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The Queen, the Monarchy, and the Rebels

Nobody Cares…

what a blooming friggin American thinks about the pomp and celebrations of the Royal family, except to say, for all the years the Queen has kept out of politics entirely, been a good obedient servant of the real powers that rule the world, is really something to behold—a remarkable feat really, and something that King Charles has already started to show the world, that he is NOT his mother.

As I watched this video from Fox, I was amazed that these two popular figures of British decent were fired for their criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan. Called racists both of them.


The fact that the Queen did NOT appear at this was interesting, and to this American it looked like it was more about getting the public used to the sight of King Charles (And all his decendants) than celebrating the Queen. Also, most of us who have only been hearing the usual news about Harry and his “black” wife, and the racist royal family, probably thinks the Queen would prefer NOT to be around them, after all they’ve said.

Speaking as an American, the very institution of the monarchy is about as racist as you can get. And the script is being written right before our very eyes.

Still, one good soul is worth hundreds of corrupt ones. But…she doesn’t rule anymore…right? Still, look out for King Charles. He’s about to go into full King Dictator motion.

I noticed here how Sharon, who has clearly ‘suffered’ she said from her attacks, has come full circle supporting Harry, his wife Meghan AND King Charles.

Please. King Charles thinks he is now the leader of the world. He is full pledged globalist idiot out to control us all with his insane dictates of global warming, population control, and KING of the world baggage until the end. He may not be as senile as our President, which means, once in control, he will do far more damage.

Most people with a brain knows he left Diana to die, and she was basically there to give the monarchy heirs. He was in love with Camilla, so be it. And let’s just not talk about it, but what they did, was to insure the monarchy would continue. Did they have to kill her? Did they kill her?

Well…there are many who believe they did.

I remember that night well. My mother and I sat up all night watching….waiting…”WHY IS THERE NO ONE THERE TO RESCUE HER!?” Four hours before anybody came? Good lord.

And the Queen…staying silent for all those days afterwords. Dispicable. The people needed her and she was NOT there.

Yes, as an American I remember. And I bet there are many Brits that remember too. But as usual, the elites know they control the media and whatever crimes they commit will be erased. And all is forgiven now. The elites have to rule, by any means possible, even murdering their own family memebers…the history book if FULL of that royal British habit.

Hey, the Clintons had JFK Jr. I’d say we learned from the best.

Come now back to America, and the news is being let out that black people working in the White House are leaving in droves. They can’t stand Biden. He must be racist.

Just the black people.

What does that tell you?

The democrats WANT to run a black woman for President. Michelle? Or…sometime in the future…


Believe it or not, I’ve even seen those headlines. “Meghan for President!”

Still, like solar panels and windmills, that’s a pipe dream for them. Obama is having a hard time letting go, and I would not put it pass him to get together with King Charles…Prince Harry and Meghan were Obama buddies…..just saying.

Speaking of the merging of America and Britain (I was wasn’t I?) I just read something very interesting….We have been lead to believe that the Patriots in the American Revolution were against King George, right?

From a history book I read today….

From the New York Sons of Liberty to the Middletown, Sons of Liberty April 10, 1766:


Sam Adams and other Sons of Liberty did not regard themselves as disrupters of the British Empire, but as defenders of its constitution. They believed the Stamp Act was an encroachment made by the House of Commons upon George III’s “Crown and Dignity,” For the King alone was sovereign in the colonies. Royal requistions and grants, they declared, were the only constitutional forms of colonial taxation: by means of the Stamp Act Parliament was attempting to strip the colonists of their property and King George of his sovereignty. Thus, to oppose Parliament became the duty of all Ameircans who truly loved the King and the British Constitution.


So, it was the currupt House of Commons the Americans were rebelling against at first, not the King.


I love seeing the British people get together, because their Queen has been there through it all.

She deserves the celebration, so let the good people of England sit back on this summer’s day and enjoy a pint or two, laugh and sing, and go home merry.

Because this winter…it just might be all that keeps them warm, the memories of the Queen’s jubilee.


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Nobody Remembers: Empires can Collapsed

While we sit and watch Joe Biden and his band of despicable thieves destroy America, it’s almost too painful to watch, and Nobody ask: Will America survive? That’s depends on if Russia nukes Poland and China takes Taiwan before the upcoming elections.

