time in history, SOMEHOW, a man who has single-handily changed America’s greatness to fast becoming a third world country, got reelected.

Yes, the election was a fraud….the race might have been close, but we’ll never know, because for the first time in America’s history, we have Hugo Chavez as President. He just has a much more expensive bombardier jacket, better teeth, and a bigger plane.

The year WAS– nothing but politics. Right down to the last day in November we were unmercifully bombarded with the fact that Mitt Romney kills dogs and people, and hides his money in the Cayman Islands.  Mitt Romney somehow could not muster up the courage to call Obama what he really is: A crack head taking us all to communism on a fast bus to El Salvador.

And you know what? I CAN call the President a crack head. Since Obama became ‘President’ my neighborhood is full of them.  If he can play golf with pimps, I can call him a crack head, knowing perhaps all too well that I’d better say it now…because it won’t be long before I can’t say such things.

The Republicans ran such a weak campaign, it was as if they hadn’t noticed that condoms are being handed out along with joints in our high schools, and the President lets his secret service have prostitutes at their beck and call. Mitt failed to mention that Obama, not only unfairly took the credit for killing bin Laden, but let 4 men die in Benghazi—and….not to mention, how he loves to sell guns to our enemies. And it’s not just south of the border that got Obama Guns…He’s arming half the Middle East.

When push came to shove, the Republicans were lost. They whisked Paul Ryan out..and then stupidly hid him.

They didn’t stand a chance.  So now we’re stuck with a Putin understudy.

In the annals of history, Obama will look even more incredibly malevolent. What President could pull off making you and I pay for everyone else’s abortion? What President could celebrate closing our space station? Or our Military? What President could tell you that you won’t get that heart surgery after a certain age?

Obama can…YES HE CAN. And he can triple the deficit, destory our top credit rating,  close down Gibson Guitars, and Hostess, and NASA , and Lucas, and even Solyndra, and thousands of strip malls all across the country, all the while offering amnesty, and drones, and setting the whole Middle East on the path to fanatical Muslim Brotherhood fairyland.

This fMitt and McCainrom a man who hung out in the gay bars of Chicago.

But we had other news: It wasn’t only our country where the leaders seemed insane.  Europe is starting to look like a travelogue for anarchy.  Kum Jong Un thinks he is Dr. Strangelove, and the British Royals love to go naked. Prince Harry was naked in Las Vegas and Kate the new pregnant bride was naked everywhere else. I don’t know about you, but this Nobody Thinks she married the wrong Prince.

And yet, The Royals managed to have the biggest year yet, celebrating the Queen’s 60th, and naming Big Ben, Big Queen, and throwing the biggest most expensive Olympic ever seen in the Isles of Wright. Where socialized medicine will be the New British export. It was a great “green” display and a downright almost Benny Hill advertisement for the glories of socialism, the biggest propaganda display on that subject that we’ve ever seen, complete with Paul McCartney’s cracking voice at the end singing…”Live and Let Dieeeeeeeeeeeee”

And the elites get to choose, who lives and who dies in the future. But…what else is new?

Michael Phelps will no doubt lose all his gold metals someday to Lance Armstrong. Hockey…might never come back.  And baseball…may give way to soccer by 2022, the year the earth might finally come to an end, because although the elites think that they might all just exist the planet, that doesn’t there’ll be any astronauts left to take them.

As far as disasters go, we had the worst drought in two -thirds of the United States. And more fires. My grass got green for one whole week…and then we had…Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy hit the Jersey Shore, and Jersey Christie, stuck his finger into the union wind, and ran to the President’s side.  FEMA was collecting discarded 16oz soda cups and forgetting to drop off food to the weary.  By that time we were all so disgusted with politics, in our fatique we ignored how FAST they tallied the Presidential voting results, and crowned him King.

Which he is. Obama can now arrest any one of us, hold us without trial, and not even TELL anybody where we are or why

And as if the devil himself was working for Obama–some kid went nuts and killed innocents babes at a school. Oh…and his mother was a Teapartier.

“She was from gun culture. Live free or die. That was truly her upbringing,”

You couldn’t WRITE a better power script for Obama…so next year we WILL have gun control..and once again the Supreme Court will demolish the Constitution.

They’re getting pretty good at it.

We lost some good people in 2012: Neil Armstrong, and Ray Bradbury…who befittingly died with our space program. Dick Clark— although I’m surprised they don’t stuff his body and just let it ride down the ball at midnight, in fact, I think Dick would be honored. Hell, his hair would be honored!

