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It’s Dark, Isn’t it? And Hillary’s “Black” Soul Has Left the Planet

Nobody’s Opinion

My husband and I were out driving today, going to the local Wal-Mart, when I turned on the radio and heard Hillary’s voice…she was saying that Russia was interfering with our democracy by hacking into the DNC emails.

Russia? It’s all over the internet that two very important people who had worked closely with the DNC’s and Clinton’s emails—people who had maybe handed over the DNC emails to a third-party, were just very conveniently murdered.Hillary Bitch

No conspiracy here folks…look away.

Add that to the 70 odd murders of people who have worked for the Clintons.

Not to mention: Remember Hillary’s email didn’t even have the security of a Gmail account, so WHOSE fault is this now?

I turned to my husband and said; “Right. Remember Hillary’s idea of democracy is rigging her own primary election just like Putin.”

“Oh, it’s not a crime when THEY do it.” said my husband.

Last week, we had to put up with the usual insufferable cable political pundits APPALLED that Donald Trump would DARE insult a Muslim woman. Hillary finds a little something and twists it and turns the knife and gets the media talking about it for DAYS. That’s what they do. It works every time.

In case you have more sense than me, and don’t bother to listen to the garbage being spewed all over the media outlets, the Clintons found an Muslim Lawyer, whose son had died in Iraq 12 years ago, put him on the last night of their Hillary love fest, and they acted as IF he was the only son on the planet of this god green earth to EVER have sacrificed his life for the United States.

It was insulting to say the least. NOBODY asked him to join the military. As Hillary was always saying about the lives lost in Benghazi: “Hey, they knew the risks!”Khan

Khizr Khan, whose son died fighting in Iraq, said Sunday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has a “black soul” and that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) have a moral obligation to speak out against their party’s standard-bearer.

(Nobody Wonders if they DO, they are traitors..more about those creeps tomorrow. Jeb Bush has already spoken out against Trump about it.)

“He is a black soul. And this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country,” Khan said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” Khan and his wife appeared last week at the Democratic National Convention, where Khan gave an emotional speech in which he questioned whether Trump had ever read the U.S. Constitution and offered to lend him his copy. The Khans’ son, Army Capt. Humayun Khan, was killed in Iraq in 2004.

What makes YOUR son so special Mr. Khan? He’s a MUSLIM? That doesn’t make him any more special than any other American soldier on the battlefield.

Of course, this was a clever ploy to get the nation talking about that bigot Trump, and get Americans to accept the 500,000 Muslims that Hillary already has on her ticket to ride.

And don’t be fooled:  this has nothing to do with the CONSTITUTION. The founders didn’t consider Islam any kind of religion. To Adams and Jefferson, the Muslims were a people, they were pirates. Jefferson sent the Marines to kill them, and they did.Two mommys

So, when Trump was being viciously attacked, he asked why the mother didn’t speak?

Now…even if you say that Islam is a peaceful religion, it treats ALL its women like slaves. Hillary knows this, but like the little hypocrite she is, she SAYS she fights for the rights of women, unless of course, they are Muslims. In London some of the Muslim preachers are telling that it’s okay to have sex slaves.

Gee Hillary… about that? (cricket. cricket. cricket.)

Maybe Khan is one Muslim that loves our country in a million, but…where was he on 9/11? Huh? Where was he? How come we haven’t heard from him until 12 YEARS after his son is killed? In fact, where are all these peaceful Islamic men and women who want to embrace  America? Why aren’t they all over our cable networks?

They couldn’t even show up for their 100,000 march held a few days ago.

You know, not ALL Muslim soldiers are gung-ho Americans…remember Ft. Hood? Or how about the dozens of U.S. soldiers murdered by allied Muslim soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq?

So, Hillary, being her usual disgusting self, turns this around and accuses Trump of hurting the Muslim woman, and her husband Khan says well..”She doesn’t talk because she has high blood pressure, and after 12 years, she cannot even cope.”

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s planted propaganda that’s what.

Khan goes on about how Paul Ryan and McDonald should discredit Trump:

It is their “moral, ethical obligation to not worry about the votes but repudiate him, withdraw the support. If they do not, I will continue to speak, and I am speaking,” Khan said “Muslims hate this menace of terrorism as much as any other place. It is our duty to keep this country, our country, beautiful country, safe,” he said.

Yes…the key words here is “safe”  To let more Muslims in without being vetted is NOT safe.

Sorry Khan, if you loved America, you would want ALL Americans to be safe, including you, your wife, and your children.

And Hillary is not going to brow beat Americans into feeling sorry for this women, when so many of our sons and daughters have paid the same price. And we don’t even complain when the leader’s LOSE THE FRIGGING WARS! I think the American people have a LOT more to complain about than the Great Khan.

