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Neil Armstrong…Even in Space, Gracious…

Nobody Cares

There is much uncertainty to life. Good health may be taken away from you without warning. Material possessions may be lost due to circumstances beyond your control. The one thing that cannot be taken from you without your consent is your character, which includes your beliefs, your ethics, and your principles. So guard them with care. They are your most valuable possessions.–Neil Armstrong

Last week, we lost one of our greatest American hero’s: Neil Armstrong. There are only three events I remember seeing on TV growing up that left permanent marks: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, and the assassination of JFK.

Neil’s was the best of course— It was almost a like a dream.

After his great “The Eagle has Landed.” ..Neil faded into the background. He talked about seeing Aliens on the moon, but of course, our “rulers” didn’t want to go into that much. So they kept him off the televisions with that nugget and we didn’t see him again until Obama decided to end our space program. Then ALL the old astronauts came out in protests. Just now, one of them told Cavuto that the space program kept us ahead of the other nations in engineering and just about everything. The recent success of the Mars landing shows that even Obama cannot stop the America spirit when it comes to exploring space.

Nobody Thinks it would be an absurdity to believe that there are NOT aliens. And if they are watching us, then so far, they really don’t seem to care too much about our lives.

Above is a video from Space: Neil Armstrong..the quintessential American.

What a man.

I hope you become comfortable with the use of logic without being deceived into concluding that logic will inevitably lead you to the correct conclusion. —Neil Armstrong

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Clint Eastwood–Make OUR Day–Mitt Needs a Speech Writer

Nobody Remembers…
Mitt’s Romney’s Acceptance Speech.
Here’s the bad news: It seems, Mitt Romney, after all the wonderful and funny speakers we witnessed at the Republican Convention, is not a natural speaker. I don’t know who wrote that speech he gave, but it sort of sucked. If he wrote it, then he might want to hire a good speech writer….because the only line it seemed that got everyone, was the fact that his dad gave his mom a rose every day. It sounded, like every politician speech I’ve ever heard…sorry.
The FOX NEWS camera angle on his face was terrible. Mitt looks much better from a camera shot taken slightly above the head.  We all remember the Nixon debates. I blame FOX news for that.

BUT…Here’s the good news: Mitt Romney, God be thanked, we finally saw tonight…is NOT a politician! He really IS a businessman. And that’s a good thing…That’s marvelous thing. That’s promising thing.

I was beginning to think he was a “surrogate”Bushie. But, the fact that he picked Ryan instead of Rubio shows that his focus is to fix the economy. The Bushes’ would have preferred he pick Rubio.

Like everyone else in America,  I was waiting, for Clint Eastwood. Who— God bless him, hit it right on the mark. All these lawyers as Presidents have gotten us nowhere. A businessman is what America needs right now, he said.  It almost seemed, he had a personal bone to pick with Obama, when he sauntered  into the less than family styled jokes. I took it, that Clint had a very PERSONAL insult that Clint wanted to deliver to the President, and he did.

I can’t prove it, but sometime, somewhere, the President must have told Clint (OR MITT)  to go “F$%K Himself.” Clint in a very creative way, got him back. It was delightful, and you watch…the democrats won’t talk about it.

Clint did remind us that the politicians work for us, and this one’s not working. All the bloggers say this every day, but it was nice to hear it from a Hollywood Star.  

Can Mitt debate the slickness and mean attacks that Obama will bring on him?

Can a nice, decent, and caring person, withstand what is coming his way? Will the voters think of the issues and not of the Obama Halo machine?

As Clint said, even Oprah was crying at Obama’s Conventioand we are crying now.

Let’s hope Mitt gets some better writers. Nobody suggests maybe Clint could line him up a few from Hollywood.

He is going to need some True Grit. Chicago is coming.

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Nobody’s Fool: Paul Ryan

Nobody’s Fool

Last night speakers at the Republican Convention were much better than the first night. Condoleezza Rice’s was probably the speech of her liftetime— but THIS is the man we are all counting on to help keep conservatives in power for a long time. He was…superb.

He is the BEST of us. He is American personified….And most importantly, he is not only appealing to HIS generation, unlike Obama, who has probably never balanced his own checkbook, he can deliver.

Obama has got to be worried about Paul Ryan. Finally, someone who is willing to say, “I’m your Huckleberry, Obama…! Come ON!”

I can’t wait for the Ryan/Biden debates! I’m already marking my calender. Thank God–Mitt picked the right VP.

Paul Ryan made history last night. Finally…the fool in the White House will be worried about this good-looking kid from Wisconsin.

