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When just one man is allowed to own most of the farms in America, and wants us all to stop eating meat, and wants the world to ‘depopulate’ it’s not good.

He is topping Mao as the the ultimate lord of the Kingdom of death and starvation. Stalin would be jealous.

He is also very much involved with Monsanto. After you finished watching THIS, check out the link below (while you remember all the cattle being killed ‘in the sun’ recently) and the price of meat, ask yourself: Since Bill Gates can use shell companies to build his monoploy, would he also destroy other sources of food, by hiring out arsons? And he could also hide that he was involved in that?

It’s my Nobody’s Opinion that: Yes he would. After all the killing that was done with his vaccines, I’d say, this man is more dangerous than Hitler.

He HAS to be stopped.

Here is a list below of all the food manufacturing plants being destroyed across the nation:

UPDATED full list of food facility fires in the USA from 2020 – 2022 –

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