Hillary issued her last knife in the back with a smile:

“Trump is truly shameless to attack the family of an American hero,” tweeted Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney. “Many thanks to the Khan family for your sacrifice, we stand with you.”

Coming from the Mother of ISIS..what did you expect?NWO 4





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Nobody Flashes the Great B.B. King


Nobody Flashes On a Sunday:

This is amazing, and it brings back memories of what a professional musician has to do when his instrument breaks down. Watch as the great B.B. King breaks a string, and goes right on with the song, while changing the string.  Trust me, things can go wrong, and I STILL have nightmares: Like the P.A. system blows the fuse, your mike stops working and you don’t have a spare, a drum skin breaks, a drunk can spill a coke on your electric piano…one time I actually fell off the BACK of the the drum set! I jumped back up so fast, I only missed about 4 measures.

And it wasn’t exactly a short drop. I was sitting in for a song, (I think it was Proud Mary if I remember right) and the drummer before me had REALLY short legs. I kicked myself right off the balcony.

So, I really got a kick out of this.

Of course…notice that he didn’t have to go FIND the string, which means, B.B. had played so many gigs in his lifetime, you can bet that wasn’t the first time it had happened, and he was prepared.

I saw B.B. King once in a small club…when I was only 16. It was at a teen dance near the airport in St. Louis.  There were only about 25 people there, and I remember it like yesterday.

B. B. King…what a voice. What a guitar player….What a consummate entertainer. He WAS the King of the blues.




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Nobody Gets Email: Parody of Pics

Nobody’s Email:

It’s SATURDAY…Yeah! The Conventions are over with, and I’m proud to announce that today, I talked a woman who hated Trump, and was going to vote for Hillary, into changing her vote to Trump.

One at a time…one at a time.

Anyway, I just got this in the mail tonight, and I thought some of these were really funny. It’s men making fun of woman’s posing for pictures.


(Thanks to Mona)

Man's answer to women's flipping their hair in water.

Man’s answer to women’s flipping their hair in water.

Cousin makes fun of her FACEBOOK image

Cousin makes fun of her FACEBOOK image

"I woke up like this."

“I woke up like this.”

Let's make fun of Kendal Jenner

Let’s make fun of Kendal Jenner

Dad makes fun of daughter's selfie's.

Dad makes fun of daughter’s selfie’s.

Beer belly, or Demi Moore?

Beer belly, or Demi Moore?



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Why Listening to Hillary’s Speech Would Mean Possible Death To Nobody



Nobody Listened.

Okay. I didn’t listen to this speech. But I DID have fun flashing through it and watching Bill Clinton, who falls asleep…check out 27.37. He also looked as if he had aged 20 years, and looked like he was drugged or drunk.

I didn’t listen to this speech because I have a confession to make: Hillary COULD be the death of me, and I say that from great experience. You see, I KNOW what the Clinton’s crimes and lies can have on a soul.

Here’s why: Like many women, my mother was my best friend. And when Bill Clinton became President, we would talk for hours…or I should correct that—We would get angry for hours talking about the latest crimes that Bill and Hillary had committed.  These talks went on every day that the Clintons were in office. EIGHT WHOLE YEARS of being angry. I would go into her bedroom at night, and we would sit on her bed and she would shake her head. I won’t repeat the words we used to describe our feelings for them both, but I’m sure, millions in America felt the same.

My mother was especially appalled at the fact that Bill was making ‘oral’ sex a discussion on all the playgrounds and high schools across the nation. Suddenly, “oral” sex was NOT sex, so kids as young as 12 were trying it out. So whenever Hillary talks about how dangerous Donald Trump is for children, I think back upon the effect that Bill had on the children of our nation.

Oral sex went through the roof for even grade school kids.

Because my husband and I took care of my mother, she lived with us after my father died.  I remember the exact moment she had her massive stroke: she was watching Bill Clinton tell some lie on television. She got SO mad that her blood pressure went out the roof, and she had a massive stroke. That was the beginning of her demise. Strokes run in the family…all the way back to JQA on the House floor. No doubt some  politician got JQA so mad his brain exploded, just like my mother’s.

I get so mad, that I’m afraid I’d be more like an episode of the Walking dead. Hillary would say something, and I would not only fall on the floor, I’m SURE the top of my head would explode all over my computer screen. My husband would have to throw the damn thing away and get an IPOD.

SO…having said that, I want to be around a long time. And I know, if I listen to Hillary’ Clinton, I might not be able to control my rage at the fact that THIS horrible woman and her husband have lied, murdered, lied, manipulated, lied, and destroyed…. the good America that millions of past Americans fought to preserve.  And I’m sure, there are millions in America that feel the exact same way I do.

