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The Queen, the Monarchy, and the Rebels

Nobody Cares…

what a blooming friggin American thinks about the pomp and celebrations of the Royal family, except to say, for all the years the Queen has kept out of politics entirely, been a good obedient servant of the real powers that rule the world, is really something to behold—a remarkable feat really, and something that King Charles has already started to show the world, that he is NOT his mother.

As I watched this video from Fox, I was amazed that these two popular figures of British decent were fired for their criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan. Called racists both of them.


The fact that the Queen did NOT appear at this was interesting, and to this American it looked like it was more about getting the public used to the sight of King Charles (And all his decendants) than celebrating the Queen. Also, most of us who have only been hearing the usual news about Harry and his “black” wife, and the racist royal family, probably thinks the Queen would prefer NOT to be around them, after all they’ve said.

Speaking as an American, the very institution of the monarchy is about as racist as you can get. And the script is being written right before our very eyes.

Still, one good soul is worth hundreds of corrupt ones. But…she doesn’t rule anymore…right? Still, look out for King Charles. He’s about to go into full King Dictator motion.

I noticed here how Sharon, who has clearly ‘suffered’ she said from her attacks, has come full circle supporting Harry, his wife Meghan AND King Charles.

Please. King Charles thinks he is now the leader of the world. He is full pledged globalist idiot out to control us all with his insane dictates of global warming, population control, and KING of the world baggage until the end. He may not be as senile as our President, which means, once in control, he will do far more damage.

Most people with a brain knows he left Diana to die, and she was basically there to give the monarchy heirs. He was in love with Camilla, so be it. And let’s just not talk about it, but what they did, was to insure the monarchy would continue. Did they have to kill her? Did they kill her?

Well…there are many who believe they did.

I remember that night well. My mother and I sat up all night watching….waiting…”WHY IS THERE NO ONE THERE TO RESCUE HER!?” Four hours before anybody came? Good lord.

And the Queen…staying silent for all those days afterwords. Dispicable. The people needed her and she was NOT there.

Yes, as an American I remember. And I bet there are many Brits that remember too. But as usual, the elites know they control the media and whatever crimes they commit will be erased. And all is forgiven now. The elites have to rule, by any means possible, even murdering their own family memebers…the history book if FULL of that royal British habit.

Hey, the Clintons had JFK Jr. I’d say we learned from the best.

Come now back to America, and the news is being let out that black people working in the White House are leaving in droves. They can’t stand Biden. He must be racist.

Just the black people.

What does that tell you?

The democrats WANT to run a black woman for President. Michelle? Or…sometime in the future…


Believe it or not, I’ve even seen those headlines. “Meghan for President!”

Still, like solar panels and windmills, that’s a pipe dream for them. Obama is having a hard time letting go, and I would not put it pass him to get together with King Charles…Prince Harry and Meghan were Obama buddies…..just saying.

Speaking of the merging of America and Britain (I was wasn’t I?) I just read something very interesting….We have been lead to believe that the Patriots in the American Revolution were against King George, right?

From a history book I read today….

From the New York Sons of Liberty to the Middletown, Sons of Liberty April 10, 1766:


Sam Adams and other Sons of Liberty did not regard themselves as disrupters of the British Empire, but as defenders of its constitution. They believed the Stamp Act was an encroachment made by the House of Commons upon George III’s “Crown and Dignity,” For the King alone was sovereign in the colonies. Royal requistions and grants, they declared, were the only constitutional forms of colonial taxation: by means of the Stamp Act Parliament was attempting to strip the colonists of their property and King George of his sovereignty. Thus, to oppose Parliament became the duty of all Ameircans who truly loved the King and the British Constitution.


So, it was the currupt House of Commons the Americans were rebelling against at first, not the King.


I love seeing the British people get together, because their Queen has been there through it all.

She deserves the celebration, so let the good people of England sit back on this summer’s day and enjoy a pint or two, laugh and sing, and go home merry.

Because this winter…it just might be all that keeps them warm, the memories of the Queen’s jubilee.


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