The civil war that the democrats have been trying HARD to start, has petered out. Despite what you see on TV, the majority of the blacks in America DO NOT want a civil war. I live in a mostly black district so I’m among them every day. They’re not stupid. And they don’t like the millions of illegals coming across the border either.

Here is some history on Rome. Our founders studied all the ancient history…(They had an advantage of no Netflix) and that’s how they came up with such a great Constitution. It’s up to the American people to POINT to that document and say, “No, it’s the law and YOU must obey it too.”

I wait for that day. It’s coming first with the parents. Here’s a good history lesson, only to be followed on the other hand, a woman who has managed to keep intact her monarchy, as the longest living monarch ever.

I absolutelyLOVE this picture! I just LOVE it, and I’m glad it’s going all over the world. (See below)

What a fabulous life she has lead, after all, her kids were mostly a pain in the royal A….ss.

So, I figure, after all the grief her royal family has given her, she deserves this picture, and so does the rest of the world.

So Enjoy! What beautiful horses! And they match the color of her hair. We should all be so lucky as to live that long, and with such dignity.

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Will the Obama’s CRASH Harry’s Wedding?

Nobody’s Opinion

I was listening to the Queen’s Christmas message to her own people tonight, and comparing it to our own President’s Christmas message.

There are differences: While watching the Queen, you notice it starts out with “God Save the Queen” and being an American, if our National Anthem was “God Save the President.” NBC, MSNBC, and CNN would probably melt down right before our eyes. It would actually be fun to watch.

It’s remarkable how clear the Queen’s mind is for her age. And her sheer grace and style for which she has always been the very best in the world, is a wonder to behold.

Then along comes Michelle Obama.

It seems the Obamas want to attend the next royal wedding.

As we all know, Harry, the boy who we all got a good glimpse of at a Las Vegas nude party, has picked a most politically correct bride to marry: An American actress who is…half black. Or part black. Which has endeared Harry to the Obamas, who, see this as an American/black” invitation card to the royal wedding.

As we see from this video, Both the Obamas are trying really hard to get invited to Harry’s wedding. Basically, by throwing a lot of disrespect to President Trump. Harry must hate President Trump too.

Nobody Wonders, if the Queen will let them come. After all, she really couldn’t control Prince Charles and Camilla or Princess Diana. So can she control Harry? But as all the scandals of long ago were ignored by our past Presidents, we have a new President now…and to snub him will have consequences.

I’m sure the Queen knows this.

I suppose this all depends on who paying the bills, and how the wills are drawn up.

The Obamas have been meeting quite a bit with Harry. You have to wonder if there will be a plot in the future to put Harry on the throne?

That only happened in the old days you say? Think again. Do you honestly think the Obamas and Harry are just hanging out trading rap tunes?

While it seems very likely that the Crown is losing merry old England, as the Queen so cleverly mentions in HER video, England still holds a LOT of territory. She can always move to Australia or Canada if the London Mayor decides to takeover her castles.

By that time, she will be dead, and Charles will have to deal with it. And we all know, Charles needs to be retired and put out to pasture.

Still, I had to wonder. The Queen talked about her long marriage, so where was her devoted Phillip? She could have at least had him standing besides her…or is her husband only permitted to walk behind her like a dutiful servant while complaining about the population?

Anybody out there know?

The big difference about our President’s and the Queen, was the fact that the real meaning of Christmas was expressed more in the American message: The Queen did mention Jesus, and her faith alone, but Trump’ and Melanie’s message was…more…spiritual.

I took it as a good sign that she mentioned how people want to feel safe in their homes, and that she even mentioned the terrorists attacks.

Nobody Thinks, in her last days as Queen, since she has been through the horrible wars before, she is still, the most sensible one in the castle.

Nobody wonders also, if the Queen of England will reach out to the right man at the right time.

This is NOT the time to be siding with X-Presidents who has said, that he will always stand with Islam.

So, will the Obama’s be at the wedding?

Or does common sense still reign in British Empire?

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The Olympics and London’s Big Baby

Nobody’s Opinion

I was going to say something last week about the London Olympic opening ceremony, but really…it left me speechless. It looked like Prince Charles threw up his nightly nightmares onto a big stage and we were all pushed inside his head. The man who put all those little global warming “messages” in his big production, sure didn’t think twice about exposing the thousands in the audience to giant smokestacks belching out sulfuric gas, did he now?