They just don’t let it get to them like I do.

I also know that if Hillary DID manage to rig the 2016 Presidential election and become President, for my family’s sake, I would have to cancel cable and never watch the news again.

I would like to live a little bit longer than my mother.

Well, here’s the good news. I don’t think God has given up on America yet. Hitler is dead. And criminals like the Clintons can only last so long. I guess I’ll just to have to outlive them.

Take my advice….don’t watch that video above. Just flash through it and watch Bill’s face.

BUT DO watch this one. Dick Morris tells you ALL the REAL history of Hillary Clinton, and how Bill Clinton lied about it.



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OMG…I had to turn the BIG BS COMMIE Crap off.

Nobody Knows

I’m watching Obama speaking to the Democratic Convention right now…and nobody knows that all last week, and the first two nights of this week, I tried hard to make it through the conventions. He just said that neither he or Bill were as qualified to be the President as fist

Boy, does she need help.

The “progressive” lying sales pitch has been ongoing, and for all the nastiness that they say about Trump, the democrats have loaded up on Trump TENFOLD in that area.

When Cameron’s Global Warming film came on, and I saw Jack Black say that Miami was going to go under water, I couldn’t take it anymore. How stupid can you get?

Talk about fear mongering.

People really? Do you believe your own eyes, or do you believe these scumbags who want MORE  of your money?

Obama is now saying that if you want the economy to grow then vote for Hillary.

Can we throw up now? He just keeps lying.

This morning, Donald Trump came out and defended himself, as well he should, and made a joke to Russia, everybody knew it was a joke… because the democrats have been trying to blame the Russians, for the crime of exposing the fact that they rigged her coronation.

Yes, just like Putin, HILLARY rigged her own coronation. She should have been disqualified right then and there, but this is not the America of long ago.

This is the America where criminals rule.

The REST of the day, conservatives along WITH Democrats were acting as if Donald Trump had said that he wanted Russia to interfere with our elections.

NEVER MIND that Hillary had committed basically TREASON by erasing government property, and on top of that, was walking around the world getting her phone hacked.

NO…the global elites are not giving up. “Donald Trump is unfit.”

“We don’t look to be ruled” Says Obama, coming from the dictator in charge.

The lies that these people spew out is almost beyond comprehension.

Too many people have fallen for the sweet talking, big grinning, democratic zombies that have destroyed our country. It’s taken generations to make so many stupid people.

I’m done. Hey, Sanders QUIT the democratic party tonight.

But he is still sitting there.

Okay, Obama is still taking the same old crap.

Nobody Knows…it’s time for me to turn this crap off.

OMG…Obama just said he came from the parents of people from Kansas who had birth certificates. Michelle’s parents were decedent’s of slaves.

How STUPID is America?

We are about to find out.




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Zombie Sharks VS the Zombies at the Convention?

Nobody Reports

Okay. It’s midnight here, and I just fast-forwarded through my recorded version of last night’s infomercial for Hillary…Zombie Shark

Sorry, I was into DAM SHARK and ZOMBIE SHARK, which to my mind, were much more entertaining, and then I wondered…did they PLAN the democratic convention during Sharknado Week on purpose, hoping nobody would pay attention?  DAM Shark was funny.

And ZOMBIE SHARK was a perfect introduction to the democratic convention.

LOTS of Liberal Zombies there.

Since I saw only bits and pieces of it, I think I can make at least two very factual observation:

Blue lives don’t matter, and neither do any men’s lives, unless of course, you are black or your name is Bill Clinton. Well, gay men lives matter, but all the rest of you mostly white men…forget it.

The democrats have found that there are at least 4,556 Indian tribes that were recently discovered.

The women in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives are about as dumb as your local PTA President.

Planned Parenthood must have made billions off those aborted fetishes to get such applause.

The first half of the program was about how MUCH Hillary has done for the ‘children’. The second half of the program was about Bill Clinton trying to convince America that at one time, he was actually sexually attracted to Hillary. (Showing that he must have been stoned.)

Hillary paid some REALLY big bucks for all the video’s they showed of her in all important photo-ops in every year she has been in the news. Trump had one. Hillary had at least 6 or seven in just one night. All of a sudden Hillary has done a gazillions things! Who knew? Really good propaganda, she spared no expense.

