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Gestapo: U.S.A.

This was one of Tucker Carlson’s most important video’s. He lists the amount of abuse by our Justice Department arresting citizens for the only crime of having an opinion. He does a good job, but left out the many people arrested at their homes for being at the Capitol on January 6, and parents arrested, and being put on the terror list for just being upset at school board meetings.

He also has mentioned BEFORE this video, the horrific arrest of Roger Stone, who did nothing wrong.

We are no longer America. The election was stolen, and now, they are arresting their ‘enemies’ to keep the country in the hands of the criminals and tryants who are now in charge.

And I think this is JUST the start. I will be surprised if they don’t try to arrest President Trump.

Americans should be more concerned about this Gestapo farce…and realise: We’re not in Kansas anymore.

God Bless Tucker Carlson, who just keeps bringing the truth to us all.

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