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The Republicans are Rising and SO is Madison

Nobody Flashes

The Republican Convention is about to start! For those of you who would rather eat a raw jellyfish than watch politics, I present you a creative new  version of our National Anthem, presented by some fine young musicians with the name of Madison Rising.


(Thanks to my patriotic and very wise friend, Mona.)

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Nobody Reports Elvis’s Underwear

Nobody Reports

Move over Hurricane Isaac, Republican Convention, And Prince Harry…Elvis’s underwear is about to go on block.

This just in from Luxurylaunches:

The underpants belonging to the star is expected to go under the hammer and expected to fetch $15,810. The underwear that was worn beneath one of Elvis’s famous white jumpsuits during a performance in 1977 is still unwashed and soiled with stains.

If you have longed, all your life, to caress Elvis underwear, here’s your chance, stains and all. I can only find five dollars lying around, but you go ahead. Make your day!

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