Magdalene Albright insists that Donald Trump will be stepped on by Putin, and yet, forgot to mention that Hillary GOT her old college roommate her old job. She also forgot to mention that as Secretary of State herself, Hillary did nothing when Putin took the Ukraine by force. We can guess that was because she wanted to make a nice profit off of selling Putin our Uranium.Bill and Hillary two

Bill Clinton told the longest BS speech in the history of his life. Nobody can BS as good as Bill Clinton. The story of his infatuation with Hillary Clinton is the biggest pile of hogwash in history, and notice, it was all about her past. And I’m not buying this,  “I met her in a library and she walked up to ME.” That’s a propaganda story if I ever heard one…to make her look like a real strong and smart woman. They probably met at some frat party and got stoned and had sex on the first night, right Bill?

Everybody know that Bill doesn’t even live with Hillary, and yet…NOT A WHISPER Of the falseness of the whole thing. Bill hasn’t slept with Hillary probably since his college days.  And on top of that, he IS a rapist, but hey…He loves women!  There are STILL plenty of Bill Clinton Zombies…mostly old ugly women who swoon when he looks them in the eyes.

Okay, when Meryl Strep came on, and she started talking about the “first woman president!” I turned it off.

Wait…has Bill Clinton slept with Meryl Strep?  I’d say the chance of that is at LEAST 50/50.

The Shark-a-thon is on for two more nights, and I’m not talking about Sci-Fi. Tomorrow night the REAL shark who has swallowed American whole will be speaking to the Zombies tomorrow night.


I’ll  be on Sci Fi.big shark

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Hillary’s Need A Bridge Over HER Troubled Waters….


Nobody Reports

It was the first night of the “progressive” movement…..and I must admit, I just tuned in and out to various speakers…because the one thing you can ALWAYS count on:

The democrats all say the very same thing. ALWAYS. The very same things.bernie two

Tonight, it was 1. Climate Change. 2. Trump is a rich evil man. 3. Trump can’t handle the nuclear button 4. Trump hates women. 5. Trump hates ‘immigrants’ 6. NO immigrant is illegal 7. Trump hates blacks 8. Trump stole millions from poor people, and 9. Hillary Clinton LOVES children.

And America is great, unless you are listening to Bernie Sanders, who reports that is isn’t because the rich are getting too rich, and the only solution is to raise taxes and give everybody free stuff.

Wow, Bernie…that’s really DARK.

What happened tonight? It started out with a LOT of pissed off Bernie fans, but were assured in the first two hours that “HEY! We know it was rigged, but we’ve formed a commission to take care of it NEXT time!” We plan to work on giving you the people more of a voice. Okay…happy now?

Let’s move on.

Ha ha ha haha…you lose! Yes, Hillary rigged it…what? Did you think that she wasn’t going to make sure she got the nomination after her humiliating defeat last time she ran?

Bernie won’t be around next time, and so what? Who will have the nerve to run against her? I’ll tell you who…

Mr. Cory Booker, who started off trying to get white people to like him, by talking about the revolution, and then pleasing the blacks with saying Black Lives Matter, only to get into the speech and say All LIVES MATTER, the guy was all over the book.  He gave a big speech about how individualism built the country but hey…that’s not what’s going to work anymore. Clearly he was auditioning for the next shot at the White House.  He was good. Very enthusiastic, and after the speech you don’t remember a thing he said.

Then there was the typical democratic use the children to play the heartstrings moment. The video was played where Hillary comforted a child of an illegal mother and she was so afraid that her mother would be taken from her. (Remember, people are so STUPID that it never occurs to them that..Bernie 4

The child could go back to Mexico with the mother. No…that would be too logical because you see, that little girl wants to become a lawyer and fight for other illegal’s to get free college and food, and well…the democrats ALWAYS pull out the poor suffering children.

Then there was Elizabeth Warren. Okay. I’m not even going to talk about it.  Stupid.

Mochelle was funny. She gave the same speech she has been giving for the last eight years: My black life matters— basically. I did notice that she put on her “white” look…curled light shoulder length wig. It looked like a wig. She supported Hillary because…I’m not sure. She’s a good mother. Hillary will do wonders for your children…I have no idea. No doubt they will run Michelle for Senator of Illinois.

And then, the man everyone had been waiting for.

Bernie Sanders fell on his sword, and halfway through the speech I got pretty bored. He is fun to watch. C-Span did show a lot of shots of Bill Clinton sitting high up in the rafters. As if, that was going to help.

In the end the highlight of my night was my husband, who was trying to sleep while I watched the event.Paul Simon

When Paul Simon started singing “Bridge Over Trouble Waters” he woke up and said, “What?” But he didn’t look up. Nope. He just gave his usual opinion:

“Now we know the real reason Obama wanted Obamacare. ”

“Did somebody pull Hillary’s chest hair?”

