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First Night Stars: Seals, Rudi, Clarke, Flynn…and Melania

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In case you didn’t want to watch the first night of the GOP convention, here’s a quick summary:

In the afternoon: Iowa and Colorado walked out because they are still mad that Ted Cruz was not nominated. So Trump supporters are HOPING that Ted Cruz makes a fool out of himself, by NOT endorsing Trump, but using his moment in time to once again promote himself, and reinforce our low opinion of him.

I predict that he will do that, because, like Hillary, he simply can’t help himself.  If he doesn’t gracefully endorse Trump, then he will be just showing America that he is NOT a man of integrity.

It’s all about respect and honesty.

But then again, Cruz showed us that he’s not honest in Iowa. He didn’t fight fair, so he lost.

Anyway the stars of tonight were simple Americans. Pat Smith, the women who lost her son in Benghazi, was great. She looked in the camera and with great sorrow, told the nation of the scumbag Hillary who left her son to die, and then blamed a video.

The two brave American soldiers who ran to help the ambassador in Benghazi, and fought off over 50 or more terrorist by themselves, and also saved American lives, told the story, of how Hillary and Obama watched it all from a video, and sent no help.

Sheriff Clarke got the biggest standing ovation of the night, reminding us all that there are black men with integrity, greatness, and courage of truth.

But there were two stars that really rocked the night. Actually three, but by the time he got on stage, everybody was leaving.

1st Star: Rudy Giuliani. Rudy gave the speech of his life. It was great.

2nd Star: Melania Trump was so breathtakingly beautiful, the men in the audience probably didn’t hear a word she said. But, even with the great entrance by the Trumpster, she was the highlight of the night, because we were all thinking “Wow”. She is a dedicated wife….she KNOWS her man.

After she left, the air went out of the room, and all I kept thinking was..whose female face would you want to look at for the next 8 years? Hillary or Melania? For men who are ruled by just being men, I have a feeling a lot of democratic men are NOT going to vote for Hillary.

Beauty does have that advantage. In fact, every women on the stage tonight had been made up by professional makeup artists. I’m sure Donald Trump got the best in the business.Melanie

3rd star: Lt. General Michael Flynn, was, in context, probably the MOST important speech of the night, because he warned of the great danger we are all in, and yet the Daily Mail said he bombed.

Good god.

Well gee..Trump, the star, had just left with his wife, after making a grand entrance,…This was a show, and to the audience who had probably all had jet lag, and by the looks of the crowd, it was way past their bedtime—they left.

It had nothing to do with General Flynn.

This nobody thought it was great, and it’s good to know he will be working with Trump.

So that’s it. The most fun chant of the night was ‘Lock her up!”

For a first night, and the theme of “Keep America Safe” I give it a B+.





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