But it was Danny Boyle, not the Prince,  who produced and created everything he thought about England into one big overwhelming polemical statement.

So let me get this straight: Britain went from tending goats, to slaves working in the steel mills, to taking care of sick kids, to party, party, party.  

Huh? That’s not what we think about when Americans  think of England. We think of Shakespeare, NOT Mary Poppins. The Magna Carta, NOT Alice in Wonderland. Henry the VIII, WWI, WWII, Oxford, and Education, and…Kings, and Kings, and more Queens, and Lords.

Forget all that…it was all about those dirty, working, unhappy, slave of a people, who only have sick kids, who grow up and do nothing but text their cell phones while they wander around the city lost.

During  the celebration of the great Health Care System,  you learned those were the REAL nurses and doctors out there dancing. Nobody was wondering who was manning the great British health care system while they were all dancing around? If some poor ‘bloke’ cracked his head practicing that night on the balance bar, he would have to wait for the performance to be over to get a doctor to stitch him up.

Good think Mr. Bean was there to save my mind from exploding.

Come on…How come nobody has made the remark that Prince Charles is about as orgasmic about a tree as any fool on the planet? Nobody Thinks he has a bit to play in this somehow. The BIG tree in the middle was right out of his head. You can’t tell me Mr. Boyle didn’t get a few marching suggestions from the Prince.

And so, the Hobbit land of perfect people, started polluting the earth, and women and men were slaves to the industrial revolution, so England lets China do all the dirty work now…and evolved into its most glorious gift to the world…Universal Healthcare ..and pop  music.

And all of England has sick kids, who have nightmares, while their nurses go out and dance, while their teenagers run all over the city trying to pick each other up with cell phones.

Makes me just want to hop a plane and go to— I’m sorry…Hawaii.

When a giant baby appeared at the end of the ‘hospital” scene..the commentator over here said, ” Well, that’s just creepy.”

It looked like a giant Chucky in cobwebs. What? Are the babies too big in England?

The Queen’s part was fun…her dogs were adorable. And she really was lovely. But they made fun of her anyway. Her subjects were mad because she dared to pick at her nails. Really. She jumped out of a plane, give her a break.  

I tend to notice the little things. Okay, I read too much into the little things. Like the shots of Michelle Obama were SO fast, if you blinked you would have missed it. She had some young black man standing next to her.. and oops…who was he?

Mitt Romney, on the other hand and his wife, had a nice long camera shot…as if to say, “Look, here is your next President.” Which makes me wonder…is it already locked in?   

And then, we had Paul. Nobody criticizes Paul McCartney, but really…I couldn’t believe he went into that old show biz thing where you get the boys to sing and then the girls. I know he did it because he was losing his voice,..but he should have done Live and let Die, ..and then rocked out…instead of “Hey Jude” He had a packed house of young people, from a “entertainers” point of view “Hey Jude” was NOT the song toend the night with.

But then again…maybe he had orders not to wake the big baby.

The “flame” really was quite creative and worth the wait.  Nobody could figure out what the heck all those kids were carrying. Beckham was a bit much.  Nobody Wonders what all those volunteers REALLY got for volunteering? You can bet they got something. Probably free food. They were probably all out of work.


I still can’t make neither head nor tales of the whole thing, so I decided you should read an observation from a real Brit who…says she knows:  

But we, in Britain, knew what it added up to, despite its baffling moments: it was Boyle’s impassioned poem of praise to the country he would most like to believe in. One that is tolerant, multicultural, fair and gay friendly and holds the principles of the welfare state stoutly at its heart. One that is simultaneously silly and earnest, mainstream and subversive, “high” and “low” in its culture.

Right…high, and low—I wonder…will they dare take down that tree? And where is that big baby going to sleep tonight? Is there room in the Tower?


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Should Mitt Just Bow to the Queen?

Nobody Cares

I woke up this morning to an argument being held on the local radio station:

“No WAY should the US lower the flag to the Queen!” yelled some old guy.

“Well, Mitt insulted the Brits, it’s the least we can do.” said some lady.

This conversation came after yesterday’s big news: Mitt Romney wasn’t sure if the British were prepared for the Olympics, and he said so.

