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The Truth IS Out There, It’s just well hidden.

Nobody Flashes

Here’s something to think about on a Sunday. I think this fits RIGHT in with the fact that all of a sudden, some Muslim at Hillary’s coronation, attacks Trump, and wow! The whole country sides with the Muslim! Hillary takes the lead by miles!

Even though Trump still gets outstanding crowds coming to see him, and she gets none.

It’s like the global warming everybody knows is a crock.

Or that transvestites are really upset about not getting to use the girls’ bathroom.

Or that Hillary is the smartest women in the world and has done WONDERS for the children.

(Had enough?)

This broadcast was done BEFORE 9/11. Whatever you think about the NEW WORLD ORDER, at least…keep your eyes and mind wide open.

As FOX said on the X-FILES: The Truth is Out there….and if you don’t want to know it, go back inside and eat your McDonalds.

August 7, 2016 - Posted by | 9/11 |

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