Whitney Houston will no longer have to give up cocaine: Opie can now claim Andy Griffith was a secret tea partier and gay: Donna Summer drag queens will get paid double on Sunday: I can finally name my next dog Fang, Phyllis Diller won’t care: and Helen Gurly Brown can get together somewhere with Nora Ephran (The lady who put the orgasim in When Harry Met Sally) and educate Joe Paterno on the finer points of child molestation. Neil Armstrong

And God Bless Mike Wallace, who had the wisdom to tell everybody that he suffered from depressions, making the rest of us feel better.

And then there was the saddest news of all. We had more soldiers commit suicide…than we lost in the war.

Mike Wallace didn’t see that one coming.

That’s another first. They served to help build a country, where they are hated, and they come home to a country, where they WILL be disarmed, and ignored, and if you think Obama has nothing to do with our finest men and women committing suicide, think again.

Yes, we are Kentucky Fried…unless…we arm ourselves with the truth.

And that’s why I’m posting this link. Please…take a look. (Movie…worth it…check it out…go ahead..good stuff…)

It’s all you need to know about how this all happened.

It’s long…I know….almost an hour. But…Honey Boo Boo…believe me, can wait.

2013 will be the time the last remaining Americans stand up and say..

THIS…is our finest hour.

At that, I am almost sure…..


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Funky Sun

Nobody Flashes

Hey…I thought they closed down NASA? Or did they just close down the shuttle program? NASA is still doing some really fun things…like this video

Makes you have a lot more respect for mother nature doesn’t it?


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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS NASA’s Curiosity

Nobody’s Perfect

They had no road to drive on, and a President who all but shut them down–but that didn’t stop this roomful  of brilliant NASA scientists from dropping  a nice sized car on the surface of Mars. They got there WITHOUT Obama’s help….and in spite of all the unpatriotic roadblocks.

They did it.

Last year, NASA was all but completely destroyed. There was a cut of 1.64 billion dollars. The Shuttles were retired as fast as they could truck them out. Frankly, because they didn’t replace the Shuttles, it was a day of devastating mourning for space lovers. It was getting painful for me to watch John Glenn begging Obama to not close NASA  down on National TV.

John Glenn. An American hero…begging.

Not only did they close down the space program, but they also stopped all funding for the James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble’s successor. The chickens’ hatched by Obama put all the Congress into a black hole of not caring one wit. Dead people needed to keep collecting their Social Security checks, but astronauts in space?

Who needs them?

We found out America was no longer going to send man into space. Noooo….we were just going to watch him on Earth with millions of spy drones, and camera’s, and satellites surveying his every move.

John Glenn could just go cry to someone else. Obama shut it all down. As a result of NASA’s closing—over 10,000 lost their jobs, and over 1,213 suppliers lost contracts.  

 Obama was closing the space program down to just the robots. This from a Liberal site:  

 If NASA were de-funded, the private sector could begin to deliver services that are actually valuable to consumers, things NASA barely emphasizes, like employing robot satellites that gather information about the Earth to supply the high commercial demand for more accurate weather forecasts and geological assessments.

Leave it to the Liberals to make NASA into Al Gore’s Brown Shirts of global warming.

The President’s budget canceled joint U.S.-European robotic missions to Mars in 2016 and 2018.

But not this one: This one, was done…and was done—perfectly.  The Curiosity mission costs $2.5 billion — almost $1 billion over budget.

Funny. That’s about what we send Pakistan every year.

This from one “participant.”

Schiff said he believes Mars was targeted for cuts because the administration thought there would be, at best, a muted reaction and little opposition. “They have been astounded by the fury of the pushback, and that is the only thing that has saved us so far.”

Who knows?  Maybe Obama wasn’t expecting this mission to succeed. But that didn’t stop him for taking credit for it.

You didn’t hear it today, but a handful of us who were up late last night did. Only a few minutes after Curiosity had landed…two of Obama’s butt-boys came on the air.

“I want to thank MY boss, President Obama!” said the first one. The second one did the same…thanked Obama. All of a sudden, the joyous celebration in the room turned into Obama’s big success. THE BOSS.

Obama had done it all. He killed bin Laden with his bare hands. He single handedly put America back in the good graces of Muslims around the world, and without his guidance, Curiosity would have never landed on Mars.

Someone in his administration was smart enough to keep that off the TV’s today. But I wished they’d play it.

Obama had nothing to do with the success of this landing.

But, watch him soon…he WILL take credit for it.

As for the team at NASA…God Bless you all…Curiosity will pave the way for the first American man on the moon, and trust us..we all  know who built that road, and it was no BO.  God…I just LOVE this stuff!

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