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The Cloward-Piven Obama Welfare Bomb..

Nobody Wins

By now, Paul Ryan has spoken to the nation and no doubt has told us about the danger coming from our national debt—We are spending too much, and Welfare includes more than food stamps. Much more. Hundreds of programs exist to ‘help’ the needy. You won’t hear  from the Democrats that welfare is not a good thing, nope. For Democrats, the more people on welfare the better. They even have ads out to ‘hook’ you into free whatever you like, like this grocery receipt someone found on the ground in Ohio.

Hey…I’d LOVE to pick up some lobster, how about you? After all, you PAID for it!

 I just downloaded ‘Google Chrome” and asked this questions: “How many people are on Welfare?”

I got this answer, “Not a good search.”

What? Google is now telling me what I can or cannot “intellectually’ handle. It gave me liberal sites to answer my question.  Those sites told me NOT to listen to what those conservatives tell me…only 4 million people are on welfare..all that other stuff—food stamps etc–that’s not welfare.

But–we know better don’t we? The facts are: More than half the people in the United States pay NO income tax, and the other half is supporting them. This little tidbit is from FORBES:

Over the 10 year period from 2009 to 2018, federal and state welfare spending will total $10.3 trillion. This does not include Obamacare’s massive expansion of Medicaid, or the massive new entitlement providing subsidies for families making close to $100,000 per year, and beyond. Together, this abusive entitlement spending will add trillions more. 50% of the entire budget. Not exactly stingy.

But, here’s what you won’t hear from Paul Ryan: This massive welfare state was well-planned, and Obama’s plan is to keep as many people on Welfare as he can. The old Democratic Party is dead, and in its place, (Glenn Beck has been on this like a dead bug on a windshield) is a Marxist ‘takeover’ planned—by two Columbia University Professors. Here’s their plan from article published in “Nation” in 1966, by Cloward-Piven: It’s called the “crisis” strategy.

Here’s an excellent explanation from David Horowitz-The Shadow Party

The strategy would be to overload the welfare system with a flood of new applicants and cause it to go bankrupt. They proposed a ‘massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls”. Cloward and Piven calculated that persuading even a fraction of the potential welfare recipients to demand their entitlements would bankrupt the entire system. The demands would break the budget and jam the bureaucratic gears into gridlock. The Result would be “a profound financial and political crisis” that would unleash “powerful forces for major economic reform at the national level.”

Their article called for “cadres of aggressive organizers” to use “demonstrations to create a climate of militancy.” Intimidated by black violence, politicians would appeal to the federal government for help. Carefully orchestrated media campaigns carried out by friendly journalists would promote the idea of “a federal program of income redistribution in the form of a guaranteed living income for all, working and non working people alike.” Local officials would grab hold of this idea like drowning men reaching for a lifeline. They would apply pressure on Washington to implement the idea. With major cities erupting in chaos like Watts, Washington would have to act. 

This plan didn’t work..but, the Shadow Party, which helped groom Obama for office, has adopted the Cloward-Piven formula, applying it to many sectors of public life.

It’s his plan: Destroy the United States to rebuild it into his Marxist Utopia.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in Obama’s Welfare nightmare….I want to be able to buy my own lobster.  

(Thanks to Tom Beebe for pic.)

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Nobody Gets Ready for Paul Ryan

Nobody Wonders

Where in the world do you get this stuff? I used to have a flag bikini….

Anyway, I would wear the shorts, and the shoes, and the Got Mitt hat to the convention, and carry that adorable little pup on my hip…and throw red, right, and bluc popcorn, while singing “Hit the Road Jack”…  BUT…

Nobody invited me!

Enjoy! Tonight, Paul Ryan should lift us all.

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Ann Romney VS the “Slave Queen”

Nobody Knows

Last night, a star was born. Ann Romney looked straight into the camera, with her piercing blue eyes and grabbed the heads and minds of millions of people. It obvious now: both candidates have decided it’s the “women” votes that really matter.

So…Ann said this:  

It’s the moms of this nation — single, married, widowed — who really hold this country together. We’re the mothers, we’re the wives, we’re the grandmothers, we’re the big sisters, we’re the little sisters, we’re the daughters.

The democrats must have know that she was going to be a formidable opponent because Michelle Obama will not be able to look into a camera and make us believe she is as honest, as caring, or even as much in love with her husband as Ann Romney did tonight. (Speaking to the undecided)  

Why? Because we have watched her flit around the world on vacations after vacation, recklessly spending our money for her own pleasure.  While they criticized the Romney’s for being rich, Michelle Obama alone has 27 assistants.

