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Nobody’s Fool: Isik Abla

Nobody’s Fool

Isik Abla is a Muslim who ran to America to get her freedom…and then she became a┬áChristian.

She delivers one of the most powerful messages to the American People that you will EVER, EVER, EVER…hear. She warns us about ISIS and their plans, and they are here.

She is brave. She is courageous—- she is a true Christian warrior for Christ and every American should listen to this warning.

Thank you Abla. Thank you.

Thank you. God Bless you.

(By the way, be sure and watch this if you can BEFORE you listen to Obama and Hillary in their love-fest today.)



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Nobody LISTENS to the Declaration of independence


Nobody Flashes

This isn’t just any other ordinary July 4th, now is it?

I was watching this reading of our Declaration of Independence on this video, and with every liberal actor I saw, I kept remembering how so MANY of them really hate America.

Whoopi has threatened to leave if Donald Trump is elected.

This was recorded in 2009…and it seems, that maybe only Mel Gibson actually thought about what they were saying.

Still, if you ignore the faces, and just listen, it’s amazing that the words could have been written today, with King George Being Obama.

Enjoy, the brilliance of our founders….

And have a GREAT 4th of July!

We the people



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