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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more powerful video on the subject of abortion. The man who sings it, used to be the lead singer of Kansas, and it’s based on his own life. Please…pass this around.

(Thanks to Conservative)

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Lord Attenborough: A Plague on People! Or Can We Survive Our Lords?

 Nobody Knows

“Professional people perhaps brilliant in one field should not claim expertise in other or all fields of human endeavor.”—- Norman Simms

Here we go again: According to Sir David Attenborough, people are a diseases:David Attenbourgh

“We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now,” he told the Radio Times.

To which I say, let nature take care of itself…leave it alone: Oh..but they won’t will they?

That’s the trouble with liberals. They LOVE to play God. In fact they also love to recycle old ideas like: gun control, socialism, communism, genetic manipulation, and getting rid of all those pesky lower classes that are spoiling the elite’s view of the world, which only they have the money to explore to their heart’s content.

God forbid they have to run into a dirty human while observing the rare Monkeys  of Brazil. In fact…they hate people so much, I’m sure they would delight in a vaccine that would rid the earth of half the population.

(And to those of you who are thinking…is she suggesting what I think she is suggesting?-They would do that? -Am I?)

Lord Attenborough is recycling Paul Ehulich, who, on this 40th anniversary of Woe VS Wade, just can’t be forgotten:Paul Erhlick

Paul Ehrlich, the president of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University and author of “The Population Bomb” (Sierra Club-Ballantine, 1968) has long used language similar. Even so, that doesn’t mean forceful measures must be taken. “Government propaganda, taxes, giving every sexually active human being access to modern contraception and backup abortion, and, especially, giving women absolutely equal rights and opportunities with men might very well get the global population shrinkage required if a collapse is to be avoided,” Ehrlich said. In fact, providing free, reliable birth control to women could prevent between 41 percent and 71 percent of abortions in the United States, according to a study detailed in the Oct. 4, 2012, issue of the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Notice the wording: Will PREVENT abortions—As if having those children born would be unthinkable.sperm joke

Do you see the absolute criminality in this kind of thinking?

So, we see now that Obamacare will do just that: cull the population.  Just make sure they are not born. There was much more to it than “getting people free health care.” When you do not believe in a God, killing is so much easier isn’t it?

In case, like me, you are an American and not familiar with Mr. Attenborough, he has done quite a lot of magnificent work in the area of the “natural world.” He was the director of programming of the BBC Television in the 1960s and the 1970s. By the looks of it, he’s done some amazing programs.

But…there is a flaw in these elite’s character: They believe in their own genetic superiority…and so did the Germans. Where did these illuminati as some call them, get this idea?

This is from The Lady Tasting Tea: by David Salsburg

Galton, Pearson, and Weldon were part of an exciting cadre of British scientists who were exploiting the insights of one of those most prominent members. Charles Darwin. Survival of the fittest has an unfortunate effect on society when arrogant political scientists adapted it to social life, declaring that those who emerged triumphant from the economic battle over riches were more fit than those who plunged into poverty. Survival of the fittest became a justification for rampant capitalism in which the rich were given the moral authority to ignore the poor.

Yes…David Salsburg is another David Attenborough.

The ‘rich’ do more to help the poor than any government on the planet. But now, they are merging with the governments and they BOTH think they are superior.Shark bait

This…is not good.

And in certain areas: They are superior….in their fields.  BUT…that doesn’t mean they have the right to rule humanity.

It’s the intellectual snobs and power hungry politicians that doom us all.

Instead of delving into the problems of population, coming up with solutions so everyone can live and all creatures have room to themselves,  they’d rather just kill the baby in the womb or get them to die early, or simply just let them die of disease.

Let’s call them what they are: Basically….Tyrants. Murderers. Sharks.

Genetically speaking, the maggots have risen to the top of the food chain, and as long as we have Lords like Attenborough simply wining that there are too many people on the planet, many more of us will be dying due to the elites’ plans.

And yes, they WANT us to die. That’s how much they… survived

Besides, the survival of the fittest is just a myth. The wisest man may only produce one child. The poor idiot could produce twenty children. Nobody Knows why the elites cannot seem to see beyond the forests..but, I’m starting to think their gene pool is corrupted.

If they truly believed in what they say, then they would kill themselves. Give the poor turtles in the Black Sea a fighting chance.


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Obama’s Final Solution: Abort

Nobody Wins

She cried before she went in—she cried when she came out. The abortion didn’t take longer than a few hours. Nothing I could say would make my friend feel any better. We both knew..she didn’t want to “kill’ or abort…but to raise a child without help, or a father, would mean her parents wouldn’t give her money for college, she told me. She didn’t want to raise a child by herself. For a white woman from a middle class background, there was no “safety” net.  She had to make a living..for herself. Having a child right out of high school— the thought alone scared her to death.