And so, a picture of Michelle is released today, from a magazine in Spain, which of course will go all over the world…remember that long vacation Michelle took in Spain with her girlfriend? Don’t tell me she doesn’t have connections there.

According to the magazine’s editor, the picture is meant to honor Michelle Obama who they call the “gran mujer” (great woman) who “conquered the heart” of the man who would be president and “seduced the American people.” The magazine shows the first lady’s face superimposed onto an 1800 portrait of a female slave…to show that bigotry is still alive and kicking and often stirred up by the Obama’s very presence in the White House.

So Nobody Wonders—DO the Obama’s REALLY see themselves as “victims” of a racial America who don’t like them because they’re …black? Or are they afraid of LOSING some of the black vote?

One thing is for certain: Mitt knows how to pick a winner. Nothing is more important to a Presidential candidate than his wife, and Ann hit a home run.  It’s going to be hard for the “slave queen” to beat her.

Ann Romney did the best thing she could do tonight…she showed America that Mitt Romney knows how to pick a winner. Ann surprised us all.  She could well turn out to be the tipping point.

Now…about that boob….  

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The Republicans are Rising and SO is Madison

Nobody Flashes

The Republican Convention is about to start! For those of you who would rather eat a raw jellyfish than watch politics, I present you a creative new  version of our National Anthem, presented by some fine young musicians with the name of Madison Rising.


(Thanks to my patriotic and very wise friend, Mona.)

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Nobody Reports Elvis’s Underwear

Nobody Reports

Move over Hurricane Isaac, Republican Convention, And Prince Harry…Elvis’s underwear is about to go on block.

This just in from Luxurylaunches:

The underpants belonging to the star is expected to go under the hammer and expected to fetch $15,810. The underwear that was worn beneath one of Elvis’s famous white jumpsuits during a performance in 1977 is still unwashed and soiled with stains.

If you have longed, all your life, to caress Elvis underwear, here’s your chance, stains and all. I can only find five dollars lying around, but you go ahead. Make your day!

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Nobody’s Perfect: The Legitimate Todd Akin VS The Legitimate Charlie Crist

Nobody’s Perfect:

Nobody likes to lose their job, and politicians are no exception. This week we have the politician who thinks that there are 57 states in the Union…

No wait. That was our President who got that fact wrong.

No—it was Representative Todd Akin from right here in Missouri who everyone wants to fire: Here’s his big quote that shook the nation:

Rep. Akin, who is running against Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, sparked outrage when he said in an Aug. 19 interview that “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

And of course, the whole world was trying to figure what he meant by “legitimate” even though most of us in Missouri knew exactly what he meant: Sort of like when the black stripper accused the Duke Lacrosse boys of a rape, that never happened. You know…did she say “Yes?’ Did she lie? Or did he knock her unconscious with a baseball bat?

Were you BOTH drunk that night?

As for the other part…some doctors have reported on that. Where’s the science on it?

So, it was stupid—but not anymore stupid than a President not knowing how many states there are. Atkin is not a doctor.

Dick Morris right away put into everyone’s mind that the Republicans would lose the majority in the Senate and therefore Obamacare would stay, if Akin stayed in the race—He HAD to go.

They are making Akin look like a right-wing nut job. Maybe he is but HEY…compare him to Joe Biden.

When you are running against a President who has by the stroke of his pen,  ordered all Catholics (and all the rest of us too) to pay for  abortions— You have to wonder—just how stupid they think the people from Missouri are?

(Don’t answer that.)

Obama–a President who has no clue how many states are in HIS union and who hopes his own daughters do not have any legitimate babies…  came right out and accused Todd of having the scientific mind of a Nancy Pelosi.

Now…compare Todd’s  blunder to Florida’s former Republican governor, Charlie Crist: Another life long career Republican politician who lost his last race in Florida to Marco Rubio, so now he is going to change parties, and go to the Democratic Convention and back Obama.

He just wants to keep making the big bucks. So, he changed parties. Such integrity.

At least Todd Atkin remains a loyal Republican.

What is really disconcerting is that the Republican party,  is so desperate to change leaders that they attack a man who made a simple stupid verbal mistake, instead of COMPARING him to the man in the White House, who is fundamentally destroying the country.

Who made the bigger mistake in this? Charlie or Todd?

Nobody Thinks we don’t even have a legitimate President, so it just another day in America, where the American people get ‘legitimately’ raped.

In the meantime: I remain legitimately baffled.

