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Nobody Writes To the Good People of Wisconsin Before Tuesday.

Nobody’s Opinion:

Dear Good People of Wisconsin:

NOTE: I understand it’s a nobody rant…so…If you don’t have time to read this very long plea, just read the last sentence and watch the videos’!

This Nobody from Missouri would like to make a plea…to ask for your help.

I admit. I’ve never been to Wisconsin. The only thing I know about Wisconsin is that it must be filled with cows, beautiful landscapes, and lots of college students, some of them who probably like to run around nude and protest white supremacy. (Sorry, in my day it was the draft.)

I don’t imagine Wisconsin has the problems we have here in St. Louis. Just today, I wanted to go to a Bed, Bath and Beyond, and even though I live in the suburbs of a major city, all five of our giant Malls have closed down. I had to drive over 40 minutes to one of the last remaining ones.

In case you haven’t notice…Mom and Pop stores closed down, and the big chains took over. NOW, the big chains are closing down, and there is only one store left: (Outside of the rich gated communities) Warmart.

The economy started going downhill a long time ago. It was a slow and gradual death, for most ALL of our industries: North of St. Louis, the Ford Plant closed. And then, McDonald Douglass was sold to Boeing, and that destroyed most of the jobs NORTH of St. Louis. Just South of the city, the Chrysler plant closed, and then Anheuser Bush, America’s biggest brewery, was sold to an international company.

MILLIONS of jobs were lost. (Has this even Happened in Wisconsin? Nobody Wonders.)

Downtown St. Louis wasn’t great in the 1980’s….but there were Malls, and shops, and restaurants…now…the only thing left is baseball stadium…which I’m sure will turn into a soccer stadium club in the future. And you’d better pay for the parking garage because if you park on the street, your car might not be there after the game.

They had a contest to redesign the ghost town of St. Louis,  and instead of the plans to build a fantastic walkway filled with small shops and restaurants, the city leaders choose to make it all a big bike and nature walks. The future of the country is NOT economic, it’s back to nature, grow your own tomatoes, and forget the air conditioning.  The city is run of course, by democrats.

(Send your cows on down. )

Bill Clinton dropped LOTS of Bosnians’ here who had lots of kids and now number about 750,000. They live in their own little enclave. They are a little nation all their own. A Muslim burrito inside an empty taco shell.

When Obama was elected, our whole city was flooded with immigrants, who seemed to all get loans for businesses somehow, along with houses, and SNAP. SNAP is everywhere, and most of the time, people just steal. I’m not kidding. They just steal.

The black mothers still have no fathers, and still have LOTS of babies, and thanks to Ferguson, they are now getting their property taxes raised.

The middle class here shops at the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart, (How about YOUR middle class?) mostly because the cost of food and utilities has risen so much, that it’s the only place that many of us can afford.

Now, I’m not sure who voted for Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, but I think, just like the rest of us, you thought you were getting a gem of a guy. I remember when he first came on the scene. Good-looking, well-spoken, everybody was excited. Until he got in Congress, and worked hard for Obama.

If I’ve learned ANYTHING in my life, it’s watch out for the well-spoken talkers who act as if they know it all…because they don’t.

Anything Obama wanted, he got, with the blessings of Paul Ryan. When Trump defeated all the established Washington republicans, the Washington establishment put Paul Ryan in just in case:

They needed to block Trump…and Ryan was put there to do it.

Paul Ryan NEVER stopped Obama, but how MANY times have we heard him attack Trump?

So here we are…Trump, looking very sad about it, but finding out that the elite that run this globalization cartel, are so entrenched, it’s getting hard to beat them.

Trump NEEDS America now. He need us. ALL of us. The party made him endorse the worse of the Rino’s: McCain, and Ryan.

It’s up to the people to put Mr. Nehlen in. Look, what has Paul Ryan ever done? He’s been studying to be a politician all his life. GROOMED.

Mr. Nehlen has DONE something…like Trump. He is the quintessence of America.

Currently, Mr. Nehlen serves as senior vice president of operations for a company that leads the industry in water filtration and disinfection technologies. In that role, he oversees all facets of the organization’s engineering, new product development, production, supply chain, business development, and acquisitions. During his tenure with the company, Nehlen relocated manufacturing operations and jobs previously based in Canada to the eastern seaboard of the United States. Additionally, under his leadership, several of the company’s product lines and jobs were moved to Wisconsin.

And he’s an INVENTOR. Remember? Inventors are who MADE America great. NOT politicians.

Paul Ryan thinks “Islam” is supported by the Constitution. There is NOTHING democratic in the Koran. It is a theocracy, rule by Imams, and peaceful Muslims everywhere believe that the woman is inferior. Jefferson would be laughing at him. Adams would rebuke him.

THEY should have to get use to our culture. Not the other way around as Paul would like.

So, Trump has been cornered.

The media is telling you he doesn’t stand a a chance.

The media, which is CONTROLLED by globalists, do NOT want America to become great again, and Paul Ryan is their door stop.

Paul Ryan says he is a conservative. Why, he’s studied Ayn Rand!

Well, if you have EVER read Ayn Rand, you would know that she would support Mr. Nehlen, the inventor, and Trump the industrialists OVER Paul Ryan’s crony globalism.

As Ann Coulter said:

The people we thought were on our side, they say they’re for the working class, they say they’re for the American middle class, as you know I thought they never got around to it or Obama was blocking everything. No, you know what? Now that we have candidates like Donald Trump and Paul Nehlen, we find out no they actually hate us. Whatever, check with the Koch Brothers to see what they want. Paul Nehlen will put America first. Speaker Ryan will put America certainly in the top 5, definitely in the top 10. When Paul Ryan and Paul Ryan Republicans win an election, we don’t win. Your jobs will still get outsourced. They’re still foreigners coming in that you have to train to take your job. You’re still blocked out of college by affirmative action for immigrants. Your neighborhood is still overwhelmed with drugs being brought in, with illegal alien crime. No, it’s just check with the Koch Brothers, see what they want. That’s Paul Ryan’s approach to his job.

If you vote for Paul Ryan, your children will have no future. They barely have one now. Listen to Lou Dobbs…to find out all that Ryan has done.

If Paul Ryan had the integrity he insists he has, he would have called for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama.

Anyway, Thanks Wisconsin. Thanks for listening to my Nobody Opinion.

And I beg you….Don’t fall for the good looks and the fanciful words, and arrogance of Paul Ryan. Yes, he broke my heart too…..I thought he was for real.

Vote for a man who actually works IN your state, and not for the established fat cats in D.C.

A man who still wants America not to fall into the sands of a third world poor imitation. Ryan is speaker. That’s is the most powerful job next to the President.

He will kill every hope for all Americans.

Vote for Nehlen…the cows will thank you. After all, it won’t be long before Paul says they fart too much, and we should all start eating bugs, and they are now killing the bugs.

No thank you.


A Nobody From Missouri

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