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When it rains it pours doesn’t it?

I won’t be writing for a few days because my dear husband is in the hospital. I almost lost him today.

Nobody Knows her limits. Other dire situation in my life have come to bear at the same time.

So..hopefully, I will be back sooner rather than later….life comes first.



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Taking a Progressive Trip on the Post-Dispatch

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody  broke down and bought the Post-Dispatch Sunday Paper today. Fifteen years ago I had a subscription and canceled it because  I got tired of looking at starving African babies and reading about how Americans should save them all. I couldn’t figure out how after all these years since the car was invented, those people in Africa couldn’t do like we did–get themselves up to speed on cars, electric, ovens, etc….and take care of themselves. Some of them are still  living in huts. If we could do it, why couldn’t they?  I never figured that one out.

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I was looking at the new “globalization” propaganda…made to pull at your heartstrings and hand over you money. It was purposely trying to make you feel bad because you were a “rich” American in a nice house with air-conditioning, while in Africa, some baby was starving. Getting you ready for the big global “redistribution” which they have all planned years in advance.

And as I glanced through the paper today, I see that the ‘progressive’ message has not changed: The front page headline said this in big bold type

People Near Life’s End  Choose Comfort, Control.

In other words, if you are sick, just accept it, and we’ll give you some nice morphine and put you in Hospice. It’s the real face of Obamacare, and it’s how all you old people can save Obama  some money and just die without all that expensive care. COME ON! You don’t want to be selfish and take money out of the Medicare system do you? DIE you fool!

I never thought I’d live to see the day in America where “dying” for the good of the state would become the new politically correct and proper thing to do.  Not that Charles Hesston didn’t try to warn me.

In another section:

Housing Grants Build Hope in Pine Lawn

Pine Lawn is predominately black neighborhood in North St. Louis. It once was a really nice place.  On the page was a picture of a young black woman whose house needed repairs, so she went to the mayor of Pine Lawn and he gave her, through an organization called Beyond Housing…a  $20,920 gift. “It’s a godsend for people like me.” she said.

Well. Sure. Who wouldn’t want to be handed Scott free $20,000 to fix up their house?  Evidently this stuff is happening all over the country.  The paper said,  “It’s part of a multimillion dollar experiment in urban resuscitation.” And if you have a school in the area named after Barack Obama, then they REALLY want to resuscitate you!

Resuscitation? We go from “Go home and die you old cow to..You’re black? Then come on in because we’ve got some money to give ya.”

To make matters worse, they call it an “experiment.”  Giving out free money is an…experiment.

I love it.

Obama’s progressive message didn’t end there. In the weekly Parade Magazine issue,  the title said:

“It takes a garden. A tale of hope, determination and love in a struggling North Carolina town. How to start you own community garden.”Across the country, community graders are blooming, an estimated 1 million of them dot places from Homer, Alaska, to Brooklyn, NT.

Basically, it’s the Obama’s answer to the unemployment–don’t give them jobs, just teach everyone how to grow food! They’re going to get pretty hungry!

Many of the folks who come here are trying to make food stamps stretch.”

And–they are creating “after school” programs for the kids to learn how to grow their own food! Isn’t it wonderful! People are taking home turnips for FREE! And you  thought Michelle’s little White House Garden was just something for her to do. No…in fact, houses in the black communities are getting “grants” especially if the state builds a Barack Obama elementary school. Most all the states now have at least one Barack Obama school. Martin Luther King…look out.

Nobody Knows, but would like to know, if that lady who got all that money in Pine Lawn will get free food from the Mayor, or if she will join her local community garden club and WORK for free? I also wonder if the little children know that they are being trained bascially to work for ‘free’, like their ancstors once know, picking cotton?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Where is all this going to lead? It’s okay to for an American kid to work in the field to grow free food, but its not okay for a kid to sell lemonade in their own  front yard.

Where? Think about it. Communism VS Capitalism.

Which do YOU want?

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