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I’m watching the opening of the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea and I must say, the South Koreans singing the global citizen mantra Imagine, by John Lennon in English, is almost surreal.

The people dream of peace, and their leader is VERY afraid of Kim Jung Un.

Doves, and candles, will soon turn into missiles pointed at the United States, and YET…its the U.S. that gets blamed for holding South Korea hostage.

How many years have WE been there? How many lives were lost in the North Korean War?

A war we never declared. A country we have protected from the communists for decades.

And what thanks do we get?

All the while, Kim Jung Uno One has played the South Koreans well, seeking partners against the United States. Daring the United States to attack while such good and peaceful reunification is going on.

The hope for ‘global’ citizenship reins high in Asia.

Thank God Trump got money for our military.

In the meantime…it never gets old-looking at all the young and hopeful faces, who care nothing for politics.


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