“This is the meaning of retirement.” Then he went back to sleep.

It truly was bad…poor guy.

The good news is that it was pretty clear that over 80 percent of the people there tonight, wanted Bernie Sanders NOT Hillary Clinton.

So, how are they going to make the crowd NOT interrupt Hillary when she gives her speech? How will Hillary build this Bridge over HER Troubled Waters to the Bernie supporters she burned.

Nobody Wonders.bernie one




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“Trump VS the Tramp”

Nobody’s Knows

How, after the lame introduction of Hillary’s VP, the Democratic convention is going to even match the one just given by the Republicans. Oh sure, Obama will come out, Bill Clinton, Chelsea, and it will all be wonderful….

Except NOT.  Things are looking up for Donald Trump…thanks to Wiki Leaks, actually FINDING some of Hillary’s email before they were deleted.  I mean, everybody KNEW that Hillary rigged the whole system, but the Sanders people now have proof. Yes, I must admit last week, after the Ted Cruz debacle, I was a bit worried…but then I saw my sister-in-law today.

There were all were, the whole family, eating fried chicken at Cracker Barrel, requesting more corn bread, when my brother started talking about Trump.

Ok…so what’s new you say? WHAT’S NEW? Only that my sister- in law-was the most die-hard Ted Cruz fan on the planet. It didn’t matter how many times I pointed out that Trump would be better for the business of America than Ted Cruz…both she and my brother were sold. It was hopeless. I gave up on them.

Until they watch Trump’s speech.

Then  my brother said it. “If Hillary gets elected I might as well kiss my D.J. business goodbye. Nobody will have any money to get married.” He went on about the troubles at college with his son, how he was put in a dorm room with three other Chinese boys who don’t speak English. “College is where you are supposed to make CONNECTIONS” he said.  His son is really upset. After all, the lease has already been signed.

The conversation then went on to insurance companies, the price of gas, and the news.

I wouldn’t call it “dark.” But as a family, we NEVER discussed the state of the country before.  We are just Americans, looking around how MUCH our lives have changed. And Hillary is even scarier than Obama.

My brother and his wife…are so scared they now see the real danger that might be ahead.

Nobody Knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if my in-laws and THIS man (see video) can see it, then we are half-way there.




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Nobody Flashes on a Sunday

Nobody Flashes

Here is ONE reason we can all celebrate the internet….you can find out that you are actually an empty walking slug of bacteria.  And if I’m a walking bag of empty bacteria, what is Michael Moore?

I’m wondering when was the last time my cells died.

Enjoy! After all, Hillary is going to be on TV, and all of us only have so many summers left.

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Obama & Pena Tell Trump: We Will FLY Illegals Over Your Wall. (Finger)

Nobody Knows

If you thought that the great speech that Trump gave last night didn’t mean much: THINK AGAIN. global two

As if on cue…”President” Obama, who has barely gotten off the golf course in the last 7 years, decided he’d better make an appearance; No doubt, George W. Bush called him up and said, “Get your butt out there.”  Come on. Get real. You KNOW that it was the Bush’s plan to merge Mexico and America…and Obama was meant to continue this.

So Obama graced us all with a ‘news’ conference. Why?

Because last night, in his convention speech, Trump assured America he was going to build a wall, and renegotiate that terrible trade deal called NAFTA.  As for the TTP…not going to happen.

The globalists will not let this be. global santa

This election is about the seismic fight: Nationalism VS Globalism:  Trump VS—- the Bushes, Obama, Hillary, and all the other control freak globalists like Bill Gates and Zuckerburg.

Know this: 95% of the wealth of the last four years has gone to the top 1%. And that’s because, we now have a global oligarchy and they have been sucking at the teat of the poor American citizen for years. And they don’t want that to stop. No way. The merging of Mexico and America has already been started. In a rush to prevent Trump from doing much to this great flood of gang cartels and drug money that is making many in Mexico very rich, it was announced today that they are going to institutionalized as many government organizations as they can to merge the two countries together.

Obama and Pena basically announced that the two countries MUST continue to merge.

Trump will stop that, and they know it. In fact, when Trump first suggested a wall on the border, Pena Nieto, the recent Mexican President went nuts.’

Pena Nieto has sharply criticized Trump’s tone, telling a Mexico City-based newspaper earlier this year that Trump speaks the type of language that gave rise to dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Mexico’s leader has also said Trump’s stance is hurting his country’s relations with the U.S., and that Mexico will not pay for a border wall.

