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Trump Just Got Rid of his 2020 GOP Competition…BRAVO!


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Okay. Can I say “I told you so?”

“I told you so.” Cruz has no class.

The talk for the next five days, in every cable station, will be, NOT that Ted Cruz just lost his chances for EVER becoming President of the United States, but,  “Can Donald Trump ever bring the party together and win?”

Watch him.

By now, if you didn’t see Ted Cruz’s great ego-tripping, farce at the Trump convention, let me tell you, that basically, Ted Cruz $*&% up big time.

There is nothing more un-American that a sore loser.

The convention started out really fun….the band had more party songs, and then BAM!

Laura Ingram was on FIRE!

She let the establishment of men who were still upset that they lost to Donald Trump HAVE IT! And then she stuck it to the media.

I was SO Proud of her.

Here’s the video…best minutes of the night. She was fantastic.

Another great speech was by a black pastor named Darrell Scott Paste. He also was exploding for Trump.

All the other guests…Trump’s business buddies, were informative…all for Trump.

The point is EVERYBODY endorsed Donald Trump…Gov. Scott Walker, and even Rubio.

And when Ted Cruz’s time came, the crowd was on their best manners. Ted started out like any fake liberal would…he gave a sad speech about a nine-year-old child whose father had been murdered…why that child was the same age as his daughter…(Oh boy…it’s Hillary Cruz.) The democrats always start out with some children are dying story…like they care.

(Is it any WONDER we hate politicians?)

His theme was freedom, and you could tell, Cruz thought he was giving the Gettysburg address. FREEDOM is everything. Okay. But esoterically speaking, freedom doesn’t always pay the bills, Ted.

We DO like to eat.

Then…somewhere in the middle, after he told people to “vote their conscience” which means I suppose, go and write Ted’s name in the ballot, the crowd went crazy.

The booing was so intense the Trump campaign encouraged its many staffers on the convention floor to try to calm the delegates down. His wife Heidi had to be escorted out.

And when they were booing him, THIS is when he should have shut his mouth, but he ad-libbed the line’s…” I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.”confused baby three

BIG mistake. It wasn’t just the New Yorkers who elected Trump. And on top of that, he insulted New Yorkers.

Of course Trump came out….when the crowd was going nuts.  His kids looked very upset….but I have to applaud the man. If I knew that Ted Cruz was stupid enough to sacrifice his future by blatantly sending a finger to the man at his own convention, then Donald Trump knew it too.

Donald Trump, tonight, got rid of Ted Cruz ever trying to challenge him in 4 years. And ended up looking honest for it. Smart.

He made such as ass of himself…that America is not going to forget the moment he alone, broke his promise to support the nominee.

What a stupid man. He could have humbly accepted that he lost, and went on to say he would fight for the people in the Senate. He would have gained respect.Trump Cruz

No matter how the press will spin this, the fact is, Donald Trump let Ted Cruz hang himself.

One man summed it up:

“He’s a chicken,” said Eugene Delgaudio, a delegate from Sterling, Virginia, who clucked like a chicken when asked about Cruz’s decision. “He needed to toughen up like every other Republican loser of any nomination battle in the last 100 years since Abraham Lincoln and just suck it up, be a man and back the nominee that he was beaten by, fair and square.”

The media elites might protect Cruz..(Mark Levin is being especially protective tonight) .but the people…the people will remember.

After Cruz it went smooth. Trump’s son and the VP, and Newt gave great speeches.

Although, I sure would like to see Clint Eastwood talk to another empty chair…and call it Ted Cruz.

Somebody call Trump up and suggest it.


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