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Timing. Ask any successful person…timing is everything.

While the conservatives everywhere are celebrating Roe VS Wade being returned to the states, the liberals are using this as the golden goose to bring back those liberals who are leaving the slave/welfare/communist plantation. The riots are being encouraged by the left, and usually it’s by what most would call, women that most men wouldn’t even think of having sex with: (Can I say that?) My question is the timing of this release.

Could it have been more beneficial to the elite powers from both parties? They knew this would divide the country like no other issue, and so did the Mississippi GOP have to bring this up at this exact moment in history?

Timing. President Trump just had the biggest rally ever of his career in Illinois.

It’s obvious the advantage for the democrats…whose ‘sixties’ messages of woman power, men are evil scumbags, women need to be paid more, women can have sex and the man will have NO say in what she does if she gets pregnant, and the millions of women who are young and just starting out on their ‘whatever’ will have to travel far to get the abortion…they are now being told they will DIE from aborting themselves, depriving the abortion CEO’s of their Lamborgini’s.

They want to be like the men and have free sex, but it’s hardly free, is it?  When it’s YOUR CHOICE, what they don’t tell you, if you so choose to keep that child, it’s YOUR money and time that will go to raising it. To many young women living in this economy, that’s like a huge punishment.

In this day and age—with gas soon to hit $7.00 and inflation out the roof, and malls closing, food shortages happening, and millions coming across to the border to take whatever ‘service’ jobs the women might have—do you think even more women are going to want to have children?

Be realistic.

Even with welfare, raising a child in this economy without another source of income is near impossible. I have written before about this: the economy is probably the most important decision in the abortion issues. And the woman have had 50 years of brainswashing.

Let’s be honest: Black mothers, illegals moms from the middle East and South America, THEY will get government checks, but white young no longer middle-class poor women? What will they do?

Have you noticed they seem to want the ‘white’ population to disappear?

The men aren’t going to marry them. There are now, more single moms than married people, thanks to the relentless attacks on the church and family. And the persistence insistence that we now all be gay.

Mom and dad might not be able to help as they did before. And young girl, you might not even be able to get baby food for that child, and the cost of diapers? Forget that new IPHONE.

Remember, we ARE a spoiled nation. We’ve always been able to buy whatever we choose. Getting off the ‘capitalistic’ system and going into communism is VERY painful. Primal screams are coming.

This is not like the old days when children came first. It’s really is the ME culture and we were all brought up to shop, shop, and shop some more. The old are dying off, and their capitalistic system is being taken with them, and the ME generation is having a hard time trying to keep up.

Nancy Pelosi is making up a whole list of fear porn: the GOP will come after gays, and the rights of women everywhere. A bit ridiculous, as today, the companies are giving them free money to travel to any abortion state, or “Here, take this pill.” Like they do in Europe. It’s a scare tactic that they know works.

But, what about the Republicans? How do THEY benefit? They actaully have the easier job. They just sit back and let the democrats scream.

The conservatives had almost given up on Woe VS Rade because it’s been 50 long years, and Roberts votes more with the liberals than he does with the other conservatives. Many were wondering if those newly appointed conservatives would vote on it: the world was shocked and the message was, Roberts is no longer in control of the conservatives on the court. After all, he gave us Obamacare.

But they did what the Supreme Court was supposed to do. They sent it back to the states, and Trump claimed the victory, as he well should.

It WAS the right decision.

So, what did the republicans get out of it besides making their base happy.

Why did they take up the case in the FIRST place? After 50 years? How many cases brought by the states about the election that Roberts even refused to let in? Why now? July the 4th weekend? Middle of the summer when people can get out and burn down cities? Right before the most important elections of our lifetimes?

They sent a letter out making SURE you didn’t blame THEM.

Why? Well, because the abortion issues take away the fact that the country is being given over to China and the New World Order, by BOTH parties. America is going bankrupt and both parties are guilty, and they don’t want you to know it. Clearly, our future, is being destroyed as a nation, and what’s coming is going to be a shocker and they all know it.

Our top elites of the world will make sure they and their families are forever protected, because it was always about the power and money. They don’t give a damn about America (only a few of them do) and they are getting VERY rich with the great ‘fight.”

So, for a short time, it makes the GOP look good. After all they have done nothing to fight the democrats but make speeches.

They gave their base a big bone of happiness. And both parties are going to be on every media outlet they can get to, to voice their support of the horror of the OTHER party, and THAT will not only make the media and politicians much richer, but it will also keep American minds off the REAL tragedy: America is being bought and sold down the river by it’s own politicians.

I can sum it up in one word: Did you see the movie “UP”?


Don’t look at the horrible state of your country and your life…look at THIS!

Abortion. Has killed millions. And I still contend it been about the communist takeover of America: destroy the family, the church, and make sure those that are born go into state care.

As Hillary said so long ago “It takes a village” to raise a child.

We all should have said, what if we don’t want to live in your village Hillary?

The real issue is: How did we get abortion in the FIRST place. Planned Parenthood was an abomination.

It still is. And Hilter love it’s plan. And that plan has killed millions on the planet: Jews and the unborn…lives lost in Wars…It’s no wonder Bill Gates is in mourning.

It’s a good thing that Supreme Court ruling happened…make no mistake. But this isn’t the 1960’s.

We entered the Twilight Zone a long time ago. I’m beginning to feel like I’m in it.

Willoughby! Willoughby! Next stop…Willoughby!

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