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The Obamacare Dental Plan

Nobody Flashes:

Question: Does anyone know if Obamacare INCLUDES dental work? I haven’t heard one politician, Republican OR Democrat, talk about the great Obamacare Dental Plan, have you? Obama himself has not talked about his great Obamacare Dental Plan. After all…we all have teeth that need attention. Will dental work be “rationed” like the rest? Instead of “fixing” that tooth, they’ll just pull it? If you need a root canel, will they just put you on morphine and send you to a Hospice?

If it’s like the rest of the Obamacare package, then we can assume that Obama is right. He will be creating new jobs for dentists right on our own city streets, where cheap, affordable, dental work will be done for all those who couldn’t afford to go to the dentist because food stamps will buy you lobster, but not caps or crowns.

Hey…somebody tell me…is it on page 23,456?

(If you are eating, you might want to view this later…just saying.)

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Nobody Bleeping…

Nobody’s Opinion

Well, I’m back.  Nobody thought I’d get a break from the campaign hogs, but there I was, sitting in the hospital waiting room, once again, (did my service and then some in that department) while my husband was helpless in some room somewhere getting sonic rays thrown at him, and who would come on the TV but the Monkey God Master Moon Walker himself: Barrack Hussein Obama. The Obamination was demonizing the dangers of Medicare disappearing under Romney.

Good lord.

Obama delivering fire and brimstone is not something you want to witness while your stressed out drinking cups of orange juice left in a some care basket under a HD screen TV,  and wondering if your husband will be brain damaged, or just die while someone is typing for the nineteenth time into some computer —WHY he is there again?— while I flip through my ninetieth nervous breakdown issue of  Better Homes and Garden the last thing I want to look at while I’m worrying, is a recipe on how to make eggs sandwiches filled with Spinach and artichokes while listening to the sound of that ominous Obamanation.


Still. Like a volcano about to erupt, I had to watch “The President” for it was Obama’s fault I was here in the hospital in the first place, more certain a fact than Romney killing some poor woman with Bain Capital.

The reason my husband had stopped taking his life-saving pills (depending on if you just ignore the “causes stroke, death, and brain damage” commercials)  was due to the expense he said– or so he said as he lay in the ER, heart beating around 40, nurses panicking.  That’s it. Tell the wife when you’re at your most vulnerable–That way she can’t say a thing.

But I can say a lot (now that he is out) about how Obama and Michelle have been running their whole campaign appearing on JAY LENO, THE VIEW, and any other “entertaining” venue in order to get the lowest denominator’s  to vote.

The White House news press is furious. Obama has been ignoring REAL reporters,  like a true rotten banana republic dictator. Even the liberal reporters at Newsweek had to tell him to take a hike.

Hit the Road Jack, but you can leave the dog. Give Mitt another chance.

This week we will witness the Republican Convention, where Sarah Palin is NOT speaking, and Donald Trump is going to do something with Las Vegas women, perhaps sans the naked Prince. A conservative nation will be watching with starveling anticipation and lots of whiskey and rum.  

All the time, outside a hurricane Isaac bears aim. The storm with the  Jewish name, will soak more than a few dreams of GOP joyously lying in the sun, and who already did a service by keeping Joe Biden up North where he belongs.   A storm no doubt funded by George Soros, who made  his money in weapons of war, so why not weather warfare?

You think I’m crazy? Take an hour (if you can find it.) and watch this…and then…wonder why this storm came at this exact day, and hour of the Republican Convention, and how propitious it was to the other party.

The GOP doesn’t need a hurricane—not when you have two sore losers like John McCain and Jeb Bush mouthing off to Romney on how he needs to appeal more to women and Hispanics.

Ronald Reagan  would say to them both: THERE YOU GO AGAIN!: Dividing us into parts instead of having us all stand as a whole nation.

Nobody more than this nobody, hopes Romney does not fall into that divisional crap. Don’t even mention the Hispanic, the women, the Muslims, the gays…”We are ALL Americans.”

United We Stand. Divided—We all will end up in a hospital listening to a machine go…beep…beep…beep…beep…

And yeah…I’m bleeping again.

NOBODY NOTES: Thanks to all my readers for the prayers and well wishes. You’re the best!

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Nobody Flashes—–

Nobody Flashes


When it rains it pours doesn’t it?

I won’t be writing for a few days because my dear husband is in the hospital. I almost lost him today.

Nobody Knows her limits. Other dire situation in my life have come to bear at the same time.

So..hopefully, I will be back sooner rather than later….life comes first.



