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Second Night: Like Father…Like Son…Brains.

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I ALMOST made it through the whole second night, but I must admit, after watching the ‘count’ I fell asleep. I woke up to find Paul Ryan speaking.

Did I miss anything?  Paul Ryan’s speech was so lame, so esoteric, it was plain to see he was playing it safe. He’s up for reelection and the people are not exactly pleased with him. Both Walker and Ryan are trying to not rock the Trump boat…for now. He looked good, but I almost went BACK to sleep.

Anyway, the fun thing about seeing all the people shout out their states, is the big smiles everybody was giving. There were no surprises except for the fact that in Ohio, ALL the delegates went to John Kasich.

I know. Mr. excitement got like 3 other votes, in other states. Okay, a few more but…what did he do? Were all the delegates from his immediate family? Do they all own government subsidized farms that sell corn to China?

I had to wonder about that. Ohio is an important state…So….is that the state that the elites are going to use to quietly deprive Trump of needed electoral votes? When Kasich said this the other day, I thought I was listening to Jeb Bush:

“I look at trade like I look at immigration, like I look at growing nationalism, like I look at isolationism,” Kasich said. “When you isolate, when you have excessive nationalism, when you’re anti-trade and anti-immigration, what good comes from that? What is that a formula for?”

Yes, Donald Trump has singlehandedly wretched the lead of the Republican party out of the hands of the Bush Family. The globalists have been hit hard.

And SPEAKING of the Bush family, FOX news has done just as much damage to Donald Trump as the democrats. How many times have I bitched about FOX?

Not to wander off subject, but the big news tonight was the firing of Roger Ailes of Fox News. Evidently the Trump-hater Megyn Kelly also accused Ailes of sexual harassment. He hugged her wrong or something of that matter. And so, Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly, and 50 other FOX news reporters are threatening to walk out.

Rupert Murdoch is the globalist, and some of the people on his news programs were rooting for Trump. Make no mistake, Rupert would rather see Hillary in the White House than Donald.Donald Trump Jr.

But, getting back to the convention: Chris Christie did a better speech than his last GOP convention….and maybe in hindsight, his action against Romney wasn’t just because he didn’t get picked to be the VP. Maybe Christie really didn’t like the man. He really laid into Hillary, and said he was proud to be part of the “TEAM.” Code for cabinet position?

(“LOCK HER UP! ” I want the tee-shirt.)

The star of the night was Donald Trump Jr. It was a rousing speech, and a testament to the man, his father, who he is sure will help America.  Donald Trump Jr. gave a better political speech than most of the politicians we’ve heard. He didn’t just talk about his father, he talked about our country’s problems and it was clear: He is as smart as they come.

I don’t think there has ever been a man running for President that has had so MANY really intelligent kids. Trump’s children are his best legacy, and he’s smart enough to show them off.

Now…for me, the BEST speech of the night was by Kimberlin Brown….a actress who runs her own business, an avocado farm.

The night was about making America work again, and I would have been happy with less politicians and MORE ordinary working people telling their stories. But Kimbelin made up for it.

She was…superb. And she was superb because she IS the quintessence of the a great American women. I am now a big fan.

I gave tonight a B.

And as a last note: I have a crush on those island men. My god, those men  smile like the sun. I wanted to buy a ticket to Samoa and go drinking with them. I wanted to sit in a Tiki hut, with a bar by the ocean with the sunset and the breeze of the sea, caressing my face…. where I would get them a few drinks and ask for Island stories, and I would be holding my tropical drink with a tiny yellow umbrella…and basking in the light of those big smiles…

Okay, I’m going back to sleep now.

I read the sun did a flip today. Who knew?  I’ll take that as a good sign.

And speaking of good signs: Don’t miss Kimberlin’s speech.




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