Ha ha ha ha…that’s not how he sounded today. Oh no. He was all sweet and nice and said those words were, “taken out of context.” Both Obama and Pena then went on and on about how NOW they were going to start paying attention to the drug problems….oh yes. They were going to work together to solve three

Imagine these two: the Hoover damn gets a hole in it, and they put off fixing it, and THEN after it breaks and floods the valleys. Obama and Pena would say  “Oh, we intend to fix that now.”

Both Pena and Obama spent half an hour swearing how great NAFTA was…Mexico’s economy has improved over 500%. Why millions of Mexicans now live in AMERICA! Over 40 millions. To end this would be madness. All those American companies providing jobs to Mexicans…it’s a dream.

They NEVER mention that our politicians are redistributing our money to Mexico. (If you LIKE your country, you can KEEP your country.)

So. The great Muslim Obama and the Mexican Pena have found a quick solution to Trump:

Trump is going to build a wall, they know that. It must be looking bad for Hillary or they wouldn’t have to do this, but just to be sure, they have come up with a solution: Obama and Pena are going to MORE build airports to FLY illegal’s OVER THAT WALL!

How about THAT Trump! We will just fly them over….go ahead. Built your wall!

Yes nino’s! Do no worry. Obama and the American taxpayer will fly you here, and you won’t even have to WALK! (Little dirty secret here, Obama is already doing this.) Flag of Amero

And right away, before Trump even gets into office, they are going to send 64,000 Mexican students into America to study…right away.

Zuckerberg is ecstatic. Get ready Silicon Valley. You might have to trade down your Bentley’s to a Ford Employer.

“Globalization is a fact.” says Obama.

Globalization is sending America into the new North American cesspool.

I couldn’t afford college, and I couldn’t afford to send my son to college. But MEXICANS will get free college courtesy of Obama and me…and you. Mostly you. I don’t have any money.

I saw a commercial just yesterday…it was Office Max, and the mother was saying “My SON is learning Spanish!”

Got that America? The Mexicans won’t have to learn English. Your children will be expected to learn Spanish.

Today, Obama said that Trump was exaggerating about how bad things are. Why…why…anybody can go outside and hear the birds sing, he said, and then he flashed his big smile.

And you know, it’s not Mexicans that are creeping into our country, it’s all those other South Americans, he said.  Mexico actually has a STRONG border on the south.

We should THANK them, according to our President.

As I remember, according to Newsmax, Bill Clinton used to work for the drugs mafia that was flown into Arkansas when he was a teenager. Gotta love those democrats!

Drugs are a big part of Mexico’s economy. But..Obama and Pena plan to look into all that drug stuff, and even update NAFTA so Americans won’t get screwed that bad.Money


The drugs bring in the gangs to the American cities, which causes crime and violence, which leave the blacks hopeless so they turn to crime, because there are no jobs, and then Obama comes in and says…you are being screwed by the police! They are trying to take away your right to make a living selling drugs!

We need to get rid of guns!

It’s a win/win for Pena and Obama.

Something tells me, if Trump is elected their big bluebird of NAFTA happiness is going to rain on their heads.

Did ANYBODY in the news talk about this today? No. It’s Friday.

Nobody will remember this meeting ever.

But I just can’t forget it.


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Donald Trump…Shows GREAT and True Compassion For the People.

Nobody Reports

I was just saying to my husband while we were watching the GOP convention tonight…”He should get Jon Voight” and right after I said that…here he came:

And then there was this:


Trump’s speech tonight was more than just the same old stuff.

It was the speech that we have been waiting for, ever since Reagan left.

I loved it. From the heart.

But them, you know that. I hope you got to see it, because this truly is the last stand of the America people.

Anybody that is “undecided” after watching this speech tonight, do not have brain. It’s that simple.

By the way, none of the 16 candidates could have done better, and with more heart.

God Bless Donald Trump.

Oh, and by the way, as expected, the ‘pundits’ are still cutting him down. Chris Mathews just said that the words “Law and Order” are racist.


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Trump Just Got Rid of his 2020 GOP Competition…BRAVO!


Nobody Flashes

Okay. Can I say “I told you so?”

“I told you so.” Cruz has no class.

The talk for the next five days, in every cable station, will be, NOT that Ted Cruz just lost his chances for EVER becoming President of the United States, but,  “Can Donald Trump ever bring the party together and win?”

Watch him.

By now, if you didn’t see Ted Cruz’s great ego-tripping, farce at the Trump convention, let me tell you, that basically, Ted Cruz $*&% up big time.

There is nothing more un-American that a sore loser.

The convention started out really fun….the band had more party songs, and then BAM!

Laura Ingram was on FIRE!

She let the establishment of men who were still upset that they lost to Donald Trump HAVE IT! And then she stuck it to the media.

I was SO Proud of her.