It was only a fling which didn’t last more than a few nights, but she ended up pregnant. She WAS on the pill. She told him she was pregnant, but he really didn’t care. “Do what you want.” he told her.

And so, this scenario has played out since the “pill” was invented. The “pill” brought in the sweet liberty of free sex..sold to the country as a “woman’s ” right. What it lead to was more sex, and more unwanted pregnancies.

Despite the great invention of the “pill” some 52 million women a year worldwide manage to get pregnant and abort anyway, and the abortion mills went up everywhere.

Personally, I think that figure is way too low.

When I was a young woman my friends and I went to Planned Parenthood for our “pills.” And we paid for our pills, out of our own pockets. Many of the women that I knew that had abortions, paid for them out of their own pockets. Once in a while, the guy would chip in. Since it was “the woman’s” body, he had no say in it. Many men thought that was great…many did not. 

And now we find that Obamacare has us all paying for contraceptives and abortions. The Democrats are putting the pill up as part of “women’s health.” and a “right.” And the Catholics are finally standing up. They used to be able to bow out with their conscience. No more.

Despite Obama acting like millions of women will be deprived of contraceptives if the Catholic Church doesn’t provide them for them, all they have to do is get in their car and drive to the nearest Planned Parenthood, which received in 2009, $363.2 million in government grants and contracts—so that’s a bunch of crock.

Yes, the American taxpayer is already funding abortions and contraceptives. Hillary includes it in our vast billions that we send around the world. And that’s not the only money they get as we saw recently when funding by a organization that helped fund breast cancer was attacked for trying to withdraw it’s millions from Planned Parenthood’s bank accounts. They gave in because the feminist’s scream was so loud.

So…in a hurry to push through as much evil as he can…Obama has demanded that all Catholic institutions provide, for free contraceptives and the “morning after pill” or they will be fined. The lst amendment was just spit on and burnt by our first “black President.” He should be impeached for as many times as he has trampled on our Constitution. Maybe he did it because in some reports, black woman have three times the abortions rate over the white—more free stuff. 

Obama will be “culling” the herd: the unborn young, and the old who will no longer get medical care. It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER of population control, done with “We CARE for YOU!” smiley face, that would look a lot like Hitler’s final solution if we could just get a picture shown to us.

And the Catholic liberals are coming up with some pretty lame sound bites:

“Women’s health care should not depend on who the boss is,” said Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky

Well, what if that “boss” is Obama? Tell me..what does “taking” the pill have to do with woman’s health?  If she doesn’t take the pill…will she die? No, on the contrary, she will live a much more healthy life.

I learned about the dangers of the “pill” from Dr. Lee Salk. (Jonas’ brother) I told him how miserable I felt and how easily I got depressed, and he said, “Get off the pill, don’t take it. It’s horrible really. ” And many reports say that the rise in breast cancer was due to many years of the “pill.” What else explains it?

This is NOT about a woman’s right to get free contraceptives or abortions, it’s about the state telling the church, whose very foundation was built on the Ten Commandments which included “Thou shall not kill.” to either do as Obama wishes or suffer the consequences.

Here’s the Obamacare mandate that we just found out about:

Last August, the Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued guidelines for implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as, “Obama-care.” The guidelines mandated that by summer 2012 all health-insurance plans—yes, allof them—must cover any and all FDA-approved contraception, sterilization procedures, and pharmaceuticals, even those that produce or result in abortion. Every employer and employee must pay for these things, even if they violate the dictates of their conscience. The employers include all Catholic institutions, from colleges to hospitals to nursing homes to social-service agencies to charities … to whatever else. “

We all know, if a woman is a Catholic and she wants to get contraceptives, or an abortion, she can.

This is about power. Obama’s power. To search us, to spy on us, to tell us what to eat, how much we can earn, where we can live, and how long we can live. The fourth amendment was trashed with the cameras on the streets, and the President now has the power to arrest anyone without a trial, and soon, Obama’s drones will be in the air in every city. 

Now the right to practice your religion is being erase. Obama is doing the Muslim’s bidding–destroying the church. They do it in all communists countries. You have to. Only the state can be God.

At the state of the union address, Obama said,

“The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it’s inefficient, outdated and remote. That’s why I’ve asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people.”

Substitute the word “consolidate my power” for “the federal bureaucracy” and you get what he really wants–total control of everything.

 Even Chris Matthews said this:

It gets to that interesting point to me, which is frightening, when the state tells the church what to do.”

Nobody would add it’s a bet more than interesting—It’s downright treason.

Oh my friend? Last I heard she got her degree and became a teacher. She went to a sperm bank and now has a girl..and she has no idea who the father is. She’s still…not married. And I will bet you, she doesn’t even have sex anymore. And that’s what the state wants: No religion, No country…No man…and no more freedom…it’s Obama’s Vision, his Final Solution.

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