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I’m skipping my usual Nobody’s Opinion rant this Monday, in order to share these two very important and basically, truth filling rants….that you might have missed.

Russell Brant sums up the real danger of the Nazi’s at the World Economic Forum, and how they look on the rest of humanity as rats to be controlled. As usual, he stuffs a lot of info in a small space of time, his mouth goes as fast as his brain.

Something I’ve NEVER been able to master.

And then, one of the most important essays ever written below that.

Scary, the both of them, but I think of this to convince me things don’t look promising:

Every summer, I go swimming down at my local pool. I pay heavy taxes here, in a mostly all-black area, where most of the blacks don’t pay anything, and that’s why they can drive SUVs and take wonderful vacations, while the older folks try to live off their Social Security.

This redistribution of the poor white working class to the black/foreign community has been going on for years.

That is about to end for them, and they know it.

Anyway, I just found out that the local pool will be closed except on weekends. They are still going to let us all swim (for a huge price) an hour a day during the week, but we no longer can bring our beach bags…we have to put our car keys, licenses etc, in plastic bags to prove we are not carrying a weapon into the pool area.

THIS IS insane because it’s all old white gals, and the same swim club that has been going to the pool for YEARS. At least ten years. There are 20 of us, that’s all. In the middle of the ‘cancer’ noon day sun.

And yes, only two of the club of woman have NOT had skin cancer.

They can’t find lifeguards. AND they now can’t pick up leaf removal services. We pay for this. But…too bad. The mail sometimes gets delivered, sometimes not, and nobody can find workers.

Which in this economy makes NO sense whatsoever. So…my little city is going into a third world country and fast.

The big reset is coming. And I thought this two gems would certainly explain it better than I.

Can we stop it?

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