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Taking a Progressive Trip on the Post-Dispatch

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody  broke down and bought the Post-Dispatch Sunday Paper today. Fifteen years ago I had a subscription and canceled it because  I got tired of looking at starving African babies and reading about how Americans should save them all. I couldn’t figure out how after all these years since the car was invented, those people in Africa couldn’t do like we did–get themselves up to speed on cars, electric, ovens, etc….and take care of themselves. Some of them are still  living in huts. If we could do it, why couldn’t they?  I never figured that one out.

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I was looking at the new “globalization” propaganda…made to pull at your heartstrings and hand over you money. It was purposely trying to make you feel bad because you were a “rich” American in a nice house with air-conditioning, while in Africa, some baby was starving. Getting you ready for the big global “redistribution” which they have all planned years in advance.

And as I glanced through the paper today, I see that the ‘progressive’ message has not changed: The front page headline said this in big bold type

People Near Life’s End  Choose Comfort, Control.

In other words, if you are sick, just accept it, and we’ll give you some nice morphine and put you in Hospice. It’s the real face of Obamacare, and it’s how all you old people can save Obama  some money and just die without all that expensive care. COME ON! You don’t want to be selfish and take money out of the Medicare system do you? DIE you fool!

I never thought I’d live to see the day in America where “dying” for the good of the state would become the new politically correct and proper thing to do.  Not that Charles Hesston didn’t try to warn me.

In another section:

Housing Grants Build Hope in Pine Lawn

Pine Lawn is predominately black neighborhood in North St. Louis. It once was a really nice place.  On the page was a picture of a young black woman whose house needed repairs, so she went to the mayor of Pine Lawn and he gave her, through an organization called Beyond Housing…a  $20,920 gift. “It’s a godsend for people like me.” she said.

Well. Sure. Who wouldn’t want to be handed Scott free $20,000 to fix up their house?  Evidently this stuff is happening all over the country.  The paper said,  “It’s part of a multimillion dollar experiment in urban resuscitation.” And if you have a school in the area named after Barack Obama, then they REALLY want to resuscitate you!

Resuscitation? We go from “Go home and die you old cow to..You’re black? Then come on in because we’ve got some money to give ya.”

To make matters worse, they call it an “experiment.”  Giving out free money is an…experiment.

I love it.

Obama’s progressive message didn’t end there. In the weekly Parade Magazine issue,  the title said:

“It takes a garden. A tale of hope, determination and love in a struggling North Carolina town. How to start you own community garden.”Across the country, community graders are blooming, an estimated 1 million of them dot places from Homer, Alaska, to Brooklyn, NT.

Basically, it’s the Obama’s answer to the unemployment–don’t give them jobs, just teach everyone how to grow food! They’re going to get pretty hungry!

Many of the folks who come here are trying to make food stamps stretch.”

And–they are creating “after school” programs for the kids to learn how to grow their own food! Isn’t it wonderful! People are taking home turnips for FREE! And you  thought Michelle’s little White House Garden was just something for her to do. No…in fact, houses in the black communities are getting “grants” especially if the state builds a Barack Obama elementary school. Most all the states now have at least one Barack Obama school. Martin Luther King…look out.

Nobody Knows, but would like to know, if that lady who got all that money in Pine Lawn will get free food from the Mayor, or if she will join her local community garden club and WORK for free? I also wonder if the little children know that they are being trained bascially to work for ‘free’, like their ancstors once know, picking cotton?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Where is all this going to lead? It’s okay to for an American kid to work in the field to grow free food, but its not okay for a kid to sell lemonade in their own  front yard.

Where? Think about it. Communism VS Capitalism.

Which do YOU want?

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Missouri Cops: Don’t Mess With Them.

Nobody Get Email

Here in Missouri, the cops like to get their man–especially if he is lying paralysed flat on his face, down next to the highway, and can’t move.

They HAD to keep this young boy from–I guess, rolling onto the highway, (Yes, that’s what they said. Most people would have called an ambulance) or maybe getting their doughnuts out of their hands…so they did what any cop would do…they tasered  him 19 times!

It seems, six or seven was not enough.

While Nobody is quite sure how a young boy of sixteen, ended up ‘falling’ from a concrete overpass…while stone sober, but needless to say: IF you are going to commit suicide in Missouri, be sure you do it somewhere where the local cops can’t come and taser you, because you’re still alive. This kid is not talking, and I don’t blame him. I’d take the secret to my grave.

Really. I’m not leaving my house.

This must be the new Obama plan for keeping our cops safe, from dangerous paralyzed comatose citizens.

Taser till you see the whites of their eyes.

(Thanks to amfortas who gets an Nobody’s Award for Keeping me informed about stuff happening in my own state.)

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