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And they WONDER Why Cops Shot First


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Too bad Sheriff David Clarke wasn’t in the Oval Office today, the lame and almost laughable comments by “President” Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch after the slaughter of the Dallas police yesterday made me cringe.

After the “We’re so sorry about the deaths” mandatory statement, both of them went into their political messages: Obama’s was gun control, Loretta’s was “Keep protesting!”

Although, ‘peacefully’.  Like…having Obama’s black friends making music video’s suggesting that all cops are racist and murderers. That a BIG help. .

Today, some cop in Missouri was shot in the neck by a routine traffic stop.

And they wonder why cops shot first.

Good thing we have people like Sheriff David Clarke, to show white people and white cops, that yes, there ARE smart and good black people in the world, because when we look at Obama, and the thugs running Black Lives Matter, we are beginning to wonder if the black race is EVER going to come to its senses.

And what is really happening?

Hillary got off the news. And Hillary, is in bed with them.

Nobody Wonders……




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