And the Prime Minister’s ego couldn’t take it:

We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”

So…Cameron evidently thinks that Salt Lake City has only a few scorpions and a few red- neck rodeo ranchers on the map, sipping whiskey.

Oh my. Oh dear. An American insulted the Kingdom of the Queen. Even though, Mitt probably read about the problems they were having, (which were many)  in the daily London papers for a whole MONTH–you do not, critized the country who considers you at best…an ugly red-headed, pig infested, step-child. The Brits have made handbags with “The BIG FAT AMERICANS” on them, long before Mitt made that honest assessment, but really…now Americans are hated again.

And now…someone suggested we lower our flag to the Queen.

WHY? You start this ‘habit’ and down the path we go to having to lower our flags to every single nation on the planet. Imagine, lowering the flag to honor Ahmadinejad? And if the Olympics are held in Israel some day, can you see an Arab nation lowering their flag to honor the Jews? It’s a political firestorm just waiting for a match.

Really. Let the Brits honor the Queen…leave the rest of the world to compete in good faith. No flag should be lowered to any monarch or ruler in any country.

The big fuss that the Brits made about Mitt Romney just being honest about what they were ALL talking about, really shows how very fragile the big ego’s of the elites like Cameron, and the Mayor of London are.

They are acting…like fussy old women.


Here is a comment from some ninny:

Most teams briefly lower colors as they pass host nation’s leaders at opening ceremony. But despite what some see as blatant nationalism, the U.S. does not, and the century-old saga is a curious one.

Russia doesn’t either. At the games in China, almost no one did. But that doesn’t mean we can’t attack America, ONE MORE TIME.

England —Nobody Thinks you protest too much. Now…BRING OUT YOUR SHEEP, your lovely Queen, and try to uphold that stiff upper lip.

Politicians, must remember…Some men have actually worked for a living, and being a politician, with all the endless lying and sycophantic smiling that comes with it, is a hard lesson to learn.

Give the man some time.

If our Olympic flag bearer lowers that flag to the Queen…I pity him when he gets home….because if and when the Brits come back here…we will make SURE they lower their flag to us.

Men. They are acting like women. It’s getting silly.

(Take it away, amfortas!)

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All the June Moon Loonies

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s a full June moon, so I think it’s safe to say that right now, all over Britain, millions of happy campers are trying to remember where they were last night, after celebrating that wonderful day: The Queen’s 60 years on the British throne. A nation was joyfully all over itself with pomp and glory and flags and fun times, and everyone painting themselves up in the Union Jack.

It does a heart good to see a nation celebrating itself. As least that’s how this Nobody is looking at it. Over here in America, our last few July 4th’s, which is when we celebrate our country, has left me more than once, a bit teary-eyed with apprehension. The words come into my mind around the third piccolo solo — “Are we going to make it another decade?” When you have a President who brought us the biggest “change” the country has ever known..for the worst, you do wonder: a man who has divided us all: a man who has knocked America down at every chance he could find–it makes me envy the British people tonight. We could use some of that nationalistic spirit over here.

But…Obama’s administration has made it clear…We as a nation are not suppose to celebrate ourselves…Oh no. We are the horrid America.

Obama is on a downward spiral…but keeping a his stiff upper chin, with daily lies that keep popping out of his lips like an open popcorn popper with it’s lid off. The lies only get more unbelievable.

Peter Ferrara over at Townhouse reminds us:

Yes, we heard all week how Obama has “grown” the economy. Moreover, before Obama there had never been a deficit anywhere near $1 trillion. The highest previously was $458 billion, or less than half a trillion, in 2008. The federal deficit for the last budget adopted by a Republican-controlled Congress was $161 billion. But the budget deficits for Obama’s four years were reported in Obama’s own 2013 budget as $1.413 trillion for 2009, $1.293 trillion for 2010, $1.3 trillion for 2011, and $1.327 trillion for 2012, four years in a row of deficits of $1.3 trillion or more. This is why Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) told Obama to his face that the annual deficits under the Republicans have become the monthly deficits under the Democrats.

President Obama’s own budget released in February shows that as a result federal debt held by the public will double during Obama’s four years as President. That means in just one term President Obama has increased the national debt as much as all prior Presidents, from George Washington to George Bush, combined.

