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Why Listening to Hillary’s Speech Would Mean Possible Death To Nobody



Nobody Listened.

Okay. I didn’t listen to this speech. But I DID have fun flashing through it and watching Bill Clinton, who falls asleep…check out 27.37. He also looked as if he had aged 20 years, and looked like he was drugged or drunk.

I didn’t listen to this speech because I have a confession to make: Hillary COULD be the death of me, and I say that from great experience. You see, I KNOW what the Clinton’s crimes and lies can have on a soul.

Here’s why: Like many women, my mother was my best friend. And when Bill Clinton became President, we would talk for hours…or I should correct that—We would get angry for hours talking about the latest crimes that Bill and Hillary had committed.  These talks went on every day that the Clintons were in office. EIGHT WHOLE YEARS of being angry. I would go into her bedroom at night, and we would sit on her bed and she would shake her head. I won’t repeat the words we used to describe our feelings for them both, but I’m sure, millions in America felt the same.

My mother was especially appalled at the fact that Bill was making ‘oral’ sex a discussion on all the playgrounds and high schools across the nation. Suddenly, “oral” sex was NOT sex, so kids as young as 12 were trying it out. So whenever Hillary talks about how dangerous Donald Trump is for children, I think back upon the effect that Bill had on the children of our nation.

Oral sex went through the roof for even grade school kids.

Because my husband and I took care of my mother, she lived with us after my father died.  I remember the exact moment she had her massive stroke: she was watching Bill Clinton tell some lie on television. She got SO mad that her blood pressure went out the roof, and she had a massive stroke. That was the beginning of her demise. Strokes run in the family…all the way back to JQA on the House floor. No doubt some  politician got JQA so mad his brain exploded, just like my mother’s.

I get so mad, that I’m afraid I’d be more like an episode of the Walking dead. Hillary would say something, and I would not only fall on the floor, I’m SURE the top of my head would explode all over my computer screen. My husband would have to throw the damn thing away and get an IPOD.

SO…having said that, I want to be around a long time. And I know, if I listen to Hillary’ Clinton, I might not be able to control my rage at the fact that THIS horrible woman and her husband have lied, murdered, lied, manipulated, lied, and destroyed…. the good America that millions of past Americans fought to preserve.  And I’m sure, there are millions in America that feel the exact same way I do.

They just don’t let it get to them like I do.

I also know that if Hillary DID manage to rig the 2016 Presidential election and become President, for my family’s sake, I would have to cancel cable and never watch the news again.

I would like to live a little bit longer than my mother.

Well, here’s the good news. I don’t think God has given up on America yet. Hitler is dead. And criminals like the Clintons can only last so long. I guess I’ll just to have to outlive them.

Take my advice….don’t watch that video above. Just flash through it and watch Bill’s face.

BUT DO watch this one. Dick Morris tells you ALL the REAL history of Hillary Clinton, and how Bill Clinton lied about it.



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