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Hunting RHINOS? Hey, they are Hunting us!

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Just to show you how far our paranoia as Americans has been encouraged, Eric Greitens new campaign ad about hunting RINOS is being ostracized as such an offence to our sense of propriety that both Twitter and Facebook are censoring it. I tried to retweet it, but no…you can go here to see it.

Eric Greitens on Twitter: “We are sick and tired of the Republicans in Name Only surrendering to Joe Biden & the radical Left. Order your RINO Hunting Permit today!” / Twitter

“I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, and today we’re going RINO hunting,” he says, amid the smoke.

“There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country,” Greitens says, using the acronym for “Republicans in name only.”

Let me tell you why I happen to like the commercial. I have lived in Missouri for most of my adult life, and I remember ALL the governors we have had: Mel Carnahan, a democrat, who was killed in a plane crash and replaced by his wife, was lame, and SHE became a Senator with the help of the Clintons. Bill Clinton came and cried at the funeral and then threw a big party. So, for years we had democrats at the top of the food chain. They destroyed our two major cities.

During Obama’s great reign of terror, we had Jay Nixon, a democrat, who let Ferguson burn, which gave Obama the race card he needed to get his race war started. And let us not forget the woman most of Missouri could not stand: Claire McCaskill, whom Greitens got rid of.

Hallelujah. She went on CNN, no longer having to pass herself off as being “conservative.”

All my life here in Missouri, we have been duped by moronic politicians—the state is deep red, except for the burnt-out democratic cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, our Congress is ALWAYS total republican. And yet, SOMEHOW by some miracle, the top Senators and Governors are all RINOS or Democrats.

What happens in Missouri, happens in the rest of the country.

On January the 6th, I could not have been more embarrassed by our long time Senator Roy Blunt, leading the way to the fact that, according to him, Trump LOST that election, and Jan. 6 was HIS fault.

I was really mad because in all his years in office, Roy talked like a true conservative.

He IS a Rino. Bush baby. Big time. And it is Karl Rove and the Rino’s that went after Greitens BECAUSE Missouri MUST go the way of the Bush family…the globalists, ruled by the powers in Washington D.C., which is really the democratic way. The Bushes have history here, and they HATE MAGA.

Bringing out the old political trick of “SEX SCANDAL!” was the card they played.

Greitens cheated on his wife. But…he admitted it. What’s that say about him?

He’s honest. Rare in politics.

He was the best and most trusted governor in my lifetime.

Now, about that video.

I think ANYBODY who criticizes it because of the visions of Navy Seals breaking into a home, is using it to just destroy him again. Let’s not forget that this whole past year our very own government has went in, guns ready to kill, full military, knocking down doors to Roger Stones’ house. Roger said there were at LEAST 48 guys with guns breaking into his house.

Roger was no threat to anybody. General Flynn was treated the same way. Giuliani, the SAME way. The military threat from our own government is very real.

Our government has been using OUR military to bust down the doors of people who were just present at the January 6th convention, arrested and thrown in jail without a trial.

Over 300 arrests were made this way. This is communism. This is what they do in Russia and China.

And they have the audacity to accuse an ad of promoting violence?

So— Sorry. I do not want to hear about how “offended” anybody is by this commercial. As Greitens says, it was done to make a point: We should be metaphorically speaking, hunting down ALL Rinos in our government who are going after the America people.

They have tried to destroy our police and replace it with men who will go into a school for 48 minutes and wait until all kids have been killed, so that they can take our guns.

THOSE men help kill those kids as much as the killer. How many lives could they have saved? It wasn’t their fault? They were obeying their commander, who is a big supporter of Beto O’Rourke. That’s pretty much explains it right there.

We watched on January 6, as a Pelosi beloved First Capital Policeman shot in cold blood a great American veteran.

Here’s the REAL message: THEY can hunt us. But we DARE not hunt them.

Greitens is right. And his ad is going to hit home with a lot of people.

We all know the silence of our GOP on about everything is the reason we should all go RINO hunting.

We do not need the Navy Seals to do that. 

We don’t need guns.

BUT…anger? Yep. Vote them suckers out. Vote for Eric Greitens.

Nobody’s Perfect I know, but sorry, I’d trust a Navy Seal man over any son of a RINO anyday.

Let Karl Rove go back to his little chalkboard. We…will be coming after them all.

Too bad, we can’t call up the Navy Seals to go and arrest them all.

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