Not that anyone is talking about it. Obama, when the time comes, will blame the bad economy on–the fall of Europe, the price of oil, Bain Capital, the Birthers, the Tea Party, wild fires in New Mexico, George W. Bush, dead moon bats in Mississippi, Cheney, George Washington, the ebola virus, Karl Rove, shifting ice poles, the fact that he is “black” and there are too many racists, too many babies being born in Alabama in April, and earthquakes that haven’t even happen yet. In fact, add the whole world and everything that happens in it to that list…he won’t mind.

He is NEVER to blame.  

Obama will blame the “rich” for the collapse of everything, and we expect that from a Marxist, but do we expect that from the Pope? Someone should check that incense in the Vatican, because he said this:

Families from rich countries could sponsor families from poor ones, Pope Benedict XVI suggested Saturday at a gathering of around 350,000 people at a park just north of Milan.

What? That “could” is a bit nebulous.  I’ll be %&$*# if I’m going to be forced to “sponsor” some family in some other country…and I won’t be the only American refusing that “role.” Our own government gives billions and billions, and if you add it all up, trillions and gazillions…to “poor” nations.

A lot of good it did them.

You know, we don’t need the biggest Christian church on the planet acting like Jesus’ real name is Karl Marx . We get enough of that nonsense from Obama.  I’ve made fun of the Pope before, right now…I’d better keep my mouth shut.

But he is not the only one that is going moony loony…

Science fiction author  Elizabeth Moon last week rekindled the debate on whether it’s a good idea to “barcode” infants at birth in an interview on a BBC radio program.

“I would insist on every individual having a unique ID permanently attached — a barcode if you will — an implanted chip to provide an easy, fast inexpensive way to identify individuals,” she said on The Forum, a weekly show that features “a global thinking” discussing a “radical, inspiring or controversial idea” for 60 seconds .

Great. Barcode us. Tell me, are they going to let people who DON’T have a barcode vote? What are we? Sunday Chicken? Baked potatoes? Dollar store tennis shoes?

Are they going to put a price on us too?

Maybe that’s what Eric Holder would prefer..because he is trying to shut down any attempt in Florida to make people show an identification at the voting booths.

Since millions of black Americans — like millions of white Americans — are confronted with demands for photo identification at airports, banks, and innumerable other institutions, it is a little much to claim that requiring the same thing to vote is denying the right to vote. But Holder’s chutzpah is up to the task— says Thomas Sowell

Good points from Sowell, but “chutzpah” is rather a nice way to put it.

And here’s another full moon comment from a half-wit moon:  Nancy Pelosi says she wants Hillary to be President in 2016.

“Why wouldn’t she run? She’s a magnificent secretary of state,” Pelosi said when asked about Clinton’s prospects in 2016. “She’s our shot” that year, Pelosi said.

Nobody Thinks that’s like admitting that she and Hillary expect Obama to lose. Either that, or Nancy was having dinner last week at the Bilderberg meeting, and was told to “put out the word now.”  

The Queen, I can handle. But the thought of Hillary as President, and Julia still in Australia, is really too much. It would be torture. It would be like the world was in full moon barcode. Wait, I’m being tortured by Obama right this minute.
Okay, I’ve talked myself into another nightmare…I need to go outside and take another look at that moon, and remind myself’s a good thing. Nobody meant to go abashing the moon loonies. (And if you believe that, it must be raining where you are.)
Next blog..I’ll lighten up.  I promise.

Blame it on the moon.


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Cufflinks, Canadian Bill, and ?

Nobody Wonders

If you think the “rich’ have just a bit too much money…if you think that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party people might just get have something in common…you might be right.

Tell me…would you pay $89.9 milion for a painting called “Orange Red Yellow” ?

Or how about $4.2 million for a pair of cufflinks?

Or how about this: Something that creeps even me out…the new twenty-dollar bill in Canada, not only makes the Queen look like she’s have a bad hair day in the middle of a tree, the twin towers look as if they have naked women on them. What’s even more weird is that everyone is concerned about ..the naked women on the towers, NOT the fact that Nobody Knows why in the world Canada would want to put the twin towers on their $20 dollar bill. I mean, are they planning on building a pair of their own with naked women on them? WTF? How are the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 suppose to take that?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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