Here’s the video…best minutes of the night. She was fantastic.

Another great speech was by a black pastor named Darrell Scott Paste. He also was exploding for Trump.

All the other guests…Trump’s business buddies, were informative…all for Trump.

The point is EVERYBODY endorsed Donald Trump…Gov. Scott Walker, and even Rubio.

And when Ted Cruz’s time came, the crowd was on their best manners. Ted started out like any fake liberal would…he gave a sad speech about a nine-year-old child whose father had been murdered…why that child was the same age as his daughter…(Oh boy…it’s Hillary Cruz.) The democrats always start out with some children are dying story…like they care.

(Is it any WONDER we hate politicians?)

His theme was freedom, and you could tell, Cruz thought he was giving the Gettysburg address. FREEDOM is everything. Okay. But esoterically speaking, freedom doesn’t always pay the bills, Ted.

We DO like to eat.

Then…somewhere in the middle, after he told people to “vote their conscience” which means I suppose, go and write Ted’s name in the ballot, the crowd went crazy.

The booing was so intense the Trump campaign encouraged its many staffers on the convention floor to try to calm the delegates down. His wife Heidi had to be escorted out.

And when they were booing him, THIS is when he should have shut his mouth, but he ad-libbed the line’s…” I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.”confused baby three

BIG mistake. It wasn’t just the New Yorkers who elected Trump. And on top of that, he insulted New Yorkers.

Of course Trump came out….when the crowd was going nuts.  His kids looked very upset….but I have to applaud the man. If I knew that Ted Cruz was stupid enough to sacrifice his future by blatantly sending a finger to the man at his own convention, then Donald Trump knew it too.

Donald Trump, tonight, got rid of Ted Cruz ever trying to challenge him in 4 years. And ended up looking honest for it. Smart.

He made such as ass of himself…that America is not going to forget the moment he alone, broke his promise to support the nominee.

What a stupid man. He could have humbly accepted that he lost, and went on to say he would fight for the people in the Senate. He would have gained respect.Trump Cruz

No matter how the press will spin this, the fact is, Donald Trump let Ted Cruz hang himself.

One man summed it up:

“He’s a chicken,” said Eugene Delgaudio, a delegate from Sterling, Virginia, who clucked like a chicken when asked about Cruz’s decision. “He needed to toughen up like every other Republican loser of any nomination battle in the last 100 years since Abraham Lincoln and just suck it up, be a man and back the nominee that he was beaten by, fair and square.”

The media elites might protect Cruz..(Mark Levin is being especially protective tonight) .but the people…the people will remember.

After Cruz it went smooth. Trump’s son and the VP, and Newt gave great speeches.

Although, I sure would like to see Clint Eastwood talk to another empty chair…and call it Ted Cruz.

Somebody call Trump up and suggest it.


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Second Night: Like Father…Like Son…Brains.

Nobody Flashes

I ALMOST made it through the whole second night, but I must admit, after watching the ‘count’ I fell asleep. I woke up to find Paul Ryan speaking.

Did I miss anything?  Paul Ryan’s speech was so lame, so esoteric, it was plain to see he was playing it safe. He’s up for reelection and the people are not exactly pleased with him. Both Walker and Ryan are trying to not rock the Trump boat…for now. He looked good, but I almost went BACK to sleep.

Anyway, the fun thing about seeing all the people shout out their states, is the big smiles everybody was giving. There were no surprises except for the fact that in Ohio, ALL the delegates went to John Kasich.

I know. Mr. excitement got like 3 other votes, in other states. Okay, a few more but…what did he do? Were all the delegates from his immediate family? Do they all own government subsidized farms that sell corn to China?

I had to wonder about that. Ohio is an important state…So….is that the state that the elites are going to use to quietly deprive Trump of needed electoral votes? When Kasich said this the other day, I thought I was listening to Jeb Bush:

“I look at trade like I look at immigration, like I look at growing nationalism, like I look at isolationism,” Kasich said. “When you isolate, when you have excessive nationalism, when you’re anti-trade and anti-immigration, what good comes from that? What is that a formula for?”

Yes, Donald Trump has singlehandedly wretched the lead of the Republican party out of the hands of the Bush Family. The globalists have been hit hard.

And SPEAKING of the Bush family, FOX news has done just as much damage to Donald Trump as the democrats. How many times have I bitched about FOX?

Not to wander off subject, but the big news tonight was the firing of Roger Ailes of Fox News. Evidently the Trump-hater Megyn Kelly also accused Ailes of sexual harassment. He hugged her wrong or something of that matter. And so, Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly, and 50 other FOX news reporters are threatening to walk out.

