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Nobody Flashes The News: Not Many Brazilians Can Dance: Who Knew?

Nobody Flashes

Donald Trump did a Hillary last night.  He announced his support for Paul Ryan and John McCain right during the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympics…knowing that many of his die-hard supporters would be a bit upset about that. He was HOPING nobody was paying attention.  He’s learning the political tricks quickly.

But, it was over and done, and all the world and the Trump fans switched their attention to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The global ‘elites’, who no doubt choreographed and paid for most of this big show, (along with the poor people of Rio) once again, used their Hollywood piazza and imagination to give everyone a show and promote global warming, and ‘diversity’ and mention slavery. Yes, RIO will soon become an underground city of water according to the elites.

(So why spend $14 billion dollars on constructing big arena’s Nobody asks?)

I was surprised to see just how MANY Brazilians can’t dance. Really. The professionals at the end did a fine job, but really. All that Zumba music and you can’t dance? Or maybe they didn’t feed you.

The funniest part of the show was when the politicians of Brazil  were dividing the rich against the poor, and the world is full of “conflicts”–how do we solve it?

WE PARTY! I thought that was funny.

The caldron at the end was pretty cool. You’ll see it tomorrow.

But the best part of the Olympics (besides the fireworks) is watching the athletics so full of joy….walking into their dream. Hopefully, none of them drink the water.

I wanted to post some of the video from the games, but they weren’t up yet. So…I found these two.

The first video is historical. The last one was made in 2104, and shows how much money had to go into building the whole complex. And how you now realized that they are going to lose a lot of money on people not showing up due to ZIKA.

Meanwhile, around the corner, millions live in poverty.

But, I’m sure tonight, even the poor are dancing….although very badly. (NO offense Rio volunteers….maybe you were just tired out.)








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