Rupert Murdoch is the globalist, and some of the people on his news programs were rooting for Trump. Make no mistake, Rupert would rather see Hillary in the White House than Donald.Donald Trump Jr.

But, getting back to the convention: Chris Christie did a better speech than his last GOP convention….and maybe in hindsight, his action against Romney wasn’t just because he didn’t get picked to be the VP. Maybe Christie really didn’t like the man. He really laid into Hillary, and said he was proud to be part of the “TEAM.” Code for cabinet position?

(“LOCK HER UP! ” I want the tee-shirt.)

The star of the night was Donald Trump Jr. It was a rousing speech, and a testament to the man, his father, who he is sure will help America.  Donald Trump Jr. gave a better political speech than most of the politicians we’ve heard. He didn’t just talk about his father, he talked about our country’s problems and it was clear: He is as smart as they come.

I don’t think there has ever been a man running for President that has had so MANY really intelligent kids. Trump’s children are his best legacy, and he’s smart enough to show them off.

Now…for me, the BEST speech of the night was by Kimberlin Brown….a actress who runs her own business, an avocado farm.

The night was about making America work again, and I would have been happy with less politicians and MORE ordinary working people telling their stories. But Kimbelin made up for it.

She was…superb. And she was superb because she IS the quintessence of the a great American women. I am now a big fan.

I gave tonight a B.

And as a last note: I have a crush on those island men. My god, those men  smile like the sun. I wanted to buy a ticket to Samoa and go drinking with them. I wanted to sit in a Tiki hut, with a bar by the ocean with the sunset and the breeze of the sea, caressing my face…. where I would get them a few drinks and ask for Island stories, and I would be holding my tropical drink with a tiny yellow umbrella…and basking in the light of those big smiles…

Okay, I’m going back to sleep now.

I read the sun did a flip today. Who knew?  I’ll take that as a good sign.

And speaking of good signs: Don’t miss Kimberlin’s speech.




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First Night Stars: Seals, Rudi, Clarke, Flynn…and Melania

Nobody Reports

In case you didn’t want to watch the first night of the GOP convention, here’s a quick summary:

In the afternoon: Iowa and Colorado walked out because they are still mad that Ted Cruz was not nominated. So Trump supporters are HOPING that Ted Cruz makes a fool out of himself, by NOT endorsing Trump, but using his moment in time to once again promote himself, and reinforce our low opinion of him.

I predict that he will do that, because, like Hillary, he simply can’t help himself.  If he doesn’t gracefully endorse Trump, then he will be just showing America that he is NOT a man of integrity.

It’s all about respect and honesty.

But then again, Cruz showed us that he’s not honest in Iowa. He didn’t fight fair, so he lost.

Anyway the stars of tonight were simple Americans. Pat Smith, the women who lost her son in Benghazi, was great. She looked in the camera and with great sorrow, told the nation of the scumbag Hillary who left her son to die, and then blamed a video.

The two brave American soldiers who ran to help the ambassador in Benghazi, and fought off over 50 or more terrorist by themselves, and also saved American lives, told the story, of how Hillary and Obama watched it all from a video, and sent no help.

Sheriff Clarke got the biggest standing ovation of the night, reminding us all that there are black men with integrity, greatness, and courage of truth.

But there were two stars that really rocked the night. Actually three, but by the time he got on stage, everybody was leaving.

1st Star: Rudy Giuliani. Rudy gave the speech of his life. It was great.

2nd Star: Melania Trump was so breathtakingly beautiful, the men in the audience probably didn’t hear a word she said. But, even with the great entrance by the Trumpster, she was the highlight of the night, because we were all thinking “Wow”. She is a dedicated wife….she KNOWS her man.

After she left, the air went out of the room, and all I kept thinking was..whose female face would you want to look at for the next 8 years? Hillary or Melania? For men who are ruled by just being men, I have a feeling a lot of democratic men are NOT going to vote for Hillary.

Beauty does have that advantage. In fact, every women on the stage tonight had been made up by professional makeup artists. I’m sure Donald Trump got the best in the business.Melanie

3rd star: Lt. General Michael Flynn, was, in context, probably the MOST important speech of the night, because he warned of the great danger we are all in, and yet the Daily Mail said he bombed.

Good god.

Well gee..Trump, the star, had just left with his wife, after making a grand entrance,…This was a show, and to the audience who had probably all had jet lag, and by the looks of the crowd, it was way past their bedtime—they left.

It had nothing to do with General Flynn.

This nobody thought it was great, and it’s good to know he will be working with Trump.

So that’s it. The most fun chant of the night was ‘Lock her up!”

For a first night, and the theme of “Keep America Safe” I give it a B+.





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